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Discussion Topics Guidelines Direction: The purpose of the discussion topic is to reflect your thoughts on the topics discussed covered in the session. It is very important that you share your own understanding of the topics. You are also required to respond to at least one other student’s post. Your response for each discussion topic is worth 1% and your response to other student’s response is worth 0.5%. The following checklist is a reference when you write your reflective paper. If one item from the checklist is not present in your reflective paper, half a point (0.1%) will be deducted from your grade.




Your response is focused on the topics discussed in class.

Your own ideas on the topics are presented.

Examples to support your ideas are presented.

Your own experiences relating to the topics are presented and discussed to support your views.

How the topics discussed will influence your real teaching is discussed.

How can some of the ideas in the topics be applied to your teaching is discussed.

Your response to other student’s response should be critical and expresses your judgment

Your response to other student’s post is one paragraph in length

The discussion topic is word-processed.

The discussion topic is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

The discussion topic is two paragraphs in length

The discussion topic is submitted electronically at Marygrove Blackboard website


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