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Marygrove College 2014 Summer Arts Infused Education Intensive: A Workshop for Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists

August 5-6, 2014

STeM to STeAM: Infusing the Arts in Science and Math, grades K-5. Two fun-filled days of workshops for K-12 educators and teaching artists using theatre, visual arts, dance, and music to investigate the following subject areas: fractions, earth science, life science, physical science, number sense, and history of science.

Day One Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day Two Wednesday, August 6, 2014

11:40-12:35 p.m. Comic Book Lab Reports with Matt Wilson Comics correspond to the different levels of cognitive understanding presented by Kieran Egan in The Educated Mind: How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding. This session will see participants conduct a simple lab experiment and create a lab report using a comic book format. Are you a scientific hero?

11:15 a.m. -12:30 p.m. “Dance Counts - Math Moves!” A Kinesthetic Approach to Building Basic Math Skills with Kimberli Boyd Students often get stuck focusing on whether or not the numbers “add up” rather than understanding the concepts that the numbers represent. Movement reaches learners in a kinesthetic way- allowing them to process and retain information efficiently while making abstract mathematical concepts more concrete. This interactive and participatory workshop shares strategies that integrate elements and principles of dance with math strengthening conceptual understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more!

10:00-11:30 a.m. Bees are Choreographers: Elementary Student Science Dance with Roberta Lucas The study of the earth and life science in the classroom is embodied through dance. Each process and cycle is its own narrative choreography. Pattern, rhythm, and environment are concepts that deeply connect through movement explorations of the natural world of science for elementary students.

12:35-1:15 p.m. LUNCH 1:15-2:30 p.m. Exploring Gravity and Magnetism through Movement and Creative Dance with Kimberli Boyd Movement will make the concepts of gravity and magnetic attraction an unforgettable experience for your learners! This workshop will share strategies for exploring these scientific concepts through movement and developing dances that allow students to “physically” show what they know. 2:40-4:00 p.m. EUREKA!!! Science History is Fun! with Milfordean Luster This session will utilize the art of Theatre to enter the exciting world of science through the eyes and minds of history-making scientists. By employing drama methodology the workshop participants will discover additional ways to enhance their students’ interest in science. Curtain Up! Lab Coats On! 4:00-4:30 p.m. Group Recap and homework

9:50-11 a.m. Visual Arts and Fractions: Understanding “Parts of a Whole” with Mary Lou Greene Fractions, decimals, percentages… oh my! These concepts can be very confusing to students of all ages. This workshop will give you some fun ideas to help students understand that these concepts are merely helping them see things as “parts of a whole”.

12:30-1:10 p.m. LUNCH 1:10-2:30 p.m. Let’s Dra-MATH-ize Stories! The session will utilize drama, movement and music to guide attendees through stories that support teaching math. drama has a unique power, through stories, that helps connect the child to math concepts. Participants will learn how to use stories in a way that emphasizes and reinforces math skills. Make math and drama one fascinating world for the early learner! 2:30-2:40 p.m. BREAK 2:35-3:00 p.m. Resources, wrap-up and final reflection 3:00-4:30 p.m. RECEPTION


Cost is $100 for one or both days and includes continental breakfast, lunch, and parking for both days. Both days total 11 sb-CEU hours for $10. Register No Later than July 20 By phone: MasterCard and VISA holders may register by calling Janine Surma at (313) 927-1538 In person: Marygrove College, Art Department, LA Building Room 414 For more information, contact: Mary Lou Greene, Director Institute for Arts Infused Education Phone: 313-927-1853 Fax: 313-927-1345 Email:

Janine Surma, Administrative Assistant Institute for Arts Infused Education Phone: 313-927-1538 Fax: 313-927-1345 email:

Marygrove College 2014 Summer Arts Infused Education Intensive  

A Workshop for Classroom Teachers and Teaching Artists August 5-6, 2014 STeM to STeAM: Infusing the Arts in Science and Math, grades K-5. Tw...

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