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Marygrove College Class of 1960 Reunion Questionnaire ______________________________________________________________________________ Name (include maiden name, if appropriate) ______________________________________________________________________________ Address(es) include winter address and months, if appropriate ______________________________________________________________________________ Phone email Title and author of your favorite novel ____________________________________________ What is your favorite movie? ____________________________________________________ What is your favorite travel destination? Why? ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What songs do you most associate with your years at Marygrove? _____________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What was the most significant part of your Marygrove education? ____________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Now comes the hard part, but it’s the part we most want to know about. Please take time to answer the following questions on separate sheets of paper. 1. Give us a snapshot your favorite Marygrove minute. Remember, it’s a snapshot, not an 8x10 portrait, so be brief. 2. Tell us what you have been doing since 1960. Try to limit yourself to 250 words. (That’s less than one sheet of paper, double-spaced.) 3. The choice is yours: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your life since graduation? OR Describe your 15 minutes of fame. Again, use a separate sheet of paper, limit yourself to 200 words, and keep it clean!

Return your completed questionnaire and comment pages via email by June 30 to Marcia Adamo Closson, . If you don’t have access to email don’t let that deter you. Throw yourself on the mercy of a friend, neighbor, one of your children, your local library, or local Kinko’s. One of them can help you return your information to us electronically. The realization of our memory book depends on the success rate of using email.