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Commencement May 20th


Going Bananas!!!

donor registers, they are asked simple questions to make sure they have a good health history, then about one pint of blood and several small test tubes are collected from each donor. Each donation is then recorded and labeled with an identical bar code label to keep track of the blood’s donor. Lastly, all the blood collected is stored in iced coolers until it is transported to an American Red Cross center. It’s really not as bad as some may think, the nurses are very friendly and comforting, and you only feel a slight prick, then you are given juice and cookies and random neat things

The Early Childhood Club celebrated the Week of the Young Child last week. The club held a bake sale and an African Violet sale. There was also a “gorilla” wandering the hallways of the Auburn campus delivering surprise “Bananagrams” to college employees. The club plans to donate all the proceeds to the Imagination Library in Cayuga County.

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On April 25, Cayuga Community College hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive in the main entryway of the school on the Auburn campus. Students lined up by the dozen selflessly willing to give blood to help the cause. The American Red Cross officials say it’s important that people donate blood because roughly every two seconds a patient in the United States is in need of blood and less than 38 percent of the population is eligible to give blood. Hospitals are always in desperate need of blood donors because of this. The process itself is simple; the

Instructor Katherine Pantiland gets a ‘Bananagram’.


On Monday, May 7th in the Student Lounge on the Auburn campus a trained massage therapist will give you the most amazing spa experience ever offered on campus. Need to relax? Come get your 10 minute chair massage.

By Jamie Blumrick, Editor-in-chief


Massage Therapy to Prep for Finals

May 1, 2012

Campus Event Draws Blood

CAYUGABriefs The 58th Annual Commencement of Cayuga Community College will be held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 20, 2012, in the Spartan Gymnasium, 197 Franklin St., Auburn. The ceremony lasts approximately two hours. Tickets are not required. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests can also watch Commencement ceremonies in the air-conditioned Irene A. Bisgrove Community Theatre via a live video feed on a large screen at the front of the auditorium. Parking is available on the Auburn Campus lots. However, no parking is allowed along circular drives near the front and rear entrances.

Vol. 60 Issue 15

A nurse from the American Red Cross just finished taking a donation from a CCC student last Wednesday on the Auburn campus. The Auburn Student Government Organization is sponsored the event. like t-shirts and raffle tickets as a thank you for donating. So if you want to help out your community, be sure to sign up for the next blood drive! You are able to donate up to six times a year, and each time you donate you could save up to three lives! If you want to know more or would like to find out the next opportunity to donate you can go to The Auburn Student Government Organization is sponsored the event.


interviews non-traditional students about their experiences on campus.

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The students in CCC’s new course, Event Planning, hosted a DaddyDaughter Dance to benefit the rescue helicopter, Air One, on April 20. More on the event and photos on page 2.



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Class Project: Daughter Dance, a Success On Friday, April 20, 2012, “Dads” and “Daughters” (and Uncles, Grandfathers, etc.) from Cayuga County and beyond came together in support of saving ‘Air 1’ with an evening of dinner, dancing, photos, bonding, and fun at the Sennett Fire House in Sennett. The event was sponsored by the New York Sportsman’s Expo and coordinated by myself, students in my Future Business Leaders of America club (FBLA-PBL) and was also my project for a NEW Event Planning class at Cayuga Community College. Through generous community business and individual contributions, the Dads and Daughters were treated to a very special time while helping to raise funds for the Air 1 Foundation. Air 1 is a search and rescue helicopter stationed in Onondaga Chief Pilot (Air 1) County but utilized by 14 counPaul Brennan ties in the CNY region, including Cayuga County. CCC Director of Student Activities and Event MC, Norman Lee and I are passionate about the cause having had first-hand experiences with air rescue – keeping Air 1 funded shouldn’t even be a debate; it’s there for the safety of everyone, we can’t afford to be without it. Fellow students and I hope that this fundraising event will help kick-start a knee-jerk reaction in the 14 counties that Air 1 serves and that more fundraising events will be held for the cause. The New York Sportsman’s Expo has already donated a booth at the January 25-27 Expo to the Air 1 Foundation in an effort to continue fundraising/ awareness opportunities. Feedback from the event is an early indication that the attendees are looking forward to returning next year and bringing their friends, too! Special thanks to Fire Chief Bill Haynes and the Sennett Fire

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Father and daughter, Bob and Abby Ringwood Department, the Onondaga and Cayuga County Sheriff Departments Undersheriff Warren Darby, Deputy Chief John Balloni, Sheriff David Gould, Chief Pilot Paul Brennan, Tim Carr and the Sunset Restaurant, Norman Lee, the Great Race Committee, Jocelyn Perrault w/Fretshredder, Al Pola and the BOCES New Visions Legal Program, Kevin Burke (KMB Photography), Erik Sorensen and WAUB Radio, Laura Hand and CNY Central, Les Gateaux Specialty Cakes (Baldwinsville), Syracuse Property Management, Shaw and Boehler Florist, Auburn Walmart, Tops, and Wegmans, Owasco Beverage, Auburn Doubledays, Skaneateles Village Choices, Dickman Farms, Smiley’s Florist, Falcon Lanes, Paul Tripiciano Printing, Andy and Joyce (Brunet) Groves, Todd and Jean Roof, June Drury, Mackenzie Tupper, Chris Russell, Margaret Spillette, Amy Valente, Jodi Rogers, Chris Wild, Brandon Slayton, and the many other people who contributed. If you wish to make a donation to the Daddy Daughter fundraiser, you may make checks payable to ‘Air 1 Foundation’ and send it to Cayuga Community College, c/o Amy Valente, Professor, 197 Franklin Street, Auburn, NY 13021 by April 30. Don’t forget to view the photos on Facebook at Daddy Daughter Air 1 Benefit Ball. -Dawn Perrault, FBLA


Slobbering Love Affair This slobbering love affair between President Barack Obama and the media is starting to get on my nerves, big time. It’s one thing to think you’re the King of Cool, but when everyone else refuses to let that narrative go after 3 and a half years of politics as usual, it gets really annoying. The presidency is not a popularity contest. President Obama visited the set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on location at UNC-Chapel Hill to partake in a little comedic fun but to also stress the extension of low Stafford student loan rates that if expired would double the interest rates on college students and would reportedly add $1,000 to what we all have to pay back. To his credit, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has also made it quite clear that Congress needs to extend the rates. But what has most people up in arms is the kind of sophomoric attributes displayed during the “Slow Jam the News” segment. I am a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon, and when Brian Williams does “Slow Jam the News” it’s some of the funniest stuff on television. But this is the President of the United States. The POTUS isn’t supposed to gallivant all over late night television acting like some sort of pop-star. The same man who is our voice to the other leaders of the world, the same man who is the face of this nation. When you’re being referred to as “the Preezy of the United Steezy” and “the Barack Ness Monster” you’d think that it might be a little unprofessional which in any case is extremely unprofessional for our president. When candidate Obama was running for president in 2008 I think we all remember the onslaught of young

voters that came out to vote for him and the red, white and blue portrait that became an almost messiahfication of Mr. Obama. But when the media starts doing it, it turns what is supposed to be an objective, neutral, straight down the middle entity into a bias hatchetjob. In a recent interview with Reuters Jimmy Kimmel said that Obama is “hard to make fun of because he’s a cool character.” Well Jimmy, I could list about 10 different things that could easily create some laughs at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner that you’re hosting. But that’s nothing compared to MSNBC’s vomit inducing biased coverage over the last three and a half years with at least one opinion anchor letting everyone know the thrill that went up his leg when Obama gives a speech. You could also cite Newsweek’s biased and even sexist articles and cover pages of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. The point is, is that President Obama needs to be worrying about a few things besides the cover of the Rolling Stone and late night talk shows. Maybe he should worry about his signature achievement Obamacare is poised to be at struck down in at least some fashion, maybe he could worry about our 8.2 % unemployment rate, or maybe our 15.6 trillion dollar debt. Either way, as long as President Obama is trying to win a popularity contest, and Mitt Romney is trying to win the presidency, President Obama is going to be flying away in a helicopter 4 years less than President Bush did. -Alec Rider, Staff Writer

Romney Expected to be Nominee By Alec Rider, Staff Writer Last Tuesday night former “Is it easier to sell your home or Massachusetts governor and presiden- buy a new one?” tial hopeful Mitt Romney has been all “Have you saved what you needed but officially declared the Republican for retirement?” nominee for president of the United “Are you making more at your job?” States. “Do you have a better chance to get Romney coma better job?” pleted a five state “Do you pay less at sweep comprised of the pump?” Connecticut, Rhode With every quesIsland, Delaware, tion, came a louder Pennsylvania, and New and louder emphatic York. 209 delegates “NO” from the crowd were up for grabs; of supporters. Romney some of these states also borrowed a line have proportional delfrom conservative egates and are given icon and former presiout depending on the dent Ronald Reagan number of districts that was the stake in you win inside of the the heart of Jimmy state, not just by winCarter’s re-election ning the state’s popueffort in 1980. lar vote. Romney will “Are you better off not win all 209 dele- Republican Presidential hopenow than you were four gates, but he’ll receive ful Mitt Romney on Primary years ago?” a lot of them. Romney ended his After former night when he announced “A flurry of stings with Pennsylvania sena- Better America Begins Tonight”. one last uppercut to tor Rick Santorum the chin. dropped out of the race last week, “If the answer were ‘yes’ to those Romney became the absolute favorite questions, then President Obama for the Republican Party’s nomination would be running for re-election and with tonight’s shellacking moves based on his record, and rightly so. ever closer to the 1,144 delegates he But because he has failed, he will run needs to secure the nomination. a campaign of diversions and distracRomney’s speech in New Hampshire tions and distortions.” soon after the first 4 states’ results “That kind of campaign may have were announced’ clearly spelled out worked at another place and at a difRomney’s pivot towards the general ferent time, but not here and not now,” election against President Barack he said, and borrowing from a ClintonObama, standing behind a podium era slogan, added… that read “A Better America Begins “It’s still about the economy, and Tonight”. we’re not stupid.”

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Cornell Professor Preaches and Teaches By Andy Schemerhorn, Staff Writer This past Tuesday, April 25, the CCC Auburn library hosted an interesting guest: Professor Robert Morgan, an English professor at Cornell University, and author of many poetry, fiction, and other types of books. Professor Morgan, traveling in honor of poetry month, marked his first visit to Auburn with readings of some of his poems, a casual yet educational dialogue between poems, a brief promotion and reading of his newest book, Lions of the West, and a Q & A session following the reading. With an audience of roughly 35 people, the Professor read his original works “Go Gentle”, “Bond”, “Milk Shake”, “Holy Cussing”, “October Crossing”, and his first ever public reading of “Listening To The Clock”. Throughout, the professor made the running theme of the reading about diversity. From the personal “Go Gentle” (where he responds to famous poet Dylan Thomas’ work “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”), to “Listening To The Clock”, which was inspired simply by his fascination toward mechanical objects and machinery. Throughout it all, Robert Morgan kept up a steady conversation and a relaxed atmosphere, something he is clearly comfortable doing. “I never planned to be a teacher, but I’ve discovered that teaching is just a conversation,” Morgan said in response to a question from the audience. The audience member asked if he would choose another

Telcom Students Travel By Jim Collins, Staff Writer

On April 22, a contingent from the CCC Telecommunications Department journeyed to New York City and visited the 9/11 Memorial that is located on the site of the former World Trade Center. Department head Steve Keeler led the charge along with his wife, Carol; daughter, Rebecca; instructor, Mike Marano; and student; Jim Collins. Although it was pouring rain, there were many visitors to the site. The entrance to the memorial is at the corner of Albany and Greenwich Streets in Lower Manhattan. Passes must be obtained in advance and are free, but donations are accepted. After showing their passes the group went through a metal detector before being admitted to these hallowed grounds. Marano stated that “it was a very somber experience, sad yet inspirational.” The grounds have two reflection pools, one for each of the two towers, and are in the exact footprints of

those buildings. The waterfalls are the largest man-made falls and they drain into a darker pool that symbolizes infinity. The names of all the victims from that horrific day are etched in bronze around each pool. The grounds are well manicured and many trees adorn the area. One tree is of special note. This tree is called “The Survivor Tree” and it truly stands out. When the first responders were digging through the rubble after the attacks, they found the base of a small tree. Wanting to preserve it, they planted it in a local park hoping to restore it to health. A few months later, strong winds blew this tree down and once again it needed to be replanted, this time on the 9/11 site. It is now the biggest and most prominent tree at the site and attracts many visitors seeking to touch it and photograph it. Steve Keeler said “the 9/11 Memorial is a must see.” Tickets can be obtained online at

career if he could restart his life. Professor Morgan only let one beat pass with a thoughtful expression on his face before saying “No.” This 40+ year veteran of teaching let the crowd in on some tips for poetry writing; before reading the poem “Holy Cussing”. “It’s interesting to see the conflicting images in poetry… A lot of poetry relies on that element of surprise… the unexpected that is right. If there is one plot that every story in the world uses, it’d be ‘Nothing is as it seems’,”he said. In addition to poems like “Holy Cussing” and “Milk Shake”, which were based on his childhood in rural North Carolina, he also had poems like “Snakes in The Attic”, which was about inner demons and what he explained as “the sublime of fear”. “Why do people go to see tragedies? According to the Greeks, it’s the same sublime of fear,” the Professor enlightened. Rounding out his diverse poetry portfolio was “October Crossing”, a poem about worms in New York before winter. It may seem strange compared to his other poems and works, but the Professor feels diversity is the most important thing for a writer to have. “I think that American writers are too specialized,” he confessed during the Q & A. “But if I get stuck writing prose, then I’ll go back to poetry… Whatever I’m working on at the moment is the most important thing in the world.”

GO GREEN CAR RALLY By Jamie Blumrick, Editor-in-chief


The all new electric Nissan Leaf has GPS and user-friendly controls.

regional biodiesel expert. Even though there was some rain students were happy to come out to see the cars and ask questions. It was really interesting to see how companies are trying to advance into being green and attempting to lessen the environmental impact of cars. LeBrun Nissan is showcasing the Nissan Leaf on Grant Ave. in Auburn so if anyone missed their chance to see it and would like to, they said feel free to stop down and take it for a test drive!

The all new electric Nissan Leaf.


On April 25, Cayuga Community College held its third annual Green Car Rally in the front entrance parking lot of the Auburn campus. This year they showed the all new electric Nissan Leaf that requires no gas, but has an adapter which allows you to plug the car into an outlet to charge your car like you would any other electric device! The event also had participants such as Summit Ford Lincoln Mercury, Fox Toyota, and Fox Chevrolet - Oldsmobile - Cadillac and Kim Gilbertson, a

The car has an adapter which allows you to plug the car into an outlet to charge your car.



s ’ J




The Boston Massacre Before I get started I just want to apologize to Boston Red Sox fans in advance….NOT!!! I happen to be a New York Yankees fan, which makes sense since we live here in New York, and anyone who knows anything about baseball will tell you that the Yanks/Sox rivalry is one that rises above any other in sports. So as a diehard Yankees fan I was pleased (to say the least) at the end of last season when we all witnessed Boston’s historic collapse when they blew a ten game lead with a month to go in the season, only to miss the playoffs. Immediately their general manager Theo Epstein and manager Terry Francona were sent packing regardless of the fact that they led the Sox to two World Series after their 86 year drought. That of course was known as “the curse of the Great Bambino” after Babe Ruth left Boston and headed to New York. This season hasn’t started much better than last season ended with Boston stumbling to a 5-10 start, then came last weekend in Boston. April 20th marked the 100 year anniversary of sacred Fenway Park, so who else was scheduled to be in town but the villains in pinstripes. With over a hundred ex-players there for the big celebration, New York spoiled the party sending five balls into the bleachers in route to a 6-2 victory. I’m sure Boston was still licking their wounds when they arrived at the ballpark the following night for a rematch with the Yanks. The day looked to be heading in the right direction for Sox fans when in the fifth inning, Boston was embarrassing New York 9-0. Then it was just like the

By D.J. DuVall, Sports Editor

THEATER REVIEW Yanks celebrate after Swisher’s Grand Slam. Sox trotted off the field to start the sixth, and never came back out. In fact it began to look like they were replaced with a local high school JV team. After just one run in the sixth, the Yankees exploded for seven runs in the seventh, including a grand slam by Nick Swisher. Down by one heading into the eighth you could feel the momentum heading through Fenway like a freight train, and there was nothing going to stop it because the Yanks matched the previous inning scoring seven more, including a 2 run-double by Swisher, and Mark Teixeira hit his second homer of the afternoon to match Swishers six RBI performance. New York stunned the Fenway faithful with a 15-9 win, and if they were hoping for any luck in the third game of the series, that was washed away literally when the game was postponed due to rain. I’m sure it was a rough weekend to be a Sox fan, but boy was it a great one for us Yankee fans, just a month in to the season and New York is 10-6 with a 4 ½ game lead on Boston who sitting low man on the totem pole for obvious reasons.




Jim Collins

This week I am reviewing O’Hara’s Pub located at 120 Cedar St. New York City at the entrance to the 9/11 Memorial that I recently visited. This place is an authentic Irish Pub that somehow survived the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center on September 1, 2001. Although the place had to shut down for over 9 months for repairs, it is a testament of resolve that it is even still standing. When I walked in I noticed all the nice woodwork and long bar and especially all the patches of the firefighters, police and other first responders that covered the walls, donated by those who served on that fateful day and the months that followed. The bartender (John) was friendly and I promptly ordered a pint of Guinness, which was only $6.50! In New York City? Wow! They had me at “hello”! Anyway the menu

was the usual pub-fare, so I ordered wings and fries that were served pretty fast for around $8. Well worth it in my opinion! The couple next to me had a couple of wraps with fries and they were huge, and from the way they devoured them, pretty tasty!! All said, I highly recommend this place for anyone visiting the Memorial, due to its proximity, prices, quality and service. I give this little pub 4 Cosmo’s out of 4! NEVER FORGET! Cheers! Comments or gripes? Email me at

Did You See Club Hell ?

CCC Actors and Director; Always Excellent By Andy Schemerhorn, Staff Writer Did you see Club Hell? Actually, have you seen any of the many award-winning CCC Harlequin plays in the last 10 to 15 years? Then take a moment and say “Thank you, Professor Frame.” Bob Frame, CCC lighting professor in the Telcom department, director of Harlequin Productions, and President of the Theater Association of New York State, has been winning awards for all manner of different criteria ever since he started producing unpublished plays. “We’ve got two sections of wall in front of the [Black Box] theater showcasing the awards the adjudicators have given us,” said Frame. “It’s gotten to the point where I won’t put any awards that the students themselves haven’t earned out there.” These adjudicators, who work for the Theater Association of New York State, are part of a loose coalition of amateur theaters who come on their own free will to see a performance, and offer constructive criticism and give awards if they feel an element of the show or cast was particularly good. “It’s giving the students feedback beyond what I say. And sometimes the adjudicator won’t understand why we handled things the way we did, but it’s good for them to hear from someone besides me,” Frame said about the review process. “But, they don’t understand the journey it’s been to get to where we are. There have been times where I’ve said ‘OK, don’t listen to a thing he said about this or

that’ after the talkback.” Apparently, the actors of Harlequin don’t need much outside advice to stay spectacular though. “[Harlequin Productions has] only had one show not win an award, and right now that set is nominated for an award,” Frame said, qualifying his record of excellence. And the chance to compete is something he plans to expand on. A few years ago, there was a competitive theater festival around Thanksgiving, and Professor Frame plans to use his influence as President of the Theater Association, along with the partnership construction of a new theater on State Street, to bring that festival back to Auburn this coming Thanksgiving. He explained that Auburn’s location in the geographic center of the state made it a great location for other theaters to travel to, and said that is why there was a similar, successful program a couple of years ago. Though our own Harlequin players may have to keep the kid gloves on. “We have a good reputation for winning awards at the state level. And as proud as I am of the Club Hell set, I don’t think I’ll enter it for a set award because other theaters don’t think it’s fair that we win so many awards,” Frame said. When asked if Harlequin was a “superpower” among local theaters, Professor Frame would only modestly say “I’m good at what I do. Does that make me better than anyone else? I don’t know.”


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