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mea work samples

camouflage distortion and correction To conduct a study of camouflage, it was realized that the methods of camouflage are understood if one discovers how to distort a given camouflage element. The idea of distortion coincides with the concept of correction, and leads to the question of when should one correct a distortion or distort a correction to achieve the effect of camouflage. One instance of correction is the creation of a horizon line within New York City through the changing view of varying vanishing points. Out of this creation, a new form develops incorporating concepts of correction and distortion to deviate from the obvious into the creation of something new.

gray arctic

To study gray as a color, it soon becomes obvious that how gray is defined is almost limitless and without definite boundaries. With the increasing melting of the polar ice cap, the Arctic Ocean is facing the same issues of boundary definition. The countries surrounding the ocean are vying for the same rights, but in many cases, there are an increasing number of places of conflict where territorial lines overlap and boundaries become indistinct. Thus, it seems the only solution is to put the groups in charge of the arctic in a place where they can really observe the outcome of their decisions; to develop an arctic structure spatially defined by the boundary conflict and ever shifting nature of the ice.

chattahoochee river research center The project objective encompassed a bridge, serving as a research center, that would span the Chattahoochee River between two state parks. The center needed to provide laboratory, living and administration spaces. While the center primarily serves the scientists, it also has to serve as a recreational/ educational center for the public.

research laboratory building

houston ship channel

The studio focused on developing new infrastructure systems in Houston, specifically surrounding Navigation Boulevard, a road adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel. A site visit to Houston was particularly enlightening, and opened up the discussion and study of the seemingly vacant nature of the city. This design solution focuses on how to use infrastructure to reconnect and add a new dimensional factor to the urban grid; while also creating a new venue for the redefinition of the boundary relationships between industry and residential areas.

chattahoochee river recycling center Designed for a competition, the design challenge was to discover a new technique to utilize concrete. Several studies led to the discovery of a new fiber enforced bendable concrete that is stronger and lighter than regular concrete. Taking the idea that this new discovery could one day be conventionally utilized in buildings, the goal of the design became an exploration of taking the use of the material to an extreme to reinvent how concrete is used as a structural element.

memorial drive artist house Located off Memorial Drive near Oakland Cemetery, the house provides living, work, and gallery spaces. The multilevel design allows for the mix and separation of public and private functions.

marietta modern art museum

Placed in the heart of downtown Marietta, the design embodies the form of the surrounding skyline. The fusion of rectangular forms allows for the creation of functional display spaces with unique lighting opportunities.

mea Mary Elizabeth Adams contact 560W 170th Street, Apt 3F New York, NY 10032

cell (678) 416-9493

Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design Columbia University, GSAPP New York, NY 10027


Bachelor of Architecture Southern Polytechnic State University Marietta, GA 30060



skills ArchiCAD Revit Rhino 3D Max Sketchup

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe AfterEffects Adobe Premiere Pro

GIS Form-Z Microsoft Office Fabrication

experience Richard Rauh and Associates 433 Bishop St. NW Atlanta, GA 30318 Architectural Intern - Ran errands and assisted in preparing construction documents

3/ 2007 – 6/2007

Holder Construction Company 3333 Riverwood Parkway SE Suite 400 Atlanta, GA 30339 Office Engineer, Building Information Technology - Prepared company presentations using Sketchup/Photoshop/ArchiCAD - Made digital copies of preliminary construction documents using Photoshop

7/2007 – 8/2007

Southern Polytechnic State University 1100 South Marietta Parkway Marietta, GA 30060 Transportation Office Assistant - Managed office and new trainees - Phone service, computer data entry, issuance of school id's

8/2008 – 4/2009

Work Samples  

Samples of work completed during graduate and undergraduate educations.

Work Samples  

Samples of work completed during graduate and undergraduate educations.