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Shapes in the Environment By Mary Courtney

About the Author

Mary Courtney I was born and raised in the small town of Westport, Connecticut. Growing up on the east coast I came to love beaches and cities. I grew up only about fifty minutes from New York City and to this day it still feels like home. By the time I was ready to go off to college I decided to pack up and move to the middle of the country to Indiana where I attended IU. At IU I majored in elementary education and I really decided to pursue my passion for teaching. When I was at college I decided to become a teacher for several reasons. Some of these reasons included my love for children, spreading knowledge, and having fun! More over, I believe that in this day in age technology is a vital element to not only learning but also to society. Technology tools for the classroom, like iBooks Author, will be able to enhance classrooms across the world.


How to Read this Book INSPIRATION When I was younger some of my favorite books to read were a part of the I Spy and Where’s Waldo series. So, for this book readers should read this book like they would I Spy- but with shapes! Look for as many shapes as you can in each picture. All of the shapes will be found in different places throughout the environment. On each page the answer will be hidden somewhere in picture. Do your best to try and find them all and...


Shapes Are All Around Us

A UDIO 2.1 Hear some sounds of the sea!

Shapes are everywhere we look. In the clouds in the sky, or on the ships in the sea, on in the trees of a jungle. We learn about shapes in school to help us see all of the places they hide outside....

Meet... THE SQUARE Hello! I’m Clare the Square. What’s that you ask? How do I know I am a square? Well I have four sides, all of them are equal, and I have four vertices! See for yourself, you can click on all of my sides and vertices and count them!

A fun word search about squares!

Next meet a... TRIANGLE Bonjour! Je m’appelle Simone. In French that means, “My name is Simone”. Do you know what kind of shape I am? I’m a triangle! I have three sides and three vertices. You can count my sides in French! To learn to do this...

I NTERACTIVE 4.1 French Counting Song


Sing along with this video and learn to count to 10 in french!

Get Ready for... THE RECTANGLE Hola! Me llamo Carlos. I am from Spain and in spanish that means “my name is Carlos�. I have cuatro sides. Count all of my sides to find out how many that is! But, my sides are different lengths so that is what makes me different from a square.

I NTERACTIVE 5.1 Common Spanish Phrases

Watch this video to learn some more cool things to say in spanish!

Make Room for ... THE CYLINDER I NTERACTIVE 6.1 Find England on the Map! (Click on the name) Hello! I am Cybil the Cylinder. Did you know that Cybil is actually a common name in England? I look a bit different than some of the other shapes you just met. I am what you call a 3D shape. I also am round all over and flat on two sides. This makes me unique!


Can you find all of the squares that are hiding in this picture? The answer will be waiting in a window

R EVIEW 6.1 Take This to Review the Properties of Squares Do all of the sides of a square have to be even?

A. Yes B. No C. Sometimes D. I’m not sure

How many triangles do you see in all of these different bridges? The answer will be hiding some place wet... The Tsing Ma Bridge Hong Kong, China

The Brooklyn Bridge New York, New York USA

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California USA

I NTERACTIVE 6.2 Find the bridges on the map!

Brooklyn Bridge Tsing Ma Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


Click here to get some practice drawing the shapes we learned

Woah those are some colorful flag we’ve found! How many rectangles can you spot? The answer will be waiting somewhere bright for you! Click on the play button to hear the national anthem for each country. The Colombian Flag

The Swedish Flag

A UDIO 6.2

A UDIO 6.4

A UDIO 6.1 The Ethiopian Flag

The German Flag

I hope looking at all this food doesn’t make you hungry! How many cylinders are hiding in here?You might find the answer somewhere in between...

Click Me to Learn About Making Healthy Choices!


Wow this sure does look like a lot of fun! Don’t be fooled. We have saved the hardest for last. If you can find all of the hiding cylinders, squares, triangles, and rectangles in this picture you have mastered the shapes. The answer will be hiding somewhere you might go for a ride....

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Wait! One last challenge.... Complete this maze before you can get to the end of this book!


Your almost done!! Just get through this maze to get to the end!


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