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Key Fall Fashion Designers

Table of Context Top Fall Trends Runway For Less Beauty tips Editors Favorite picks for Fall Fashion Forecasting Key Fall Fashion Designers

Army Jackets What does every fall wardrobe need? An army jacket, while yes those army men look good in a uniform, this jacket can be chic for the streets too! Army jackets are a great simple way to add to any outfit. While wearing a pair of simple blue jeans topped off with a simple black shirt and a pair of ballet flats, isn't enough; when running out the door grab your army jacket and pull the draw strings at the waist and you are ready to go! Adding this simple piece into your wardrobe, is a great article of clothing to combine in your Fall collection. Here are some ways to wear this army

Short Boots In fall 2012 there will be short boots shown. Everyone needs a boot in the fall going into winter to keep their feet warm. Some of the short boots that will be shown have the inner part of the boot lined with fur. I think that people wearing the short boot with a little heel will find the shoe to be more practical.

Here are some on the different types of shoes that are going to be shown in the fall 2012.

Leather Jackets

Fashion forward pieces for this season, without breaking the bank!

Trend #1: Gone are the days of skin tight clothing, volume is in! Luckily for those of you too scared to jump head first into the trend, try the peplum. It’ll emphasize that little waist and is oh so feminine.



Pins and Needles Chiffon Hem Baby Doll Top ($44.00)

Zara Zipped Blazer with Frill at the Waist ($129.00) Lanvin

Trend #2: Toughen up your girly dresses with a jacket to give yourself a bit of an edge or slip into some leather pants to unleash your inner rockstar. No matter what your style, a little (or a lot) of leather is a must this season.



HM Jacket ($49.95)

Forever21 Ankle Zip Faux Leather Pants ($24.80)


Trend #3: Demure is the new sexy! Try a sheer cardigan over flirty dresses to stay warm yet still look feminine or, for those more daring, try a sheer blouse to show just a bit skin. Sheers this season will surely make the boys drool, while still being a lady. Isn’t it nice to have it all?



Kirra Lace Inset Chiffon Open Shirt ($32.30)

Express Cropped Chiffon Dolman Shirt ($49.90)


Trend #4: Stay warm yet stylish this season in a cozy oversized coat. It is new and modern compared to the classic pea coat or military inspired jackets we are used to seeing. So be fashion forward this season because big is in!



Topshop Contrast Raglan Tweed Boyfriend Coat ($196.00)

ASOS Oversized Boyfriend Coat ($182.27)

Jil Sanders


Don’t Make Me

BLUSH Fresh faced and flush is the way to go this Fall. Usually we save this particular look for spring time but this year we’ll be blushing all autumn long. Diorskin Shimmer Star In Rose Diamond ($44)

Lorac Blush in Pink($20)

Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love ($30)


POP! of color Add a pop of color to your fresh faced look this fall. This color can range from a dark mulberry to a poppy pink!

Lorac; Breakthrough lipstick ($22)

Laura Mercier; Red Smooth Lip color ($26)


Sleek Chic When it comes to your hair this Fall opt for a more clean and sleek look by putting your hair into a ballet bun or a ponytail and hair spraying all your loose baby hairs down. Add a cool accessories to contrast your polished look.

Seamless no mark Hair bands ($8)

Living proof Hair Spray ($20)

Marc Jacobs Fall Collection

This is the fall 2012 collection from Marc Jacobs. I thought that this collection was something that all generation could wear or make their own. The ideal for this year is minimalism which is something that people are going to get into during the spring. Tight and form fitting clothing is starting to go out of style and the idea of big and loose clothing is becoming more popular.

Fashion Trend: Opulence

In the fall 2012 trends, opulence is in the peak of its existence. This only means one thing, which is it will soon be fading out. Many fashion designers overstated opulence this upcoming season because after that, opulence will be out of style and not the “in� trend anymore. Opulence is rich toned and jeweled clothing that are not timeless; they come and go in fashion trends. Now is the time to go crazy for articles of clothing that are opulent though, so wear it well now and be prepared for the new look of minimalism!

Fabrics that are sheer are extremely popular for the 2012 Fall collections. Sheer fabrics are being used to give off a sexy feeling, while still being classy and traditional when dressing. A lot of the designs that have sheer fabric have a high neckline because it shows some skin without being too revealing. The designs have a sophisticated, elegant look that is extremely trendy and stylish.

Fall 2012 designs are all very into matchy– matchy. Suit jackets are matching pants, skirts, shorts, and even bags. The outfits look like they belong together and it has a very neat and clean look. This trend is extremely appealing to the eye and it reflects the modern, clean world that society lives in today.

Sadly the fashion world has been stuck in a rut for about 20 years or so with nothing new; but change is coming. This change is sophisticated, refreshing, and classic. We’re not going for opulence anymore, yet turning to minimalism and dare I say it… matchy – matchy. Before you get your panties all in a bunch let me explain why! The fashion world hasn’t done anything surprising since the 80’s when mixing and matching clothes became cool and acceptable. This trend is still with us today but everything’s about to change. After decades of believing that the more untidy we were, the more ‘fashionable’ we were, style has finally caught up to the uber-organized, slick and sleek feel of iPods, IPads, and the stunning new architecture. So get ready for the clothes we wear to start matching the society in which we live!

What will be in style:

Leather is the Look Leather is the look this fall and winter so if you have something leather in your closet its time to whip it out and wear it. Whether it’s a leather coat, skirt, or dress fall is the time of year to try out this contemporary clean look. You can go for just the classic black leather or you can spice things up and

Raf Simons for Jil Sander designed an out-of-the-ordinary Fall 2012 collection for young women that is both refreshing and appealing. Simon chose to go with pastel coloring for his designs, which is a breath of fresh air instead of the normal go-to dark fall colors. Not only are these designs great in color choice, but they are also portraying the new look of minimalism, which is classic and traditional clothing.

Gloria Coelho

Gloria Coelho’s fall 2012 collection is sophisticated, yet young and trendy for her buyers. Her designs are extremely classy and simple that gives off an elegance look. Gloria Coelho was very into different fabrics and mixing textiles, like sheer and leather. The sheer fabrics that are used create the sophisticated look because it shows some skin, without being too revealing.

Iceberg’s Fall 2012 designs are timeless and ageless. The styles would look fabulous on anyone, as long as they had a great fashion sense. The designs are extremely modern, clean, and edgy. Matchy– matchy outfits, like suits, handbags, and jackets, are key in the trends for Fall 2012. Also, there is an emphasis on oversized articles of clothing, like suit jackets, winter coats, and handbags.

Credits: Top Fall Trends: Dayna Sorrento, and Mary Coratolo Runway For Less: Tiffany Nguyen Beauty tips: Tiffany Nguyen, and Gabby DeSosa Editors Favorite picks for Fall: Mary Coratolo Fashion Forecasting: Gabby DeSosa Key Fall Fashion Designers: Dayna Sorrento


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Fashion Magazines 2012  

By: Maryrose Coratolo, Dyana Sorrento, Gaby DeSosa, Tiffany Nguyen