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June 2-15-, 2013

Women’s Intercultural Center

Marisela Rosales

June 2-15

Rejoins the Women’s Intercultural Center family as our newest Independent Zumba Instructor.


Letter From the Executive Director Many of you already know that my children’s father has stage 4 lung, liver and colon cancer. Our family and friends have rallied around him. Today we shower him with much affection, hugs and kisses. We have relieved him of all mundane activities so that he had free time to think and prioritize. This last year he has been thinking about life, love and the choices that he made. Some days he spend reminiscing about the days when our sons were younger, how we met and the many crazy things he did a youth and the many mistakes that followed in

his adulthood. Deep down he is grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with his loved ones. Now he’s taking the time to concentrate on the things he thinks about most, doing the things he wants and loves to do, and learning more about himself. He’s undergoing the process that occurs at the Women’s Intercultural Center on a daily basis. We encourage the women to set themselves free to be who they truly are, beautiful unique special individuals. The value lies on the fact that of who we are. Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all alike. Surprises, laughter or creativity would be nonexistent.

become who they want to be. We show them that they have something to offer no matter who they are, where they came from or their social economic status. We seek out the scared, sad and shy. And through our classes and peer support network we give them Inspiration through a variety of ways to ignite their spirit. We help them discover themselves and find their voice. Setting spirits free,

At the Women’s Intercultural Center we provide the tools and resources for women to unleash their potential and

Lending a helping hand When Ignacia Avalos de Loera came to the Women’s Intercultural Center seeking assistance for her son Lorenzo Loera who was left bed ridden from an accident two years ago, we immediately got to work. We gave her the items she needed such as adult papers, Boost and bed underpads, items generously donated to our Thriftstore and Emergency Food Pantry. And we called our partners to see who could help. Thanks to generous donations made by our supporters, we are able to help almost anyone that comes through our doors.

Ignacia and her son Lorenzo



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Turning old items into something new

Our friend Martin Cortez launched Radio Viva La Familia, an online radio station. He is inviting businesses and nonprofits to sign up to have their own one hour radio show once a week for a small monthly fee. For more information please contact him via email at or send him a message on his facebook page at radiovivalafamilia.

You Can Do It By Alin Austin

Look within. And listen to your heart. You can do it. You can reach that goal. You can make that new reality instead of accepting things the way they used to be. You can do it. All of your highest hopes are with you. Nothing will hold you back but your own fears. And if those fears were created by you, they can be dealt with by you ... and said good-bye to. You can do it. Say it to yourself, and believe it in your heart. Make every single day a positive start leading to a better and bright tomorrow. You can do it. You really can.

Have a broken dresser or toy, or an old leather suitcase— consider cleaning it up and transforming it into something new. Sketch up some creative possibilities, and then turn your old item into something new. Don’t have the time to do this? Than consider donating your items to the Women’s Intercultural Center. Follow us on facebook ( and see how we turn your old item into something new.

Partnering with purpose Partnering with purpose to improve our lives and world through recycling inkjets, laser toners, cell phones, laptops, tablets and iPods. Become our recycling partner by donating these items to the Women’s Intercultural Center. Items can be dropped off at the Center at 303 Lincoln Street in Anthony, NM. Thank you for helping us make this a better world!


Juana, Center participant, donated her painting to the Center in honor of women suffering from Cancer.

Triana Almaraz back to normal after having surgery. Her mother Magali Almaraz is a former WInC Participant and former Volunteer Instructor.

Cake made in the Fondant class taught by Omar Burciaga.



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Independent Zumba Consultant, Marisela Rosales, joins the Women’s Intercultural Center (WInC) family to teach an additional Zumba class.

She said, “I am advocating for over 20 women who religiously took her class and have benefitted greatly from her instruction. We have become healthier, stronger and are losing weight. We would like to continue with her.”

Marisela is a former WInC participant. She was leading a Zumba class that closed out. She searched for other locations as did her students. Sukie Rodriguez, Center participant and volunteer instructor came to us asking to give her a space.

The Center is driven through the input of our participants; therefore, the class was added to our programming schedule. We proudly welcome Marisela back to the WInc family.


Your Dreams Can Come True If ...

What others say about us 


-- Susan polis Schutz

“This is a very good place for the community because they have a lot of activities for the community to work on. for example the Zumba classes, GED program, also the English programs and other activities that benefits us. they can also help us with counseling and if the center doesn't have what we are looking for Mary the director will guide you through. It is a very friendly environment.” ~Christina Rayos, WInC Participant & Volunteer

Dreams can come true if you take the time to think about what you want in life . . . Get to know yourself Find out who you are Choose your goals carefully Be honest with yourself But don't think about yourself so much that you analyze every word and action Don't become preoccupied with yourself Find many interests and pursue them Find out what is important to you Find out what you ore good at Don't be afraid to make mistakes Work hard to achieve successes When things are not going right don't give up — just try harder Find courage inside of you to remain strong Give yourself freedom to try out new things Don't be so set in your ways that you can't grow Always act in an ethical way Laugh and have a good time Form relationships with people you respect Treat others as you want them to treat you Be honest with people Accept the truth Speak the truth Open yourself up to love Don't be afraid to love Remain close to your family Take part in the beauty of nature Be appreciative of all that you have Help those less fortunate than you Try to make other lives happy Work towards peace in the world Live life to the fullest Dreams can come true and we hope that all your dreams become a reality

“I had a chance to attend the Border Awareness Experience at the Women's Intercultural Center and if I had to use one word to describe it, it would be "INCREDIBLE". Of course I can use more words than that such as amazing, inspiring, educational, fantastic, life-changing, eye-opening, unbelievable, there's just so much I can say about it. When I first signed on to take part in the Border Awareness Experience I was expecting to be stuck in presentations and just full on PowerPoint's on immigration, honestly something that would put me to sleep, but the experience at the center was nowhere close to that. I was truly immersed into the experience by having a chance to go on a Border Patrol Tour with actual Border Patrol Agents, host family stays, hearing from a Federal Judge at a Federal Immigration Court, visiting organizations around the city that work with immigrants, and what made the experience truly extraordinary were our hosts at the Center. Two guys by the names of Saif and Eric lead the experience and we met with the Executive Director Mary Carter who was just an inspiring individual with anything she had to say. It was these people that made the experience so much better. Saif actually coordinated and planned out everything my school did for the whole week we were there, and what surprised me the most was that he was so young. I didn't expect someone so young to plan such an amazing experience and be so knowledgeable on immigration issues. Saif provided us a lot of insight on the History of the Border and not only the history of immigration and the issues it faces. He was very open and honest with us and I loved it. If the experience would have been just a week hearing from him, I think it would have been perfect as well. Besides being captivated by everything we were learning it was also nice to have the leisure time that was given to us to have fun, go shopping, and hang out with our hosts. Saif and Eric are hilarious and fun to hang out with. They are the perfect combination of seriousness and jokesters they made the experience unforgettable. All I have to say is to anyone that reads this take on the Border Awareness Experience if you have the chance and if at all possible request Saif and Eric to be your guides. Thank you Mary, Saif, Eric, and the Women's Intercultural Center for providing me a lifechanging experience that I will never forget.” ~Nicole, former BAE Participant



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Too often, fathers are the unsung heroes of their families. They work long and hard to provide for their families, and they strive to set a good example for their children concerning responsibility, morality and what it truly means to be a good person.

at the same time as he serves it. A good father will instruct and admonish his children with patience and gentle firmness, making sure that they know right from wrong, all while making sure that he always sets a good moral example himself.

They are the wise counselors and brave protectors of their families, and they do this humbly and without begrudging the very significant sacrifices which they often must make. A good father rules and guides his family

When a good father makes a decision about his family, he will do so unselfishly, thinking only of what is best for his family. Oftentimes, when a man becomes a father he may be forced to give up his personal aspirations and dreams of his youth in 7

order to be a good father. But a good father will do this without complaining of the sacrifice. And although not every man can live up to the ideals of the good father, those who do inspire us with their quiet heroism and self-sacrifice. We should tell our fathers how much they mean to us and let them know how much their sacrifice is appreciated and how much we value their counsel. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

WInC Executive Director Appointed to the HSA Board of Directors Our Executive Director, Mary Carter has been an advocate for you youth long before she became and advocate for women. Due to personal experience, Mary understands how easy it is for a young person to fall through the cracks and take a wrong path even with supportive and loving parents.

ally, other students are way ahead of the curve and require a different pace.

She spent a majority of her professional career working for the largest school district in Region XIX where she mentored a great number of students in her spare time. She developed a scholarship manual specifically for the students she mentored.

“He was much too bored in school and often became aggravated at having to show his work when he could easily process everything in his head. He also always got in trouble for challenging the correctness of the education that his teachers were providing him.” said Mary.

So it came to no surprise that when she was approached by the Board of Directors of the Health Science Academy Charter School to join the Board she responded with a resounding “Yes!” and immediately sent her resume for formal approval. She along with Tara Ibarbo were appointed to the Board of Directors on June 15th. Mary was particularly interested in their efforts of implementing the school in the Anthony area. While Mary is a big advocate for public education and believes this is truly the best option for our children, she knows first hand that some students require something more than what a public school can offer. Some students require more one on one attention, something that cannot be given in public school due to the large number of students. Addition-

The difference in pace is what her youngest son needed. She saw how pubic school did not provide the educational challenge that her son required.

She knew that her son needed something more so she searched for educational alternatives. Because of her connections to various educators she was informed by a friend of the new Early College High School that Canutillo was launching. Her friend had just translated fliers for the parents. She showed up for the parental meeting and to her luck, a former co -worker had been appointed to Principal of the school. The District had set up 100 slots to be filled in and there three left. She approached the Principal and asked, “What does my son need to be enrolled?” The principal provided her all the paperwork that needed to filled out including the approval forms from the District as they did not reside within the Canutillo Independent School District boundaries. She had less than three days to fill out all the paperwork and her son still needed to pass the interview process. Transferring him into another school



district to take advantage of the early college high school was the best thing that Mary ever did for her son. Throughout his high school years, he thrived in the college classes and was one of the 20 students of the first graduating class to earn his Associates Degree a year before earning his High School Diploma. Because her son was given the opportunity to thrive, she wants to be part of the team that will bring such an opportunity to youth in Southern NM. A Health Science Academy is perfect to encourage students in Health and STEM careers many of which are extremely needed in our area where we are designated as Underserved by health professionals. Mary believes that every child deserves the opportunity to have options as to their education and the ability to choose the option that will help them succeed. She looks forward to working with her peers on the Board of Directors and the community in bringing the Health Sciences Academy Charter School to fruition. About the Health Sciences Academy Charter School: While the original application that was submitted last year was denied. The Board of Directors resubmitted the application and are pending the public input hearing to be held by the Public Education Commission. If approved, a preferred location for the school is in Anthony; however, official determination will be based on the availability of adequate securing an adequate facility for the school.

A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

dates to remember For additional information please contact us at 575-882-5556 or the contact number listed next to the event announcement.

June Housing Forum: Come learn about the preliminary findings from Dona Ana County’s Fair Housing Study, and offer your perspectives, commentary, and experiences with fair housing in the County. Starts at 6pm


For more information contact Jessica Gardener

July Reading Camp for elementary through high school students. One hour of tutoring in building reading comprehension to help get students ahead before the school year starts. Based on grade level, the camp runs from 1 to 4pm. The Reading Camps is being given in collaboration with our partners Andele Tutors.


We’d like to give a very special thank you to the donors who give us continuous support through their committed financial donations such as:

Independence Day. In observance of the holiday, WInC will be closed.

4 5-19

En el Camino Para Vivir con Diabetis Fridays on July 5, 12, 19 and Sept. 27 from 1-3pm. Workshops led by Olga & Amir Hernandez designed to teach you how to live with and control your Diabetes.


University Presbyterian Church who so generously gives to us every quarter. The generosity and support of this congregation keeps us going. Their timing is always perfect with donations arriving at the moment we need them most. Thank you...thank you...thank you!


T.M. Malumphy who in spite of having increased health care costs due to cancer, believes so much in our mission she continues generously giving every month. She is a loyal donor to the Center for as long as I can remember. May God bless you for your continuous generosity!


Hugh Doyle who so generously gives more than once a month sometimes. We are so grateful to you for your generosity. Thank you for keeping us in mind and helping us achieve our mission of educating, empowering and engaging women. We could not do our work without you! Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!


And thank you to all of YOU who support our work and wish to remain anonymous.

Interested in teaching a class, scheduling a workshop, presentation or training at WInC? We are always searching for Volunteer Instructors to teach in their areas of expertise. We currently have a special need for a haircutting instructor. For more info, contact Ilse Arrieta, Program Coordinator at 575-882-5556 or via email at

With a grateful heart, we THANK YOU!


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Week in Review June 3-15, 2013  
Week in Review June 3-15, 2013  

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