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May 19-25

Women’s Intercultural Center


Experience the U.S./ Mexican Border through WInC’s BAE Program

Letter From the Executive Director Happiness is a state of mind, but some people are still waiting for something to bring them happiness. However, getting any one thing won’t make you happy. It has to happen in your mind, it’s how you perceive life. Happiness can be achieved the minute you program your mind to find it all around you. It doesn’t take getting a different job, more money, a big house or a better car. All it takes is a different way of looking at life. It takes a change in outlook and not a change in your bank account. My brother Tony was certain that money would bring him happiness. Since he was 18 years old he was so set on increasing his wealth that he basically indentured himself to a wealthy family. He lived in wealth but worked so hard he truly couldn’t enjoy it. As he amassed his own fortune he found himself surrounded by people only interested in his money. Many of these people were problematic and had to be paid off to get them out his life. He lives in a mansion in Arizona filled with beautiful things as pristine as a museum but it’s basically empty because he is the only person living there. He has a fleet of luxury cars of which some he hasn’t even driven. He’s lost

touch with our family because of the hectic work schedule he keeps as he continues to amass more money to buy things he will rarely have the time to enjoy. I’m completely the opposite. I don’t have a great deal of money but I love what I do. I don’t have a fancy car but have close friends and people that care for me. You’ll never hear me saying “I’ll be happy when…” I’m happy without any reservation or qualification. In spite of my personal challenges, I enjoy living my life. I don’t need anything but my own mind to be happy. It is who you are that brings you happiness or sadness, not material things or wealth. You can take a depressed individual and give her a million dollars. She will then be a rich, negative, depressed individual with more money to harm herself with. Just take a look at celebrities, rock stars and famous actors who attain fame, power and riches, only to turn into drug addicts, alcoholics and in some cases commit suicide. These are prime examples that amassing wealth and power don’t lead to a happy, fulfilling life.

the lottery. The happy people I know view the world in a positive manner and conduct themselves differently. They are confident, grateful, generous, and kind. At WInC, we try to teach our participants that having things won’t make their lives happy. That they have all they need to be happy right now where they are. When a participant is ready, that change will come. She will begin to see the world as an exciting, giving and wonderful place. Feel confident, accept herself for who she is and enjoy each day of her life. Being alive in itself is reason enough to be happy and when you believe this you will always have a reason to experience joy and peace. At WInC, the women get to discover themselves. Through our program design they gain energy and enthusiasm every day they come to class. By learning and working with their peers they release stress and tension. They don’t feel isolated and alone. And together we learn what happy looks like through our own lives. Happily in service,

This is such an important concept to understand because we all want to be happy; however, we are looking in the wrong places. Happiness is not found out there. It’s found within you. Unhappy people I’ve come across throughout my life always believe that their life would turn around if they had a better job, more money, a more caring spouse or winning



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

WInC's Vision About 130 million mobile phones are retired every year, resulting in more than 65,000 tons of waste窶品ncluding potentially hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury.

We seek to be a group of women who give to each other, and to anyone who comes to the Center, acceptance, hospitality, and support in personal growth. We believe that when women from different cultures get together to know each other and share with each other their values and history, pride is fostered and personal growth occurs. Through this Center, we dedicate ourselves to provide opportunities for learning which will empower us all to express ourselves and increase our self-esteem, so that in important life situations we can all speak up for ourselves, listen to each other, and know how and when to speak up for others.

Recycle yours by donating them to WInC to help us generate funding to educate, empower & engage women.

WInC provides a place for women to learn and work together to develop their social, spiritual, economic and political potential.


Thank you Maribel for the beautiful plant!

Recycled bag made out of a poster.

Flower made out of plastic spoons.

Alejandra, Center Participant, brings her granddaughter to the Center for a visit.


Our participants are the key to our success. Wind chime made by the Girls Scouts!

Kimberly Absjornson visits the Center with her Daddy Daniel. 4

A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Saif Almuhairbi (WInC BAE Director) & Eric Licero (BAE Intern) volunteered at Loma Linda along with the students from the Summit Country Day School.

Candle holder made out a plastic coke bottle.

Summit Country Day School posing with Eddie Torres, BAE presenter. 5

WInC Welcomed The Summit Country Day School from Cincinnati, OH Through the Senior Search Program at the Summit Country Day school students are provided a special opportunity outside the classroom in which they can demonstrate independent study skills by designing their own learning experience. Senior Search shows students it’s OK to take a chance. This program puts students in places they never saw themselves. In this case, they chose to participate in our Border Awareness Experience (BAE). We were happy to welcome them to the El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM and Anthony, NM area. Through their experience they learned about Border life, Border Culture and Immigration Issues firsthand from various nonprofit organizations, federal government agencies, individuals, family host stays and individual interactions. “By the emphasis on looking at both ides of the issue, I was able to form a plausible opinion. I liked how this experience put a face on this issue.” said Dylan a student from The Summit Country Day School. “Another year, another great experience! Thank you!” said Ashley Gayonski, The Summit Country Day School Teacher & BAE Participant



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.


The Path to Living Well With Diabetes At the Women’s Intercultural Center we sometimes test workshops prior to making them available to our membership. The Path to Living Well with Diabetes Workshop was tested by our Executive Director, Mary Carter and Center Volunteers, Allen Carter and Saif Almuhairbi. It will be officially given to our participants starting on July 5th. The workshop consists of 3 sessions in July and one final session in September. Participants will be tested to determine if they are diabetic or pre-diabetic. They will learn:    

The five most important tests to determine if you are diabetic; Learn how to communicate with their physician in reference to their care based on the results of their tests; Learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals for themselves and their families; and Learn why it’s important to be physically active.

Our test team really enjoyed this workshop which is being led by Olga Hernandez and Amir Hernandez. The food recipes were different then what Mary, Saif and Allen expected. They were simple and quite tasty. At the end of their last session, they were given a bag that included a lunch bag, a CD, and cookbook. We encourage to participate in the upcoming workshops, everyone is welcomed! Calls us at 575-882-5556



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.




A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Teach for America, NM was referred to the Women’s Intercultural Center (WInC) by community leader and Center Supporter, Ana Artalejo. Amy, leader of the Southern NM Charter Region of Teach for America, approached us to assist them in securing host family stays. As part of their training, Teach for America participants are provided opportunities to connect with the students and families to better understand and help students overcome the barriers they face which may be deterrent in their education. We did what we do best, we leveraged our network of participants to open their homes and create a dialogue. The families and their children interacted with the Teach of America participants both learning from each other. These types of opportunities can be change so many perspectives and bring forth Understanding. It is easy to judge based on our own personal experience, once we learn to understand the experience of others we are more open to understanding the situation and realizing that what works for you does not work for another. This is how we open dialogue and start working towards creating tools and resources that can help resolve the problem we are trying to solve. We were happy to be able to provide a small grain to the understanding of our community through the host family stays. We hope it serves the Teach for America participants to meet the unique needs of students in the border communities which we serve. Through their efforts, we hope that one day educational inequity will be eliminated in New Mexico. About Teach for America: Teach For America is growing the movement of leaders who work to ensure that kids growing up in poverty get an excellent education.




A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

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Monday, Memorial Day. In observance of the holiday WInC will be closed.


Start of Summer Semester Classes. Review the calendar for dates and times of the classes being offered.

Thank you to the many people that contribute to the Women’s Intercultural Center. It is through your generous contributions that we are able to transform the lives of the many women that participate at the Center and the many others that walk through our doors seeking our assistance. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity. This week we’d like to give a special thank you to the following people:



Come and celebrate Fathers Day. There will be a potluck at 12 p.m. Share with us your favorite dish and have fun.


Thank you Victor Montoya from Elev8 for your canned goods donation. Your contribution will help us feed the hungry that come to our emergency food pantry!


Thank you Cristina Dominguez Eshelman for donating to our fundraiser on CrowdRise! While we value every contribution, financial donations greatly help us to continue our mission to educate, empower & engage women.


Thank you Pat Zerega for your monthly donation! You live so far away from but truly believe in our mission and we’re grateful for your contributions.


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Let's celebrate Independence Day with a potluck at 12 p.m.

Independence Day. In observance of the holiday, WInC will be closed.

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Week In Review May 19-25, 2013  
Week In Review May 19-25, 2013  

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