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Feb. 3—9, 2013

Women’s Intercultural Center

Celebrating 2013: Year of the snake As per Chinese Mythology wealth, happiness, and longevity are 2013s hallmark. 1 Tai Chi Master Hines & her students took part in our Chinese New Year celebration.

Letter From the Executive Director We all have experienced moments that have damaged us in transit throughout our lives. Whether it is a relative with a terminal illness, death of a loved one, depression, molestation, rape...there are so many different things that can make our lives seem like a bad dream. But it isn’t, it’s reality. Seeing a package in my son’s room that was marked “Damaged in transit but deliverable.” made me think of how an individual can be damaged but the contents inside are still deliverable. We can overcome. My parents taught me that I could control most of my environment through my actions; however, they did tell me, there would be times when things in my life would be out of your control. And when it happens, it was okay to feel unraveled. This was something I really didn’t understand for I am control freak when it comes to my personal life. It wasn’t until Carter’s illness and how I had to adapt to the changes in my life did I realize what they meant.

stories of depression, molestation, rape and guilt. As well as to process my own story. No matter how damaged we may feel we are still deliverable. Our journeys become easier if we find a way to remain open to the valuable lessons these situations provide. For me personally, I’ve learned that time and people are precious; I should never take either for granted. I also learned not to be too proud to admit I’m hurting by saying three powerful words: “I need help.” A lesson I learned from one of my friends who shared how he asked for help to overcome his depression. And most importantly maintaining my faith in God even during my darkest hour.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Tony Martinez Chair Eldelisa Nava Vice –Chair Petra Devora Treasurer

Through my counseling sessions with our participants, I’ve learned that tragedies do not define who we are and that strength within and our faith in a higher power prevents them from destroying us.

Joanne Vullo Secretary

Most importantly, I’ve learned that the strength in our peer support network provides many ears to hear the cries of each other when we are damaged and hurt. And it is through this network that we are able to help heal each other through our journeys and make us deliverable to our next destination.

MEMBERS Victor Acosta Grace Jacquez-Chase

Temporarily damaged in transit but still deliverable.

I also didn’t realize how many of us can find ourselves damaged in transit. This realization provided me what I needed to counsel and provide the help needed for the women that shared their intimate

Even the grandchildren of our participant’s find networking opportunities at WInC. 2

303 Lincoln St * Po Box 2411 Anthony, NM 88021 575-882-5556 Fax: 866-285-7245

Following Directions WInC’s mission to provide a place for women to learn and work together to develop their social, spiritual, economic and political potential lies at the heart of our programming. WInC follows the directions of its participants in seeking, developing and implementing programming. All of our programming is based on the needs, tools and resources that our participants have identified to us including having them take the lead. Any programming that is brought to our attention is usually vetted by our participants. When time is of the essence, a random sampling of participants provide the input needed to proceed.

“When it comes to our programming, we want all of our participants as primary stakeholders to take part in the process.” said WInC Executive Director, Mary Carter. WInC staff is on hand to assist in the development of new programming. “What we have accomplished over the past 20 years is a result of our process of operations,” Mary. Each day our staff, volunteers and interns work on shaping our programming to pursue what is best for our participants. In doing that, we follow the directions of our participants, because more than anyone they know what they need to succeed.

Each year, it’s a financial struggle to enhance our programs and services for the women we serve. WInC participants join our struggle by adding their voice and time to the process. Giving direction is all a part of the responsibility of being a WInC participant. We’re responsible to our peers. Exercising that responsibility helps ensure that we give hope to the women of Southern NM and West TX and the tools and resources to attain their personal goals and the attainment of economic self-sufficiency to benefit their families.

Products produced from the economic self-sufficiency programming classes which provides a creative way for WInC participants to supplement their income and or become economically self-sufficient.



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Flowers for you... A Valentine ’s Day Floral Arrangement Offer! Large Arrangement—$40 & Small Arrangement $15 To place an order call Mirtha Anguiano @ 915-886-2813

All floral arrangements are made by the Arts & Crafts Students with proceeds going directly to them to supplement their income and/or purchase supplies for their class.

Women’s Intercultural Center 303 Lincoln Street / PO Box 2411 * Anthony, NM 88021 575-882-5556 *

Volunteers & Interns needed!

Volunteers and interns are individuals who reflect compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another. They express a willingness to undertake a service. Nowhere is that better expressed than at the Women’s Intercultural Center, where volunteers and interns play an important role in educating, empowering and engaging women and in our day to day operations. Interns and volunteers have been providing support to WInC since our founding in 1993, an incredible amount of hours of service. During the 2012 fiscal period, these dedicated men and women served more than 7,530 hours. A great many of our volunteers are participants themselves. With more and more women and members of the community needing our services, the need for volunteers and interns continues to be great. If you would like to consider participating, you can do so in one or two ways. 1. Review the many volunteer opportunities listed on our website

at www.womensinterculturalcenter.or g/index.php? option=com_content&view=article&id =63&Itemid=66. If a volunteer opportunity is not listed on our website and you feel that your skills, talents, abilities, and interests support our mission, please don’t hesitate to apply. We value the uniqueness of each individual that comes to WInC. Contact Mary Carter or Ilse Arrieta at 575-882-5556. Tell us of your interest in becoming a WInC Volunteer. We will take care of everything else and work with you in giving you an assignment to fit your skill set or the area you wish to learn. 2. Apply for our unpaid internship program designed to give university students an opportunity to put their learning experiences into action. Internship opportunities cover four (4) broad areas: ESL (English as a Second Language) Instruction, Consciousness Raising, Marketing & Resource Development, and Community Leadership


Development. Each area is geared towards certain majors and interests, though potential interns should not feel limited to the four areas. We are very open minded and have a slew of projects or you can launch a particular project that can be implemented into our programming. Visit our website at www.womensinterculturalcenter.or g/index.php? option=com_content&view=article&id =135&Itemid=104 to read in more detail what each internship entails. When you’re ready to fill out our Internship Program Application log on to http:// Internship-Application-Form Volunteers are currently needed to fill the following areas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Haircutting instructor Thrift Store Sales Clerk Building maintenance Construction Landscaping

And we are also in need for a Mental Health Counseling intern(s) to provide individual/group mental health counseling services, referral/ community resource information, and outreach services to WInC participants.


A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.


OBSTACLES Women’s Intercultural Center “WHERE IT STARTS” 6 / PO Box 2411 z* Anthony, NM 88021 303 Lincoln St. 575-882-5556 *


The 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration will be the year of the snake, and as per Chinese Mythology wealth, happiness, and longevity are 2013s hallmark. WInC participants joined us in celebrating Luna New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, the most important annual holiday in Asia. The celebration began with a Tai Chi demonstration by the students of Master Hines. WInC participants were also given the opportunity to join Master Hines and her students in a Tai Chi session. Rosie Flores, event coordinator, shared facts of the Chinese New Year Celebration including how the snake has a mixed reputation in China as it is associated with wisdom, beauty and intelligence but also pride and anger. Red and gold decorations - colors considered lucky – adorned the Center’s Gallery including a tree with red envelopes filled with chocolates and messages wishing good fortune and prosperity. Traditional foods associated with long life or good luck that are a key part of Lunar New Year festivities were served at the conclusion of the event. Special thanks to Rosie Flores for coordinating the event, Raymond Flores for the food that everyone enjoyed as well as his artwork and to Ilse Arrieta for providing guidance for the event and adding to the glorious feast we all enjoyed. To view event photos log on to set=a.10151306302854426.464820.252514849425&type=1. To view a video of one of the Tai Chi Demonstrations log on to



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.


 


A guy from Las Cruces liked our Zumba Party so much he decided to take the weekly class. “MUJERES UNIDAS EN ARTE” Ex hibit is in the works for March...we’ll keep you posted once all the details are finalized. WInC celebrates its 20th Anniversary  this year! We are gathering stories from former and current participants, volunteers, donors & community members of how we have impacted your life through our work. Whether  your comment is one sentence, one paragraph, or one page, please email your thoughts on your experience

with WInC to Mary Carter @ or stop by the Center and share it with her. We look forward to hearing your stories! This Valentine's Day create a poem, art project, video or photo illustrating how WInC makes a difference in your life!  View our Zumba Party video at http:// v=I3ME5lLjSrk&feature=youtube_gda ta. Join the network of outstanding women-mothers, daughters, grandmothers, cousins, nieces, aunts, sisters, friends and colleagues-who

share a desire to provide a voice for women and children who are at risk throughout the world. The Sisterhood of Hope & it's blog is the creation of WInC Donor Alanna Morin. Read the blog at Write a review! If you're a participant, volunteer or donor, writing reviews gives WInC valuable feedback on your experience and helps others make better giving decisions. To write a review log on to: http:// womens-intercultural-center-inc.

SOCIAL LIFE At WInC, we love to be social. And you’re invited: You can tweet with our followers on Twitter, where @WInCStrongWomen has 1,505 followers. You can subscribe to our WInC Channel on You Tube, share your favorite WInC stories on Facebook or like The Women’s Intercultural Center. We love hearing from you. Come say hello!

 Truck to pick up item/food donations.  New 15 passenger van to transport Center participants and Border Awareness Experience Participants.  Commercial Washer & Dryer to wash linens, table cloths & chair covers  Folding Chairs for events & classes  Round tables (light plastic tables) for events  Mannequins, Display Racks, & display counter for thrift store  Construction worker(s) to install 3 metal doors in the Original Center  Four double pane windows to replace broken & cracked windows  Plumber to fix leak in tub of the house.

Share your story at or tweet us at @WInCStrongWomen.



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

your body FIGHT THE

Firm up while having fun with Zumba. You can really tone all those forgotten muscles by joining our daily Zumba Sessions. Try them and you’ll go wild for the results.

Monday—Friday 9am—10am Monday-Thursday 6pm—7pm For more info call Annette @ 915-861-5703

303 Lincoln Street / PO10Box 2411, Anthony, NM 88021 575-882-5556 *

Operativo Vida Sana provided it’s first lecture promoting a healthy lifestyle based on proper eating habits. Additional topics of interest were also addressed for women such as menopause, thyroid, natural remedies, etc. This two day lecture series was presented by a group of university students from Argentina who were trained and are considered outstanding in their respective fields of study. 

 

 

The Micah Intentional Group of the Servants of Mary Ladysmith, Wisconsin, would like to continue supporting your vital work to empower women of the Mesilla Valley. Thank you. Blessings on your vital work! ~Mary Pat Hill, OSM Let's plan to climb more towers, hills & mountains together & build bridges to the future! Best regards from London ~Raphael & Lorna Thank you so much for your hospitality! I admire your determination and drive to keep pushing forward to new and improved things at the Women's Intercultural Center. Thank you! ~ Jessica, BAE Participant Thank you for hosting our trip, it was amazing! ~Karen Schmitz, BAE Participant I really enjoyed our stay at the WInC. I think you have a great thing going on & I wish you all the best with your valuable project. ~Erin, BAE Participant

Latinitas is kicked off a weekly after-school club at WInC where girls can gather to build confidence and find creative ways to express themselves. In this girl-friendly place, Latinitas in middle and high school will explore visual art, photography, poetry radio production, writing, journalism and film making. Each week the club will offer a different hands-on workshop where girls can discover their voice. How can my daughter join? Show up at WInC located at 303 Lincoln Street, Anthony, NM on Thursday from 4:30 to 6pm as the club will meet weekly throughout the school year, with breaks on holidays. Or call 915-219-8554 to register your daughter.


The interactive lecture helped WInC participants learned how to prevent disease in their lives. Materials were provided as a manual for lecture participants to have at home to use as a practical guide to prevent and cure illness through alternative healing methods. For interested lecture participants, special appointments where made for house visits to present a more personalized lecture to their families. If you missed the first lecture, don’t worry there’s still another lecture schedule on Friday, February 15 from 12 to 1 pm.

Our deepest gratitude for the kindness of the Sisters of MercySouth Central; Servants of Mary of Ladysmith, Wisconsin; Hugh Doyle, Ted Shannon & TM Malumphy. Your generosity provides us the financial support to achieve our mission of providing a place for women to learn and work together to develop their social, spiritual, economic and political potential. Without YOU, we would be unable to provide the safe haven that is the Women’s Intercultural Center to the women of Southern NM and West TX. Your support gives hope, voice, economic self-sufficiency and healing to women who otherwise would have no venues if not for YOUR help! Thank you!


A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.


DEPRESSION HOLDS WOMEN BACK Depression is a serious medical condition that can make you feel sad, helpless and uninterested in life. Sometimes it can feel like you have to wind yourself just to get through the day. From its initial foundation, WInC was built to help women overcome depression. It’s programming allows a variety of opportunities for women to connect with their peers who acknowledge their pain, listen to them without casting any judgment and makes them realize that they are not alone in their pain. When Maria was brought to WInC by one of her friends to sign up for a class, her depression was holding her back from leaving her house and talking to others. During one of her classes she shared with her peers, “My family has noticed the changes in my person. They see that I am happy and well adjusted. When I first came here I was undergoing a depression that just made me so fearful of the world around me. I used to drive for a living and yet I found myself unable to drive anywhere. I just couldn’t leave the house. Thanks to you all I can interact with others and now taking an exercise class in El Paso that I love.” The changes that Maria is talking about are reflected in her face and body language. Her eyes are bright and shiny observant of what is going around her and enjoying every minute of it. Her face is adorned by a beautiful smile where a frown used to be. And her body language reflects openness and readiness to communicate with others. Sometimes depression ensues when a

tragic episode in our lives is somehow relived. Alex is a very assertive and strong woman. Her matter of fact personality makes her seem hard to her family members none of which knew that she had been molested by a neighbor when she was five years old. A neighbor that was also having an affair with her mother. An episode in her life that she thought she had managed to put behind her. On a recent trip to visit her family in Mexico, a series of events led her to learn that the same man that had molested her had also tried to molest two of her siblings. Unlike her, they were able to defend themselves as they were teenagers. Depression ensued when this realization made her relive the incident and her Inability to fend off the molestation. Not to mention that her mother was still having a relationship with the man. She cried


as she related her story to her siblings and her anger towards her mother’s lack of protection and continued relationship with the man. Anger that she later interchanged with her mother who still didn’t believe her. Upon her return to the U.S. she broke down. It wasn’t until she dragged herself to the Center that she found the solace and comfort that she needed to overcome her depression. She talked about her story as we listened to every word without a single interruption. Seeing her the other day, she was smiling, enjoying the activities going on at the Center and socializing with her peers. WInC is “WHERE IT STARTS!”


A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.









Omar Burciaga is an artist in the kitchen, a passion he began nurturing at the tender age of 13. As a participant of WInC’s Small

Business Academy, Omar gained valuable knowledge that eventually led him to take on the challenge of operating the Red Rooster Café and adding catering services to its operations.

WInC. It will be held on the first Sunday and third Sunday of the month and on special holidays. The special Sunday brunch includes a buffet of breakfast menu items, lunch entrees, salads, desserts and a mimosa fountain.

Grateful for what he was taught, Omar became a donor and supporter of the Center. He always looks for ways to help whether making financial donations, to volunteering to lead class to getting his friends to donate items to the Center’s thrift store.

The cost is $14.99 of which a portion of the proceeds will benefit the operations of the Center. Only 100 tickets will be sold each Sunday. There will be two seatings: one at 10:30am and the other at 12:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the Women’s Intercultural Center, call us at 575-882-5556.

Beginning on Sunday, March 3rd, Omar will be combining his two passions: his love for cooking and his love for WInC with the launch of The Spot. The Spot is a partnership between Omar Burciaga, Omar Carranza and


Join us for our Special Sunday Brunch, enjoy a delectable meal, support Omar’s passions while at the same supporting the education, empowerment and engagement of women in Southern NM and West TX.

dates to remember For additional information please contact us at 575-882-5556 or the contact number listed next to the event announcement. To view the 2013 Semester Schedule log on to

Mujeres Unidas en Arte Exhibit: More details about the Art Exhibit will follow.


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Mondays, Feb. 11 - April 22: En El Camino Para Vivir Con Diabetes Workshops will be held on Feb. 11 & 18, March 11 & April 22 from 11am to 1pm. The workshops will be done in Spanish. For additional information call Lourdes Olivas at 575-646-5763. To register call


Easter Celebration: Come one, come all. Invite your friends and family and neighbors and the stranger who you just met at the grocery store for our Easter Celebration at 12pm. Bring your favorite dish to add to our celebration. We’ll all share in the special meal and then head outdoors to watch the kids gather up Easter goodies on the Center’s patio.


Operativo Vida Sana Lectures: The two day lectures will be conducted in Spanish from 12-1pm. The lectures promote a healthy lifestyle based on proper eating habits. Additional topics of interest will also be addressed for women, such as menopause, thyroid, natural remedies, etc. At the end of every lecture materials will be available for people interested in having a manual for their homes to use as practical guides to prevent and cure illnesses through alternative healing methods. These lectures will be presented by a group of 4 University students from Argentina.



St. Patrick’s Day Potluck: Lots o' Luck will come your way if you join us for our St. Patrick’s Day Potluck starting at 12pm!


Valentine’s Day Potluck: Join us for our Valentine's Day Potluck at 12 pm. Bring out the kind of food you love to eat to share with the people you love.


Wednesdays & Fridays, Feb. 20-April 12: Income Tax Services from 1 to 4pm. The Community Action Agency (CAA) will be providing free personal income tax services. Services include: State and Federal tax preparation, ITIN preparation, Review of tax returns prepared by other organizations and general tax information.



Ready to Run Conference: Event details to be announced soon. For more information on the conference contact Mary Carter at 575-882-5556

End of Spring Semester Celebration: The Celebration starts at 11am. Time to celebrate YOUR achievement(s)! Bring your favorite dish and join the celebration!



March The Spot: Special Sunday Brunch. Enjoy a delectable meal while supporting WInC. Only 100 tickets will be sold for two seatngs at 10:30am and 12:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the Center for $14.99/per person.



May 6 through Friday, May 24: Summer Semester Registration starts. Class schedule will be available at the Center and online.

Thursday, May 9: Mothers Day Potluck Celebration at 12 p.m. Bring out your favorite dish and share with your family and friends as we celebrate the most important woman in your life: Your Mother!

9 16

A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Women’s Intercultural Center WHERE IT STARTS 303 Lincoln Street / PO Box 2411 Anthony, NM 88021 575-882-5556 17

Week In Review Digital Magazine Feb. 3  

WInC's Week in Review Digital Magazine

Week In Review Digital Magazine Feb. 3  

WInC's Week in Review Digital Magazine