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DeC 16-Jan. 5

Women’s Intercultural Center

Christmas Celebration 1

Santa Claus makes a stop at WInC

Letter From the Executive Director In searching for friendship one must “establish ties.” At WInC, we help our participants to connect to each other by establishing ties with each other; affirming each other’s presence while reinforcing each other’s dignity. The deeper they grow in friendship, the safer they feel. When they come to WInC, they know they will create true friendships that will stick with them through calmness and conflict, joy and sadness, thick and thin. They know that in the friendships they build here, their friends will give them permission to make mistakes, strength to handle setbacks, courage to face failure. Once ties are established, we become responsible. Friendships can’t grow on autopilot; they die quickly from neglect. Through our programming, WInC sets aside time and provides social opportunities to foster intimacy. Our participants learn that they are responsible for themselves while accepting responsibility for another’s growth. This is why we have the concept of Peer-to-Peer Education, unleash the potential in others to share and learn, encourage others to teach what they doing so it offers opportunity for growth and long lasting friendships.

At WInC we welcome new friends into our lives every day. At this place we learn to let go of our toxic characteristics and most importantly, the need to always be right, to be in control, to manipulate, blame, keep a scorecard or change others according to our own needs. Every day at WInC, it’s a “Friend Appreciation Day!” Someone walks in with food to share with their classmates, or drops off food to share when they are unable to come to an event of which it is shared with everyone that walks in through our doors. They bring things for each other or supplies to share in class. It’s such a beautiful sight! The best gift I have ever received from someone appreciating my friendship was a package that included: a candle thanking me for shining brightly when life was darkest; a paper clip in appreciation for helping my friend hold it together; and a Hershey’s chocolate kiss for all the love I shared with my friend. A package of simple items, but all so meaningful to me for how they were given, with much love. At WInC we are happy to have people come and go out of our lives. Some stay a while and leave footprints in our hearts. Today, we thank the many persons we have the privilege of calling “our friends.”

OFFICERS Tony Martinez Chair Eldelisa Nava Vice –Chair Petra Devora Treasurer Joanne Vullo Secretary

MEMBERS Victor Acosta Grace Jacquez-Chase

303 Lincoln St * Po Box 2411 Anthony, NM 88021 575-882-5556 Fax: 866-285-7245

Dig out some coats you don’t need and donate them to WInC's Thrift Store.




A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

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Girl Scouts spread holiday cheer

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Girls Scouts Troop 49 pose with WInC Executive Director, Mary Carter, as they present her with the recyclable ornaments they made for the Center.

Girl Scouts Troop 49 visited WInC to present us with recyclable Christmas decorations to decorate our facilities and tree for our annual Christmas Celebration. The troop is based out of the First Baptist Church of Anthony. We look forward to working with the troop on doing a community project to help them attain a new badge.

Club Latinitas Thanks to a partnership with Latinitas, WInC will be starting an after-school club in the new year. A coordinator from Latinitas will lead the after-school program for pre-teens and teens once a week. The after school club is a girl empowerment program where girls will learn to build confidence while expressing themselves creatively through media, technology, art and culture. In this educational after-school newsroom, Hispanic girls learn the fundamentals of journalism through exciting hands-on activities on writing, photography, desktop publishing, filmmaking, audio production and web design. Recruitment for girls to participate in the club will begin in January 2013.




A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Zumba: A moving experience Walk into WInC at 9 am or 6pm during the week and you’ll hear upbeat, international rhythms emanating from our gallery. You’ll also see a crowd of sweaty, smiling participants high-fiving each other as they try out new dance moves. You guessed it: our Zumba class is in session.

Thank you for making us a 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit with your reviews of our work!

Making the Holiday Season special for others Many people in our area this year will not sit next to a Christmas tree surrounded by presents or share a meal with loved ones.

This high-energy cardio dance workout is one of our most popular and successful classes. Annette Bravo teaches the Zumba classes at WInC. She says her students love the classes because they feel more like being at fun dance parties than workouts. These dance parties led by Annette have participants burning calories like crazy and boosting their fitness levels. According to Annette the women “let loose” in the Zumba class. Zumba participant, Joanna Waltman (pictured below) told Annette, “Zumba has changed my life completely. I started Zumba 8 months ago and it has extraordinarily worked for me. I’ve lost 120 pounds in 8 months solely by doing Zumba. Zumba has changed my life physically and mentally.”

But La Casa in collaboration with WInC worked hard to make the season special for women and their children trying to overcome domestic violence.

Monica Anguiano was suffering from an illness that has practically left her unable to have full function of her body. Something as easily as getting up from a chair or walking up a few up a few stairs was a challenge. Within a couple of days of taking Zumba she told Annette she regain the flexibility in her body that her body lost during her illness. Today, she is one of Annette’s most faithful students and has recruited her daughter to join the class. Most everyone that comes to the class loves the dance moves and the music mixes that Annette combines. Won’t you try Zumba today? Anyone can do it. Annette’s classes aren’t about perfecting your dance moves, they’re about moving every major muscle group in your body to fun, upbeat music. Of all the forms of exercise you’ve ever’ll love Zumba best because of the music, variety of routines and positive, party-like energy. If you’re trying to find the right method of exercise to keep fit Zumba a moving a experience that may be the right fit for you!

Joanna Waltman is pictured on the left at her original weight prior to taking Zumba classes.

At WInC we strongly believe that it’s important to create an atmosphere that allows a person to feel safe. So when our partners at La Casa requested to use our facility to share the holiday spirit, we knew it was a perfect match.

The picture on the right demonstrates how much weight (120 lbs.) Joanna lost while taking Zumba.

La Casa turned our gallery into a special place for their participants and their children. Their staff provided a homemade holiday meal, gifts and fun for all. 5

Santa Claus makes stop at WInC The children and grandchildren of our participants eagerly waited for Santa Claus to arrive at WInC. As the children anticipated his arrival, they all scream “Santa! Santa! Santa!” He came accompanied by his special elf to help him distribute toys and jackets to the children. Screaming out Santa, children rushed to give him hugs as he walked around the gallery wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. His special elf guided him to sit next to the Christmas tree to start our gift distribution.

thanks to the generosity of Mattel Toys, El Paso Motorcycle Coalition and Operation School Bell. Special thanks to the following for making our Christmas Celebration special: Prices Creameries for the milk they donated to make our delicious Abuelita Chocolate, it was a big hit; and the Camino Real Environmental Center for the turkeys which turned out delicious! Thank you all for your generosity!

“We started preparing for the Christmas Celebration in September and this is the grand finale,” said Lily Moreno, WInC Intern who helped organize the event. At WInC’s Christmas Celebration, each child had the chance to meet and take photos with Santa. Their names were called out to come receive their presents from Santa. Children of all ages and adults alike came up to Santa wide eyed and excited. Everyone wanted a photo with Santa. Santa played around a lot as he talked to everyone. He showed Eric, WInC volunteer, how to do the robot and even led a few Christmas carols before his return to the North Pole. “We’re just so thankful for WInC, ” said Karla, Center participant, single mother of one child. “I couldn’t afford to give my son anything this year.” Jovita, WInC participant, said the generosity toward her children made this Christmas a merry one. “It really makes up for some things,” Jovita said as she helped her children pick up their toys. To WInC it’s important to provide a special Christmas for our participants and their families. This one event has been in the works since September with volunteers taking down the names and To view the photo album of the event log on to: ages of the participants’ children and set=a.10151204329529426.455555.252514849425&type=1&l=16e355e56a. grandchildren. Over 115 children received Christmas presents and jackets



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.








Our exclusive and affordable martial arts program offers kids a step-by-step, kick-by-kick path to learn skills in the areas of discipline, respect, and safety from a highly trained instructor. See your little martial artist take pride in earning belts and achieving mastery at each level.

To sign up call Louie Alfaro at 915-319-4096. Classes are held every Saturday from 11am to 12pm at the Women’s Intercultural Center located at 303 Lincoln Street in Anthony, NM. 7

Matthew (third from the right) poses with his crew and WInC Executive Director, Mary Carter, after completing his Eagle Scout Project. Matthew committed to restructuring our inner garden which included building a fire pit for our BAE participants and making signs for the rooms throughout the Center. Special thanks to Matthew for completing his project and his team for all their work.



A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Charlie Brown Christmas Play Ever since it first appeared on television in 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a staple of the holiday season in America. The Potter’s House made it part of our celebration this year. The simple premise of the play resonated with the audience and was symbolic of how the quest for the best gifts or prettiest tree often distracts us from the most important things. The production opened with Charlie and his friends skating on a frozen pond, during which he confides to Linus that he’s having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit. There are all sorts of big displays around town, everyone is sending cards (though he hasn’t received any), and the lights twinkle on every corner. Something is missing, though, and he can’t quite put his finger on it. As the story unfolds, Charlie turns to Lucy’s psychiatric booth for ideas on how to clear the fog of depression. Helpful as

always, she recommends he direct the annual Nativity play being hosted at school. Charlie agrees, then sets off to the auditorium – but is interrupted by the creeping influence of commercialism and competition.

there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

In the shows most memorable scene, Linus answers, “Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.” He steps to center stage as the spotlight When he arrives at school, Charlie finds a shines down and recites Luke 2:8-14 from the King James Bible, telling of the angels disorganized and unfocused group of sharing the joy of Jesus’ birth with classmates. Being uncooperative, they shepherds in the field. Inspired, Charlie loudly voice their wish to modernize the takes his little tree home to decorate it story with singing and dancing. Frustrated, Charlie leaves the production and, with a little help from his friends, gets his heart in the right place to enjoy the in Lucy’s capable hands and sets out in season. the hopes of finding a Christmas tree to use as a unifying force for tradition. This was a wholesome way for The Potter’s House to gather people from all The only natural tree he finds is a tired walks of life during a time of year when little specimen with just a few branches. everything seems to pull you in different The weight of one ornament makes the directions. humble tree’s branches bow and bend, causing all Charlie’s friends to laugh when At the end of the play George, Pastor of he returns to the auditorium. Tired of all The Potter’s House shared some beautiful the nitpicking and desperate to find the words with the play attendees. I later meaning of the holiday, he shouts “Isn’t spoke to him about how his words had resonated perfectly with one of our participants whom I had been having a coaching session about finding selfworth. And how I had noticed how his eyes shined as he found a connection with his words. He said, “I really didn’t know what I was going to say. I just prayed to God to give me the right words and He did.”

Charlie Brown Christmas Play cast and crew from The Potter House. 9

People prayed together and made plans to meet on Sunday for services. Bags of candy and fruit were distributed to the children. The full capacity crowd was happy!

For every tweet will donate $.10 to to our cause, up to a #MillionDimes! That's right, they’re asking the entire Twitterverse to help them donate $100,000 to charity, one dime at a time. Let's get ready to blast out a #MillionDimes.

To vote for WInC, you'll first need to log into your Twitter account during the Voting Period (January 7-14, 2013), become a follower of @WeCare & place a vote for us by sending @WeCare the following tweet: "@WeCare I'm helping @WInCStrongWomen earn $.10 per tweet #MillionDimes" 10 You can tweet this up to 5 times per day!

New Board Member Search As new challenges arise in 2013, WInC is in need of a dream team. Do you have what it takes to help us either as a Board Member or Advisory Committee Member? Here’s what we’re looking for: The opportunity spotter Are you the person we need to talk to before starting any campaign? The ability to lift sights above the day-to-day is a hallmark of WInC. We need an opportunity spotter that helps us do that. It helps if you are also an ace fundraiser in your own right and someone who really knows donors: how they think and behave. The planner/researcher Most projects fail through lack of ‘doing the homework’. In this role we need someone with cool logic, plus deep experience. A slightly nerdy attention to detail helps, as does the ability to think in three dimensions. The implementers We need organizers, the people who do. Become an extension of WInC and we’ll treat you well! You will become our front-

line foot

soldiers and get things done.

The creative spark We’ll sit back and let you weave your magic. We’ll give you plenty of room to work so your ideas can flow and grow. The writer Real heart-in-your-mouth, utterly credible human drama is what you must provide; day after day – a rare skill. We always find it truly thrilling to work with a great writer. Words matter, so we’d love to have you as our storyteller and abolish bad use of language at WInC. You can help us cultivate self-awareness. The producer The steady backroom expert who gets the job delivered, physically, as expected, on target, on spec, on time, on budget. The data master Help us connect our data with The media planner/creative analyst With your immaculate record

donors. results

you can show us where our message should and shouldn’t be, with which offer version, in what format, and when. The safe pairs of hands Stand along side us. Value and respect our organization by guiding and respecting our choices and never abusing the power of being a Board Member. The close-to-heart You’ll be our second skin. It’s not a case of one mind in two bodies, rather a pairing that operates like binary planets. Let’s build our talents together! The genius inspirer The master motivator: of inestimable value for any ambitious long-term campaign. We are waiting for YOU! Join us in being a catalyst for change in the lives of women, their families and their respective communities. Interested? Contact Mary Carter at and we’ll let you know how to proceed.


Thank you for Congratulations Your Votes! to Destiny Lopez for being the first student to get a yellow belt in our Karate Class from the Westside Dojo. 11

The Big Reboot “Powering Good” Contest has closed. We needed a minimum of 50 votes to make it to the judging round and YOU helped us get a total of 912 votes. Thank you for your support! We look forward to giving you a positive update!

Candidate Forums Navigating Political Parties Building relationships Gaining party support Researching your opponent(s) Fundraising Developing a fund-raising strategy Building donor lists Recruiting and motivating a finance committee Fundraising events Preparing for Public Life Balancing political and family responsibilities Raising public profile What kind of office to consider Panels Share your personal stories about running for office Share advice for running for office

As you may know, women have historically been underrepresented in American politics and currently hold only a fraction of the seats in policymaking bodies. Yet, women’s perspectives and voices are crucial to ensure that the whole population is being represented in policy decisions. While there are many reasons why there are significantly fewer women than men in public office, research has indicated that women may be less likely than men to view themselves as qualified for office or to consider running for office as an option.

political scene in any capacity, you have insight into the specific challenges that women in our area may face throughout their political careers and are uniquely positioned to help others as they consider running for office. Therefore, we are looking for people like you to present a conference session or serve on a panel focused on topics related to running for office. The following are potential topics:

Internet strategies Using social media Websites Importance of online presence Launching your campaign To combat this trend, WInC has Assessing and establishing onepartnered with the Center for American self as a candidate Women in Politics (CAWP) to organize a Developing a campaign plan Ready to Run conference on April 5 and Structuring a campaign organiza6, 2013 in Anthony, NM for local women tion who are interested in running for public Voter contact office. Ready to Run is a non-partisan Running an ethical campaign program designed to encourage women Politics in the local area to run for office and train them to launch Positioning oneself for appointtheir own campaigns. Successful Ready ments to Run conferences have been held in Getting active with a political states and regions around the U.S. since party its inception in 1998 in New Jersey. For Effective advocacy techniques more information about Ready to Run, Media Relations please visit the following website: http:// Interview techniques Debate techniques education_training/ReadytoRun/ Public speaking techniques index.php Preparing to be on-camera Importance of appearance If you are involved in the regional


One hour will be dedicated to each topic area, and individual presentations will be approximately 20-30 minutes, including time for questions. All sessions will be held on Saturday, April 6. If you or someone you know would be willing to offer your time and expertise in this regard, please let us know as soon as possible. If you have any questions, or would like to state your interest in participating as a presenter/ panelist for the Ready to Run conference, please contact Sara Bartlett Large via email at as soon as possible. Please indicate which topic you would be interested in presenting on in your email. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of women and change the face of politics in the region! Sincerely, Sara Bartlett Large Ready to Run Coordinator/ Intern Women’s Intercultural Center 303 Lincoln St. P.O. Box 2411 Anthony, NM 88021 Phone: (575) 882-5556 Fax: 1-866-285-7245


A place where learn and work together to develop their SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ECONOMIC, and POLITICAL POTENTIAL.

Congratulations! To WInC’s former Intern, Miguel Loeza, for being chosen to participate in the spring 2013 Global Leaders Internship and Fellowship Program, hosted by the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute.

and deserving. The selection committee reads through applications in detail to identify students who will be the most competitive and thrive in their intensive program.

private sector perspectives. He will also take courses at the prestigious George Washington University and will have the opportunity to earn up to six academic credits.

After careful consideration which included a letter of recommendation from WInC, CHLI was proud to accept Miguel into their program; he is amongst the best and the brightest in the Hispanic community.

We know that Miguel will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience through the CHLI program

On behalf of the WInC staff, we congratulate Miguel for being selected as a CHLI Global Leader. He’ll have a great The Global Leaders Internship and Fel- time in Washington D.C. and hopefully Selecting and placing high caliber students in their program is one of their lowship Program will provide him with in the near future represent an Hispanic Community when he runs for politics. most difficult tasks. Every student who a great opportunity to learn about our democratic process from a public and applies for their program is qualified services provided to the rural communities are unlike any other. People from countless walks of life are referred to our Center and we gladly help everyone that comes through our doors. Just this past week we had a homeless woman from Oklahoma that had lost her home. She made her way to New Mexico in hopes of finding a Jewish Community to live in. We made all the calls necessary to connect her with the Jewish community she was looking for which was not in New Mexico.

Without the support of donors like Lawrence Landis, Omar Burciaga and the many others that have donated financially, time and items in 2012; we would be nonexistent.

educating, empowering and engaging women while finding innovative ways and partnerships to help provide for the needs of their families and communities.

Thank you for your countless support for every penny has helped us keep our doors open and continue our work of

Most people don’t realize that WInC is the largest and most original nonprofit of it’s kind in Southern NM. The 13

We contacted partners in El Paso to house her a few days to get herself situated and prepared to move on to her destination. Many people are referred to the Center to be housed at; we are NOT a shelter nor could we financially support one. The one good thing is that we work with many partners and we are able to provide assistance to most anyone that walks through our door.

Trim Upholstery Class Mercy Varela co-owned and successfully operated Fiesta Trim Shop Upholstery with her husband for over 35 years. The recent passing of her husband and at her sister’s insistence to come to the Center to share her skills and abilities, Mercy showed up at our doorstep. She said, “I want to teach a Trim Upholstery class. This is a profession that can help anyone become economically selfsufficient. It helped me and my husband support our family for many years. And it’s a profession that you really need to learn in a place like WInC. Where do I sign up?” We immediately took her up on her offer. The class has been added to our 2013 Spring Semester Class Schedule. We encourage you to sign up to learn the craft of trim upholstery if you are interested in do-it-yourself projects or training to become a professional upholsterer. The classes are scheduled for Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Class fee is $2.

What is the Gnostic Movement? The Gnostic Movement is an association dedicated to helping people and their families based on the ancient knowledge of the Mayas and other ancient cultures. The basic principles of Gnosis are Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy. Some of the benefits of attending classes are: » If you have drug problems how does it help you? Learn ancient treatments from our ancestors that will help you overcome your addiction. » In illness, how does it help you? Learn how certain plants cure your illnesses with simple recipes. » How are youth advised? A culture of support is created to help them overcome depression and to guide them through their personal growth.

Wilton Method of Cake Decorating For 85 years, Wilton has been teaching cake decorators all across the world the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating® - the best and easiest way to learn cake decorating. This semester we are honored to have Luzelva Muñoz teaching our cake decorating class. She will teach you what she learned from attending the Wilton School of Cake Decorating in Chicago, IL. The class will be held on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm. Come an experience how easy it is to make amazing cakes through the Wilton Method. Luzelva is quite a talented woman and a lifelong learner that loves learning how to do new things. She also loves to share what she learns. Ladies take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from Luzelva a skill that will be useful for family and possible supplemental income.


» How does it help to resolve family problems? Parents are provided education and therapy securing the family’s values and knowledge of the importance the family unit has on the foundation of our society. » How does it help you at work? Learn to optimize the performance of your body, to free it of stress and enhance capacity so you will feel full of vitality. If you work at an office, there are techniques you will learn to overcome mental exhaustion, maintain lucidity and enhance your capacity to learn new things. With these techniques, you will excel in your performance at work. » How it helps you to relate with other people Gnosis helps you to behave in an harmonic way with the people around you, to understand them and to know the best way to treat them avoiding conflict, but without allowing them to cause you any pain. For enrollment or additional information on the FREE classes and the Gnostic Movement, please contact Roxanna Zevallos at 915-603-7787. Classes are provided in Anthony at the Women’s Intercultural Center, our side offices located on 2nd Street and in El Paso.


dates to remember For additional information please contact us at 575-882-5556 or the contact number listed next to the event announcement.



2013 Spring Semester Registration: Registrations for the Spring Semester will be held from Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. Returning students with Membership IDs can enroll via telephone or by sending an email to with a listing of the class or classes you wish to enroll in. A calendar listing the new classes can be picked up from the reception area at the Center or can be accessed online at: option=com_content&view=article&id=336:2013spring-semester-classschedule&catid=63&Itemid=79. Registration fee is $5.


Valentine’s Day Potluck: Join us for our Valentine's Day Potluck at 12 pm. Bring out the kind of food you love to eat to share with the people you love.



St. Patrick’s Day Potluck: Lots o' Luck will come your way if you join us for our St. Patrick’s Day Potluck starting at 12pm!

Easter Celebration: Come one, come all. Invite your friends and family and neighbors and the stranger who you just met at the grocery store for our Easter Celebration at 12pm. Bring your favorite dish to add to our celebration. We’ll all share in the special meal and then head outdoors to watch the kids gather up Easter goodies on the Center’s patio.


First day of Class: Welcome to your first day of class. We hope you have had an opportunity to review your participant handbook and familiarized yourself with your class schedule. New participants, please make sure to request your membership card from the receptionist which you will utilize throughout your time with us. We look forward to a successful semester filled with opportunities for you to succeed.




Trauma Healing Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP): The workshop will focus on building a sense of security & trust, dealing with memories of loss & rebuilding trust. For additional information on the workshop or to register contact Vickie Aldrich at 575 -541-9093 or via email at




Ready to Run Conference: Event details to be announced soon. For more information on the conference contact Mary Carter at 575-882-5556

End of Spring Semester Celebration: The Celebration starts at 11am. Time to celebrate YOUR achievement(s)! Bring your favorite dish and join the celebration!

Interested in teaching a class, scheduling a workshop, presentation or training at WInC?

2013 Chinese New Year Celebration: This Chinese New Year will be the year of the snake, and as per Chinese Mythology wealth, happiness, and longevity are 2013s hallmark. Be part of our 2013 Chinese New Year celebration starting at 12pm. P.S. Wear red & be ready to eat sweets to have a sweet year ahead of you.

We are always searching for Volunteer Instructors to teach in their areas of expertise. We currently have a special need for a haircutting instructor.


For more info, contact Ilse Arrieta, Program Coordinator at 575-882-5556 or via email at 16

Women’s Intercultural Center WHERE IT STARTS 303 Lincoln Street / PO Box 2411 Anthony, NM 88021 575-882-5556 17

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Week in Review 12-16-12 through 1-5-13  

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