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The Herald January 8, 2012

First Sunday after the Epiphany: Baptism of our Lord

From the Rector: Of Being Wholehearted As many of you know K and I have traveled to Austin to meet our new and first grandchild. Her name is Elliott Elizabeth Flowers and she is of course the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen. Cory went into labor Monday evening, the day before our departure. They had chosen to use a birthing clinic with a midwife (another conversation). James called us at five in the morning just after we had gotten up to leave and said, “We’re going to the hospital,” which meant in effect that the midwife had decided that the birth was going to be more than she could handle; that there was too little progress going on. So we left for Austin in a cloud of uncertainty. How complicated was this event going to be? James had told us that he had never witnessed such pain as Corey was having to bear during the labor process. My heart ached for them both. So we awaited news as we drove in the predawn darkness…After about an hour as the sun rose we received an e-mail with a photo of a perfectly healthy mother and child…It turned out that once they reached the hospital, the birthing process had re-started in earnest…and the baby came naturally the way they had hoped in the beginning. You never know how things will turn out. The older I get the more I think life is a process of improvisation…God improvising creation into being, and we, too. Improvisation takes courage, because improvisation involves risk and uncertainty. What struck me most in this experience was the wholeheartedness with which James and Corey gave themselves to the process. I’m sure they were frightened, but they gave themselves over to the enlightened awareness of what will be will be. Wholeheartedness…indeed finds its linguistic roots in the word courage… cour, which means heart, makes the word courage connote something like heartedness… to live and act from the heart….Courage and bravery mean different things….bravery is the result of being wholehearted…the willing ourselves, fears and doubts notwithstanding, to the what is next…willing the necessity, as the theologian Charles Williams puts it…embracing the circumstance that unfolds before us. Courage is essential to faith….faith being acting as if this vision we celebrate as a people of faith is true…acting as if… On our way home, we passed a pickup truck with a bumper sticker that read, “Real men Love Jesus.” All my buttons were pushed by this of course…but it got me thinking yet again that we have made an idol of Jesus, an icon ensconced long ago…a magician who answers some prayers but not others. Jesus is the way, the writer of the Gospel of John tells us…Jesus is a way of life, the life that empowers us with whole hearts willing to live into the improvisation of creation, into the necessities of life… Jesus the way of giving ourselves wholeheartedly to the world for the good of all, which was what his life and ministry was all about, and the life and ministry of the ones who follow him….May we find in this risky, painful and joyful birth this Christmastide, and in all other risky, painful and joyful births, for such is the way of birth….May we find in the pangs of birth the wholeheartedness and the courage it engenders…for such a gift is greater than all others….. the way and the truth and the life.

On the Calendar: Tuesday, January 3 11:30am All Saints serves @ 15 Place Wednesday, January 4 9:15am L’Arche (Chapel) 12N Holy Eucharist (Chapel) 12N Debtors Anonymous (DA) Smith Rm Thursday, January 5 12N Al-Anon 7pm AA Friday, January 6 5:30pm Wedding Rehearsal 6:30pm Feast of the Epiphany, Holy Eucharist (Chapel) Saturday, January 7 2:30pm Wedding Sunday, January 8 8am Holy Eucharist 9am Breakfast 9:20am Sunday School 10:30am Holy Eucharist Reception following Tuesday, January 10 5pm Murray House Board mtg Wednesday, January 11 9:15am L’Arche (Chapel) 12N Holy Eucharist (Chapel) 12N Debtors Anonymous (DA) 6pm Rector’s Forum 6pm 15 Place Board mtg 7pm Adult Choir Thursday, January 12 12N Al-Anon 7pm AA Saturday, January 14 10:30am PFLAG Sunday, January 15 8am Holy Eucharist 9am Breakfast 9:20am Sunday School 10:30am Holy Eucharist Reception following 5pm Conde Explorers

Happy New Year!! May this new year be one of good

The Christmas Pageant during the

health, good news and peace on earth!

5pm service Christmas Eve was a wonderful retelling of St. Luke’s story of the birth of the Christ child. Thirty-plus children and teens made the story come alive. Thanks to Renea Greene for directing the pageant; thanks to Renea and Elizabeth Doyle for ‘remodeling’ the papier-mâché donkey and 3 (yes, 3!) camels so they could make it down the aisle. And thanks to Valerie Mitchell, whose pictures can be found in this Herald and on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall.

The Feast of the Epiphany is this Friday, January 6. Come join us for a unique Holy Eucharist service of light at 6:30pm in the Chapel. Bring a potluck dish and we’ll all have supper afterwards, including a bonfire for burning all the greenery from Christmas!

Thanks for your help during IHN Week! Many thanks to all those who helped make our homeless guests welcome during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day: volunteers from St. Mark Methodist and Trinity Episcopal, plus Martha Hennessey (our new food buyer), Matt McDonald, Barbara Brewster, Woody Hannum, Don Mosley, Debi Foster, Laura Hampton Greene, Douglas Greene, Sarah Greene, Doug Greene, Renea Greene, Rebecca Brewster, Morgan Nolfe, Forrest Brewster, Clark Kelly, Martha Harris, Karen McDonald, Henry Callaway, Fred South, Jean Tucker, Pete Mackey, Gretchen Thiel, and our new laundry coordinator (as well as a cook), Beth Hardaway! FYI—our next date for IHN Week is not until June 17, 2012.

Pledge envelopes for 2012 are on the back pew

Apologies for those names that were accidentally left out of the list of flower / greenery memorials and thanksgivings in the Christmas service bulletins: memorials for Donald C. Mosley, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Leonard Young; thanksgivings for Mr. & Mrs. Don C. Mosley, Jr., Meredith Mosley and Caroline Mosley.

Our prayers are offered for Louie

of the church. If you ordered envelopes, you will find your name on one of the alphabetically arranged packets. Please take them and save us the price of the postage. Thanks!

Wood, his family and friends at the death of his mother, Joanne Taber Young, on Dec.28, in Gainesville, GA. May light perpetual shine upon her.

A new group, Debtors Anonymous (DA), has

Workers needed

begun meeting at All Saints at noon on Wednesdays, in the Walter K. Smith room. The contact person’s name is Angela. She can be reached at

The Rector’s Forum, a discussion group preceded by potluck supper, will resume its every-other-week schedule on Wednesday, January 11. Supper begins at 6pm and discussion at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Choir Rehearsals The Adult Choir resumes on Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm. St. Michael and All Angels Choir begins on Tuesday, January 17 at 3:30pm. St. Cecelia Choir resumes on Wednesday, January 18 at 4pm.

Friday Night Supper Club meets next on Jan 20th, 7:00 p.m., at Gwen and Edgar Hughes' home, 1050 Palmetto, phone: 433-5881. All are welcome.

American WeatherStar is looking to hire telemarketers for contacting businesses and contractors regarding their roofing needs. Persons needs to be self-motivated, have excellent communication skills, and general computer skills. Competitive base pay with commission and benefits. If interested, send a resume to Go to to learn more about the company.

Sunday School for children and adults resumes this Sunday, January 8, at 9:20am.

This Calendar is being printed again for those who might not have seen it during the holidays Please look at this page ASAP to see if you are scheduled this month! If you cannot be present for the date you are scheduled, please try to get a substitute and let the church office know who it is. 438-2492. If you cannot find a sub, let us know as soon as possible.

Lay Ministers for January 2012 Date







Altar Guild

Flower Guild

Jan 1 10am TBA Feast of the Holy Name



P Mackey H Dodge

B Evatt B Caddell K McKenzie B Evatt

B Wilson S Hester

Jan 8 1st Sunday after the Epiphany

S Willcox

B Ratcliffe

R Dillard W Hannum

Bread: N Lancaster B Rockstad

C Mackey R Bradford

B Hardaway

C Ryan L Gray RE Stanbery B Williams D Greene W Kuot

D Mosley C Conte S Robertson

W Butler

M Taylor

F & B South

R Gray

B Ayres B Foster N Lancaster E Doyle SF Greene D Butler

M Hennessy H Callaway M Morrison

L Hallett

S Willcox

B & B Evatt

L Carsten

S Robertson B Reeves A Mitchell D Reeves D Reeves A Kuot

R Bradford H Brewster T Locke

B Evatt

A Lilly

M Taylor C Coker

V Mitchell

T Locke B Harris


L Hallett

10:30 A Barrett

J Hamilton

Jan 15 8:00 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany

L Van Dyke

10:30 E Browne

E Kelley

Jan 22 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany


E Wilder

10:30 B Barrett

D Nichols

Jan 29 4th Sunday after the Epiphany


J Basenberg

10:30 M Petithory

C Ryan

B Ayres L Ayres G Ayres E Gray

M Williams H Caddell J Ayres



C Mackey V Case W Hannum B Schneider J Tucker

K Flowers J Tucker

K Flowers K Gray R Greene C Ryan

M Hennessy

S Drew K McKenzie

C Hall A Hamilton K McDonald A Thompson B Hardaway K Gray

C Hall K Butler

C Kelly C Doyle W Hester


A Christmas Message Occupy Bethlehem! By J. Neil Alexander The Occupy Movement that started a few months ago on Wall Street has been hard to miss. Since then we've had Occupy Atlanta, and Occupy Pretty Much Everywhere Else. Like every grassroots initiative, the Occupy Movement is encouraging and irritating, thoughtful and crazy, potentially transformative and potentially destructive, at once visionary and blind, deeply hopeful and profoundly sad. Most of the great social movements in human history brimmed with promise and overflowed with unintended consequences. But that's pretty much the human story, isn't it? That's pretty much the world that Jesus came to save. That's pretty much the most fleshy part of the Word becoming flesh for our salvation. One has only to read a few lines of Holy Scripture to encounter the messy and the "blessy" on the same page. One has only to reflect for a few moments on one's life experience to remember that the bad comes with the good, the tragic accompanies ecstasy, betrayal undercuts faithfulness, the highest values have a shadow side, and life must give way to death before death can give way to life. The good news of Jesus on this holy Christmas day is this: God is not a sidestepper! God does not sidestep good just because there is bad. God does not sidestep joy just because there is pain. God does not sidestep hope just because there is despair. God does not sidestep light just because there is darkness. God does not sidestep goodness just because there is sin. God does not sidestep love just because there is hate. And perhaps most important of all, God does not sidestep grace just because we don't believe it! When Jesus occupied Bethlehem he occupied all of it. He was not born in a germ-free clinical setting and he didn't take his first nap in a Jenny Lind crib. Mary had no Pampers. Jesus was born in a stable, took his first nap in a feeding trough, and was kept warm by the heaving breathing of animals who were blissfully unaware of who he was. No sidestepping allowed. On this holy day, I want to invite you to join God's Occupy Movement. It got its start in the little town of Bethlehem, away from the bright lights, the media, and the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem. It started with an unlikely couple from the hill country who were willing to take a risk on the message of some cockamamie angel whose best line was simply, "Do not be afraid." It got serious when a baby was born. Yes, that one. Jesus is God's occupy movement. Occupy the world, for sure, but Jesus is mostly interested in occupying you. Let every heart prepare Him room. And heaven and nature sing!

Merry Christmas, dear ones!

+ J. Neil Alexander Bishop of Atlanta

Sunday, January 8, 2012 First Sunday after the Epiphany: Baptism of our Lord The Lessons Genesis 1:1-5 Acts 19:1-7

Psalm 29 Mark 1:4-11

The Collect of the Day God of the tearing heaven, whose holiness is unveiled by one who is submerged in all the pain and sin of earth: give us faith to follow him who goes to the heart of darkness bearing only the Spirit of gentle, insistent peace; through Jesus Christ, the promised one. Amen. Those Who Serve Altar Guild: Barbara Evatt, Barbara Caddell, Kathy McKenzie, Bill Evatt Bread bakers: Nancy Lancaster, Bruce Rockstad Flower Guild: Carol Mackey, Ricky Bradford Breakfast: Carol Mackey, Valerie Case, Woody Hannum, Betsy Schneider Reception: Jean Tucker 8:00am Lector: Intercessors: Chalice: Ushers: Greeter:

Larry Hallett Serena Willcox Burl Ratcliffe W Hannum, R Dillard Renee Dillard

10:30am Lectors: Intercessors: Chalices: Acolytes: Ushers:

Andi Barrett, James Hamilton Beth Hardaway Clayton Ryan, Rose Ellen Stanbery Liam Gray, Brendan Williams, Douglas Greene, Wieu Kuot Don Mosley, Chris Conte, Skeeter Robertson

Music for Sunday Voluntary Dietrich Buxtehude Chorale Fantasia on “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern” (BuxWV 223) Processional Hymn 135 Salzburg William Mathias S-278 Gloria in excelsis Deo Percy Buck Psalm 29 Sequence Hymn 294 Point Loma Offertory Anthem Charles Callahan The Baptism of our Lord Presentation Hymn 120 Solemnis haec festivitas William Mathias S-128 Sanctus and Benedictus Mason Martens S-152 Christ our Passover Communion Hymn 139 Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam Motet T. L. de Victoria Jesu, the Very Thought of Thee Post Communion Hymn 121 Caithness Processional Mathias Fanfare

Please keep in your prayers For healing: Buck St. John Tripp Tate Diedrich Martha Rose Hester Dunn Chandler Lynn Hastie Bozone Elizabeth Smith Geoff Peach Frances Reed Joy Russ Jami Salac Jerry Kozart Taylor Merry Scott Podstata Abraham Kuol Terry Godwin Ethan Fisher Logan Barnhart Becky Bouler Katie Hammond Roy Muth Jim Gray Jane Arnau Taylor Parton Jessica Montalvo-Lopez Butch Boyington Gregg Pounds Evina Valera Ed Givhan Iris Prosch Jerry Richard Melton Martha Murdock LaNiece Bland Lamar Elledge Sharon Cleverdon Mike Downing Patsy Childress Anna Marie Brown Laura For those who serve in the armed forces: Spencer Abbot Matt Abbot Wes Parks Jonathan Carter Scott Tanos Kyle Metcalf DeMario Snead Randy Johnson Robert Carr

All Saints Church 151 SOUTH ANN STREET MOBILE, AL 36604

Clergy The Rt. Rev. Philip M. Duncan II, Bishop Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast The Rev. James B. Flowers, Jr., Rector Office: 438.2492 Home: 436.8932 The Rev. Mary C. Robert, Assistant Rector Office: 438.2492 Home: 479.7398

All Saints Church Staff Jeff Clearman, Principal Parish Musician Mary Holbrook, Financial Administrator Parish Administrator Irene Raymond, Parish Sexton Gretchen Thiel and Christa Harkins, Nursery Workers Liz & Scott Kirby, Directors of Youth Ministries

All Saints 2012 Vestry Joe Basenberg Ricky Bradford Henry Callaway Valerie Case Harold Dodge Elizabeth Doyle Rob Gray James Hamilton Woody Hannum Amy Hunter Emily Kelley Don Mosley Diana Nichols Jean Tucker Darrel Williams

All Saints Committee Chairs Acolytes: The Rev. Mary Robert Addiction & Recovery: Becky Wilson Adult Christian Education: The Rev. Jim Flowers Altar Guild: Betty Bentley, Melanie Petithory Choirs: Jeff Clearman Communications: The Rev. Mary Robert Community Ministries: Matt McDonald Constitution & By Laws: Pete Mackey Episcopal Youth (EYC): Liz & Scott Kirby Finance Committee: Clark Kelly, treasurer Flower Guild: Katharine Flowers Food Share: Mark Taylor, Burl Ratcliffe Golden Circle: Laura Rutherford, Wylly Stirling Hospitality & Events: Jean Tucker IHN/Family Promise: Henry Brewster Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Bill Evatt Lectors, Intercessors & Chalice Ministers: The Rev. Mary Robert Long-Range Planning: Curt Doyle Nursery: Elizabeth Doyle, Amy Hunter, Jim Ayres Parish Development: Clark Kelly Property: Michael Morrison Refugees: Martha Harris Ushers: Harold Dodge, Louie Wood Stewardship: Woody Hannum, All Saints Vestry Youth Christian Education: The Rev. Mary Robert

All Saints Episcopal Church 151 South Ann Street, Mobile, AL 36604

Service Schedule Sundays


8:00 am Holy Eucharist 9:00 am Breakfast 9:20 am Christian Education Classes (during school year) 10:30 am Holy Eucharist 12 Noon Holy Eucharist (Chapel)

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