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The Ejaculation Trainer - Risking Rip-Off ? If you are suffering from premature ejaculation the Ejaculation Trainer from Matt Gordon promises help. Actually the claim Matt Gordon makes on is website is even larger. He claims by reading and applying what you learnt in his book the Ejaculation Trainer you will be able to last 20 to 30 minutes longer - the same night. Let me tell you right now that this is obviously not true. There is no way these results could be achieved. But honestly speaking as a premature ejaculator you are not really expecting this. If you last 2-3 minutes longer it is already a great improvement. This hold especially true considering that most of us are hardly able to last of 2 minutes with our partner. The question for me is thus if the Ejaculation Trainer is at least able to deliver that much. Can you really last longer in bed just from reading a book? The short answer is yes - but it won't happen overnight. Solutions to the problem of premature ejaculation depend on what actually caused the problem. Trying to fix premature ejaculation with muscle strengthening exercises even though the problem might be caused by psychological issues is as effective as trying to run away from a bear. No matter how fast you run the animal will catch up and kill you. What is great about Matt Gorden's book though is that the author is well aware of the problem that there is not one fix for everyone. Instead he carefully explains the various causes for premature ejaculation and the addresses solutions the specifically addresses the underlying causes. Thus the Ejaculation Trainer is a reasonable buy if you don't expect miracles to happen and are willing to follow Matt's suggestions. Just buying the guide and not reading it will not do anything for you. This is why you should only go for this solution if you are seriously motivated to cure your premature ejaculation forever. Henk has been happily married for 2 years now. However his first marriage failed due to

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