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Thank God I’m Alive By: Anand and Calvin

One summer day, Bob wanted to go hiking for his birthday. He wanted his best friend, Joe, to go with him, and Joe agreed. They planned to stay for three days and two nights. Joe was a little hesitant because he knew the dangers of the wilderness.

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They drove to a national park reserve which allowed campers. They decided not to take their cell phones because they were afraid that they would get damaged. When they got there the forest ranger told them not to wander out to far from their campsite because the mountain is very large and has many dangerous animals.

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As they were walking happily through the huge forest, Joe suddenly stopped. He asked Bob hesitantly, "Do you remember which way we came from?" Bob looked around and shook his head. There were lost. "I knew this was going to happen," said Joe as he was shaking his head. "I should have been smarter and brought a cell phone. We are never going to make it back." "It is fine," said Bob confidently. "We can find our way back, I just know it." So Joe and Bob looked around frantically. After a long 3 hours, they grew tired and decided to make a camp. "At least you remembered the sleeping bags and food," said Bob. That made Joe a little more confident.

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Everyone slept terribly that night. They were very afraid that some scary and animal would viciously tear them apart and eat them while they slept. Joe told Bob that they should take turns watching. Bob said “Yeah, whatever. But the dangerous animals out there give me the creeps. You’re going first.” Joe agreed hastily. He felt better that someone would be watching his back when he slept. During the day, the still tiredly wandered around the forest searching for an exit. The day past and still they didn’t find a way to get out safely.

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They searched for any sign of an exit, and found none. But, they found a map. Their current position was in the middle of the forest. Joe exclaimed “How did we get here?” The exit of the forest was 11 miles away, and they had to cross two creaks, which were as big as rivers. But, there was a forest ranger post across the first creek, only 5 miles away. Unfortunately, the post wasn’t on the map. So, they were very disappointed.

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They started on the long journey. The first day, they got to the creak. It was long after dusk, so they didn’t want to cross the river. The next day, they tried to cross the creak. When they first saw it, they thought it was a mile wide, even though it was only 100 feet across. As soon as they stepped into the water, they howled because it was freezing. They decided to build a raft. They used dead branches and little pieces of string to make the raft. It took all day, so they had to spend another night in the wilderness. The next day, they made two ores, and it was probably noon by the time they finished. They finished off the last of their food. They needed to cross the creak fast. They hit the creak, and immediately felt its power. They struggled for at least an hour against the power of the creak, and finally crossed it. They knocked on the park ranger’s door, and he finally took them to safety.

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They rode the helicopter to safety. They decided to start a TV show. Every month, they ventured out into the wilderness, changing jobs as a camera man, and talk about how to survive different wildernesses. They lived until they were 99. They always remembered their first time in the wilderness.

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Thank God I'm alive  

by Calvin and Anand

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