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Sharing the Tales of the Sea Have you ever stood at a harbour and watched a working fishing boat set out for the night and wondered?

Dave Dawson, proud author of Salt of the Sea Tales of Commercial Fishermen.

“Fishing for your livelihood is a constant emotional roller coaster. I’ve had highly successful trips where I’ve hit the mother lode but I’ve also had long dry spells where I can’t even seem to catch a cold. You travel between heaven and hell as a fisherman. It’s a tough job and not always financially rewarding but commercial fishermen fish for one main reason only – because they love it!” Commercial fisherman Luke Ruttley in Salt of the Sea by Dave Dawson.

Salt of the Sea will give you an insider’s look at life at sea. It is an engaging collection of stories from fishermen and women working in Australian waters, presented as a coffee table book. Dave Dawson wrote the book to set the record straight. He says these hard-working folk who put food on our tables are often painted as being “pillagers of the ocean.” “In fact, commercial fishing has minimal impact on the environment. No marine species anywhere in the world has ever been made extinct from over-fishing yet land based birds and animals in numerous countries are now extinct due to human impact,” Dave says. “We’ve got a good example with the Mooloolaba prawn fleet. They first started prawning here in the 1950’s. If that fishery was unsustainable, it would not have made it into the 1960’s but in terms of product, the resource remains very strong.” TAMARIND MAGAZINE


Tamarind Magazine - Issue #8  
Tamarind Magazine - Issue #8  

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