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Scandinavian Design Democracy Scandinavia   refers   to   the   countries   of   Northern   Europe:   Denmark,  Sweden,   and   Norway.   When   talking   about   Scandinavian   design,  Finland is also included. Designers of these countries developed their  own distinctive style of design in the 1950s called Scandinavian Design. Simple, sleek and functional – that is how   Scandinavian   design  is often  described. Natural materials like wood and a minimalistic style are also  connected   to   the   Scandinavian   design.   But   what   is   the   most   distinctive   feature   for  Scandinavian  design  is the  manufacturing  method: Scandinavian design  is about  low­cost  mass production.  Scandinavian design is often called a democratic design. The development of manufacturing  methods   gave   finally   the   opportunity   to   offer   masses   products   that   were   affordable   and  beautiful at the same time. Having well designed objects was no longer the fun of the rich;   now everyone had the same opportunity to buy design products.  This   aspect   of   Scandinavian   design   represents   well   the   whole   idea   of   the   Scandinavian  society. Later known as Scandinavian well­fare society model, the aim was to offer all citizens  the   same   education   and   basic   level   of   living.   Design­for­all   attitude   suited   well   with   this  ideology.  For further information, please visit:

Scandinavian Design Democracy  

Scandinavian design is often called a democratic design. The development of manufacturing methods gave finally the opportunity to offer mass...

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