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Overview of the DISC Personality System By Dr. Mary Askew

As individuals, we are unique in the way we interact, communicate, respond, and behave. Yet, there are patterns of behaviors called personality or behavior styles. The DISC personality system tells about our temperaments, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. In addition, understanding behaviors style will also help us to understand the behaviors, motivations, and communication styles of others. This results in less conflicts while producing better teamwork and cooperation. The DISC was an acronym for D - Dominant/ Driver, I - Influencing/ Inspiring, S - Stable/ Steady, and C - Compliant Correct. Each behavior type had characteristics, weaknesses, fears, and contribution to the team.

D - Dominant Driver

I - Influencing Inspiring

General Characteristics Direct Decisive High Ego Strength Risk-Taker Problem - Solver Self-Starter Independent Dynamic Strong-willed

General Characteristics Enthusiastic Trusting Persuasive Optimistic Talkative Impulsive Emotional Inducer Influencing Demonstrative

Value to the Family or Team Bottom-line organizer Places high value on time Challenges the status quo Innovative

Value to the Family or Team Creative problem-solver Great Encourager Motivates others to achieve Positive sense of humor Negotiates conflicts; peacemaker

Possible Weaknesses Oversteps authority Argumentative attitude Dislikes routine Attempts too much at once

Possible Weaknesses More concentrated with popularity than tangible results Inattentive to detail Overuses gestures and facial expressions Tends t listen only when it’s convenient

Greatest Fear Being Taken Advantage Of

Greatest Fear Rejection

S - Stable Steady

C - Compliant Correct

General Characteristics The Introvert The Watcher Good listener Team Player Possessive Steady Predictable Understanding Friendly The Pessimist Loyal Family-oriented Peacemaker Quiet Easy-going Competent

General Characteristics Introverted Pessimistic Accurate Analytical Conscientious Careful Fact-finder Precise High Standards Systematic Soft-spoken Perfectionist Controlled Compliant Competent Talented

Value To Family or Team Reliable and Dependable Loyal team worker Compliant towards authority Good listener Patient and empathetic Good at reconciling conflicts

Value To Family or Team Perspective: “The anchor of reality� Conscientious and even tempered Thorough in all activities Defines situation Gathers, criticizes, and test information Orderly and organized

Possible Weaknesses Resists change Takes a long time to adjust to change Holds a grudge Sensitive to criticism Difficulty establishing priorities Selfish and stubborn Stingy Self-protective Indecisive and fearful Too compromising

Possible Weaknesses Needs clear-cut boundaries for actions/relationships Bound by procedures and methods Gets bogged down in details Prefers not to verbalize feelings Will give in rather than argue Critical, moody and negative Rigid and legalistic Too meticulous Not people oriented Sets realistic goals

Greatest Fears Loss of Security Fear of change Fear of confrontation or conflict

Greatest Fear Criticism Change in circumstances Fear of confrontation or conflict

Behavior Styles  

Personality, behavior, and DISC types help us understand - the way we act or feel, the way we do we do things, and the way we see things and...