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Communications High School

a career academy of the Monmouth County Vocational School District

Looking for a


connection? s m a e r d

Here’s how one student pu Honor Student


meet claire


When I attended the CHS information session I felt at home immediately. The relaxed atmosphere and small size gave me great place to grow and discover myself as a person.

Claire Masteller - Class of ‘0

uts it all together at CHS her choices are:

Things I Care About:

Animation Digital Video Computer Networking Making Money Journalism Protecting the Environment X Visual Communications X Working with People Enterprise Publishing X Being Creative Fixing Problems X Public Relations Communication Technology Designing Things X Spanish Communications X Being a Leader TV Production X Having Lots of Job Choices Computer Programming Learning about other cultures X Having Time for Friends and X PhotoJournalism Web Design ffffffFamily Creative Writing Having it all e h t f Public Relations t o X Other___________________ n e d i s Digital Imaging X Advanced Pre ! b u Other___________________ l oC

X Making a Difference X Doing a Job I Love



My Classes:


My Fun Stuff:

thlete Athlete

Hanging out with Friends X Playing Sports Listening to CD’s Dancing X Curling up with a good book Playing an Instrument Doing Puzzles X Going to Plays and Movies Traveling Playing Games Chatting on the Internet X s a X Writing r tee Drawing I volun le !! X b i s s o p Other___________________ X ten as


! e s s o r Lac




My Future!

Writer Art Director Politician Graphic Designer Entrepreneur Lawyer Teacher Photographer Director Producer Advertising Public Relations Public Service - Government International Relations

Meet Claire’s cla Claire’s schoolmates

S w i mm e r * Li f e G ua rd * F u tu re TV P ro d u c e r

“I chose CHS because it offers all of the things that I am interested in, such as TV & Radio Broadcasting. Coming to CHS helped me realize what I want to do with my future & along the way learn life lessons that will continue to shape who I am for y e a r s to come.”

Matt Scuteri ‘08

Council Member *Journalist * Future Defense Attorney

“I chose to come to CHS because it completely blew away all my other choices. The curriculum is exceptional. From the moment I saw the list of clubs, met the teachers, and my fellow incoming classmates, I knew I was going to love it here. I can't imagine spending my high school years anywhere else.”

Stephan Luma ‘10

put it all together at CHS


T e n ni s P l ay e r * J ou rn al i s t * F u tu re TV P ro du c e r “I came to CHS because of its superb academic reputation, and my interest in graphic design and writing. CHS provides an excellent background in these specialized areas, as well as a solid core curriculum in the event I decide to pursue another avenue.”

Laura Turner ‘09 Dancer * Leader * Future Film Editor

“One of the greatest things about CHS is the endless opportunities this school provides with its specialized classes and clubs, which broaden the possibilities for the career of my choice.”

Meaghan Smith ‘11

So... you want to know

Lets explore a few Ho n orin g Ex c ell enc e t he Na t io na l Ho n or So c iet y

“NHS is more than just an honor roll. The honor s o c i e t y c h a p t e r e s t a b l i s h e s r u le s f o r m e m b e r s h i p t ha t a r e b a s e d u p o n a s t u d e n t ' s o u t s t a n d i n g p e r f o r m a n c e i n t he a r e a s o f s c h o l a r s h i p , s e r v i c e , l e ad e r s h i p a n d c i t i z e n s h i p . ”

National Honor Society

Our TV and Radio shows are peerless!

“In both student-run stations, each and every aspect of production is performed by the students themselves. Overflow Radio has student shows that run in school during the lunch/activity period, as well as after school shows. C-TV has different shows scheduled for production every week.”

Broadcast Club

w about the extras?

w clubs.

choices: Our Clubs:

Broadcast Club SkillsUSA Newspaper Visual Communications Drama National Honor Society Multicultural Club Math League Graphic Arts Creative Writing Mock Trial Photography Fitness Club Science League Yearbook Student Government Digital Video Other___________________

State champions at work!

“SkillsUSA provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills.�



CHS - it’s th


get excited.

chs offers open ended possibilities and choices in our CHSdynamic offers open ended here possibilities state of the art facility. and dynamic choices here in our

get excited.

state of the artgfacility. et experience.

get real.

chs enables you to practice the skills learn mentorship CHS you enables youintoour practice the program. skills you learn in our mentorship

chs is a future driven school, we will help you create your own tomorrow. CHS is a future driven school, we will help you create your own tomorrow.

get experience.

get real.


get indepe

chs will help yo no one here wil CHS will help no one here wi

get indep

he right place.


get community.

join an elite group of people. you’ll know andofyou willYou’ll interact Joineverybody an elite group people. with theeverybody entire chs know andstudent/faculty. you will interact

get community.

with the entire CHS student/faculty.

pouentoddiscover ent. answers.

ll give them to you. p you to discover answers. ill give them to you.

get technology.

chs is ahead of the curve.we blend current innovation with proven CHS is ahead of the curve. We blend methods create awesome currenttoinnovation with provenresults!

get technology.

get started.

methods to create awesome results!

chs is the place to be, the future begins today. CHS is the place to be, the future begins today.

get started.

T o p T e n r easo ns why 10 9 8 7




3 2


st ud e n t s co me t o C HS

CHS has an awesome reputation for academics, and is small enough that people know you. Chill Out! CHS offers a daily activity period, our time for academic support and building friendships.

Real world experience through field related classes and mentorships. Never let ‘em see you sweat... Our state of the art fitness center is sure to keep you in shape! College in high school! We have an articulation agreement with Seton Hall University, earn college credits while you’re in high school. Fun Fun Fun... With over 20 clubs and student activities, there’s something here for everyone! Theme based classes, keeping the focus of communications throughout the entire curriculum makes CHS unique. Show me the money! CHS students are consistently awarded scholarship $$ from colleges and universities. Diversity. The population at CHS is as diverse as the county it represents. Come meet new people!

...and the number one reason to choose CHS.....

Our theme leads to the “hot” careers of the millennium: COMMUNICATION skills, no matter what their chosen field, will enable our students to succeed.

Great Communicators become great leaders.

Hot Colleges Hot Careers! Colleges

\ American University Brown University Boston University Cornell University Drex el Unive rsity E m er s on C o l le ge Fordham University G. Washington Univ. Marist College Muhlenberg College New York University Northeastern University Penn State University Princeton University Rider University Stevens Institute of Tech. SUNY FIT Syracuse University Temple University TCNJ UCLA U ni v er s it y o f t he A r t s US Air Fo rce Ac ade my US Military Aca de my Villanova University Williams College York College

our students have gone onto

....And many more


to consider

Animation & Effects Communications Tech. Desktop Publishing Graphic Communications Commercial & Adv. Art C o m me rc i a l P h o t o g r a p h y Film & Video Technology Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology Advertising Broadcast Journalism Communication Digital Communications Multimedia Graphic Design Illustration Industrial Design Interior Design Journalism Mass Communications O r g a n i z a ti o n a l C o m m . P u b l ic R e la t i o n s Radio and Televisio n eCommerce Computer Science Education Public Relations Marketing


that may follow

Broadcast Journalist Sound Technicians Editors/Copywriters News Analysts Reporter/Correspondent P r o g r a m D i r e c t o rs Public Relations Technical Writers Author Multimedia Artists Animator Photographer Set Designers Web Designer Director Producer Speech Writer Advertising Executive Human Resources P u b li s h in g M a rk e t i n g C r e a t i v e D i re c t o r A r t D i r e c to r Gr a p h ic D e s i g n e r M o ti v a t i o n a l S p e a k e r D i p l o ma t Ac t i v is t

.... the future is h e r e , NOW.

CHS Communications High School

a career academy of the

Monmouth County Vocational School District

Mon mou th Count y Voc at iona l S ch ool Di str i ct Brian D. McAndrew Ed. D. Superintendent of Schools

about chs

As one of the five career academies of the Monmouth County Vocational School District, CHS is dedicated to creating a small, personalized school with a career focus, providing a theme-based curriculum. Monmouth County students interested in the field of communications acquire knowledge, skills and ethics in a unique and challenging educational environment.

Timothy M. McCorkell Assistant Superintendent

Rosemarie Kindon

School Business Admin./Board Secretary

B oa rd of Educa ti on Clement V. Sommers

Annual Mr. CHS Competition


Russell T. Olivadotti Vice-President

Joseph A. Manfredi Dennis Ingoglia Eugenia E. Lawson

Fun in Fitness

Monmout h Cou nty B oar d of Chose n Fre eholder s William C. Barham Director

Lillian G. Burry Deputy Director


Robert D. Clifton Anna C. Little Barbara J. McMorrow Communications High School 1740 New Bedford Road Wall, NJ 07719 ph. 732-681-1010 fax 732-681-6780

Hoops For Heart Fundraiser


Created at Communications High School

The Monmouth County Vocational School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status

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