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Weekend getaways By Lisa Pastelero

Although city life if is a busy life, most people try to make time to get away once in a while. They don’t usually go far though. There are quite a few popular weekend getaways surrounding Metro Manila. One of the nearer places you can go to for a day trip is Taytay, Rizal. You’d be surprised by what you can find there and it’s only an hour away at most. One option is to head up to Antipolo City for lunch. Their selection of restaurants is good and it’s actually pleasant to eat high up in the mountains above Metro Manila where there’s food and fresh air. Another thing you can do in Rizal (although it’s for the more adventurous people) is to try surfing. There’s a place called Club Manila East wherein they have wave pools and 4

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instructors from the Philippine Surfing Academy who will teach you the basics of surfing. It’s a 40 minute drive from the Ortigas area and a 2-hour surfing lesson will cost you Php1500 per person. A place that is located a little farther away from the city is Tagaytay. It faces Taal Lake which was created by the eruption of Taal volcano. The view is breathtakingly beautiful. If you’re feeling up to it, you can cross the lake to the volcano itself and trek up to the rim. While you’re down by the lake, you may opt to try your hand at another adventurous water sport: w a ke b o a r d i n g . Although it may be quite pricey, I think that it is money well spent. You can rent a speedboat by the lakeside and have them take you

wakeboarding around the lake. Even though you only try out this water sport once in your life, it is quite an adventurous experience. If you opt not to do any of these things, Tagaytay in itself is a nice place- quiet, clean and relatively cool throughout the year. There are many places to stop and eat and many nice homey hotels to stay in.

If you want a more educational and historic feel to your trip, Corregidor might be a good idea. It was a focal point for Manila’s naval defences and it was the last place the Allied forces defended us in World War II. The island still old batteries with their guns, building ruins, war memorials and a lighthouse.

Calatagan, Kawayan Cove, Natipuan, Tali, Punta Fuego and so much more. Each of these beaches have their pros and cons. Some are more populated while others are secluded. Some may be more private with beach houses and others may be more open to the public with resorts. The quality of the sand isn’t all the same either. Some are white, some are darker, and some may be finer than others. But no matter where you go, there’s no doubt about it that the beaches in Batangas are wonderful and relaxing. You can’t go wrong.

These are only a few of the many places around Metro Manila where you can take a quick weekend trip to. If you want more places to go to, you can check out Subic, Laguna, Camsur, Quezon, and La Union to name a few.

For a more relaxed weekend of sand, sea, and surf, the beaches of Batangas are the place to be. The number of beaches to choose from is endless. Matabungkay,

Glimmer August 2009


Surviving the Rule Number 1: Go to class. (Addendum: Participate and Listen in class as well.)

But then it hits you.

Whether you like it or not, you (or your parent(s) and/or guardian) pay a sizeable amount of money not for you to go to netshops to play rockband or go to the nearest malls to watch movies, but for you to get an education. Now how in the world will you get the said education if you don’t go to your classes? School is meant for learning. College is meant for learning. Trust me, even if sitting for an hour or two in a stiff, vandalized chair may be excruciating, it will be helpful. All that pain and suffering would pay off once you see that with your complete lecture notes, perfect attendance, and high test scores, you get that well-deserved A that you would still be wishing for if you remain a slacker. So get your butt to class and maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn something more meaningful than how to win in

College is not like that.


Ah, college—a place where the long awaited freedom is gained by a student who worked long, dreadful, and sleepless nights slaving themselves with their studies in high school. Once this stage of one’s life is achieved, the sweet taste of freedom is savored. No more forced education, no more getting up early because you have to. More gimmicks, more time to party, and more time to have fun.

Yes, there will be more time to have fun; but, alongside the great fun is the great amount of school works, org works, group works, homeworks, seatworks, and many other works in the world that must, I repeat, must be done. And so now you ask, “How do I deal with college?” Luckily, you open Glimmer and turn to page 6. You thank God because now you will know the well-thought of secrets of surviving your first year in college.


Glimmer August 2009

Rule Number 2: Meet everyone. No, this is not like facebook, multiply, or twitter where you get to collect people and communicate with them. Though the principle is somewhat the same. Meet everyone—from your professors, blockmates, and classmates to the employees at the photocopiers. Introduce yourself to them and get to know them. Make sure though that you remember who they are,

e Jungle Called College By Maan Bermudez

especially their faces, because they are the same faces you will see for the four year stay you will have in your second home. You wouldn’t want to walk across a hall of strangers and not see a single familiar face on your first weeks (or even your first year), would you? Plus, they are also the same people you can go to in the future when you need partners in your business or associates for your job—in a word, networking. So go ahead, flash that amazingly bright smile and extend your hand to shake that of new friend’s. Don’t be afraid, they’re humans just like you.

Rule Number 3: Find inspiration. Be it a beautiful and happy college moment, your family, your friends, your special friend, or even a stranger, who you want to be friends with, any inspiration will do just as long as it’s good enough to keep you going. This will be your strongest weapon against burnouts and laziness. Channel the happy feeling you get from your inspiration to your works and surely they will come out wonderfully. So find that inspiration and make sure you are reminded of it/him/her/them always.

Rule Number 4: Do your best Do your best in all that you do. This may be something that you generically hear from almost everyone, but still, the saying still stands. Do your best because if you don’t, you might regret it. In whatever undertaking you have, do the best you can do because it would help you develop character and responsibility—plus, you’d get higher grades, you get to be more active in your orgs. Thus, a happier college life is achieved. Rule Number 5: Be open to new things College may seem like home for some while others think that it’s like hell. In short, college has many faces. A person’s experience may be different from another, so to get a good experience, you should be open to new things, be it going to a co-ed school when you have grown up in an all-girls’ school to eating isaw in UP, there are a lot of firsts that can and will happen in college, so be open to them and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about yourself. This is your chance to grow more as a person; don’t let your inhibitions hold you back. As you can see, college is a pretty big step in growing up; but, the more prepared you are to experience all the joys, tears, headaches, and sleepless nights it has to offer, you get to appreciate it more and more. So don’t be afraid or nervous in going to a new school. Be confident and hold your head up high because when you think about it, other students are feeling worse than you do. So be a beacon of light to freshmen out there, show that you can be a first year student who is prepared and ready to ride the roller coaster of emotions and experiences that college life brings. Good luck! 

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Sun smart

By Anna Esacalona

Ready to go hit the beach in your new bikini and that new body that you worked your ass for? Or just driving off to the province for that R&R you’ve been waiting for. Well then, don’t forget to bring your sunblock with you because it’s essential for the protection of your skin. You wouldn’t want to burn yourself during your R&R! Have you ever asked yourself what those numbers on your sunscreen meant? Fear no more ‘cause I will give you the low down on which sunscreen is best for you. Studies have proved that to know your SPF (Sun Protection Factor), you should calculate the number of minutes you can stay under the sun without burning and the number of SPF in the sunscreen you are about to use. For Example: 10 minutes of bare exposure x SPF 50 = 500 minutes of non-burning exposure. This means that the higher SPF you use, the longer you can stay under the sun without burning. But to be safe for, let’s say, 5 hours the sunscreen you used hasn’t been rubbed or sweated off at all. In real life, sunscreen wears off even before you lie in that sunning chair and lessens with every dip in the water. Also, look for labels like “Broad Spectrum” because it can guard you against both the UVA, it causes skin cancer and premature aging of the skin, and UVB, they are 8

Glimmer August 2009

the ones that burn your skin, rays. They are important if you’re getting ready to hit the beach in you new bikini or just driving, since the rays can pass through your glass windows or even bounce off the concrete street. The exact length of time that you can stay under the sun is inconsistent and cannot be determined. Common sense and us, living in a tropical climate, will tell you that you need a SPF higher than what you think you need. If it is cloudy outside, I suggest that you apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 since sun rays can pass through the thin clouds. Some brands use a slightly different SPF system called “the PA system”. They both shield you from the harmful UVA rays but the PA system determines your level of protection using plus signs. Example: PA+, PA++, PA +++ Obviously, the more plus signs you see, the more protected you are. My advice is to protect yourself from the harmful rays by using a sun block with SP30 or PA++ or higher and re-apply every after an hour at least if you’re really active. A lot of products now lessen the hassle of applying like spray-on, cooling versions, and quick drying are in the market. Pick the one that is best for you and re-apply often. If you are planning to get a tan, I suggest that you apply a sun block that is SPF 30 and higher and instead of using tanning oil, opt for lotion instead since everything fries with oil. You will have a safer and an even color tan.

Must-try! Bloom Daily Shield – Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30+ This sunscreen not only protects you from UVA rays, it also protects you from UVB. This sheer, light weight formula absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no white residue and it also smells great. Nivea – Sun Spray

Hawaiian Tropic – Ozone Ultimate Lotion SPF80 This light and non greasy formula is also oil free and dermatologist tested. This sunscreen also helps protect you from UVA and UVB rays and are great with those who want higher levels of SPF. This baby is also patented with Sun Sure technology that lasts longer under the sun.

This sun screen is convienient and easy to apply. The easilyabsorbed and nongreasy formula also provides broad spectrum protection and is 2 hours water resistant. What more can you ask for?

Glimmer August 2009


top 10 fashion statements

By Mae Cabunoc

Times are changing and the present economy is close to the brink of destruction. Before you start to panic and hide under your covers, remember that one thing remains constant in this world -- Fashion. Oh yes, fashion lives on forever. They follow a certain cycle that keeps coming back every year, every era, every century. Since a lot has been going on with our economy, a little fashion brings color back to our lives. In these difficult times, it’s time to dress up and get funky! Here is a look at some of the top trends in our universe. 1. Statement Shirts Ah, the ultimate piece of clothing everyone lives for. Statement shirts can add glam to one’s down-to-earth look without trying so hard. It expresses individuality through bold sayings and high contrast colors. The fashion icons like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, and the like are always seen padding around New York and LA with shirts that scream pride. 2. Metallics Ready, get set, party! Metallics are to die for. The classic look of the 70’s are back in town and the outfits keep getting better. Looking back at history, metallics are a trend that turns up in bright times. They are one of a kind pieces that represents 10

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sophistication and boldness. Metallics can be used even after 10 years from now, just make sure you take good care of them. They look nicer as vintage pieces in the future. 3. Plaids Plaid is timeless, it is being used for uniforms all the way down to the fashion catwalk. It is a versatile design that can be matched with plain, printed or even floral outfits. If your idea of an outfit is chic and vibrant, then plaids are the way to go. Actress Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are big fans of plaid designs. 4. High Cut Sneakers The high cut sneakers are the most stunning shoes ever made – easy, comfortable and highfashion. Hip-hop looks are starting to get known again now that many shoe brands are producing avante garde designs on sneakers. Most teenagers wear them to school, to malls, to parties, and their shoes make heads turn. Try them on one time, and have a counter that ticks everytime someone stares at your shoe. I’m sure at the end of the day, the counter would tick more than a hundred times. 5. Harem Pants Denim pants are so yesterday. Hello to the new and edgy Harem pants! These pants get

girls crazy because it is made to look so fashionable and artistic. From Peru to Singapore, everyone has been sporting this newly added trend to fashion. Won’t you try it this time? I am sure it would look good on you, whatever your height or figure is. It will wow your family and friends because this piece of clothing is stellar and stunning. 6. Animal Print The Wild, Wild, West never looked this good. The animal prints represent ultimate freedom and expression. Animal prints are all about enjoying life and daring to be free. Release the cheetah in you! Animal prints are world-renowned classy pieces that fit any personality and aura. 7. Skinny Jeans Don’t you wish your jeans were as hot as you? Don’t fret ‘because someone has designed the coolest look of jeans. These jeans fit perfectly on anyone and emphasize the lower part of the body. Whoever invented skinny jeans must be rich by now since tons of people are rushing to the malls to get their hands on these casual and regal jeans.

8. Shades The right sunnies give you the hottest possible look. Sunglasses are the solution for the disaster outfits and major eye bags problem. Sunglasses transform people from something they are to something they wish they were. This is the best accessory for everyone especially during the long hot summer days when the sun is out about. 9. Jumpers Jumpers are hot, hot, hot, and did I mention hot? They are too good to be true, but thank God, someone has made them especially for us. Jumpers are easy to style, easy to wear, and easy to move with. They can hide your flaws especially in your abdomen part. They also make you taller and slender. This piece of clothing can catch the attention of buyers since it is a cheap item that looks fabulous and rich. 10. Scarves What is fun, vibrant and sunny besides the summer season? The scarves are the pieces that can complete one’s look. They can be worn anytime of the year, whether the sun is shining or the rain is roaring. Be imaginative and creative because scarves can be used as belts, headbands, boleros, you name it. They come in all shapes and sizes so there is enough for everyone. If I were you, get every design and color you will see inside the mall! Glimmer August 2009


By Mary Anne Collantes U.B.E. – That’s the term that my girl friends and I use for ultimate bonding experiences. There are other terms for it too: girls’ night, chikahan sessions and the like. Although it is called different names, it just means one thing – girl bonding. It is universally known to be necessary in a girls’ life. Why? Because there are just some things that only girls can understand. The usual agendas bonding gimmicks are shopping, eating out, or chismisan over coffee in some nearby Starbucks. But after a long day in school, all you want to do is get home and bum out. Once you change into your pambahay, it becomes so difficult to dress up again just to hang out in some random mall with friends. So how do you balance school but still have time to bond with your girl friends? I have a proposal for you: Why not take your girlfriends in for the night and watch a movie at home? You can all wear jammies, make several bowls of cheese popcorn and eat numerous slices of pizza or ice cream scoops. You can laugh, cry and comment over the film to your heart’s content. The best part is, no one will care. It’s a night where you can be as sappy, critical or mean as you would like to be. In other words, it’s a night where you can all just be girls. So with this in mind, I’ve got a few movie suggestions for you for certain situations that you may be in.


Glimmer August 2009

Situation Number 1: You and your girls have had a stressing and tiring day at school. All you want to do is nothing else than to laugh your brains out. At times like these, Kung Fu Panda is a good movie to watch. As the title suggests, it is about a panda who tries to learn kung fu. Do not let the animation fool you – it is not just some corny and kiddie film. Jack Black stars as the panda’s voice and adds his own brand of hilarity to the film. Another choice is Get Smart. Steve Carell stars as Maxwell Smart, a government spy agency employee. By some twist of fate, he is promoted from his desk job to being a field agent. He becomes Agent 89 and is paired with hot Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway). Smart is smart (sorry, I could not resist), however his lack of experience in the field results in numerous hilarious moments. I’m sure that either movie will leave you with loads of good vibes. Situation Number 2: One of your girl friends is feeling ultimately crappy because her boyfriend just broke up with her. You actually have three choices in this situation. The first is to choose an action film that is full of guns and violent fights, such as Shoot ‘Em Up. The story revolves around a sharpshooter named Mr. Smith who tends to use his gun whenever he is ticked. This way, you can all fantasize about doing a drive by or beating up your friend’s ex-boyfriend. Your second choice is

to wallow in the pain and try to find sympathy in some heartbreaking movie. When it comes to movies involving romantic heartbreak, My Best Friend’s Wedding is on the top of my list. You better get your tissue boxes ready for this one. Julia Roberts’ mission of regaining her true love is going to make you cry. The third and last choice is to watch a movie that emphasizes the importance of girl friends in life – something that will relate to the strong bond of relationship that you and your girls have. Such a movie is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a story of four girls who stick together through thick and thin. Whichever of these you choose, just be sure that your heartbroken friend agrees – do not force her to watch something she does not like! Situation Number 3: It’s just one of those days – you just want to cry over a movie. You have to admit that there are days that we girls just feel like crying for no reason at all. (Actually, scientifically speaking, it is probably caused by some hormonal imbalance. But that’s a different story…) Click is a movie that had me sobbing by the end of the film. Adam Sandler is in it, so you can expect it to have much hilarity. However, there’s a deeper side to the story and it will touch your heart before the movie ends. I’ll leave it at that so as not to spoil the story. Another movie that made me tear

up is Finding Neverland, a story about the life of JM Barrie, the writer of Peter Pan. It’s a story about imagination meeting reality. This is one movie that should not be missed, especially if you are a Peter Pan lover. A third choice is I Am Sam. Sean Penn stars in this one as a mentally challenged man. He raises his own daughter until she is 7 years old, at which time she becomes more mature than him. Because of this maturity, questions arise about the father’s capability of raising her so the case is brought to court. The movie centers on the story of how the father fights for custody of his daughter. I think it is fair to say that anyone who does not feel pain in this movie does not have a heart. Needless to say, I had a wastebasket full of tissue by the time this movie was over. I’m pretty sure you’d end up with the same scenario as well. Situation Number 4: It’s cold and rainy outside, and all you want to do is to watch something that will leave you feeling warm inside. There are loads of romantic stories that will warm your heart and will leave you with a huge smile on your face. 13 going on 30 (Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo) is one of my favorites, and so is Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo) Both are romantic comedies that never fail to make me laugh and cry at the same time. If you’re in the mood for something a little bit vintage, you can try 10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles). It is a great 90’s film – great humour and great story. I highly recommend it, especially if you love Heath Ledger!

Glimmer August 2009


ToP 10


By Ines Lorenzo

With the exception of the USA and Oceania, football is the most popular if not the favorite sport of the world. Footballers are known to draw in the crowds with their fancy footwork and amazing ball controlling skills. This high intensity game wouldn’t be without its crazy fans if it weren’t for some of these guys. A mix of what’s sexy, hot and, simply put, the BEST there is: 10) Fernando Torres Team: Liverpool It feels as if he’s been around forever, but he’s still just twenty-three. Tall, strong, bright, he can lead any line on his own. 9) Sergio Ramos Team: Real Madrid This high ranked defender on our list is big, strong, fast and gifted. He held Real’s defense together this season, while chipping in at the attacking end as well. And he’s still only 21! 8) Steven Gerrard Team: Liverpool Speaking of heroics, he’s done it so many times, it’s easy to lose track. If Gerrard were a few inches taller and a few pounds more slight, we would marvel at his pure technical ability. Instead, we focus on his bruising workrate and other more obvious qualities. He’s great defensively with his strong running, tackling and great heading ability. 7) Fabio Cannavaro Team: Juventus Italy’s FIFA World Cup winning captain Fabio Cannavaro is a worthy successor to the country’s dynasty of great defenders, acquiring hero status in a land where making a perfect tackle is accorded the same importance as a spectacular volley. He has perfected the sliding tackle and the art of anticipation, dominating the penalty box with his sheer physical presence. 6) David Beckham Team: Los Angeles Galaxy Strip away the hype, and you have a respected leader who provides the most delicious service from wide positions. That alone is worth a few dozen goals a season. 14

Glimmer August 2009

5) Thierry Henry Team: Arsenal He’s a sure thing. Not only does he scare the defenders, he is also one of the most prolific forwards around today. This Frenchman is a deadly finisher and a constant goal-scoring threat. Henry shows of his gazelle-like speed, deft ball control, mazy dribbling skills, and visionary playmaking ability. 4) Iker Casillas Team: Real Madrid Already a legend, and he only turned 26 last month. He’s an agile, fearless shot-stopper. Not only is he the current first choice goalkeeper for Real Madrid but also the Spanish national team. 3) Leo Messi Team: Barcelona This Argentine is one to watch for. When the ball is at his feet, you have absolutely no idea what will happen next. There is no legislating for unpredictability in football and Messi has bags of it. Plus, his 14 Liga goals last year show that he has added a healthy scoring dimension to his game as well. 2) Kaka Team: Real Madrid (formerly AC Milan) We all know Kaka’s quality and his ability to upset opponents. He combines Brazilian flair with European directness like nobody else. He truly is a product of two footballing cultures. He has all the virtues and none of the vices. He likes to parade around in his favorite T-shirt, the one that reads “I belong to Jesus”. 1) Cristiano Ronaldo Team: Real Madrid (formerly Manchester United) Real Madrid has officially signed Cristiano Ronaldo on a six-year deal worth 93 million euros ($130 million). Also former Manchester United forward Ronaldo is set to earn 13 million euros ($18 million) a year with Real, thus becoming the world’s highestpaid footballer. He redefined his position marrying size and brawn with pace and trickery. You get the sense that, when he’s running at defenders, he could go around them or straight through them. He’s also an aerial threat on set pieces. This Portuguese winger/ striker was named FIFA World Player of the Year 2008.

Glimmer August 2009


English Final Project  

English final project

English Final Project  

English final project