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Maryann and Larry

To a Special Woman‌



e are Maryann and Larry from Long Island, New York. Thank you for considering us as you search for a family for your child. We are grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. Finding a loving family for your baby through adoption is a courageous decision for you to make. We are very excited about adding an additional member to our family. Please know your child would be cherished by us if given the opportunity to be chosen as parents and we hope that gives you some comfort and strength during this difficult time. We are hopeful that you will find in us the family you would want your child to have and that after getting to know us you are confident that we would love your baby with all our heart. We are sure you have many questions and concerns about the future adoptive parents of your child, so let us tell you a little about ourselves. Our wedding day 2003

About Us…


e met at a friend’s party and our first date was during a hurricane. It was very difficult finding a place that was open but we prevailed and have been together ever since. We dated about two years. During this time we enjoyed spending our time taking trips to New York City to see Broadway plays, dinners and movies. Traveling was also a big part of our lives. Maryann, being a flight attendant, enabled us to travel frequently. Hawaii, Mexico, San Francisco, Colorado and Utah were some of our favorites. On one of our vacations to the Bahamas, Larry proposed and gave me a ring--we married in 2003. In 2005, we were blessed with the birth of our son, Jacob. A few years after Jacob was born we tried to conceive again but found we were faced with secondary infertility. It didn’t take long to start the adoption process. It was a simple decision especially since Larry’s sister was adopted and we have friends who also adopted and have beautiful children. We now hope to add to our family through adoption.


ur work schedules are extremely flexible so one of us is always home to spend quality time with Jacob. It is such a blessing to have this wonderful time to share with Jacob and the child that comes into our lives as well. The amount of time we are both off allows us to attend all of our sons sporting events (t-ball, lacrosse, swimming) as well as being actively involved in his school projects, school trips and local parents association. A lot of our summer days are spent on the beach where Jacob is learning to surf, swim and spends many hours playing with his friends. Our winter weekends are often spent up in the mountains skiing with numerous other families from our community.

Jacob enjoys the slide at a nearby park

We are now hoping to add to our family so we can share our love with another child. We both have wonderful supportive families who live close by offering a strong support network and are truly excited about our plans for adoption.

About Maryann, by Larry‌


Scuba while in Haw


aryann is a great wife and amazing mother. She is caring, loving and intelligent. She is a deeply devoted person who friends and family can count on in any situation. She is always available to lend a helping hand or just listen if that is what’s needed. She has a great job as a flight attendant that gives us excellent flying benefits and allows us to travel frequently. Her job allows her to work only a few days a month--this allows her to spend quality time with Jacob. Watching her with Jacob always brings a smile to my face. She is always keeping busy with Jacob, taking him to the zoo, aquarium and numerous other places. She loves reading to Jacob and teaching him to write. Jacob and I are lucky to have her in our lives.

Helicopter Ride

About Larry, by Maryann‌


hen we met there was an immediate attraction. Larry is kind, intelligent, sensitive and funny. He is always making me laugh. He is someone you can count on in all situations. Friends and family know if they need a hand with anything to call Larry. He is extremely dependable. Larry is a Captain in the New York City Fire Department and is awaiting promotion to Battalion chief where he will be in charge of numerous firehouses. His job allows great flexibility in that he only works eight days a month. Larry is also very determined.

Captain Larry


Larry loves to surf

A few years ago he decided to go back to college and get his degree because he wanted to show Jacob that education is important. He graduated in 2010 with his bachelor’s degree. Larry enjoys the outdoors hiking, mountain bike riding and spent ten years as a ski instructor. He is an excellent, loveable dad and great husband.

About Jacob, Disney

Jacob loves to surf A favorite winter activity: building a snowman!

by Maryann and Larry‌

A favorite fall activity: playing in leaf piles in our back yard!


acob is one of the most thoughtful five year olds and he is so easy to surround with love. He is sweet, affectionate and caring. He loves going to preschool and is looking forward to starting kindergarten. He is active in all sports. Jacob loves going to the beach in the summertime, swimming and surfing. Once winter sets in skiing becomes his new number one activity. He is

enrolled in a ski school program with other children his age. Playing on the computer and playing Wii, where he enjoys beating his dad, are some of his other favorite activities. Jacob also loves going to the firehouse with his dad where he can climb on the trucks and slide the fire pole. He is very excited about the adoption and cannot wait for a little brother or sister.

Our Home‌


e own a single family home in a small beach community with excellent schools. We moved into our new home three years ago to have more room to raise a family. We have four bedrooms, a large basement that doubles as a toy store/kids zone. Add in a drum set and keyboards and it can be extremely loud, perfect for rainy days. Our home is casual, relaxed and just a few short blocks from the beach. We have a large fenced in backyard with a swing set and trampoline that the neighborhood kids play in. We also have a neighborhood recreation center close by that offers a large playground, indoor swimming pool, lacrosse, t-ball and year round ice skating among other children friendly sports.

Our Family…


e both have wonderful supportive families who live close by offering a strong support network and are excited about our plans for adoption. Both of our parents are such an important part of our lives. Larry is very close with his parents who live in Brooklyn, New York which is about 30 minutes from us. Larry has an older brother who lives in California who we visit often and a younger sister and niece who live a few miles away. Maryann has a large family, one brother and three sisters, all who live within 30 minutes of us. Maryann’s mother also lives close to our home and is always there to support us. We also have some loveable nieces and nephews who are very excited about the addition of another cousin. Each one of them holds a special place in our heart and we love them as if they were our own. We take turns spending different holidays with each of our family’s homes as well as many holidays spent together as one big family at our house. There is much family support and excitement for our adoption plans. All of our parents look forward to cherishing another grandchild. We are all very excited about expanding our family through adoption. We hope that by learning a little more about us and our hope for another child to love, you’ll find some peace and have confidence in making the decision to allow us to adopt your baby. Thank you for getting to know us, we are genuinely looking forward to getting to know you as well.

In Closing‌


e know that raising a child is a blessing and a serious responsibility. We want you to know that we will love, protect, nurture and provide for your child. We are blessed with a strong marriage, wonderful supportive families, a secure future and a never ending supply of love that we can’t wait to share with another child. We feel that it is important to treat each other, our loved ones and friends with kindness and respect and we try to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life and not take them for granted. Our values, personalities and beliefs match perfectly and our love for each other is strong and unyielding. If you choose us, rest assured we will provide your child with love, care and a life full of opportunities.

If you decide that we are the parents to whom you want to entrust your child, you will become a special person in our lives. We would love to hear from you and hope that you are interested in getting to know us better. There are several ways to reach us. You can call us at (855) 819-8793 or contact our friendly adoption attorney Aaron Britvan, who is also an adoptive parent, at (516) 496-2222.

Thank you for considering us,

Maryann & Larry

Maryann and Larry  

Our family...

Maryann and Larry  

Our family...