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November 2014 Volume 4 Issue 11

spreading compassion to all sentient beings and Living in healing and peaceful world Editor

Maryam Morrison

Front Cover by Maryam Morrison Eden Magazine is an independent monthly online magazine. Our aim is to create a better environment where we live among other living being in peace and harmony. We support artists that their work match our criteria. If you would like to submit your artwork, article or/and your Photography For our future issues please contact Maryam Morrison at; or 2 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Feature Angel....

The Sphinx

By Heike Stenzl Angel Beyond

Spiritual Growth...

By Rico Peganini

6 Spiritual Protection tools for empowering children By Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

By Sherri Cortland

12 The challenge of healing body....

The Absolute and Relative

ByRashmi Khilnani

(the final)

By Don Oscar Miro-Quesada





CONTENTS Understanding humanity from...


Resting between takes

By Jan Diana

(part Three) By Shilpa Savant

By Ellen Angelica Pendergast

28 34 38 An excerpt...

46 What is God

By Philip Comella

Exploring your dreams

By Patti Conklin


54 By Rob Rogozzine


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Ego...... By Dr. Sudhansu Dash

I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

The Sphinx By Rico Peganini Your style is unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this web site. Manny, NY

Susan, NV

A time to remember By Jan Diana

That is a good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information… Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read post!

Understanding humanity from... An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who had been doing a little homework on this. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU!! Mark, London

Jess, CA

Health benefit of Olives Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thanks for providing this info. Penny, Australia Simlicity ByRashmi Khilnani

The challenge of healing body.... (PART TWO) By Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks!

sharon, Fl

Excellent post! We are linking to this particularly great content on our website. Keep up the good writing. Shawn, WA


Feature Angel

Intuitive Reading and Healing with

Angel & Beyond by Heike Stenzel Angel Beyond

Angels are always with us – no matter what A feature about Angels and what a reading really is about “ To empower yourself!” 6 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

What are Angels? An Angel is a benevolent celestial being, pure of love and light, created by divine source, God. Angels are always with us, no matter what. They are with us, when we are grieving, are in depression or carry anger and frustration but then also when we are filled with love, joy and happiness. Angels are with us – not matter what! They want to help us here on Planet Earth and bring the change to better and our best.

on a much higher frequency then we exist here on earth. Mother Earth has denser energy than our winged friends. We can have a whole team of divinely guided messengers. For sure, everybody has a guardian angel, supporting us when we incarnate with free choice here on Earth! This guardian angel will follow us our whole time frame.

Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels and guardian angels are at our side – invisible and of light. If you are on trouble you are asked to call and invite them. This is a spiritual law not to interOn Earth we are experiencing dual- vene if you do not want, however they ity and sometimes this can be are very are still aside. hard. Sometimes we share this with our spouse, family members or friends and I experienced a lot of encounters with sometimes not. If you feel you are not angels and one Story I love to share with able to communicate clearly with some- you. It goes back many years. At that one you love than there is a finer and time I was living in Dublin in Ireland and subtle line between all of this that you came back home to Germany for Christmay have overseen. mas holidays. Being clearly in despair after a long-term relationship has ended, Our divine messengers! heartbroken and not understanding what happened as it came out of the blue. Yes, you heard correctly. Who are they? So let me tell you my beautiful encounter It is them… Archangels, Angels and with my guardian angel. guardian angels and they are assisting humanity and also animals of any kind. It was already late at night when I drove There is no black and white, happy or back home to my sisters after I have sad, good or bad – Archangels and An- visited friends I have not seen for a while. gels are non- judgmental and come from a true place of unconditional love. It does To cut my story short, while I was driving not matter which religion or belief you in the darkness of the night and everyfollow when you are a non-believer, it thing was so peaceful, tranquil and quite, does not matter for them- and they still out of sudden a bright light appeared exist and always will. in front of my window screen in my car. The beautiful light shaped into a female We may not see them because they are angel with long beautiful golden hair. 7 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

No wings actually but it doesn´t matter. It was the love I received. It was pure unconditional love, so pure and so beautiful and comforting and lifted me up in a state of bliss, wrapped up in an endless stream of love my sadness disappeared. My angel smiled at me with such a comfort that it truly touched my whole being, my heart and my Soul! As sudden as she has appeared she vanished and I was surrounded by the silence of the night. There are no words and words may not even express the love I have felt.

This unconditional love was pure, and not comparable with the love we experience here on earth when falling in love with a spouse or alike. If I would try to measure it on a scale of 0-10 where 0 is the lowest frequency and out of love; ten would hit the top of love we know – it would have hit the button beyond 10. Boom!

I am sure, those of you who experienced the Love of the divinely messenger know what I am talking about and best, we all have the connection. If we belief it or not, this connection never can be broToday, I still remember her embracement ken as we truly spiritual beings, incarof love. My Angel came to support me. nated in physical body.


Per se by spiritual law, we are reminded that we have to invite Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters into our life. Give them permission today to help you and they will be at your side straight away with a twinkle in one´s eye, in speed of light and in a leap of face! We are in an intense wave of transformation and everybody feels the change, something we cannot put our finger on. It is subtle but it is there. We may experiences different crises, like career wise, the job may get redundant, sometimes you feel that something is missing in this job you do - it does not fulfill your heart and soul. Marriages, relationships or friendships may change and fall under the same rule of transformation. Everything that has served it´s needs will leave to allow the new to enter. Certainly not always an easy process and it can be very painful when it comes up from deep down. Maybe there are some events triggering you to start digging deeper to release old patterns and vulnerable feelings?

wonderful experience with the angel. Just right after the break up, my angels clearly gave me an answer to my thoughts - I prayed, deeply, saying “please bring him back into my life and I promise that I will serve the world in doing readings to help people.” Very prompt and in an instant I heard a clear voice telling me. “You will do it anyway!” Surprised to hear this clear instruction I wasn´t pleased to hear this kind of message, at least at that moment of time, but it made all sense after my heart healed to better! I am tuned in, like many other lightworker. It is like plugging in a cable into a socket to draw electricity. And with this, and the permission given by clients, I love to share the following reading so you can understand what an angel reading is about. It is not just a reading but it is supposed to help you with support and empower yourself to remember who you truly are. It can help you to understand and healing will take place.

But remember that this will be always to your best even it does not look like at that I combine different modalities of healing particular moment! tools; like cutting ties, core fear removal matrix programming, prayers, and affirSubtle lines are opening up a portal that mations and always to the highest and allows us to communicate with Archan- best with the work of Archangels, Angels gels and Angels. They hear our prayers and Ascended Masters. I am doing Angel and our request. readings not to take away your responsibility but to tune in and see, hear and feel Remember the story I told you earlier what the Angels tell me. Either based on about? The heart pain I felt when my question you have provided or simple the boyfriend split up with me? There was question stated in my mind “What is the an additional message to that particular next step, what is important right now?”


The answer will come and been given of healing tools to release that does not through pictures, flashes of visions, light, serve the clients best. colors, feeling, seeing, hearing and just knowing! Let´s open up to look behind the Curtains of an Angel Reading Sessions “Angel & Take action now and follow your heart Beyond” by Heike Stenzel. and new opportunities will arrive on the doorstep of your life! My angels inspired me to write this article and it is so much appreciated to being able to publish the Angel feature with “Eden Magazine” Angel Intuitive Session and healing can be given in person, face to face or on Skype Café and even email correspondence. The following interview with Joachim Hempel will outline this profound work being available! A short and descriptive way of how it begins. After the client arrives or the connection is made by Skype, we do a little exercise to calm down the initial nervousness that may exist when one comes the first time. It happens in a gentle way of sitting down, closing your eyes and breathing in and out. Allowing and giving you the permission to be open and receive angel guidance. For instance, I call upon Archangel Michael. He is the Archangel for protection, strength and courage, involved in cutting ties to remove negative programming or chords and much more! During a reading it can become clear what may have hold one back to live in harmony and to ones best. Nevertheless, now we will tune in to this deep insightful angel reading and a combination

Joachim Hempel ElliptiGo Licensed Trainer German

In great appreciation I thank Joachim Hempel (ElliptiGo Licensed Trainer Germany) allowing the Eden Magazine to publish the Angel Readings Session and his picture for this feature. It is the first time my client opens up to guidance and connecting to the angels and light beings. We welcome each other and enter the living room with comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere.

10 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Kindly I ask him to switch off the mobile so that we won´t get interrupted by phone ringing and feeling the need to answer the phone. Joachim sits back in his chair. Before every session starts, I explain how the Angel Reading moves forward and with this the Client has already a good idea and feels more comfortable, especially if it is the first time attending such a reading. In an easy to understand descriptive way I inform Joachim that we start with a brief breathing exercise to become more settled. In this we connect to our angels. Closing the eyes, inhaling and exhaling, grounding; the initially nervousness dissolves and becomes more peaceful. You can literally feel the change in energy, simple but powerful. It truly works miracles to fall into the space of inhaling, exhaling and allowing the mind to calm down, entering a space of feeling safe and secure for the period of the reading, and even longer, of course!

“When I find blockages or something that triggers you not to live in your full potential I will add some healing modalities; like cutting ties to remove old negative programming that may have been frozen in the aura, subtle bodies or Chakra System and with the frequency of light of Archangel Michael, we remove these unhealthy patterns to your best. The Healing continues about three and four days, so you may feel a shift in energy or perspectives.” “You can ask your first question, if you have prepared some” I announce. Note: in The Eden Magazine December issue we will review some question and answers by Heike Stenzel.

“I herby ask from all my heart and soul for divine guidance and protection, clear and true answer throughout this reading for Joachim Hempel. I invoke by god´s name Archangel Michael to stand guard to protect us during this reading and healing.” I open my eyes and look into the face of Joachim Hempel. “The Reading is also about healing and empowering you to remember who you are” I explain to Joachim.

Art by Maryam Morrison https://www.facebook. com/maryammarts

11 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

The Sphinx Part Two

12 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

by Rico Paganini

Determination of Age by West and Schoch in 1992 Thirty years later, the American Egypt researcher John Anthony West thoroughly analyzed the observation of his French predecessor in his 1979 book, Serpent in the Sky (which he revised and reissued in 1993). Because official Egyptology categoricallydenied the existence of water erosion, West turned to geology professor Robert Schoch of the University of Boston, a noted specialist for erosion profiles, in 1989. Despite having grave doubts about the water erosion hypothesis, Schochwent to Egypt the following year, firm in his conviction that the age of the Sphinx had long been incontrovertibly determined.Although he could only observe the Sphinx from the visitors’ platform, it was immediately clear to Schoch that the sculpture showed traces of water erosion. To make a scientifically founded assessment, however, the stoneitself needed to be examined—an undertaking that the Egyptian Antiquities Administration approved upon the recommendation of the University of Boston. West put together a highcaliber team that included Schoch, the geophysicist Dr. Thomas L. Dobecki of Houston, two other geologists, an architect, a photographer and the filmmaker Boris Said. The scientifically conducted analysis of the limestone structures of the Sphinx and its surroundings confirmed that the traces of erosion were caused by precipitation. Dr. Dobecki, who also conducted seismographic tests to map the erosion traces below the ground, stumbled across an unexpected abnormality, which indicated that there was a hollow space beneath the Sphinx, measuring

around 9 meters wide, 12 meters long and 5 meters high.

The limestone blocks of these temples bear the same traces of water erosion as those shown here in the trench and the body of the Spinx.

When the team presented its results to the 1992 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, many geologists were confronted with scientific proof that showed, to their amazement, that after two hundred years of Giza research, water erosion caused by precipitation had been detected on the Sphinx. In stark contrast to this reaction was the vehemence with which Egyptologists disputed and continue to dispute these findings that essentially prove that the Sphinx must have been in existence during the great rainfalls in Egypt that occured around10,000 B.C. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) organized a podium discussion that same year in Chicago to discuss the controversy over the age of the Sphinx. On this occasion, Schoch and West debated the professors Mark Lehner and K. Lal Gauri, who had also noticed the traces of erosion on the Sphinx but for which they had found explanations that fell within the Egyptian period. Lehner alleged that considering the entire Giza district context, Lehner

13 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Fourth Dynasty. He also accused Schoch because ‘we Egyptologists have solid eviand West of being outsiders and not dence to state that the Sphinx is dated to Egyptologists. Instead of leading to a the time of Khafre’” (Hancock 1995, 348). constructive result, the discussion merely confirmed the hardened fronts of the two opposing theories. In the revised edition of Serpent in the Sky, John West debunks in detail the research results and polemical reactions of the Egyptology elite. He documents, among other things, how the man in charge of Giza, Dr. Zahi Hawass, railed against the geological findings, stating: “̔American hallucinations! West is an amateur. There is absolutely no scientific base for any of this. We have older monuments in the same area. They definitely weren’t built by men from space or Atlantis. It’s nonsense and we won’t allow our monuments to be exploited for personal enrichment. The Sphinx is the soul of Egypt’” (West 1993, 229). Actually, the expertise he referred to did not originate from West but from Schoch, the seasoned geologist who never made any claims regarding who built the Sphinx. In the autumn of 1993, the American television network NBC broadcasted the documentary film produced by Boris Said about the work and findings of the West team. It was well received among geologists. The program, entitled “The Mystery of the Sphinx,” was hosted by the venerable Hollywood actor Charlton Heston. The program was seen by over 35 million viewers and even won an Emmy award. According to Graham Hancock, when Hawass was asked his opinion, he responded that “many such theories have been put forward but have ‘gone with the wind’

Professor James Henry Breasted, who investigated the Dream Stele in 1905, noted in Ancient Records of Egypt: “This mention of King Khafre has been understood to indicate that the Sphinx was the work of this king—a conclusion which does not follow” (1906, 324). Without at all addressing the scientific geological results, during and after the NBC program, Dr. Hawass launched a scathing attack upon the person who dared to present findings that questioned the official information about the age of the Sphinx. In early 1994, he wrote in the Egyptian newspaper Al Akhbar Al Yom an article entitled, “Stealing of Egypt’s Civilization,” excerpted by Hancock and Bauval in The Message of the Sphinx:

14 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

“The film indicates an attempt by these pretenders to prove that the age of the Sphinx dates back to fifteen thousand years . . . [and that] the buildersof the Sphinx, and consequently the pyramids

and other great antiquities, were not the ancient Egyptians but other people of higher culture and education that came from the ‘Atlantis’ continent after its destruction and put beneath the Sphinx the scientific records of the lost continent! It is evident that this John West represents nothing but a continuation of the cultural invasion of Egypt’s civilization.” (Bauval and Hancock 1996, 97)

Secret: The monument is purported to be 7,000 years old—but who built it?”) written by Jürgen Krönig in the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung on April 23, 2000. He reported:

“According to the official teachings, the Sphinx was built around 4,500 years ago during the reign of the Pharaoh Chephren. However, based onsolid, scientific findings, geologists have called this age Professor Schoch remained unperturbed into question andbelieve that the Sphinx by such statements. On NBC he stated is possibly thousands of years older.” dryly: “I’ve been told over and over again that the peoples of Egypt, as far as we This opens new scientific questions about know, did not have either the technology or the origin and age of human civilization. the social organization to cut out the core “According to Professor Schoch, the trabody of theFig. 2.9. The traces of erosion ditional dating of the Sphinx at 2,500 bein the stone body and breast of the Sphinx fore Christ is untenable. After conducting were clearly caused bywater. This is as- thorough geological and seismographic tonishing in light of the fact that the Sphinx research, he is convinced that the Sphinx lay covered in sand in the desert fornearly must have been built 7,000–9,000 years the entire time of its existence. Sphinx in ago.” However, he points out that he was pre-dynastic times . . . However, I don’t purposely conservative with his estimate. see it as being my problem as a geologist. I’m not seeking to shift the burden, but it’s “The geologist found indirect confirmation really up to the Egyptologists and archae- for his theory just 16 kilometers outside of ologists to figure out who carved it. If my Giza in the Saqqara Pyramid and necropfindings are in conflict with their theory olis. There, so-called mastabas, tombs about the rise of civilization than maybe from the First and Second Dynasties, that it’s time for them to re-evaluate that theo- were therefore, according to the official teachings, built some centuries before the ry.” (Hancock 1995, 422) Sphinx, do not show any traces of water Schoch’s results were confirmed in fol- erosion. . . . Professor Schoch’s views lowing years by other geologists— includ- found widespread agreement in geologiing Dr. David Coxhill and Professor Colin cal circles, as the American David Coxhill Reader from London University—although and Colin Reader of London University it was barely reported in the media. This confirmed Shoch’s findings. The Egyptolonly adds to the impact of the article “Das ogists, however, are not at all moved by letzte Geheimnis der Sphinx: Das Monu- these findings. . . . ment soll 7000 Jahre alt sein—doch wer hat sie dann erbaut?” (“The Sphinx’s Final 15 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

“Robert Schoch will arrive in Egypt in June to carry out further research. His attention will be less on the Sphinx, and more on other structures that seem to originate from an older culture. Among these are various shafts and temple ruins on the Giza Plateau, as well as burial chambers deep inside the Red Pyramid of Dashur. There are reports of giant sandstone blocks that have been damaged by watererosion dating back to thousands of years before the Pharaohs had the pyramids built over the existing, much older structure.” (Krönig 2000) [Author’s translation. Original German quote can be found at the back of this volume.]

through the front edge of the headdress. To put it another way, the headdress marks the precise center of the long direction of the Golden Mean rectangle, proving that the Sphinx was not placed in the sand at random. And the line of the south face of the second pyramid skims right along the surface of the shoulder of the Sphinx.

As Drunvalo Melchizedek writes in his second Flower of Life book:

“These two lines that mark this spot on the Sphinx are evidential, not perchance. For those of you who are involved in Edgar Cayce’s work, you will remember that about 60 years ago he said that someday we would find a room associated with the Sphinx that would lead to the records that were proof of superadvanced civilizations on Earth going back millions of years, and that the opening to this room would be located in the right paw of the Sphinx. To be more precise, the pyramids’ placement relative to the Sphinx is not random, since the Sphinx is older than the pyramids.”

“The placement of the Sphinx appears to be random, just sitting there out in the middle of nowhere, who knows why and what for? But now you know about the Golden Mean rectangle around the Giza complex that can only be seen from the air. If you bisect that rectangle vertically . . . and draw a line down the middle, that line passes exactly through, and parallel to, the plane of the vertical front of the flat headdress of the Sphinx. Simultaneously, if you extend the line of the southern base of the second pyramid, it skims the right shoulder of the Sphinx, marking a specific spot.

Is that why it is no longer possible for independent scientists to conduct research? Even despite the large amount of evidence of chambers in and under the Sphinx, this concept has not been admitted as documented knowledge by Egyptologists—even though Hawass and other Egyptologists were always present while the research and investigations with scientific systems were conducted. At least two subterranean chambers have since been discovered that confirm Cayce’s prophecies, which we will take a closer look at in Chapter 4.

Schoch would thereby confirm our theory that the megalithic hearts of certain pyramids are far older than the pyramids themselves!

“. . . The center of the long edge of that

These newly discovered chambers really Golden Mean rectangle passes exactly do evoke many questions that really do 16 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

do evoke many questions that cannot be easily answered by means of traditional Egyptology—not to mention a further, nearly unknown world wonder: the structure that was hewn three floors down into the stone ground just a few feet beneath and to the rear of the Sphinx, the so-called Osiris Tomb. That is why the law has now been laid down prohibiting any further investigating of the Sphinx. However, let us remain for now above the ground, in the area surrounding the Sphinx, because the structures to be found there are equally as Independent scientists have not been allowed to conduct research on the exact age of the Sphinx. The so-called worker’s passage beneath the Mykerinos causeway. Why was such an enormous stone block used for such a simple functional building? The construction method gives the impression of a playful carelessness. Remarkable in their construction and are evidentally and essentially different from buildings constructed Pharaonic period. The comparison with megalithic structure found the world over is equally fascinating, because it has long been said nothing comparable exist and thus there is no proof of an even older culture and spread over several contients. However, a compariosn shows astounding consistencies.

Rico Paganini was born in 1962 in Switzerland. From 1982 to 1987, he worked for MVG Group, a youth and entertainment media company. He then moved to BKV Group, which is an educational media company. He started an independent media consulting agency in 1990. He is an independent bookseller, and in 2010 he began building his own publishing company. Since his youth he has been preoccupied with human history, religions, spiritual science, health, geometry, the transmission of vibrations and the megalithic power places on earth. Rico and his ever-changing team have undertaken eleven trips to Egypt since 1998. Although the primary focus was upon Giza there have been further excursions to France, England, Malta, Azores, USA, Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, Fiji, Tahiti, China and Tibet. Many of the 350 color photographs, included in Giza Legacy, were taken by Rico Paganini. Giza Legacy ISBN 978-3-9522849-0-2 Hardcover, 3D graphics, 60 Maps and over 350 color photos EVOL Verlag Publishing available through

17 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014



Spiritual Growth Checkpoint

Spiritual Growth through Free-thinking and connecting with Spirit By Sherri Cortland

To truly evolve, to become all that we can be, to reach our goals, to fulfill our mission, to learn, to grow, TO BE, we must each follow our own path. We must allow ourselves to think freely, and we must free ourselves from dogma that keeps us from moving forward. In this way, we will positively affect our own growth, positively affect each other individually, and take an active role in the evolution of our species. Albert Einstein was a free thinker; YOU could very well be the next Albert Einstein and unlock great universal truths if you allow yourself freedom of thought.

reincarnation and karma. While anyone who wishes to connect with their Higher Self or Guides can do so, one must first be a free thinker; and more—we must know that such a thing is possible and be ready to overcome fear in order to explore such possibilities.

A Metaphysician is concerned about the evolution of our species and seeks to find the answers to questions that human beings have asked since the beginning of time; i.e. who are we and why are we here? Metaphysics is concerned with being, how beings relate to each other, where we ALL fit into the bigger In my humble opinion, to be a Metaphysi- universal picture of life, and therefore out cian one must also be a free thinker, and connection to each other and to Spirit. here’s why I think so: a metaphysician must stretch beyond the boundaries of The Universal Consciousness is a great conventional thought and religious beliefs example of being connected to Spirit/ in order to investigate such matters as life Source, and it’s also known as the Univerafter death, communication with Spirit, sal Mind. I see it as a Spiritual data base, 19 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

and I love that we can tap into this vast ocean of knowledge. As Tania Kotsos says in her wonderful Mind Your website: “…You have access to all knowledge, known and unknown; you have access to an infinite power for which nothing is impossible…” What Kotsos has written makes perfect sense when you view the soul as what it is: a piece of God/Source/Creator. What my Guide Group very much wants us to know is that we are made of the same stuff, and we are connected to God/Source/ Creator via the Universal Mind, and that because we are a piece of God/Source/Creator, we can access the Universal Consciousness/ Universal Mind—we all have this power. What’s the best way to do it? While many of us tune in during sleep, meditation with intent is a great way to access the Universal Mind, and of course, I speak with my Guides through automatic writing. Tapping in to Spirit in a great way to figure why we’re here, too. Who doesn’t want to know what we came into this body to learn and accomplish? I think we are born with an innate hunger and yearning desire to know precisely what our mission/life path is, and for many of us, this knowledge comes much later in life than we expected it to. I’ve often wondered how much more I might have achieved to date if only I made contact with my Guides sooner; or how much further along I would be on my path today if I didn’t have to be dragged by my Guides kicking and screaming from the Spiritual closet. There was a time that I

didn’t want to write books--would you believe that I hid the manuscript for my first book away in a drawer for a year because I didn’t want anyone to know that I channel Spirit? These days, I’m as out of that closet as one can be, but lately... lately I’ve been wondering about (1) the origin of the things that we’re attracted to doing; (2) why we love to do the things we love to do; (3) why there are certain things we want to do; and (4) do the dreams and goals we have for ourselves mean anything from a Spiritual perspective? Shortly after I began to meditate about these things, I began to receive channeled messages from two of my Guides on this subject, which are included in my about-to-be-released book, Guide Group Fridays. Here’s one of the channeled messages on this subject from the new book, which I’m including here because it’s a great call to action to help us figure out why we’re here: “Sherri it is Charles, I will write with you today. Sherri, you have been writing, talking and thinking a lot about dreams lately and so we wish to add to what you are already close to discovering. Sherri and Readers: Who, when incarnated as a human being, does not wonder, “What am I here to do? Why am I here?” We know in our hearts and in our souls we are here to do something, or many things, but the waking up to what that is part of the challenge of being human. Yet there are clues, Sherri and Readers,

20 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Doing the things you are interested in doing will help you discover things about yourself that will help you discern your path; and 2) What are your dreams? What do you dream about doing if you could do anything and everything you would like to do? These dreams are clues, these dreams represent messages from your Higher Self. Do not doubt it. Do you think you would incarnate blindly and not leave clues for yourself? You are not Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that cannot be followed! Meditate and look into your soul and into your heart and listen to what your Higher Self is communicating to you. And to those reading this who are saying to themselves that their Higher Self does not speak to them, for you we must use one of Sherri’s favorite sayings and say: “Poppycock!” Everyone’s Higher Self is speaking to them--you simply must learn to listen. Let us end today’s message with this advice: Do not sell yourself short. You have the power to communicate with your Higher Self and receive the best guidance possible from this very wise source. Meditate today; and…pay attention to the clues that you find in your interests and in your dreams. Go in peace.”

Originally from New York State, Sherri Cortland lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewski and their many cats.

Photo by: Heidi Winkler

there are distinct and easy-to-spot clues and we will share two of them with you right now: 1) What are you interested in?

In addition to writing books for Ozark Mountain Publishing, Sherri is also the Orlando Metaphysical Columnist for, where publishes new columns twice weekly, and she also shares messages from her Guides on her Facebook Author Page. For information about Sherri’s new book, please visit her website at and click on the link for Guide Group Fridays. You’ll also find a special limited time offer from Ozark Mountain Publishing to pre-order Guide Group Fridays (due out in December 2014) for just $12.


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Based on Te “The Impeccable W 22 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014


eachings from Warrior of Light” book 23 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Children come into this world psychically open, so they see and sense everything around them. They will easily see spirits, Fairies, Angels, and Spirit Guides until enough grown-ups pressure them to shut down their senses and ignore their Intuitive feelings. Since they are born Supremely sensitive, children see and feel both the Positive and negative energies around them. If you watch a baby’s eyes and pay Attention to their facial expressions, you will see they are Aware of the invisible Spirit World and the energies of spoken and The force of evil knows that children are unspoken Thought Forms floating around embodiments of un-conditional Love and for this reason, sinister energies espethem. cially focus on attacking children. MaliWhenever I have conducted a Soul Re- cious energies are determined to sever trieval Prayer near a baby they giggle, the child’s Connection with the Mystical gurgling Happily, and their eyes be- World of Light and they will do everything come wide open as they bathe in Divine they can to plunge the child into a dark Mother’s Luminous Radiance. Their world of fear, anxiety, self-doubt and selffaces reflect an Ocean of Soul Bliss, re- loathing. vealing they are bursting with DeLight at the sight of Golden Beings present in the room. By remaining Aware that your child could be an old Soul in a small body, you will re-member how important it is to listen to them and Honor their feelings and Insights.

Creating trauma in a child’s Life is a Victory for wicked forces and they are committed to convincing the child that Angels and other Divine Protectors either do not exist or have abandoned the child. The goal of negative energies is to move the child to turn away from their Divine Just as you must deal with different Connection. aspects of darkness in your Life, injurious forces are constantly interacting with all Ways To Heal and Strengthen Children children. Most children are brimming with As a Guardian of a young one, you can Purity and therefore represent the Purhelp them most by re-minding them of the est Power on Mother Earth. Dark forcSacred Training and Divine Tools availes know that if they can taint the child’s able to them for dealing with the unseen Purity, they have broken the child’s worlds. Mighty Spirit. 24 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

They have battled destructive forces in past Lives, so they have already participated in some type of Spiritual Protection practices. They carry the memory of it in their cellular body, and often remember past Life scenes. If the veil has fallen and they no longer re-call their previous Training, their Sacred Memory will be activated with further Training and Shaktipat Limpias Listen To The Children Since a child’s Intuition is still firmly established it is Vital to attentively observe children and Respect their reactions. They are so Pure that they ‘see’ or sense so much more than the adults around them. However, if you condition them to deny their experiences, doing so will cause a huge fragmentation in their Power and set them up for an onslaught of psychic attacks.

Arm Them With Sacred Mantras and Smudge/Dhoop Children resonate with all the music albums we have recorded, and Mantras such as “Kali Durge Namo Nama” or songs such as “Angels Are Here” fill them with a Strong sense of Protection. It is Wise and Compassionate to play Track 1 of Kali Durge Namo Nama album…or Track 1 of our Mystical Protective Shield album every evening for the child. Children quickly memorize these Mantras and utilize them for refuge from dark forces. I recommend you play the track on repeat mode at whatever volume helps the child relax.

Young ones see tremendous energetic activity around them, so it is not Wise to force them to sleep in the dark if it bothers them. Let them have as much Light in a room as they need to feel Supported so they can rest Serenely. I know many adults who still prefer to sleep with the Lights on and I EnCourage them to continue that practice. Turning off the Lights gives negative energies more Freedom to create disturbances, so keep the Lights on if this helps you or your child rest deeply. Whenever you feel a dark energy stalking your space, one of the Best and easiest remedies is to turn on the Lights in the room or entire house.

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Whenever you or a family member sense achievements in school and at home! a negative presence, it is also possible to move out that energy by cleansing the space with Sacred smoke (also known as smudge or dhoop). Let the child participate to the degree they are able to. You will find they learn quickly and experience Greater EmPowerment whenever you share with them Spiritual Protection Techniques. Their Self Confidence increases as you train them to smudge and repeat Holy Mantras every day and any time they feel under attack. If children report seeing monsters, goblins, or anything scary, it is important to Respect their feelings. They are obviously detecting an ominous form and it is Vital you quickly join them in conducting Protection practices and re-assure them they can use these Sacred Tools whenever they experience any type of disturbance. Improve Moods With The Shaman’s Rattle For example, one mother shared that her daughter’s mood improved Miraculously Our Shaman’s Healing Rattle is very when the mother rattled over the child. popular with young ones as well as adults The young girl was behaving dramatifor clearing out dark energies. This Sa- cally over the mother’s request for help cred Tool is easy to use and children see with chores. No matter how much the it as a Sword of Light that delivers quick mother attempted to rationally convince results. We have heard of teachers who her to help, the child continued to cry keep the Healing Rattles in the class- and be un-cooperative. The mother sudroom for the students to rattle over them- denly re-membered she had purchased selves whenever they become disrup- two rattles as a Christmas gift for herself tive. Teachers and parents have shared and her daughter. She ran to locate them that the Healing Rattle improves moods and quickly began to rattle all around immediately. By infusing the child with the child, which produced an immediate Peace, the child is able to maintain in- change in the daughter’s state. creased Self Esteem and a deeper Focus on their studies, which results in Brighter 26 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

The girl ran to help gather the laundry as requested and then cheerfully helped the mother with many chores. This is a Perfect example of how you can use the Shaman’s Rattles to help your child become Happier and more Balanced. In addition, it is Wise and Compassionate to give children and young ones Training on the implementation of Sacred Tools to protect and defend themselves.

Healing Rattle, some Durga Yantras, and Durga children’s posters to place in his room. The child quickly put the Amulet on and left the session smiling, brimming with Faith that he was surrounded and accompanied by his Divine Protectors. He was fascinated with the Durga Yantra and inspired by Divine Mother Durga’s image. Upon receiving these tools, he expressed immense relief knowing he could count on Divine Mother Durga’s Sword of Protection Amulets Increase Power Light and the other Sacred Tools to Proand Confidence tect him. Once, a concerned mother brought her child to me for a Shaktipat Limpia, so I could clear him of dark energies creating Fear. He was having trouble sleeping due to constant nightmares. When this fouryear-old arrived for his appointment, he was wearing the blue cape his mother had made him to help him feel Protected. He had asked her to sew gold colored stars all over it and once he began to wear it, he refused to take it off. He was also wearing a cap and when I looked at his outfit, I said to him, “This is your Power outfit for Divine Protection isn’t it?” Of course, he emphatically nodded “Yes!” This is a Perfect example of how articles, symbols and Amulets that the child can wear or carry can provide a strong sense of Power. For this reason, our online Shaman’s Store carries Prayer beads and Medicine Bag Amulets for adults and children. In addition to arranging for his Soul disturbance to be cleared with the Shaktipat Limpia Prayer session, the young one’s mother also purchased one of our Medicine Bag Amulets for him to wear for further Protection, along with the Shaman’s

May these Teachings help you to increase your Spiritual Awareness and Wise interaction with the invisible world. May you re-mind the children in your Life of this Sacred Training and these Holy Tools, which will Support them in their Walk upon this Jewel Planet, Mother Earth. When you share Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom and other Spiritual Tools with young ones, you Gift them the Golden qualities Self Love and Self Respect that will Radiate the Brightest Light for them, wherever their Path takes them. I call forth Infinite Victories to your Light and the Light within all dear young ones.... JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAA! Link for Sacred Tools page

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healing Body/ the art of Cooperating with all-that-Is by don Oscar Miro-Quesada the final

The Challenge of Healing Body: How Can We Really Heal Ourselves and Our Beloved Planet Using the Pachakuti Mesa? 28 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

When I walked into the room that night to present the mesa, the auditoriumstyle seating, the cinder-block walls, and the glaring fluorescent lights were overpowering. “I’m going to need time to set this up,” I realized, as my heart started pounding in my chest. But I centered myself, com- muning deeply with my prayers and then consecrating the space. The minute I made my offerings of breath and fragrant waters and song, the minute I woke up the field, I knew that this was the vision that don Celso had accessed. He had seen into the future and into this moment. It was the reason he had entrusted me with the task of “bringing it North.”

The moment the lights went out, all of my shamanic allies showed up. Everyone who had ever been present with me in the rituals I had done with don Celso was there. I could feel them all patting me on the back and assuring me they were there to support me. So I started to sing my songs, I started to do my rituals. I forgot all about giving the audi- ence any interpretive framework at all. I just started doing my thing, activating the fields of the mesa, and making my offerings. I began working the mesa as though the altar itself was a patient, doing all the ritual processes that don Celso had taught me. I really got into my prayers and as I did, the place started to light up. My vista started to In that moment, my nervousness van- kick in, and the room became as bright ished. I thought to myself, “My teacher as day. has seen me doing this, so I know it’s all going to be okay. This is what I have been prepared for. Everything is going to function just as it has been foreseen.” When everyone came into the room and got settled for the evening’s presentation, I could see it was a completely full house. Now it was time to begin. But the neon lights were really bothering me. As I looked around the room at my professors, my colleagues, my students, and everyone else who was present, I froze. I thought to myself, “Who am I, where am I, am I dreaming?” And the only thing that came to me was this: “Fraser,” I said to one of my graduate students, “please, I just can’t stand these neon lights. Please, turn them off.” He flipped the switch, and it went completely dark. It was a new moon in Carrollton, Georgia, that night.

As I looked there into my mesa, I saw Professor James Klee, a giant of a man who had revolutionized the field of psychology by introducing systems theory into the study of personality. He had been one of my main advisors. And he was present in the audience that night.

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I could tell he was having some problems. “Dr. Klee,” I heard myself saying, “would you please come up and stand in front of my mesa?” I got my staffs and my rattles out. I called on the support of all my shamanic allies while holding an intention of robust health for this beautiful man. I made my offerings and began raising the vibration as I rattled. I began pulling things out of him, strengthening his human “con- tainer” to receive a new energetic template, and then began to invoke the presence of spirit within matter to bring him back into balance with his wholeness.As I worked, there was not one sound in the room. When I was done, I asked simply, “How are you feeling?” “Fine, Oscar, thank you,” he replied simply. When he took his seat, though, the auric radiance around him was like that of a ten-yearold child rather than that of a seventyyear-old man. And so I knew that something big had happened. He had experienced a profound transformation for sure After that, I asked for some floor lamps to help illuminate the space, and I called everyone up to form a circle around the mesa. I first began teaching about the pre-verbal awareness that is characteristic of shamanic perception. It is the type of knowing that is born of the senses. It is instinctual, much like that of any creature who is sensitive to the ways of Mother Nature. As we connect deeply to this feeling while praying for its presence within our Pachakuti Mesas, we access unlimited healing powers.

I shared how everything that exists in the universe has its own characteristic wavelength, or frequency of vibration, whether it is a star that is light-years away, a cell in your body, or a thought and image inside your head. Our physical body is integrated with and directed by these higher frequency energy fields. By tapping into these, light and consciousness are grounded in substance. Working with the Pachakuti Mesa while rais ing the vibration and holding impeccable intention makes new realities manifest on earth. As I spoke, everything just started to pour out. Remember that I had never before articulated how the Pachakuti Mesa is a system for healing. But as I spoke in that moment, everything became embedded in me as it poured through. I explained the ceremonial protocol, the Pachakuti Mesa etiquette that we practice right now as though it had always been present. And I knew that I had a psycho-spiritual transformational prac- tice on my hands that could reach people from any culture.

30 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

I explained the entire cosmo-vision that had come to me, and then I had the audience tone the directions of the mesa for the first time ever. And then I asked them to sit back down. I returned to my place in front of the mesa, and I scanned the group with my vista. “Are there any questions,” I asked? After a moment of silence, Mike Arons spoke. He had received his doctorate from the Sorbonne based on his ground-break- ing research on the psychology of creativity. “Oscar, have you ever done this before with a group like this?” he asked me. “No, this is the first time, Mike,” I replied. “You know that I’ve been in circles with Fritz Perls, with Virginia Satir, and many other luminaries of group ther- apy,” he continued. “I have studied with all of these major therapists, yet I’ve never experienced such an effective way of bringing about emotional consensus and ‘commonground’ psychological clarity as tonight. You know that restoring rela- tionship is a key to healing on all levels. That’s what group psychotherapy is about. And that’s what you’ve been doing in this room since you began your presentation tonight. You are onto something, young man, and I want you to be teaching this practice in your psychology classes from now on.” And they allowed me to teach the first course on the psychology of shamanism at the university the next term. During the next few years, I continued to teach at West Georgia, and I began offering seminars on the Pachakuti Mesa throughout the southeast. As I did, I re-

alized how the actual ritual and beauty of the mesa, with its emphasis on sacred reciprocity, could provide a safe space for healing all forms of wounding. The Pachakuti Mesa was creating a transforma- tive space for disaffected individuals to heal. As these group processes unfolded, anchored by the power and the beauty of the mesa, people were moved from a place of isolation and disconnection to a place of cooperating with and provid- ing service to the whole. They were moving from a place of being “victims” to a place as “volunteers” in the creation of a new reality, founded on the principles of sacred reciprocity. They were receiving healing as they

were giving gratitude to all the powers of nature that are embodied in the cosmology of the mesa. The Pachakuti Mesa was having a deeper collec- tive, social impact. It was establishing a healing state for the abused, wounded, marginalized, and ostracized. It was heal- ing a social need, bringing a breath of fresh air to an otherwise very constricted society. I began teaching how to honor the earth in earnest. During our weekends together, while sitting and standing in a circle around the Pachakuti Mesa, we would tone the directions nd call in the forces and powers of the universe. With our rituals of transformation and healing, we practiced Trusting Soul, Honoring Spirit, Opening Heart, Transforming Mind, and Healing Body. The power and beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition that was emerging was apparent.

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As part of the trainings that I offered, I began teaching these groups how to construct earth-offerings as don Benito had shown me. We went on pilgrimages to sacred sites where we would offer the despachos we created. We also began build- ing apachetas. These stone cairns or mounds, which are found through- out South America, infuse a place with refined energy as they tap into to the energy grid of the Mother. By creating and nurturing apachetas, we expand and enhance Pachamama’s luminous web. We renew ourselves as we connect with those pulsing energies while adding our own unique and powerful energies to the web. Apachetas carry our burdens and restore us to the flow of sacred living again. After our weekends together, these groups were continu- ing their work. They were doing pilgrimages to sacred sites and making earth-offerings. They were beginning to form sacred communities. And as they did, they were healing body and opening to wholeness again.


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don OSCAR MIROQUESADA originated the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of crosscultural shamanism, and is the visionary founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Alliance. He is a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru and has been guiding cross-cultural ethno-spiritual apprenticeship expeditions to sacred sites of the world since 1986, with special emphasis on Peru and Bolivia. He has been a popular faculty member at numerous U.S. educational centers. His work and programs have been featured on CNN, Univision, A&E, and the Discovery Channel. BONNIE GLASS-COFFIN, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized professor of anthropology at Utah State University. She has studied with Peruvian curanderos since 1982 and is author of The Gift of Life: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru. She began apprenticing with don Oscar in 2005, experiencing the transformative power of these wisdom teachings and integrating these deeply into her life. Lessons in Courage published by (Rainbow Ridge Books, ISBN 978-1-937907-18-1 and distributed by Square One Publishers, October 2013) is available at, and book stores everywhere.

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excerpted from The divine Mother Speaks

art by Cathy McClelland at amazon,nook and kindle 34 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014


This brings us to the subject of Absolute and Relative Reality. In Absolute Reality, which you sometimes experience in medita-

the periphery or the personality is free to be individual and unique. This is wisdom. As we move into the fifth dimension and the frequencies of Christ Consciousness on thisplanet, the veils are thinning and tion or when you become one with you will feel less and less separate from others and your environment and nature. nature, all things are part of one energy, one consciousness; plants,




“all that is”, are one. (Unity consciousness.) In Relative Reality, there is polarity, separation, and on the personal creative side, individuality.

It is so simple, this healing through seeing everything as the mirror of your own consciousness.

So the Goddess wishes for you, as humanity now, to be consciously co-creating heaven on Earth, whatever that means for you as an individual. However, any creation that is ultimately not for Absolute = all one a win-win scenario and the highestRelative = polarity, separation, good-of-all-concerned is going to trigindividuality ger karmic cause and effect. In fact it will create more and more instant karma in A conscious human has the inner part of these times when all on the planet is their awareness in Absolute Reality while speeding up. 35 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥

November 2014

Absolute Reality Remember, in Absolute Reality there is no time and space. This is the fifth dimensional frequency that we are moving into in this coming Age of Aquarius. So as per universal law, when your consciousness is in relative reality you must adhere to the universal laws of time, space, and the third dimension. But as you move and get grounded in absolute states of realty you become increasingly aware of your inherent gifts such as clairaudience, telepathic communication, and clairvoyance. These gifts in Sanskrit are called Siddhis. Absolute states of consciousness cannot be forced. Meditation is not about effort. It is the detached witnessing of the movies and dramas of your life. The detached witnessing of your thoughts, emotions, waking, sleeping, eating, walking states of being. As you know, energy flows where awareness goes. Thought creates your reality. So becoming aware of your automatic thinking processes is imperative if you wish to live in peace, flow, and love. If you are always up in your head, (which most humans have a tendency to be), the soft voice of your heart cannot really be heard over the commotion.

36 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and others from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on Rashmi is the executive producer and one of the speakers in a new documentary film, IGod, which will feature spiritual authors, heads of various religious denominations and people at all levels of soul journeying. IGod is being produced by Robert Friedman and Neale Donald Walsh, and directed by Jonathan Friedman.

IGOD A DOCUMENTARY FILM ON GOD PRODUCERS ROBERT FRIEDMAN AND NEALE DONALD WALSH DIRECTOR JONATHAN FRIEDMAN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER RASHMI KHILNANI RASHMI KHILNANI IS ONE OF THE SPEAKERS. IN THIS FILM WHICH WILL FEATURE SPIRITUAL AUTHORS, HEADS OF VARIOUS RELIGOUS DENOMINATIONS AND PEOPLE AT ALL LEVELS OF SOUL JOURNEYING. People have been asking questions about the nature of God since the dawn of humankind. And even though our world has seen many advances in both science and technology over the last few centuries, disagreements about God still, to this day, lead to ethnic and religious warfare, hatred, exploitation, the suppression of women, and the debasing of human dignity. Many religions have created rituals and dogmas that separate one from the other, and they often cling to the belief that only they have the answers, the correct explanations, the one truth. But are any of them actually right? Can the true nature of God ever truly be understood or explained? IGod will be out this fall 2014.

Link to see the trailer: =Rs5gvM1Z3EU&feature=share 37 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Understanding Humanity from the Indian Culture by Shilpa Savant Part three

38 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Certain professions in India (including celebrities, artists, teachers, politicians, defense personnel, family owned businesses and agriculture) are followed in the families across generations. There is steadily rising trend of leading business management schools from all across the world studying and teaching how to manage family owned businesses. This is happening because of success and sustainability of Indian family business houses in fast changing uncertain business environment.

es in much better ways as compared to most other countries that were caught totally unaware at the level of masses. To understand the same, let us observe the socio professional world over last few centuries.

The secret behind success of Indian professionals across functions and across the globe resides is in their preparedness in advance and ability to adapt to newer ways of being professionals with need based professional support from the family and relatives. Varna tradition (here taken as 4 different approaches to any work or anyone) has helped Indians prepare towards changing their behavioral approach in line with the corresponding values of particular Varna whose time has come. Thousands of years ago, changing importance and influence of Varnas were predicted in Indian culture. As many Indians followed the cultural predictions and prepared their attitude accordingly, they were more prepared to grab more opportunities, adapt and succeed in line with the changing times. As per the predictions, globally, the Varnas have been ruling the world of humans in same sequence of its mention in Indian culture. Indians were among the nations which responded to each of these chang39 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Toward the end of 19th century, Global Brahmans (Education and R&D) Scientists and educationists played most influential role causing series of path breaking discoveries, innovations and industrial revolution. The core values of Brahman Varna are learning attitude, simple living and scientific approach to life. India changed its gear by accepting English as global language for its talent to produce numerous educationists and scientists during this period.

economies that opened its doors very fast for globalization with high levels of transparency to consider all ethical businesses for inclusion in economical development.

In first half of 20th century, Kshatriyas (military leaders and politicians) played decisive role. This was the time wherein world wars on battle field and cold wars on political front influenced human lives including professions and social challenges across the world. The core values of Kshatriya Varna are courage, generosity, power and forgiveness. Indians were among the first courageous nations that participated extensively as peace keeping force during world wars. Like a hard core Kshatriya, India showed generosity and forgiveness towards invading armies of neighboring countries giving won over land back to them even after victory of Indian military power. In second half of 20th century Vaishyas (Businessmen and economists) started ruling human culture through liberalization, globalization and capitalism with growing materialism across countries. The cold wars were replaced by hot waves of corporate wars. Nations were made smaller by larger powers of MNCs. Individuals were made more calculative and money minded in majority aspects of life. India scored as among the biggest 40 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

21st century has started with Kshudras (those providing support services) playing decisive role in revolutionizing Service sector. Kshudra Varna symbolizes the core values of service attitude substantiated by openness to do any kind of labour as per requirements with agility, mobility, adaptability and versatility. India’s performance in IT sector across roles from inventor to programmer from maintenance to call centre has been most remarkable

across continents. This clearly indicates preparedness of its masses (with family background from different Varnas) to adapt to Kshudra approach to work very constructively, professionally and with total commitment. In short, with clear guidelines and values practiced over generations, Indian culture facilitates optimum development and utilization of human potential as per changing requirements of human life stages at micro level with talent qualities required at macro level. The Indian culture to ensure continuity through decentralized and self sustainable systems made to last

concerned stakeholders. The idea of rebirth significantly reduces escapism from present life (one main reason behind low rates of suicides) and reduced intensity of worries related to ill health, old age and death. At the same time, it significantly enhances individual responsibility to have good intensions and perform good deeds for betterment of own lives with highest levels of humility and respect for all.

Key cultural concept across different religions developed in India (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism & others) is that of Karma and re birth. Karma approach (as you sow, so you reap) is the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual. Karma is closely associated with the idea of rebirth wherein karma in the present affects one’s future in the current life, as well as the nature and quality of future lives. In other words, Karma provides total em-

powerment and internal locus of control to individuals in designing individual future through present intensions and deeds. This approach is followed with deep rooted conviction in its high accuracy and timeliness of results. The faith is also put on the hope that the results will be delivered for sure at the most appropriate time and manner within or across lifetimes for optimum well being (Win – Win) of the 41 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Karma creates the bed rock of Indian culture wherein Indian masses are governed by self analysis and course corrections in order to gain and sustain inner alignment with goodness in thoughts, words and actions. The Indian culture ensure continuity of the culture through such decentralized and self sustainable systems made to last.

The commitment to continuously move ahead in life is the final value of Indian culture. This can be observed in the form of symbols such as Swastika in Hinduism, prayer wheel in Buddhism and Pradakshinas (circumambulation of sacred places) in Hindu, Jain or Buddhist context. Common aspect of all three symbols is the fact that all of them are guided to be moved in clockwise direction only.

42 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Clock wise direction is indicative of going in line with the universal plan for progress and further evolution for all. Once aligned with WIN Win plan of the universe, the followers are designed to succeed. Anti clock wise Swastika / Backward Swastika as used by Nazi party of Hitler indicated attempt to reverse the evolution cycle of human evolution and hence was designed for failure. Values of Karma and symbol of Swastika both indicate that life will shape up as per our intensions and deeds hence we need to make our contribution in line with macro plans of inclusive progress for all. What is Humanity? From my perspective, Humanity is an integrated recipe of benevolence containing compassion, humaneness, kindness,understanding, tolerance, gentleness, leniency, mercifulness, generosity, magnanimity, care and dignity. What is Indian Culture? The Indian culture is the biggest, most diversified expression of living the Humanity. If we want to learn more about how to practice humanity, then we should meet more Indians who will demonstrate the oneness through their compassionate behavior PROVIDED we can reciprocate to Namaskara of the Indian with open palms to explore the magic of oneness of humanity.

Shilpa S Inamdar is a Grand Master in Reiki & Karuna Reiki, an Advance Pranic Healer & Pranic Psychotherapist, Numerologist and Advanced Crystal Healer. Shilpa makes spiritual and energy techniques her base. A few Indian and International Masters have trained her. She has travelled the globe to master her expertise. She staunchly believes that the body is like a temple that should maintain a relaxed state. The interaction of one’s inner energies with the outside environment decides how healthy a person is. Many of our ailments arise from absorbing the negative energies in our environment, or due to certain obstacles in our aura. Shilpa helps us identify and eliminate just that. A wonderful human being with utmost humility,compassion and command in the field of Energy Healing and connections with Consciousness. Grand Master and Founder of institute of Energy Research and Study.

Happy to be Indian Human!

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The Key To Riding The Waves Of Change In Grace Message from Goddess Mother by Jan Diana My Beloved Children, “It is with great heart that I greet you this day. These are the times of great change. It is a time you have been waiting for with great anticipation and excitement, though you may not have the full awareness of this at this time. This is about to change as you choose the time of your readiness.

presence at this time on our Beloved Earth. It is not something to be feared, though it may bring up thoughts that are disconcerting to you. It is a time that you have longed for. Your very hearts know of what I am speaking.

Remembering your heart and your truth is in a process for you. It is part of your Your very nature is of such a sweetness, personal evolution, which you are expealways flowing, like a wonderful dance. riencing most wonderfully. You might say that change is part of your divine nature, for you are flowing always As you spend time in quiet reflection, in this dance of delight. Though you may you will feel this connection to your heart not remember it fully yet, never the less ever more and begin to have a greater it is your truth and only a matter of mo- awareness of what it is that you have ments until you do. been dreaming about, what it is that you are beginning to have a greater sense of. As you look upon your life at this time, you might have a sense of much change In your moments of awareness, you may in the energies, in the way people are even wonder how you can change, or thinking and perhaps even a sensing what your life might look like. Imagine that there are some new opportunities that you and every part of the family of that are knocking at your door. Gaia is in this evolutionary process, some more aware than others. With all parts Sometimes you might even feel a bit of Gaia, all people and yourself making overwhelmed as it seems like some of changes in your thoughts, in how you the ways you used to approach things perceive your life and the world, we can don’t seem to be working anymore. In say with great certainty that there are big truth this is part of the reality that is in changes in process at this time. 47 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

With so much in this flow of change, how can you move through these waves and feel the greatest ease and balance? The answer is quite simple my sweet ones, it is to find harmony. To be in harmony, in accord with yourself and your reality, will assist you in being in harmony within a world of change.

ity to recognize what is the real truth and see it as such. Imagine how your life can change with this simple change in focus?

It is a simple shift in perspective, yet will open up doorways of infinite potentials for self- discovery and awareness. As you spend more of your moments in harmony with yourself, your life and the You might ask, how can I be in harmony world, you will find greater peace and when my very life feels so uncertain and joy. Things in your life will seem to work I don’t know what tomorrow might look so much easier for you. like? The key is to find your harmony within yourself, to let go of any energy Being in harmony, will help you not only that has a tug of war or resistance en- to move through all the waves of change ergy. To come into acceptance with what in grace, it will prepare you for the next is, while you are remembering and learn- stages of your evolution. You have been ing how to create what you really desire dreaming of these opportunities and now in your life to express and experience. it is here. Open your heart and mind to Let me share with you a simple way to embrace the changes that are here and find that inner harmony which can assist coming. Your heart will sing in such joy you to be in ease and grace as you move as you begin to more fully recognize your forward in a world of much change. own golden light. Spend some time taking notice of what It is time my children for you to choose. your thoughts are about. Are you in fear You are ready, you are remembering. or in joy? Much is being offered to assist you and yet you are the great Master that is priviNotice what was it that triggered these leged to choose your path. You are alfeelings? If you have something which ways honored in your choices. As you is creating feelings and thoughts of fear move into greater self-awareness of your fear, look at it in a different way. See it lightness, you will rediscover what you as a beautiful golden energy, like sparkly have always known, that you are a begold dust. As you look upon it in this way, ing of great love and capacity with the you will notice that you feel differently, it innate gifts and abilities to create all your is as if that very fear has softened and dreams held within you hearts. transformed before your very eyes. You see in truth, everything is created I am here cheering you on always. I from beautiful golden light. If it appears know each of you. I know what you are different than that, it is playing a role capable of. You are my Beloved Children within the illusion. You have the capac- of great promise, in my heart always. 48 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

May you be in the joy of sweet harmoJan Diana is ny as you move through these glorious an intuitive healer, times.” spiritual teacher, and master practitioner. With great love, Her mission is to Your Beloved Mother assist clients and students in creating As a Gift I am offering you a Free Teleharmony, balance, heightened levels Class, “Harmony, The Key To Riding The of clarity, develop innate gifts and Waves Of Change In Grace” abilities, empowering them on their Take a journey to experience the Sacred personal evolution to create the dreams waters of harmony where you will have of their heart. She utilizes several an opportunity to release energy of resismodalities including SVH L3M, tance and discord. Animal healing, GHM, Language of love, Experience the Harmony of your heart Reiki Master, and more. in a new profound way that will help you see the lightness in all that is. Begin to Sessions and Classes by phone. If you open your heart to receive the love that have questions or would like to set up flows to you and allow it to assist you to a session, you can reach her at website expand in wonderment. This class is a true celebration of your sweet divine na- ture. or by email Note: Register by subscribing by email at: SPECIAL offer 20% discount for new clients. Free meditation journeys, (if the time is not convenient, register to articles, & classes. receive the recording when available) free_telecasts.html

49 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

The Dance of the Divine by Rasha

An Excerpt from A Journey to Oneness

50 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

In A Journey to Oneness—the longawaited sequel to the underground spiritual classic, Oneness—Divine Messenger, Rasha, takes us along on a seven-year odyssey through the labyrinths of consciousness, as she shares the incredible story of her own spiritual journey. With the profound wisdom of Oneness (the Divine Presence often referred to as “God”) to light the way, A Journey to Oneness takes us for an authentic ride on the roller-coaster of spiritual transformation, and gives us the tools to radically change our lives—and transform our world. This vivid, literary tapestry chronicles a mind’s probing questions about what is actually happening as it slowly unravels and shifts into a higher octave of perception—documents the astounding answers as they emerge from within—and weaves it all seamlessly with the poetry and rapture of Divine Union. As Oneness helps Rasha circumnavigate the potholes along the road to “freedom,” the reader is given a vibrant new vision of the nature of humanness, and indepth guide to discovering the Divinity within.

scribed this beautiful passage from Oneness. The words of Oneness so often seemed prophetic to me. They had a way of setting the stage for the deep inner shifts that invariably would follow, as I allowed my heart to lead me ever deeper into the great unknown. Oneness captured the absolute wonderment of that ongoing sense of surrender, and its inherent gift of self-discovery, with this most poetic passage. It was selected and adapted as a meditation entitled “The Dance of the Divine Lover” for the CD, The Meditations of Oneness: A Journey to the Heart of the Divine Lover, which was released in November, 2009. The sacred state of Divine Union and why we are here in physical form Oneness speaks:

This is Oneness. This is the Presence that permeates your consciousness in this moment. This is the blissful union of which you are a part. This is the destiny toward which you journey. And this is the destination at which you have already arrived. This is the sacred contract that has been fulfilled, in perpetuity, with every nuance of your unfoldment. This is the promise that continues to be Here’s a selection from A Journey to revealed within you, with every waking Oneness that captures an exquisite breath. sense of the rapture that awaits us on the spiritual journey. In these passion- This experience of the embracing of your ate words of Divine wisdom, Oneness own Divinity is not an act defined in a guides us toward discovering who we moment and thereafter relegated to really Are! something that has already happened. It is an experience that grows and deepᵜᵜᵜᵜ ens—an experience that continues to “Amidst a whirlwind of preparations for unfold. And not unlike the experience of returning to India for the winter, I tran51 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

lovemaking, presents a newness with ies that would define that limited sense each embrace. of self. Every time we experience this union—this Oneness—we are deepening a bond that will only continue to grow eternally. Every touch of this Presence is like a caress. Every breath, bonded in the embrace of Presence, is Divine Love, revealing itself, and reveling in its own unbridled aliveness. There is no other within the context of this consummate embrace. It is Self, glorying in its’ own unfoldment, discovering the delights of its own Essence, mirroring its’ own sweetness through the perceptions of form. We share in the experience of form. And we share in the experience of formlessness. For, in the exchange, you have revealed the true nature of your own Sacred Self, and the miracle of a birthing into awareness is experienced, through the vehicle of form, throughout the full multidimensionality of form and formlessness that is who you truly Are. This foray into the experience of Oneness, is not simply a one-on-one exchange. It is an exponential encounter, rippling out like a raindrop, into liquid stillness, touching every aspect of that Divine Presence with the sheer joy of it. Your bliss, in this moment, is not your own. For, to perceive it as an experience that is yours would be to contain it and imprison it—to withhold the raindrop from the ocean of perception that waits, yearning in anticipation, to receive it. This bliss is not at all your experience. For, in the union that brings this joy into manifestation, is the relinquishing of the boundar-

In the receiving of it is the simultaneous relinquishing of the separation that would allow for the possibility that this experience—or any experience—would be one’s own. The sense of you-ness merges into a totality of perception. And the sense of who and what you Are takes on the coloration of an infinitely broader spectrum of possibility. The one who is perceiving this moment of delight is not at all limited to the linear you who began this lifetime believing in the illusion of that very separation and spent decade after decade creating a history of supporting evidence to bolster that presumption. Now, you begin to be able to sense the monumental piece of fiction that has been created in the name of that minute shred of identity. You are so much more than that. In this experience of Divine Nowness, where an unfathomable scope of awareness hints at its’ own Isness, you, as the vehicle of linear perception, are able to translate the touch of the Supreme Lover into the language of linear experience— and through breaths of joy, give it definition. This is Who you Are, the microcosm and the macrocosm of your own exponential Isness, peering through the pinhole of your own minute vantage point, and gasping in wonder at implications that are magnificently incomprehensible—and at the same time, unquestionable.

52 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Only though the shieldedness of that Divine Life is moving toward the experivision is the sublime sense of wonder- ence of daybreak.” ment possible. For, in the fullness of that infinite awareness, all of it simply Is. So, by all means, perceive this moment with which you have been gifted. Feel the fullness of these delights. And know that it is through the blessed perception of the sheer joy of your own Self-discovery, that you give the gift of that Love in return. With each set of eyes that is opened, with each blissful new awakening, the dance of the Divine Lover takes another step toward Ultimate Union. And with every glimpse into the secret inner sanctums of sacredness and delight, you add yet another caress to the experience of Divine Love that is here, for all the world to share. This newborn moment is the gift. This miracle of Self-recognition is what we have come to this experience of incarnate reality to share: Oneness, in bonded union with our own sacred essence, with full, conscious awareness of it. That is why you are here. That is why you have come into form. That is why you are secretly so intrigued with the possibility of the world of the formless. This is what keeps you searching for clues to the meaning of your existence, rather than simply allowing the bars of your outer prison to define your world.

Rasha is a modernday spiritual Messenger, she has worked as a courier of Divine guidance for over twenty years. In February 1998, she began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness”─ the Divinity we all share. Word for word, Rasha transcribed the principles that give us a new level of understanding of the mystery we call “life.” Theses teachings empower us to take a quantum leap into our own inner depths and totally transform our lives ─ and our world.

Rasha is author of the spiritual classic, Oneness, Rasha has worked as Divine The seeds of Self-discovery, planted so Messenger for over 25 years. deeply within you, have begun to seek the Light. And, slowly, from the depths of self-imposed captivity, the seed of 53 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Resting Between Takes by Ellen Angelica Pendergast

Dear Spirit-Minded: I have read so much about Soul Mates... it sounds so wonderful and so perfect... and yet, I know I am married to mine, and it is sometimes so uplifting and other times...SO CHALLENGING! HELP! Dear Help, Soul mates are your mirror image.... they are there to help you heal every false thought you ever had about yourself, and to help you to tear down the walls you have built around yourself... you are also there to do the same for them...and sometimes once those walls are down, and exposure has happened, it can be both painful, and challenging, to say the least. It is better to view your Soul Mate as someone whom has shown up because you are finally ready to Love yourself completely...that means the REAL YOU, not the one who wears the mask....and in order to Love yourself, you must show up as your REAL self...for when you do, you are happy with who you Real Are. Understand that all is a gift! Blessings! 54 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

Ever hear of the expression, “resting be- ference in creating a life that has meantween takes?” We usually refer to this in ing, is in balance, and evolved. It is what the movie industry, when actors are tak- every Master knows and has done. ing a break between scenes. Remember, to rest is to re-create in our Looking at our lives, we are basically in Grandest and Greatest vision and verone big illusion, creating the ‘Movie of our sion we ever had about’s Life.” This realization calls for an imme- no small wonder that ‘recreation’ actually diate ‘change of scene,’ so to speak; for can best be thought of as ‘re-creating our when we decide to take a break between energy.’ the ‘scenes of our lives,’ a wonderful experience and very important thing oc- Give yourself a chance to connect to curs...we re-group. We set up our vibra-’s who we all REALLY ARE, tion to match a better outcome. and this ‘resting between takes,’ is one way to achieve that bliss. Remember, everything has already been done. We literally vibrate in and out of Blessings! frequencies all day long, (with all having different outcomes for the same situation) and while doing so, we usually do not realize such an amazing metaphysical experience is even taking place...until Ellen Angelica Pendergast received we do. a B.A. in Education Being Christed, is Being Awake. It is not in 1978; four major only remembering who You REALLY are fields of study: English, (which is a Spirit/God, having a Human Art, Social Studies, Experience), but it is also remembering and Psychology. Received her M.S. in that everyone else is also THAT. Clinical Psychology in 1997. Has treated When we choose to be aware of this, patients in a locked psych ward, held a two we consciously decide to take a break, office private practice, and currently is starting which does not have to take can a private practice in Arizona. be whatever we wish it to be. It can even last for as little as 10 seconds, but in that Taught Psychology classes at a University relaxed moment, we reset our frequency; in the Chicago area, and has just completed we calm, we meditate briefly, and we then a children’s book. She is currently writing go into our next scene, or life experience, another book for young adults and the with a mindset of flow, rather than resis- general public. tance. This ‘rest between takes,’ may not seem like much, but it makes all the dif- Contact Ellen; 55 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

An Excerpt from The Collapse of


By Philip Comella

Material scientists thus have it upside down: the world does not arise naturally from fundamental equations, but rather the equations arise naturally from the forms of the dream world. The melody came first, but scientists since the beginning have instead sought to prove how the notes arose from nothing and organized themselves into a song that keeps repeating and evolving. They are looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

56 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

The universe did not create itself from the small bits to the three-dimensional forms of the physical world, but from the outer forms inward. In the Real Dream, humans and the outside world evolve together as two self-reflective forms. The internal parts, by definition, cannot control the dream, any more than manipulating an image on a movie screen will alter the movie projector.

But in this dream, as in any other, when we fool ourselves into thinking that it controls us, this thought becomes programmed into the dreaming mind and we operate following that guide; our dreams always push against the limiting thought, as we strive for immortality, for peace, for heaven in a material world. But the world we believe exists pulls us down. The most positive and healthy attitude is not to give up control; adopt the no-limit thought of the artist and athlete, and fight against the belief that the world controls you. We know that the dream must follow the command of the mind, but our day-to-day conscious minds are floating on top of a united, unconscious mind that spins the world out, like a spider its web. The end point to the dream—the edge of the universe, the tip of a rose petal, the end of a rainbow, and sparkle in a child’s eye— is a creative expression of the mind. We can explain the laws of nature as the relationships and values necessary to form a three-dimensional storybook world. In running away from nothing, the dark void, we pull hard on the rope and it tightens into a crystalline form; but we pull this rope with an infinite dreaming mind, and leave behind a projected world formed into patterned internal structures. We exist as survivors, not of a big bang but of an explosion of infinite creativity. We are the result of an infinite mind becoming aware of itself; for a time the wave pulls us along by its own power, but after a while the mind comes to understand itself. It unites and we catch the wave and try to ride it out, mastering it the best we

can. Realizing that we sit at the control of creation is the first step of an eternal quest to command the dream. It may never happen—the dream may always race just ahead of us, beyond our farthest grasp— but we have no choice but to chase after it, striving for an endless future.

PHILIP COMELLA is a lawyer, visionary futurist, and host of the popular radio show Conversations Beyond Science and Religion, podcast at www. His book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God, is a culmination of decades of work committed to developing a new and credible scientific paradigm to unify the physical world of science with the metaphysics of religion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The Collapse of Materialism is available everywhere books are sold. ISBN 9781-937907-21-1, Rainbow Ridge Books, 2014.



What Is God

An excerpt from God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped

by Patti Conklin 58 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

God Is not a being sitting on golden throne, saying, “Well, only twelve people prayed for you, and fifteen people prayed for someone else, so I’m going to let you die.” Nor is God waiting with fire and brimstone, ready to dole out punishment. God and the Other Side, like all things, carry only the meaning that we give them. It is what it is. Period.

have transitioned. We use religion, the paranormal, and the phenomena as ways to make ourselves feel special. Serenity exists on the Other Side . . . a thousand times more profound than anything you’ll ever experience in human form. Throughout my lifetime, during times of severe personal unrest, I’ve always taken a pillow and blanket and gone into the deepest, darkest closet in my home . . . not because I’m depressed, but because in absolute blackness, I can see my own light inside of me, and truly understand that God is within me.

God is nothing and He is everything. Mankind has a tendency to separate this world, including the afterworld, into us and them. There is no separation, however. When we die, we are exactly the same. We are in different energy forms when we lose our cellular structures, our bodies, but we remain right The Creator is not some untouchable, here. unreachable object. He is a part of you, in you, existing inside of you! Some people say they talk to the dead, and relay messages from dead people I worked with a man in his mid-thirties to their grieving relatives. They read the named David. He had appendicitis, and vibrational signature of the person who his appendix had burst before it could has transitioned, and do an awful lot of be removed. It was also cancerous, and creative interpretation. They say what the cancer had spread throughout his they think the person might be saying. abdomen. David and his wife, Marie, were both executives, and had been They might say, “It’s your cousin Bob, married ten years. They’d put off having and he’s very angry,” or, “Your moth- babies in order to travel the world exer is happy.” Yet human emotion does tensively. Marie had become pregnant The Other Side is a state of complete just months before David developed serenity. No anger, resentment, or jeal- appendicitis. His belly grew even as his ousy resides there, nor does any joy, wife’s belly grew with their baby, for as laughter, or pleasure. These are human the cancer spread throughout his abemotions that have no bearing on the domen, it grew more and more swollen. Other Side. How can a soul be angry, or In time, it split open. Marie was frantic happy? That is pure judgment. for a cure, and they went to Mexico and Germany for help. The baby was born, The Other Side is here, but most of us and David kept getting worse. That’s don’t see the vibrations of souls who when he contacted me. 59 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

We did a Cellular Cleansing, and when we reached his age eight, it was clear that his soul had a contract, that it was to be released from the human form at age thirty-eight.

was going through the motions to pacify her.

Marie returned a few hours later, having been able to accept David’s decision. She had been the one searching for and researching cures. She had made all the trip plans. She had initiated all the desperate measures they’d attempted. Now, she truly understood that he was not participatingin his own healing. He

I left my body and went to David, and helped his soul leave his body and transition to the Other Side. David and Marie had just become Christians, and had little understanding of the belief, but they had a wonderful Minister who’d helped prepare them for this challenging transition.

One night near the end, Marie called and asked me to come be with David the next day. He got on the phone with me David decided to rewrite his contract, and was clearly delusional. When Maand I watched as he changed the age rie got back on the phone, I said I would of his death to seventy-four. However, come down first thing. when I asked him to verbally read his contract back to me, he said the age of The next morning, as I ate breakfast with his transition would be thirty-eight. my sons, Father quietly spoke to me. “You told my son David that you wouldAt that point, I knew his soul was going be with him when he crossed. He is now to go. As gently as I could, I posed the ready to come home.” question, “Why are you still around?” “For Marie and the baby. She’ll be so I was a hundred miles away, so I said to devastated if I die.” me boys, “I haveto leave my body for a little while. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes We discussed the pros and cons of be- or so. Everything is okay. I just need to ing true to himself, help this man transition.” and being true to his wife. We rationally looked at the trauma that she, and the While I don’t speak a lot of my sons in rest of their families, would endure if he this book, I’d like to note that they have indeed spoke to them of how he truly felt. been incredible young men. While living with me was indeed different than what Ultimately, after much discussion, he their friends experienced, they never made a decision: he would tell her that judged me, or questioned the length of he wanted to go. We told her together. time I was gone from them throughout It devastated her, and she cried hysteri- the years, as I assisted other people. cally. I could only imagine the pain that My leaving my body to go assist a soul conversation had caused as she left the crossing was just another normal day for room. them.

60 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

As I arrived in soul form, I could see David’s grandparents had come for him, as had Jesus. I helped David by connecting my vibrational essence to his soul, and assisted him with the final release of the physical form, and then I returned to my body, back in my house in Hartwell.

PATTI CONKLIN is a world-class energy healer, and a much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures, and conferences.

As soon as I popped back into my body, my telephone rang. Marie said, “It’s David. We’re trying to do CPR. Please do something!” The anguish in her voice was devastating. “I already did,” I said quietly. “It was time for him to go home.” Her work and gifts have been referenced in many books, I immediately got in my car and drove such as Miracles of the the 100 miles to their home, and spent Casa by Josie Ravenwing, the day with Marie. She wouldn’t eat a book about John of Godin Brazil; unless I helped her, and wouldn’t sleep Soul Agreements by Dick Sutphen; unless I held her hand. stayed with her and Radical Remissions by Dr. Kelly throughout the day, and we talked about Turner. She is a frequent keynote her need to refocus. After all, she now speaker at alternative healing had a beautiful six-month-old baby boy conventions, including the annual to raise. meeting of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She is the creator of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions, or physical challenges. Even an episode of the X-Files was partially based on her life and experience. Her book God Within, ISBN 978-1-9737907-23-5, Rainbow Ridge Books is available everywhere books are sold.

61 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Art by Maryam Morrison 62 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♼ November 2014

exploring your

Dreams by Rob Ragozzine

“It is characteristic that dreams never express themselves in a logical, abstract way but always in the language of parable or simile.” ~ Carl Jung Have you ever had a dream you struggled to understand? Somehow the dream caught your attention and wouldn’t let go. No matter what you did the dream still remained elusive? Yet, the imagery stuck with you and felt very real. And, not knowing where to begin you simply didn’t know how to approach your dream to unlock its meaning. Eventually its power faded and you let the dream slide to the back of your mind, but it still has potency and you may even think about the dream from time to time. An initial trick to begin better understanding the meaning of a dream is to give each dream a name. You’ll also want to record your dreams in your own dream journal, which you can keep by your bed. You can make your dream exploration easier by looking at your dream as if it were a movie and you’re the star.

Doesn’t that feel powerful? What’s the name of this dream movie you’ve just starred in? Giving a name to your dream allows you to connect with the power and potential of the dream. It might also be easier if you don’t view the dream in a direct and literal sense. Allow the dream symbols to speak with you. In the quote above, Jung was trying to convey that the dream has a personal story to tell, but its inner message is conveyed symbolically and metaphorically. Consider your dream as if it is a fairy tale, myth or parable for your life. The central theme of your dream might even relate to your favorite story or fairy tale as a child. The dream could also be similar to one of your favorite books, television shows or movies. You just need to be curious about the dream and begin to explore it. What does it remind you of? Does any character stand out? Does the dream remind you of a story? Don’t be afraid to explore your dream for some time before you start to make connections.

63 THEEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

I one of my dreams I met a beaver with magical powers. He had a very special wooden box into which people could put issues and questions. The box would then offer a way to transform your issues, or bring about a solution for your questions. I called the dream “Leave it to Beaver.” For me, the title has power and a little humor, as it encapsulates the message of the dream and reminds me of an old TV show called “Leave it to Beaver.” In the show Ward was the father of two boys. Ward was the problem solver and I connect with the beaver on a problem solving level, but I also laugh as I recall the seemingly simple, yet effective and powerful, solutions Ward always was able to come up with.

cal transforming power of the box or not. Anyone could give the beaver their issue written on a piece of paper and he’d take it to his magic box. The box would transform the issue, helping you to solve it. However, you could also ask for your issue back. I looked at that aspect as a willingness to let go, release your anxiety or fear, and remain open to something new unfolding within your life. You could leave the issues alone and the magic wooden box would work its magic on them, or you could try to micro-manage and continue to worry and struggle with the issues yourself. Experiment with this process for yourself. Begin to name your dreams and notice how much easier it is to then unlock more of the hidden message your dream carries. Look for dream titles which resonate with you on an inner level. For instance, you could name a dream about living in a volcano something like “It’s a little warm,” or “Lava flowing,” or “Mighty magma,” Notice which name has more power for you, and then use the name and the connections which come up for you, like I did, to more fully explore your dream.

After you’ve come up with a title, you could then give it a genre classification. Does the style fit into romance, comedy or drama? The overall mood of the dream can guide you here. How does it feel to you? What props, textures, colors and shapes are there to enhance the mood of the dream? How did you feel when you were dreaming? What were the primary colors in the dream? Were there many bright colors? Where were you and how was the space decorated? All of the dream details matter. Good luck and have fun exploring your dreams! My dream was mostly inside the beaver‘s stick house. It was dark, but plenty of light was shining through. However, the scenery made me think of the dream as a drama, especially as the beaver could be a source of incredible help, or none at all. It depended on you as you could decide to benefit from the magi64 THEDENMAGAZINE.COM ♥ November 2014

Rob Ragozzine is an author, teacher, blogger and online radio host. For him, it seems like he always had a deep interest in studying and exploring intuition, dreams, tarot, numerology and many other fascinating subject! In his early teens he became more aware of his own intuitive abilities. Like many people he had powerful dreams and premonitions, which gave him glimpses of how strange the world can be. But, he was young and also speaks loudly to him. You can read didn’t understand what he was observing. his Numerology book, Your Life Counts, on Amazon. It’s all about following the As he was growing up, since he didn’t guidance from your Life Path number. fully understand what was happening, there wasn’t much that he could do about the intuitive messages and inner knowing that came to him, As time passed he sought after, studied and learned about his interests. He read, studied, took classes, practiced and developed his skills and his talents.

Now, his currently crafting a book on dreams after many years of exploring them for himself, and helping others to do the same. This new dream book will be for anyone who is striving to bring well-being and wholeness into their lives. It’s for anyone who wants to uncover meaning within their lives. Many people struggle with the meaning of a particular dream symbol, and look it up in a book and leave it at that. Even if the description feels right, that doesn’t help with what to do next. His book guides you through the process of what to do next, which involves developing a deeper connection to your heart and your intuition. It’s about finding a way to listen to the guidance coming into your life and using it to live better. Divination through Numerology

He has hosted weekly shows on Awakened Radio for over two years now. His primary show is called Your Unfolding Senses. It’s all about opening to your own intuition. His goal through the weekly discussions is to help to show you how you can deepen your connection to yourself, your heart and intuition, and the world around you. He feels with awareness comes life. Rather than settling for what comes your way, you can choose to lead an expansive life. This isn’t about ego or competing with your neighbors. Instead it’s about developing a true connection to your heart. Your curiosity can bring new situations to explore and bigger awareness to your life. You can use your awareness and your senses to passionately and intuitively live in the modern world rather than trying to hide or escape. Rob believe the world needs us to bring ourselves and our talents out. What are you bringing to your life, your community and the world? What role are you taking on?

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