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Happiness under the knife

Maryam Eftekhar Dadkhah - London College of Fashion

As cosmetic surgery is deeper than just physical result It is mentioned as ‘The object of this treatment is happiness.’

This is the age of embracing choices and change. And Cosmetic surgery is among the controversial topics. Surgery Junkies focuses on celebrating cosmetic surgeries, portraying beauty, change and culture. Using precious material, facial beauty, and portraying different cosmetic procedures through jewellery.

Plastic Surgery Middle Eastern Women and High fashion Burqa Luxury and modesty Covering and Hiding

Gold Plasters. Luxury + medical

Luxury, Bespke, Editorial, High End Designer


Beauty and bravery


Cheek piece, covering fabric patterned gold plasters, sits on nose, hides cheeks.


Chin piece, covers and holds the chin, hold by ear. at

Maryam Eftekhar Dadkhah SS16

Maryam Eftekhar Dadkhah

maryam.dadkhah@hotmail. com @maryamdadkhahjewellery

LCFBA15 exhibition June 2015

Surgery Junkies FMP  
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