Page 1 EPISODE 2 “Choosing the Right Crate for Your Puppy”

A puppy needs  proper dog  d house training house training.

You can begin  with choosing  the right crate h i h for your puppy for your puppy.

The market is full of puppy crates  The market is full of puppy crates that are customized according to dog breeds.

It is advisable to  It is advisable to measure your  y puppy first before  buying a crate. 

Buy a crate that is a  size bigger than the  size bigger than the size of your puppy. size of your puppy.

Begin crate training your puppy by  Begin crate training your puppy by teaching him to get inside the crate.

Try putting  your puppy’s  f favorite i toys  inside the crate inside the crate.

You can also pick up your puppy  You can also pick up your puppy and put it in the crate  p when it is feeling sleepy.

Make us of  commands with  b th both words and  d d gestures. gestures

Proper puppy crate  training will  ll save you save you  time and  effort. The Best Puppy Crate Training Advice You Can Get

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Love your puppy crate training with these fun filled tips. Crate is the personal world of your puppy. This article helps you build the dream home for your pet...

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