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Careers In Gear: Where Do You Fit In The Future? The 7 Gears of Cutting Edge Careers

By: The Blue

Where Does The Welding Gear Fit In?

• “ My grandfather, a retired welder at T.V.A, was on me to come over here and try it. I love it- both what I do and the money!”…….Alex (Calhoun Student)

Where Does The Aerospace Gear Fit In?

“Some of us are not cut out for academics. Some of us are better with our hands than our heads. And those of us who are good at both are a force to be reckoned with.” ………………Dennis Holmes (Aerospace Instructor)

Where Does Machine Tool Technology Gear Fit In?

• “ I went into Machine Tool Technology because I always liked to tear things apart, build, and invent things. Plus, I liked math.”….T.J. (Calhoun Student)

Where Does Design Draft Technology Gear Fit In?

“I decided to get a degree in drafting to be able to use my mental ability rather than my physical body.”…Mark (Calhoun Student)

Where Does The HVAC Gear Fit In?

• “The best part of the HVAC program is the variety of hands-on activities, classroom work and computer experience.”…Richard Sutton (Calhoun HVAC student)

Where Does The Process Technology Gear Fit In?

“We ask ourselves, ‘What’s the new thing coming down the path?’ We have to incorporate that.”...Jim Forthman (PCT Instructor).

Where Does The Industrial Tech. Gear Fit In?

“When a door of opportunity is open, walk through it. Be at the right place at the right time. Ninety-percent plus of our students start work immediately.”…… Richard Ferrara & Mark Rose ( Industrial Technology Instructors)

Quotes From Cutting Edge Consultants “ We’re excited to have the first 4-star female general coming to North Alabama. This will encourage females to go into non-traditional roles.”……Lucia Cape (Madison County Chamber of Commerce)

How To Drink Coffee. “We use the word kaizen. It means continuous improvement.”….Jim Bolte (President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing)

Industry Expert Quote “The future depends on our ability to identify, train, and challenge the next generation of TEAM members for all local companies.” ….Mike Selby (President of Automatic Screw)

Quotes From Cutting Edge Consultants “ Teach students critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication. This is what we’re looking for.” …Ed Lowery (Chemical Process Operator, BP)

Teledyne Brown Engineer Quoted “I look first at attitude and then talent because I can help anybody with their ability. But I can’t do a lot with attitude.” …………. Oscar Daniels (Mechanical Engineer)

Teledyne Brown Tour Calhoun Related Programs Welders Machine Tool Techs Aerospace HVAC Design Drafting Electrical Technology Industrial Maintenance Automation/Robotics

Industry Tours: 3M Calhoun Related Programs Welding HVAC Aerospace Automation Design Drafting Electrical Industrial Maintenance Machine Tool Technology Process Technology __________________________________________________________________

“ The work is not getting less complex. We will always need people with good technical skills, and you don’t get that by playing video games or working at Burger King.” …….Joel Belew

Industry Tours: Micor Calhoun Related Programs Welding HVAC Aerospace Automation Design Drafting Electrical Industrial Maintenance Machine Tool Technology Process Technology

Quotes: The Instructors of Industry “Jimmy was straight with me. He said ‘Calvin, I can’t read or write.’ Now he’s a certified welder who has already made $80,000 this year.” …….Calvin Washington (Welding Instructor, June 2009)

Quotes: The Instructors of Industry “I got into welding because I found out the pay was great, and I could sit down doing it.” ………….Calvin Washington (Welding Instructor)

Welding Student Motivational Quote

“ I got into the Welding Program to make some money!” ………… Derrick Parker (Welding Program Student)

Educator AHA’S “I did not realize that Calhoun offered Tech Programs that truly prepared students for jobs that will pay them more money than I will ever see in my lifetime.” .... Angela Biggs

Educator AHA’S “I wish I were 18 again and could go through these programs.”…..Kim Qualls

Educator AHA’S “We had no idea of the excellence and resources of the technology programs at Calhoun Community College.”….Kathy Bond

Educator AHA’S “Most college grads are pursuing jobs whereas Calhoun grads have jobs pursuing them.”……Ryan Jeffery

Educator AHA’S “We need more Calvin Washingtons in our schools.”…… Twyla Maxtion.

Educator AHA’S “ I did not realize that Morgan County had 18 Fortune 500 companies.”……….Kathleen Williams

Industry Instructor Quotable

“If this was easy, N.A.S.A would have a monkey doing it.” ………Dennis

Holmes (Aerospace Instructor)

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