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Gentrification The biggest change I saw while visiting Los Angeles CA. was the weather the nights are chilly almost cold compared to the east coast. There is a vase different in the environment, you might say what about the people? I had a chance to experience cultural differences while taking public transportation. The trains going downtown












Areas, such as Englewood California once gang infested neighborhoods are now changing. New business is starting such as this Korean restaurant, the food was reasonably priced it was weight before you buy. Do not get me wrong fast food is still relevant Burger King’s stand out with its many specials and the food is good. We stayed at one of the many resorts in the area they offered amenities swimming, bars, also

entertainment. Black owned businesses are still in the neighborhood, but home owners were Mosely Korean, Hispanic are Japanese. On our way to visit Hollywood Ca. we stopped in downtown L.A. at different points of interest such as this photo










Hollywood California, you would not visit this region of the country without visiting Hollywood. From downtown you could see up into the hills surrounded by beautiful eloquent homes. What I enjoyed most Were the walk of fame and standing on your favorite star. The next stop Los Vegas, from the top deck of the Mega Bus you could see the mountains and desert plains which was amazing to me because I live in the green region in Georgia with lots of tall trees and

green grass. Arriving, in los Vegas we were greeted by casinos that had stunning exterior.

Finally, Circus Circus the location of our hotel it is very family orientated something most people do not know. It is Hughes takes up several cities blocks with all the kid’s activities here, there is something different everyday. I hope to visit again and look forward to my next vacation coming soon‌


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Table Of Contents Forward Chapter 1: Know Your Healthy Berries—The 7 Berries You Should Eat Everyday Chapter 2: Why Berries Work Better than Other Health Foods Chapter 3: Acai Berries—Antioxidant Goodness from the Rainforest Chapter 4: Maqui Berries—Good Health Comes in Small Packages Chapter 5: Goji Berries—Secret of Asian Longevity Chapter 6: Blueberries—Round Gobs of Good Health Chapter 7: Strawberries—Luscious Red Fruits of Delight Chapter 8: Bilberries—Tarty Health Benefits Chapter 9: Blackberries—Black Pearly Clusters of Nutrition Wrapping Up


Foreword Berries have been demonstrated to be some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Each month or so it seems fresh research is being brought out and new berries are being exposed and analyzed for their health giving attributes. Extremely high in antioxidants, berries rank amidst my favorite foods. So here is my list of different varieties of berries that are extremely high health benefits. (In no particular order).


Berry Boosters Acai, Maqui And Many Other Popular Berries That Will Change Your Life And Health.



Synopsis While people all over are busy looking for ‘health foods’ and pumping their bodies with various so-called health supplements, they are sadly forgetting one of nature’s biggest bounties that they have such easy access to. We are talking here of berries. There is a vast assortment of berries that nature provides us with, and rarely is a berry found that does not have extraordinary nutritional value. Just by including the right kinds of berries in our regular diet, we are able to improve our health and our life itself by a very significant degree. It is quite important for us to know our berries well. This initial chapter is an attempt at that… we are going to tell you of the seven most important berries that you should definitely include in your daily diet.


7 Berries You Should Eat Everyday Nature has furnished us with a host of goodies. Health experts have always advocated the use of natural foods for maintaining good health. According to most health experts, the reason for the denigration of human health in recent times is that our diet has become more ‘synthetic’ than ever. As such, one of the most effective ways to maintain the best health and fitness level is to go back to nature. Among the various goodies that nature has given us so abundantly are included hundreds of different species of berries. These tiny, colorful fruits are packed with an amazing level of nutritional goodness. Berries are known for their high antioxidant values—some of these products have the highest antioxidant value of all fruits—and it is this nutritional asset present in them that makes them lead the health brigade. In the course of this e-Book, we are going to see various such berries that nature has given us in its bounty and which have a great level of nutritional content in some form of the other. Here, as we are getting started, is a list of the top 7 berries that nature has to offer, berries that must be part of our everyday diet. The list of 7 berries follows. Acai Berry The acai berry is a relatively new discovery to most parts of the world, including USA, but this berry has been in use for centuries. A native


of the Brazilian rainforest region, the berry is naturally grown only in that part of the world. Due to its short shelf life, there are difficulties in preserving and transporting the berry to different parts of the world, where there is a huge demand currently for it. Acai berries are known to be the highest natural source of antioxidants present in nature, even more than red wine, which was considered the number one food for fighting against free radicals. It is these free radicals that can cause a very high amount of damage to the human system. Acai berries work by eliminating free radicals and thus improving the body on the whole. Acai berries are great for various aspects of human health and fitness. They are highly rated for their effectiveness in weight management. Apart from that, they are also known for their role in anti-aging, improving stamina, improving mental health, controlling diabetes, enhancing heart function, controlling blood pressure and so on. All acai available in countries outside the rainforest is in some or the other preserved form due to its short shelf life. Commonly available acai products are in the form of pulps, freeze-dried powders, syrups and squashes, etc. Maqui Berry While the acai berry enjoys its position as the number one healthy berry available in nature, the maqui berry comes a close second. This is a temperate fruit which grows indigenously in Chile and Argentina and is exported to other parts of the world in various forms.


Maqui berries have lower antioxidant content than acai berries, but we will get into detailed comparisons later. This berry has several health benefits, most of which are related with the digestive system. The berry provides consumers with a high level of monounsaturated fats, dietary fibers, and plant sterols, which are highly important in improving the heart function of a person apart from improving their digestive metabolism. The berry also has enough antioxidant content to correct digestive problems and cause unnecessary fat to burn out. Goji Berry The goji berry is found in Tibet and Nepal, but now they are being cultivated in several other parts of the world as well. This Asian berry is actually one of the first berries that medical science accepted to have curative benefits. The berries are full of nutritional goodness in the forms of amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins of the B complex and E and several others. The berry has a deep red color, which is in part due to the presence of beta carotene in it, which is a precursor for vitamin A. Goji berries have been ascribed with several health benefits. They are known to improve the immune system of the body. They can do a wonderful job in maintaining proper health of the liver. The goji berry is also accepted to improve stamina and libido along with providing a better mental strength to the person who uses them regularly. Blueberry These berries, which are actually blue in color, are known for their very high antioxidant content. The berries get their blue color because of the high amount of plant nutrients present in them, which are -9-

known as anthocyanidins. These natural ingredients are responsible for the natural antioxidant action of the berries. The blueberry performs an impressive task in repairing the wear and tear that takes place in the body. Its high antioxidant content eliminates free radical action and keeps the body in its highest state of functioning at all times. Along with improving the body’s immunity and metabolism, blueberries are medically proven to have a positive effect on conditions such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcers, cataract, glaucoma and even some kinds of cancers. This has led to a great deal of scientific and medical interest in these berries in recent times. Strawberry Strawberries are perhaps the most abundant kinds of berries in the world. There are about 600 different varieties of them on the planet, all deep red in color because of the antioxidant plant nutrients that are present in them in high amounts. This highly attractive berry has a significant number of benefits as well. It is known for improving mental conditions such as debility, stress and depression. They are known for ocular health and also for improving the overall metabolism of the body. Recently, a study with is still going on, has indicated that regular consumption of strawberries may be very good for the control of liver cancer. Bilberry

- 10 -

The bilberry is another highly attractive blue colored berry. The blue color, as in blueberries, is again due to the presence of anthocyanidins. But, they are about three times smaller in size than them. Bilberries are well-respected in the world of natural foods because of their vast number of benefits in maintaining human health. These berries are considered to be very good in monitoring blood sugar level. They can help prevent early wear and tear of the arteries and veins. They are also known to improve vision and keep various eye defects at bay. Blackberry The name indicates their color, which is mainly due to the very high level of antioxidants present in them. It is because of this fact that blackberries are highly effective in treating and preventing the onset of various chronic diseases. Blackberries are exceptional at improving the immunity of the body. They provide the body with necessary fibers and hence are useful for maintaining the digestive metabolism of the body as well. Blackberries were recently found out by a study conducted by the Ohio State University to be effective in the formation of oral and colon tumors. This has sparked new interest in this berry in recent times. So, these are the seven great berries that must definitely be a part of your regular diet. In the further pages, we are going to take up these berries in detail and see ways in which you can use them for your health and fitness. - 11 -


Synopsis Why are we emphasizing on berries over all other foods here? What is it that makes berries special? Here are some answers.

- 12 -

Know The Facts Quite understandably, most people reading this e-Book may think why we are focusing on berries over other foods. Nature has a lot of goodness to offer, then why berries in particular? To answer that, it would be ideal for you to first know the benefits that berries can provide you with. Berries—Health Benefits Berries are full of anthocyanins, especially the berries that have a darker color. Anthocyanins are the pigments that give them this color. But, at the same time, anthocyanins are also rich in antioxidants. This is a fact that is really of importance to us here. In order to understand why berries are wonderful for health, we should understand what antioxidants can do for us. Our body is consistently ravaged by destructive elements known as free radicals. These free radicals impair our body in various ways. They slow down the metabolic processes of the body and put it in severe peril. That is the reason why we are not able to do our work effectively when we grow up, even though we could do it quite well when we were younger. As age advances, the impact of free radicals in our body increases. The various processes of the body become slower. This includes processes like digestion, reproduction, sexual activity, psychological activities, immunity, blood circulation and almost everything else that you can think of. Free radicals impair these processes and convert out bodies into a wreck as we age. - 13 -

It is at this time that we feel the need to turn to antioxidant-rich foods, like berries. Antioxidants are natural removers of free radicals. By eliminating the action of free radicals, they can bring the body back to its youthful vigor and energy. The reason why we have taken up berries is that they are the richest sources of antioxidants in the world. Their natural goodness ensures that they are great foods to consume for all the benefits that antioxidants can provide, without worrying about any side effects. The ancient rishis of India lives solely on berries growing in the wild. These rishis never felt much hungry (berries are great appetite-satisfiers) and hence they had lean bodies and were capable of high activity and meditation. They lived a long life, most of them beyond 200 years. Berries are also known for their high vitamin content. The tarty ones are especially rich in vitamin C, which is a natural protectant for the body and helps in faster healing. Another important vitamin found in berries is vitamin K, which helps in blood clotting. Vitamins of the B complex, which are amazingly helpful in the overall growth and development of the body, are also found abundantly in berries. Berries—The Great Convenience Berries are such fabulously nutrient-rich foods, but they are available all over the planet in some form or the other. They grow in tropical as well as temperate climates. There are still several berry species within the rainforests that have not been properly discovered so far. So, one

- 14 -

thing can be said about them—berries are something that we will never have a paucity of. There is also the fact that they can be eaten as they are. You could just pluck them from their shrubs and eat them. Or, if you are more of a gourmet, there are various delicacies that can be prepared from berries. Though these are the most healthful foods on the planet, they have tastes that appeal to everyone. So, why shouldn’t we take berries up? These are cheaply available foods that everyone likes anyway. Only if we could be more serious about them and include them in our daily diet, things would be much different with our health.

- 15 -


Synopsis The acai berry has received a position in modern medicine and science like no other berry or even fruit ever has. Sitting high up there on the pedestal as a superior natural health food, the demand for this berry is humongous. A whole new aspect of the Internet marketing world has started around this inconspicuous-looking purplish berry. So, what is it that makes the acai so important? Here are some answers.

- 16 -

Antioxidant Goodness from the Rainforest The acai berry has become the most celebrated berry in the world today. If you just look around on the Internet for it, you are sure to find a lot of reports on it being called as the number one fruit by celebrities of international repute. There is still a legal tangle going on over the issue. But, whether these claims of acai being called as the number one fruit by a celebrity are true or not, one thing stands clear… the acai berry definitely has some of the best health benefits that nature has to offer. And, for that reason alone, this berry tops our list of Berry Boosters. Acai Berries—What Are They? The acai (written with accents as açaí and pronounced as ah-saa-yee) is a berry that grows naturally in the Brazil region of the Amazonian rainforest. There are seven different kinds of acai berries, all of which grow on the Euterpe genus of palms. The palm which produces the acai is a tall palm, that can grow to a height of up to 100 feet (30 meters). The acai berries grow in the form of clusters on the palm, and these clusters are not quite different from grape clusters. They hang in a similar manner and are almost the same size as well. They are only different in their color, which is a dark purple. These berries are seeded, one seed in each berry. Acai Berries—Traditional Roots

- 17 -

The acai berry forms a part of the traditional diet of the Brazilian people, especially the Caboclo populations of the country. In fact, more than 42% of the total dietary intake of these people composes of the acai berry. People of these tribes were known to go on hunting trips for long hours without feeling hungry. Looking back, medical experts believe that it is the appetite-suppressing properties of the acai berry that allowed people to hunt for long hours without feeling the pangs of hunger. Acai has been consumed in various forms in Brazil over the ages. One of the popular traditional forms was cuia, where acai was mixed with gourd and served. Different gourds were used for this preparation. Another popular traditional dish is a muesli-like preparation with granola, which is simply called as acai in the bowl. Acai Berries—Health Benefits There is a very long list of health benefits ascribed to the acai berry. All of these are due to the high antioxidant content in it. The purple fruit gets its color because of a host of plant nutrients, which have antioxidant property. These are mostly anthocyanins, which contribute immensely to the nutritional value of the berry. This has its positive effect on the palm where the berry grows and on the humans that consume it as well. Since the wear and tear in the body is brought about by free radicals that enter the body through the things we eat and - 18 -

drink, the acai berry’s antioxidant action in eliminating these free radicals is worth mentioning. By eliminating this effect, the acai berry improves the functioning of the body. It is able to improve the various metabolic activities that take place in the body. The body can work better at its basic functions, and also repairs the wear and tear that inevitably happens to it over time. The following are some of the benefits that have been ascribed to the acai berry:By improving digestion, the acai berry can bring about a significant amount of weight loss. This happens in various ways. Firstly, the antioxidant properties of the acai berry help in improving the digestive metabolism of the body due to which food gets digested faster. This takes care of the fact that fat is burned faster as well. The acai can also suppress hunger, which is a direct method for losing weight. Additionally, the antioxidants present within the berry can remove obstinate fat from the body, which has been accumulated over the ages. The acai berry is also helpful in preventing early signs of aging. In people who have a lot of free radical action in their body, the wear and tear of the skin takes place faster. Hence, they begin to develop signs such as wrinkles, scars, crows’ feet, dark spots, etc. on the skin.

- 19 -

However, by removing the free radicals, the repair mechanism of the skin becomes faster. The skin then becomes more youthful and clearer. The acai berry helps in improving mental concentration. The berry can stimulate a person to think better and can give them relief from psychological disorders such as stress and depression. Acai berry is also a cleanser of the body, especially a colon cleanser. The colon can accumulate a lot of waste indigested material over the years and this can cause several problems in the end. By improving the body’s metabolism, the acai berry helps in the elimination of these substances from the body. There is also some talk about how the acai berry can improve the sexual life of a person. It can help people gain sexual stamina. To an extent, it is also claimed to be of help for men who are looking for improvements in their body such as penis enhancement. Recently, there have been claims that the acai berry can help fight cancer. Though not substantiated by the FDA yet, there is some positive research going on in this regard. However, one should remember that there is no FDA approval for most of these claims, as is the case with many of the berries that are counted as health foods. In any case, being a natural product, there is no reason to worry about any side-effects. Acai Berries—Where to Get Them - 20 -

One of the biggest problems with the acai berry is that it is highly perishable. After it is plucked from the tree, it needs to be consumed within 24 hours, because the degradation process begins after that and then the berry becomes useless. That is the reason why this berry wasn’t found out of Brazil much so far. However, now, several enterprising businesspeople have started preparing products from the acai berry that have a high state of preservation. This includes freeze-dried powders, pulps, juices and so on. In most cases, acai is mixed with other healthful berries in these products so as to enhance their value. If you are living outside Brazil, then the best way to get acai is through the Internet. Products are shipped to various destinations around the globe by these companies. Recently, several stores have started stocking acai products as well. Costs of these products differ. Most of them are priced between $30 and $40 for a month’s supply.

- 21 -


Synopsis The very tiny maqui berries have earned a fantastic reputation due to their great health benefits. It is difficult to see how a single berry can be equipped with such natural goodness. But a cursory glance into the maqui berry can tell you‌ nature gives us those good health benefits in small packages.

- 22 -

Good Health Comes in Small Packages

Maqui berries are usually talked upon with great fervor by health proponents of the world today. The berries also look almost similar to the acai, only they are darker and tinier. These berries are grown in the temperate parts of the world and have a high level of antioxidants as well. Maqui Berries—What Are They? The maqui berry is a very dark purple colored berry that grows in the temperate rainforest regions of Chile. Successful efforts have already been made to cultivate the berry in other parts of the world though. The berry, a Chilean native, is often referred to as the Chilean wineberry. Its biological name is Aristotelia chilensis. Maqui Berries—Traditional Roots The maqui berry has been a favorite among Chileans since centuries. Today, medical experts believe the reason for the attractive physiques and general good health of the Latin Americans are on account of their natural diet, which has always been rich in antioxidant-rich foods such as the maqui berry. The berry has been a traditional favorite of several Chilean tribes, but most notably the Mapuche tribe, who prepared a beverage known as chicha using this berry. Maqui Berries—Health Benefits

- 23 -

Like all the berries that we are going to describe in this book, the maqui berry is also laden with a lot of health benefits. Here is a list of the most prominent of them. The maqui berry can improve the energy level of the body. People who consume this berry, such as the local Chileans, are always characterized by high energy and the ability to do more activity. The berry has a large amount of metabolic richness in it. It promotes the functioning of the digestive system, leading to better digestive ability. The nutrients present in the berry, such as fibers, plant sterols, monounsaturated fats and such help in enhancing the digestive function of the body. Thus, food is digested to a better level. Due to better digestion, the maqui berry is useful in weight loss as well. Better digestion of food leads to better fat burning and prevents any retention of food in the body. Another very important benefit of the maqui berry is that it can improve the cardiovascular function of the body. This improves the heart health and keeps you away from problems such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and seizures. Also, blood circulation is enhanced due to the antioxidants present in the maqui berry, which leads to overall health enhancement as well. The maqui berry is important in detoxifying the body. There are various harmful substances that get built up in the body at all times. By removing these substances, the berry can cleanse the

- 24 -

system internally. It can cleanse the colon, which goes a long way in maintaining the right health of the individual. Even as far as maintaining mental health is concerned, the maqui berry is quite effective. Regular consumption of this berry can help the normal functioning of the brain. People’s mental energy levels are perked up and they can think better and clearer. They can work out their stress and depression can be kept at bay. Maqui Berries—Where to Get Them The maqui berry has a longer shelf life than the acai berry, and that makes it possible for it to be shipped out of its native land. The maqui berry itself is available in its natural form in a few selected stores and can be ordered online as well. Products such as jams that have maqui berry in it are also fairly easily available.

- 25 -


Synopsis Rated among the most healthful berries in the world, the goji berries are also the most versatile. If you decide to have them in your diet, then there are several ways for you to do so. Consuming these berries is interesting, and also exciting because of their vibrant colors and a very unique taste. Coming right from the Himalayas, the goji berry has been ruling the health foods industry in the west for over a century now, much before the acai and the maqui from nearby South America became popular. It is the inherent goodness of the goji berry and its exemplary taste that has put it on this top pedestal.

- 26 -

Secret of Asian Longevity

Goji berries have been popular in the western part of the world for quite some time now. Right now, there is a sprawling health industry around them found in the online world, with a lot of material published about it already. It is very easy to incorporate the goji berry in the diet; there are many different ways in which you can do so. Goji Berries—What Are They? The goji berry is a native berry of several parts of Asia that include China, Tibet, the northern parts of India and Japan. Goji is actually not a single berry, but a common name given to several closely resembling berries. Mainly, the two varieties of boxthorn, i.e. the Lycium barbarum and the Lycium chinense are commonly referred to when goji berry is mentioned. Unlike the acai and maqui, the goji berry is a hardier species and hence is found in more parts of the world than the acai. Based on the region from where they are originated, goji can be called as Himalayan goji and Tibetan goji. These are the names by which the health industry has made the goji berry popular in the western world. Its popular English name is wolfberry, though there is no connection between it and wolves in any way. The goji berry is known for its highly luscious red colored fruit, which enhances its visual appeal. It has a number of tiny seeds in it, which can number up to 60 in a single berry. It can be preserved in dried form for long periods. When the goji berry is dried, it acquires a taste and flavor that resemble that of a nut.

- 27 -

Even the leaves and shoots of the goji berry aren’t a waste. They are consumed by the local people in their usual diet, as a leaf vegetable. Currently, methods are on to produce better varieties of wines from the goji berry; some varieties are already existent. Goji Berries—Traditional Roots The most native region of the goji berry lies deep in the Himalayas, where it was used by local people. The people of the Himalayas, which mostly makes up the Tibetan region at present, passed on this knowledge to people from China and India, who then cultivated the prized berry in their own lands. Acclimatization of the berry gave rise to variations and the goji berry became a more diverse fruit. In ancient times, the goji berry was a prime ingredient of native medicine, especially Chinese medicine. It wended its way into other herbal medicinal streams of Asia as time passed on. Today, after around 2,000 years of native popularity, the goji berries have spread out all over the world and are acclaimed for their various medicinal properties. By 2011, goji berries have notched up a multibillion dollar market all over the world. The main spurt in the worldwide publicity of the goji berries came through the endorsement of one Li Qing Yuen, a Chinese man who lived for 256 years, eventually dying in 1933. This person was a herbalist and he cited goji berries as one of the reasons for his longevity apart from exercise and a very healthy diet. It is important to note that Li Qing Yuen was energetic and at the peak of his health almost throughout his extraordinarily long life.

- 28 -

A traditional Chinese medicine consists of preparing a tea using the leaves of the goji berry. This tea, which is still a popular home remedy in China for bacterial and fungal infections, is now marketed all over the world. Goji Berries—Health Benefits Goji berries are sometimes referred to as an antioxidant superfood, due to their rich antioxidant content. In addition, the goji berries have a high amount of polysaccharides in them which are known for their positive health advantages. Traditionally, goji berries have been respected for their capabilities in improving the immune system of the human body. They are known to keep several kinds of infections at bay. Hence, a person who has a regular level of goji berries in their diet does not fall sick too often. Goji berries have significance in weight loss as well. This is due to the antioxidant action on the free radical mechanisms, which destroys the latter. As a result, the digestive functions of the body are removed. One remarkable benefit of the goji berries is their effect in vision enhancement. People who have problems of eyesight find a lot of improvement after switching over to regular consumption of goji berries. This is because of the high betacarotene content in these berries. Beta-carotene is a precursor for vitamin A.

- 29 -

Goji berries promote longevity in people who consume them. By thwarting detrimental free radical mechanisms, they ensure that the skin remains more youthful and energetic for longer. They also reduce any damage that might occur on the body. Regular consumption of goji berries can enhance your energy level. You feel less tired, find that you have more stamina and can work for longer hours and in a more productive manner. They can also help in improving sexual function. They improve the libido in people so that they can perform better. By improving the circulation of blood in the reproductive area, they help in correcting certain sexual anomalies as well. Goji berries cleanse the body. They have been venerated for their detoxifying body since millennia. In fact, the effect of goji berries in cleansing the body is so considerable that they can even remove the toxins introduced in the body through radiotherapy and chemotherapy. A recent claim is that goji berries can help in the prevention of cancer. This is attributed to its polysaccharide content. The theory is that the polysaccharides can curb mutations of genes that might be a causative factor in cancer. Research on this aspect is still going on. Goji Berries—Where to Get Them The goji berry is so popular worldwide that it is quite easy to obtain it in several forms. The goji berry tea is a delicacy and is easily available in reputed supermarkets and online stores. Its juice is also a common - 30 -

product, though quite expensive. Other forms in which this berry is available include its dried form, pulp and even grounds. Local people have these berries in different forms during their meals, as snacks, as beverages and for their many curative benefits. If you are looking for easiest way to get goji berry supplements, look for Tibetan goji or Himalayan goji on the Internet. You are sure to find several online stores dealing with these products. Conduct your research on them to find the best products that are genuine and have a worthy name in the online world.

- 31 -


Synopsis Blueberries are one of the several American varieties of berries that have a high health value associated with them. There are hundreds of ways to consume these very popular berries, and they are excellent to eat even just as they are. But, what most people do not know is that this delectable delicacy from America is also a powerhouse of healthy benefits. Quite an important reason to gorge on these delightful berries on a daily basis then!

- 32 -

Round Gobs of Good Health Blueberries are delightful foods. Whether young or old, they are sure to put a smile across anyone’s face. They have a pretty shape and color and once you lay your eyes on them, you cannot resist nibbling on them. They have been in use in several traditional recipes—who can forget the delectable bites of blueberry muffins, blueberry shortcakes and blueberry pies—in the western parts of the world for centuries, but it is only lately that significant body of research has shown that these berries have a vast amount of health benefits as well. Quite understandably, people have been looking at these berries with a whole new interest. Most ‘berry’ lists rank blueberries as the second most popular berries in the world, after strawberries. It is the official berry of the Nova Scotia region in Canada. The blueberry muffin is the official muffin of Minnesota. It has been widely pictured in the media and has been the cynosure of a lot of literature attention as well. Let us take a closer look at these celebrity berries. Blueberries—What Are They? This berry, which derives its name due to its color, actually has a very well deserved name. The berry is actually lusciously blue at one stage in its life, though not throughout. It is pale green when it first appears, then goes through a whole gamut of colors from reddish purple to indigo. It is indigo blue during the peak of its ripened life, and this is when it is at its tasteful and healthful best as well. The shape of the blueberry is also unique. It is completely round, with a crown at its open end. This gives it a five-point symmetry. Added to - 33 -

that, the berries grow in clusters. Since all the berries in a cluster won’t ripen at the same time, you will usually find berries of different colors hanging in the same cluster at any given moment. This adds to their appeal. Biologically, the blueberry belongs to the genus Vaccinium, which makes it a cousin of bilberries and cranberries, which also belong to the same genus. Though there are several kinds of blueberries, some even inedible, it is the species that belong to the section Cyanococcus that are the ones that are usually found in the market. Blueberries—Traditional Roots Blueberries are traditional fruits of the western part of the world, most notably North America, along with some countries in Europe and Asia as well. They have always been used in preparing several items of usual cuisine in these local areas. America especially has had a great cultural association with blueberries and so have countries like England and France in Europe. Several characteristic recipes of these regions include blueberry in them. North America is the largest producer of blueberries in the world. Blueberries—Health Benefits Blueberries are blue because of their very high anthocyanin content. This makes it a good antioxidant, and a capable fighter of the various free radical mechanisms that threaten to slow down the metabolic rate of the body. Regular consumption of these berries can have a great effect on improving health. However, just like any other health food, the blueberry cannot do anything by itself. It needs to be well substantiated by a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and a good amount of exercise. - 34 -

The blueberry is laden with several minerals apart from its high antioxidant content. This makes it a good solution for digestive ill health. Minerals such as sodium and copper make it a berry worth considering for people who suffer from digestive problems. Also, the berry has a significant amount of fiber content. This makes it a good solution for people who are prone to constipation. The blueberry is also a treasure-house of all the important vitamins in the body that provide a protective function, such as vitamins A, B complex, C and E. Due to this, a regular diet of blueberries acts as an immunity shot. People who consume blueberries often are less liable to fall sick often. Recently, there has been talk about blueberries acting as an anti-aging agent. This benefit of the blueberry, which is still being medically and scientifically looked into, is because of the fact that the berry has antioxidants that can eliminate destructive free radicals from the body. Another important ingredient that causes this benefit is vitamin C. Several mental health benefits are also derived by the regular consumption of blueberries. It improves brain health and a person’s thinking capabilities. It also helps prevent any potential brain disorders. The berries may also be effective in improving a person’s motor and sensory responses, and building their attention spans, concentration and general alertness. Blueberries are also known for improving visual health. This is because of the high amount of vitamin A in it in the form of its - 35 -

precursor, beta-carotene. Even visual defects such as shortsightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hypermetropia) and cataract can be somewhat assayed by the regular consumption of blueberries. One of the unique benefits of blueberries is the prevention of urinary tract infection. It does this by eliminating the action of Escherichia coli that cause this infection. An immediate effect of blueberries is in reducing the infection symptoms and inhibition of any proliferation of E. coli. Recently, following trends with other popular berries, blueberries are also considered a potential cure for cancer. Certain anthocyanins present in it are presumed to have anticarcinogenic properties. These presumptions are being tested for medical verification. If found true, blueberries could be an efficient ally in the prevention and treatment of colon and liver cancer.

Blueberries—Where to Get Them You will find no difficulty at all in finding blueberries in most parts of the world, especially in North America and throughout Europe and even some parts of Asia. The abundance of these berries also makes them one of the cheapest berries in the world. For the large number of health benefits that they also contain, there should be no reason to keep these wonderful fruits away from the regular diet.

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Synopsis Strawberries are the most popular berries in the world. Whether it is their color or their succulence or their amazing taste, these berries are popular all over the world, even in many foods and drinks that are available out there. But, one thing that most people do not know is the fact that these strawberries are also full of the goodness of health. Here we shall take a look at some of the healthy aspects of strawberries.

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Luscious Red FRUITS of Delight Despite the fact that the strawberry is not a real berry, the fact that this is the most popular and most widely consumed ‘berry’ in the world still stands. This is actually an aggregate accessory fruit, in which the seeds are attached to the exterior of the fruit. However, it is just as succulent as any other berry. If the number of recipes made from a particular fruit are any indication, then there is absolutely no question about the prime position that the strawberry has in the world. Strawberries—What Are They? The strawberry is actually a group of over twenty different closely related fruits, commonly called by their genus name Fragaria. This red colored fruit contains its seeds outside, on its coat. The fruit has a heart-shaped shape, which has made the strawberry very popular as a fruit as well as a motif on gifts and cards. The fruits vary in taste. You could find a very sweet strawberry or a very tart strawberry or something in between. The fruit is a very commonly grown crop in almost all temperate regions of the world, and grows best in the season between September and October. When it first comes up, the fruit is white, and gradually transforms to its characteristic red color. Strawberries—Traditional Roots Strawberries have a long history of being popular on earth. They were discovered by the Europeans in 1588 after their foray into America. At that time, the strawberry was mostly a wild berry, which was almost - 38 -

completely neglected. It was first cultivated properly at the behest of the European settlers, who had developed quite a taste for them! These people also took strawberries to their homelands and cultivated them. They were earlier known as heart-seed berries because of their particular shape. Due to the their striking red color, they were also used as garden ornaments by the English and the French elite, Charles V of France being a notable person among them who ordered 1,200 strawberry plants for the gardens that adorned his palace. Other people in history who were known to love strawberries in some form or the other were Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII who had a natural strawberry tattoo on his neck and Madame Tallien, who used to have baths that were naturally scented with strawberries. Due to their shape, strawberries have always been considered to be a motif for love. There was a tradition in some European cultures to feed newlyweds with a strawberry meal because it was believed to enhance the love between them. Strawberries—Health Benefits Carolus Linnaeus, the person who invented the system of naming the plants and animals with binomial nomenclature, vouched for the health benefits of strawberries. He was of the strong belief that strawberries, when regularly used, can help in the removal of problems such as bowel cleansing and rheumatic gout.

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The strawberry is indeed laden with nutritional goodness. It has a very low fatty content and is low in calories. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which makes it one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet. It has a high amount of fiber as well. It is also healthy in terms of its potassium and folic acid content. All these points have led to the strawberry being high on various health charts. The following is a list of some of the benefits of these berries:The very high amount of antioxidants in strawberries help in quick repair of wear and tear that occurs in the body. Agerelated problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are kept at bay by the regular consumption of these fruits. The fruit can control and eliminate free radical mechanism, which helps in slowing down the aging process. People who regularly consume strawberries find that aging signs such as scars, spots, wrinkles, etc. appear on their body much later than others. Since strawberries have a healthy amount of potassium in them, they are also good for maintaining good heart health. People who consume strawberries are kept away from problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and heart attacks. Due to their high omega 3 fatty acid content, strawberries are also beneficial in inhibiting the production and retention of cholesterol in the liver. - 40 -

It helps in controlling the blood sugar level. Strawberries can improve immunity. They can make the body strong and prevent infections by microorganisms from upsetting the body balance. Strawberries are also known to remove tartar. The acid content of the strawberries is responsible for this. Apart from making the teeth cleaner and whiter, strawberries are also responsible in maintaining good health of gums. Strawberries—How to Get Them Though strawberries are very abundantly available, it is also a fact that they are one of the most perishable fruits. You have to make sure to use them within 24 hours of purchasing, especially when the season is warm. They are easily available in any market, and there is a host of strawberry products available as well, but if you are looking to tap into the rich health reserve of the strawberry, then you should buy them when they are in their prime, i.e. in their peak season.

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Synopsis Bilberries are quite popular in the European regions. They are collected by children right from the trees and eaten as a delicacy. Well, this is one childish habit that should not be abhorred, because the bilberries have a great number of health benefits. If you know how to stay away from the wild bilberries and consume the edible ones, even you could get the goodness of these wonderful fruits.

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Tarty Health Benefits

Various names have been bestowed upon the bilberries depending on the region of the earth where they grow, but the nutritional goodness that is present in them remains the same. These tiny tarty berries are known to provide people with a wide gamut of benefits, right from enhancing vision to better health for the heart. Quite understandably then, there is much more to the bilberries than just bilberry cake! Bilberries—What Are They? Bilberries are tiny blue-black colored berries that are grown on shrubs. They are mostly found in the European countries, most notably Great Britain, and in several North Asian countries as well. Since they are somewhat blue in color, people mistake them from blueberries, and indeed, one of the colloquial names for it is European blueberries. They are also called as whortleberries, winberries and wimberries in different parts of Europe. These berries belong to the Vaccinium genus. They are a group of several different species under this genus, most notably the Vaccinium myrtillus. They are related to the real blueberries and huckleberries through their genus. Bilberries—Traditional Roots

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Though bilberries were known as a popular fruit over several centuries, their real medicinal properties came to the fore only in the 16th Century. During those times, bilberries were used in traditional medicine as an astringent, antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory ingredient to help people come out of various ailments. Since the 16th Century, bilberries have gained a widespread popularity in Europe for their health benefits and this popularity did not take much time to spread to the rest of the world as well. In fact, during the World War 2, fighter pilots went on a steady diet of bilberries in order to improve their visual abilities. These pilots claimed that they could see and hit their targets more easily due to their consumption of these berries. Bilberries—Health Benefits Bilberries are primarily known for the following healthpromoting benefits. The main advantage of a regular consumption of bilberries is that it can promote visual abilities. If you have a problem with the eyes, such as blurred vision or inability to focus, then bilberries can help. They improve the circulation to the ocular area and enhance the pigmented area of the eyes, which make them more visually capable. Also, problems such as macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma can be taken care of by using bilberries. Bilberries improve blood circulation to different parts of the body. Due to this, the immunity of the body increases and the - 44 -

metabolic functions are enhanced. They also help in strengthening the blood vessels within the body. Bilberries, like most other berries, help in controlling the cholesterol level within the body. Another important benefit of the bilberries is that they can help in the treatment of cysts and ulcers in the stomach and breast region. This health advantage of the bilberries is still being looked into. Bilberries also help in improving digestive health. A steady consumption of these berries can help in the elimination of problems such as diarrhea, dysentery and indigestion. The bilberry can curb even acidity and flatulence. A traditional use of bilberries has been in the maintenance of menstrual health. They can help prevent menstrual cramps and regularize the menstrual flow in women who have irregular periods. If you have a burn or a wound anywhere on the body, then bilberries can help due to their anti-inflammatory action. They can help the wound to heal faster and prevent further infection. They also help arrest bleeding. If there is a heavy itching sensation, then bilberry can help. Application of its juice on the area of the itch can help, and it can also help cure numbness that might set in on different regions of the body. Several heart health benefits can be achieved through a regular diet of bilberries. Since bilberries improve blood circulation, - 45 -

they promote heart health. They can bring an increased amount of blood into the heart and take care of problems such as the onset of high and low blood pressure. Bilberries also help to keep the blood purer. Bilberries—Where to Get Them The widespread popularity of bilberries ensures that you can get hold of them quite easily. Since they are natively grown in Europe, they are most easily available there in supermarkets. Various bilberry products, even a particular type of bilberry tea that has several health benefits itself, are easily found. If you do not live in Europe, even then you may find bilberry products in your store shelves, or you may find the berries themselves. The Internet is a great option to get bilberries too, especially if you are not living in a region that naturally produces this berry. Several online retailers ship bilberries to different parts of the world.

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Synopsis Blackberries are among the richest fruits from nature’s nutritional bounty. Though they are primarily wild berries, they have been cultivated extensively in recent years, especially after their health benefits have been unearthed. For a while, these plants were considered as weeds! Hardly does anyone think so now, though! Let’s get better acquainted with these useful fruits.

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BLack Pearly Clusters of Nutrition

All through the Pacific Northwest coast, these little shiny clusters of berries, known as blackberries, are immensely popular. For some people, these berries are aggressive intruders of their fields and they try to eliminate them by using weedicides. However, little do they realize that these berries are actually extremely important to their health, if they only knew how to unleash their nutritional goodness. Blackberries—What Are They? Blackberries are Rubus fruticosis. They are a relation of marionberries and olallieberries, which are also erroneously known as blackberries. They grow on short shrubs with densely green leaves. They grow in forms of clusters. They are also related to raspberries. In fact, blackberries and raspberries are together known as caneberries. There are over 375 different species of blackberries. Their common region of growth is the Pacific Northwest Coast in the United States. Blackberries—Traditional Roots It is believed that the blackberries are not native to the North American continent. The belief runs that these berries were an import from the European settlers, brought over from England to this continent. The blackberry at that time was mostly considered as a weed and an inedible plant, mostly because of the black appearance of the berries which is usually affected by pathogens in the environment, and - 48 -

because of the presence of thorns in it (blackberries are related to roses). However, a thornless hybrid of the blackberry was created in around 1920. This sturdier plant had enhanced nutritional benefits, and is what people use now. Blackberries—Health Benefits Blackberries are especially rich in their antioxidant value, phytoestrogen value, fiber content and vitamin K content. It is these nutrients that give blackberries a specific taste and health reputation. Due to their antioxidant value, blackberries can give an immunity boost to the people who use them regularly. The antioxidants retard destructive free radical mechanisms within the body and improve overall health. The high level of phytoestrogens present in blackberries make them a good candidate for improving female health. This is the plant version of the female hormone, estrogen. It helps women who suffer from severe side effects of menstruation such as premenstrual syndrome. Blackberries give women relief from such symptoms and also help in maintaining their proper body functioning. Additionally, these are a good natural food for women who complain about nausea and vomiting when they are pregnant. Due to the presence of a lot of fiber content in blackberries, they are good for correcting digestive problems. They help people with digestive difficulties. If you are suffering from constipation

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regularly, then including blackberries in your diet can help you clean out your bowels more effectively. Also, due to their benefit in maintaining digestive health, blackberries aid in weight management. They have very low sugar content in them, due to which they do not add extra calories to the body. The vitamin K constitution of blackberries made them exceptionally effective in blood clotting. Also, vitamin K is necessary for maintaining proper health of bones. Blackberries—Where to Get Them Blackberries are commonly available in stores. You can find them easily if you are living in America. Canned blackberry products are available across the world as well. You can order them online too. However, the blackberries that you freshly pick from the plants and eat immediately provide you with the best health benefits.

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Wrapping Up All berries that we have mentioned in this book are easily available and accessible to everyone, wherever they live. Then there is the very important fact that all of them have a great amount of nutritional goodness in them. As such, it would be quite simple to plan a diet that includes these healthful fruits of nature. Do your best to work them in your regular routine‌ have them for breakfast, or a midmorning snack, or to pep you up while at work. They are great to taste and will continue working silently within your body to improve your health and general wellbeing. So, do not miss out on those berries. Mother Nature cannot be wrong!

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