Issuu on Google+ Introduction of Wedding Customs and Traditions Wedding ceremony is usually a special event in one’s life.

It will be

memorized by his/her whole life. From old times, there are many customs and traditions of this event. No matter you will follow or not, it’s interesting to know about these things related to wedding.

Exchanging of the rings

It’s a commonly traditional activity we can see in wedding. The ring is not just a symbol of becoming a husband and a wife. It’s a symbol which represents your eternal love and expresses your couple promises of everlasting love and faithfulness to each other. People place the wedding ring on the third figure of the left hand. They believe that the vein from this finger leads directly to the heart. It’s called “the vein of love”. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue It’s a wedding tradition in England and America that brides need to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in the wedding. It has become popular since Victorian time. Something old symbolizes the bond, wisdom and pieces you can inherit from your family. Something new represents the new life you will have. Something borrowed means the support from your family and friends. Something blue has the meaning of chastity and fidelity. Tossing the bouquet

This tradition comes from the 14th century. People think it’s very lucky to get the bride’s dress and get a piece of it. To preserve the dress, bride tosses a bouquet to the guests.

In today’s wedding, it’s an event that guests are

looking forward to seeing. The bride will toss the bouquet to unmarried girls following the wedding ceremony. The person who catches the bouquet is supposed to be the next one to marry. It’s very funny to see that girls strive for it in wedding. Breaking the dish In some countries, the young couples will break glasses or plates during the ceremony.

The more pieces they break into, the more successful the

marriage will be. It contains good lucks to the marriage. Bringing wedding bread

In ancient Egypt, the parents of the couple will greet them with bread and salt. What do these foods mean? At that time, bread is as valuable as gold. It’s a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Also it contains parents’ wishes that hope their children never be hungry or needy.

Now, many traditions have rarely mentioned and done in wedding.


getting an understanding of them is very interesting. You may have a try if you want something unique.

Introduction of Wedding Customs and Traditions