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Community relations


Tesco Community News Today UK news today Tesco prepares for a multi-million pound investment to create 20,000 new jobs for UK residents. Tesco is set to create 20,000 new jobs in there UK branches, within the next two years. Not only are they creating new jobs but they are also preparing and helping young people find work within the difficult time in the economy. There will be 10,000 new apprenticeship opportunities with Tesco which will form a portion of the 20,000 new jobs. The apprenticeships programme will be for those in the UK aged between 16-24 years old, as well as the already exiting staff that will also have the opportunity to participate in the programme. The roles will be for both full time and part time positions. Tesco also plans to refresh and replenish its exiting stores in the UK, as well as opening new stores. All of the new changes in the stores and the job opportunities given to people are down to a ÂŁ200million investment to create an even better Tesco. "Their commitment to creating jobs and opportunities for young people at what is a difficult time for the economy is fantastic news for the UK as a whole and for those people they will help into work,"

David Cameron “In unprecedented economic conditions like these, major businesses have a big responsibility to step forward, invest and create jobs�

Philip Clarke The jobs and apprenticeships will go to those already living and working in the UK.

In other UK News today Tesco and cancer research UK team up to raise £10 million This year Tesco has chosen a charity of the year which will be Cancer Research UK of whom they have been partners with for 10 years and this year will be the 11th year running with the charity. A race for life for cancer will take place; it is the biggest women-only fundraising event in the UK, with over 20,000 Tesco staff that will take part in the race and other volunteering ventures that day. Both Tesco and Cancer Research UK would have hoped to have raised £10 million pounds to help with cancer care and research. The participants can choose to walk, jog or run a total of 5k to help beat cancer. The funds raised will go towards, supporting the funding of up to 100, for early diagnosis research projects in local communities across the UK. Supporting a new awareness campaign that aims to reduce people's anxiety about the disease and encourage them to visit the doctor with any possible concerns. People fear cancer more than any other disease but the earlier cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance of survival.

Promises and Performances Tesco plays a vital role in local communities providing good quality, affordable food and often much needed jobs and we’re determined that every Tesco store and every Tesco business is valued by local people. With branches situated in the UK, Asia, Europe and US Tesco aims to provide the necessary help needed to its neighbours and communities.

At Tesco we set ourselves goals and targets to maximise our shopping experiences and opportunities our customers and communities can benefit from us, the more we help the community the opportunities that may arise for them in the future. Here is a couple of our promises and performance to help the communities we are situated in

Tesco promises and performances Actively supporting local communities Tesco’s most visible contribution to communities is delivered through the stores. We regularly open stores in areas which other businesses, including retailers, have abandoned or neglected. We are particularly proud of our Regeneration Partnership programme in the UK, offering job opportunities to the long-term unemployed. With nearly 20,000 jobs and apprenticeships being offered to those unemployed and seeking work.

In our overseas branches such a s South Korea we have over 100 Schools of Extended Education where customers and their families can access courses such as well-being, art and English. It is our aim to not only help the community within the UK but also in communities around the world were our Tesco branches are located.

We now have over 750 Community Champions in our stores, helping us communicate effectively with local communities. By giving our employees the time and tools to work with their neighborhood, we can make a real difference. Our Community Champions work with their local communities on activities including:    

giving store tours to local school children or going into local primary schools to talk about healthy eating; organising collections or bag packing for a local charity; meeting the fire service or local charities to find out how we can help them; or Getting our staff and customers involved in events such as Race for Life.

Buying and selling products responsibly Buying and selling products responsibly, means ensuring everyone in the Tesco supply chain is treated honestly and fairly and that care is taken to minimise the impact that the Tesco products have on the environment. We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure that the products are sourced responsibly and economy friendly. Tesco has been committed to reducing the carbon emissions that come from our products supply chain, a target has been set to reduce the carbon by 30% by the year 2020. By ensuring as a company we sell and buy responsibly, we work with communities were we source our products. We also make sure we establish and monitor animal welfare and work to ensure product comes from sustainable sources. Making eco friendly community is what we strive to do, and we plan to help bring down the carbon in the country

Community relations  
Community relations