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Trainers Skander Essafi : Hello awesome participants ! First let me introduce myself. My Name is Skander Essafi, I am 21 yo and I'll be one of your trainers during these meant to be incredible journey! I am the actual national officer on public health within Associa-Med, I study in Sousse and am originally from Sfax, but you can find me everywhere!

You might get the impression that I am serious/mysterious, but here's an occasion to discover me a bit more, my crazy and inspirational side! My motto is: sharing is caring

Expect me to dance/listen salsa from time to time during this TNT! Feel free to approach me for any request before, during and of course after the TNT

Warm hugs!

and I expect you to be as motivated as I am! TNT was for me a lifechanging experience, and I'm sure it'll be just the same for you...

I can't wait to meet you all in Bizerte, it's gonna be unforgettable!

Khaled Ammar :

Hi everybody! I'm Khaled Ammar, 23 years-old, 5th year of medical studies in Tunis, and National Officer on Medical Education of Associa-Med. I will be one of your six awesome trainers for this crazy experience! I'm an IPET and an IFMSA Trainer, and training for me is a purpose of giving, receiving and learning always and always more! I'm full of energy (as you can see :p )

In two words, I am a small girl full of energy, creativity, dreams and love! (well that's not 2 words Oo) I am a very big dreamer and I don't fear of change. I love to explore new things, taste new food, see new things and most of all…read about new things

Training for me is the fuel; it's a way of life and a lens through which I see the world! My life has totally shifted since I was introduced to Personal empowerment trainings and books; it was like I got a virus…..the virus of change, of development of exploring potential! And now I only want to spread this virus 3 My motto is: "Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right."!

Sara Ben Youssef : Heyyyy dear participants  I'm Sara Ben Youssef, 23 years old human being, 5th year of medical studies in Tunis, my parents' daughter and my sister's sister…… I'm also Vice President of Internal Affairs in AssociaMed Tunis, IFMSA-trainer since 2011, IFMSA-TOT trainer since 2013 and happily one of your trainers during the TNT to come

See you all in Bizerte in 1 weeks (yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyess) and I hope to find you well and as motivated as I am (I even have butterflies in my belly when I think of this TNT ;) )

My name is Mariem Bouanani ,24years old , 5th year medical student in Tunis ,National Officer in human Rights and Peace and of course IFMSA Trainer

To get you well prepared ,Let me introduce to you my concept of life : “the Bouananisme” , In brief it’s a sort of milkshake made with a mix of madness, laughs , creativity, energy, perfectionism , curiosity and sharing.

All that served in 1m55 curly girl I’m more than happy to be part of this TNT , wishing that I’ll convert all of you into addicted of trainings and make those 5 days with you a start of new road full of work , of reflection and share with the world around you. If you have any question don’t hesitate to approach me, and I’ll be happy to answer you

Mariem Bouanani : Asslema Everybody :D

Can’t wait to see you in Bizerte!

book, i would be "L'homme qui voulait vivre sa vie"

If i were a movie, I would be "Pulp Fiction" If i were a song, I would be "Walk this way!" If i were a moment, I would be dawn. And if I were an object, I would be a candel just to introduce my sunshine effect and my energy that never ends

Dancing, laughing, telling stories about travelling and hanging with friends is what I love to do‌ So You should expect that I will make you follow the move! I'm so excited to meet you people and share with you moments that, I'm sure, we will remember! Big black hug !

Feriel Ben Aba : Hi pippo ! My name is Feriel Ben Aba , my friends call me faryoul ,you can do so! I'm 24 years old, in 5th year of medical studies, Local Officer on human Rights and Peace and of course IFMSA trainer

I don't really like to talk about me, just because it's complicated to do it in few words :p so i decided to make it diffrently: If i were a

At the beginning, I thought it was too late for me to assimilate this famous “training spirit” I always heard about, but throughout trainings I understood that it’s never too late for sharing, never too late for spending unforgettable moments I really can’t wait to meet you all in Bizerte for one of the most amazing life experience we will ever had!!

Abdessalem Ghedira: Hi everybody! My name is Abdessalem Ghedira, I’m ** years old (this is not a misprint :p) and I just passed the residency exam.

I’m a Y-peer and TNT trainer and I’m an Associa-Med Alumni. I joined Associa-Med a few years ago and I immediately adopted its vision and mission, it was a wonderful experience for me during which I discovered the world of trainings.

What we expect from you trainers:


You will need to facilitate a 2h30 training session to validate and get your certificate


We need trainers to take part (as participants or trainers) to the summer training camp on “compassion for care” that will be held in Tunisia. More details to come ;)


Several training session could be organized throughout the year so please refer to your local VPI (or HRTD in Tunis) and tell him/her about the training session that you want to facilitate.


Same for the training session during the GA’s and national meetings we will need you!


IFMSA: as IFMSA Trainer you may facilitate any training session organized by IFMSA

What is a trainer? As a trainer you will have followers and will be the muse and the inspiration of so many people! As a trainer you’ll be the ones who will spread the virus! So choose the virus that you want spread in this world and believe in the power of training!

TSD Vision of the upcoming years? The Tunisian TSD has also started working on a virus to spread: “the compassion for care virus”.

The TSD believes that through training we can improve the health care situation in Tunisia, by changing people’s behavior, thinks and acts w can provide a better patient-doctor relation-ship. “ by Changing medical students through trainings on active listening, compassion for care, self awareness… we can change the whole system!”

What we expect from you? -

First of all: we want people motivated and available for at least the next two years to work on spreading any kind of positive energy (or virus :D)

Information about the TNTs: The two TNTs will be hel in Jalta Hotel at Bizerte from the 2nd of November to the 6th of November Hotel Jalta is located 3 kms from the city center of Bizerte (on the ledge (cornice). It was built at the edge of a beautiful sandy beach and has 3 storeys. At the reception you will find Jalila the

accommodation officer who will great you upon arrival and be available for your information and questions. the arrival and check in will be from 13h to 15h30 and we will start the first session at 16h the first day. During the nights you will have soft sessions and social program. In the morning the session starts at 8 or 8h30 depending on the trainers and the day, ends at 12 or 12h30. In the afternoon session starts at 14 and ends at 19h. in between of course you will have lunch and break during the afternoon session  I would ask you to not make too much noise and respect the venue cause we really love it and we want to continue working with this hotel so pleaaaaaaaase be gentle :D

What to bring to TNT? These are some stuff that you may need during you course ;) (bel francais berjoulia :p) : -

Coussin ou margoum


Un déguisement avec un accessoir


Un (ou des) cadeau pour le secret-friend ;)


Maillot (on sait jamais  )


20 dinars de votre T-shirt trainer !


Votre smack préféré pour 8 personnes (quelque chose de très simple ^^)


La bonne humeur, la joie et le sourire ++++++ :D


Anything that you think may be helpfull to you for this inspiring TNT 

Si vous avez des questions Fuck google, ask us :p

Booklet TNTs Bizerte  

small guide for the Two TNT (IFMSA training new trainers) at the same time at the same place organized by Associa-MedTunisia in Bizerte

Booklet TNTs Bizerte  

small guide for the Two TNT (IFMSA training new trainers) at the same time at the same place organized by Associa-MedTunisia in Bizerte