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one of five Ralph toys! Find all the hidden eggs, use the letters to spell out the word and enter online here!

Š Natasha Jefferies


ello and welcome to the spring edition of Marwell News.

In this edition I am delighted to update you on some really exciting new developments for the zoo.

We have reached the halfway point in the construction stage of the Tropical House - what is known as the ‘shell and core’. This summer the internal fittings will be installed into this spacious, indoor, contemporary exhibit. In the meantime our Plants & Landscapes and Animal teams are working hard to source a fantastically diverse collection of tropical plants and species, which will help to create a truly rich and immersive environment. Read all about the immense project on page 26 and meet our Project Manager, Kevin Morse, in this edition’s ‘In Profile’ feature. Elsewhere in the zoo, work is underway for another unique and interactive exhibit, our new lemur walkthrough, opening this summer. As the build for ‘Lemur Loop’ really begins to take shape, we are looking forward to offering guests the chance to see these fascinating species in a whole new light. Marwell staff and volunteers will also be on hand to teach groups about the lemur troop and their habitats. We are extremely grateful and lucky here at Marwell to already have 150 volunteers from all walks of life with a shared interest in conservation and wildlife. Our warm and welcoming volunteers provide valuable support in helping us fulfil our charitable objectives. If you enjoy meeting members of the public and think you could spare a few hours a week, or even a month, to join this amazing group of people, you can find out how to get involved in this edition. We hope that you will join us over the Easter holidays to take part in our Wild Egg Trail and meet the Easter Bunny. There may be a chocolate treat in store for you too! As well as this, you’ll be able to enjoy our daily talks, meet some new arrivals and soak up the scenic surroundings of 140 acres of stunning parkland. Although the grounds are stunning all year round, at this time of the year, when the daffodils are in full bloom, it really does look particularly beautiful. You can also read about our new arrivals including a litter of yellow mongoose pups and a newborn Roan antelope calf. All this and an update on our hugely popular Amur tiger family of five! As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you back to Marwell very soon. James Cretney Chief Executive

© Ken Dear

Look at him go!

© Mark Fryer


orbert, our wonderful pygmy hippo, is nearly five months old and is now starting to explore outside - of course, closely monitored by mum Wendy. He has been progressing well since his birth in November and is getting braver and braver with every step. He is also fast becoming a firm favourite at the park, with an always busy balcony of visitors keen to catch a glimpse of him.

He has even been making waves around the world with some outlets in the USA covering his birth as well as the quest to give him a name. Head of Primates and Small Mammals, Claire Mound, gave a quick update on Norbert, stating that his new-found fame hadn’t gone to his head. She said: "Norbert is continuing to do very well. He is growing quickly, discovering his food and paddocks. We have also found that the pool is his favourite place. "I’m sure that when the weather gets better and it's a little warmer he will spend more time outside but for now, he is happy lounging around in his pool."

Watch Norbert in action!

Norbert is already growing into a happy and healthy pygmy hippo with a great future in front of him. He will also be a valuable asset to the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP) which conserves the species to avoid its extinction.


th en


© Mathias Appel

Loopy about lemurs W e’re excited to announce that a new lemur exhibit will be opening this summer.

Our new walkthrough, ‘Lemur Loop’ will be home to four different species of lemur, allowing guests to get up close to these playful primates.

Alaotran gentle lemurs (Hapalemur alaotrensis), black and white ruffed lemurs (varecia variegata), crowned lemurs (Eulemur coronatus) and ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) will be joined in the exhibit by a new species for Marwell - two male peafowl (Pavo cristatus). Visitors will enjoy sharing the beautifully landscaped habitat of these engaging animals in a new, themed exhibit at the giraffe house, focussing on the evolution of the species.

The new experience, with both indoor and outdoor sections, will immerse guests into a densely planted lemur environment. Zoo staff will be on hand to teach guests about the loveable lemur troop and their habitats; from sharing the story of lemur evolution and diversity, to encouraging observation and skills-based activities. Educational groups will benefit from sessions planned around the school curriculum. The new exhibit is part of a £17 million investment programme, which will continue to take shape over the next ten years. The programme will create new and improved habitats for the animals and offer more immersive experiences for our guests. We now bid farewell to our Western black and white colobus monkeys and look forward to the opening of this exciting new exhibit.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come...


Christmas may be a distant memory but the spirit of giving lives on at Marwell with an online wish list of gifts - just for the animals! Our Amazon Wish List includes hanging baskets for giraffe feeding, balls for playful zebras and cattle brushes so our buffalo can enjoy a good scratch!

wish list

Zoo keepers have collated a list of items they know the animals would love. Everything on the list is a non-essential item but all enrichment activities are designed around the animals’ natural behaviours and help to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

If you would like to treat your favourite animal click here!

Since October 2016 we have been inundated with kind donations. One incredibly generous person anonymously donated a brand-new incubator to the bird team. The initiative was the brainchild of Hoofstock Keeper Zoe Newnham, who is working hard to keep the list updated and photograph the animals enjoying their new items once they arrive at the zoo. Zoe said: “The list is helping to provide enrichment to keep our animals happy and active. We’re absolutely delighted with the response we’ve had from our supporters and would like to thank everyone who has bought a gift. It’s a really personal way to donate to our charity and give directly to the animals.” Photographs and footage of the zoo residents enjoying their new toys and treats have been posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages, allowing contributors to see their kind donations making a difference.

Head of Supporter Development, Lisa Reynolds said: “We really appreciate every donation we’ve received. It’s great when the buyer leaves a personalised gift message with their name and contact details so we can personally thank them for their generosity.” There are plenty of items still available to buy via the Wish List, including hessian sacks for scent enrichment, hoses for filling up water troughs and clickers for training our Amur leopards.

If you want to make a difference & find out other ways you can help...

! Click here

The animals went in

2 by 2

Š Mathias Appel


he New Year got off to a busy start for our keepers as they undertook an audit of every species in the park. The mammoth task is led by Zoo Registrar Debbie Pearson, who toured the park to tot up the numbers of all the creatures, great and small. From the gigantic giraffes to the tiny turtles, the annual stock take must include them all. We have had an influx of babies at the zoo over the past year with the arrival of Amur tiger triplets, Amur leopard twins and a newborn Grevy’s zebra. The total number of animals now stands at around 2000, with 134 different species within the collection. The register shows how many animals have been born or died or been moved in or out within the last year.

Debbie said: “Every year we complete the audit in accordance with zoo legislation. It requires each animal collection to keep exact records of every animal species, births, deaths, arrivals to and departures from the collection. All of this information is then logged into the International Species Information System.� Marwell works with a number of endangered species and the annual inventory is designed to ensure the best possible management of worldwide conservationbreeding programmes. Although the audit is undertaken once a year, zoo keepers keep regular track of the animals all year round.

Watch Debbie in action as she counts her way around the zoo!


ast year we went zebracrazy as Marwell’s Zany Zebras provided an unforgettable summer of fun, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to Southampton and Marwell Zoo. The family-friendly sculpture trail highlighted the critically endangered conservation status of Grevy’s zebra whilst raising valuable funds to for Marwell’s

conservation projects in northern Kenya. In October the stunning large Grevy’s zebra sculptures were sold at a grand auction at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl. The highest bid was for ‘Snappy’, a shark themed zebra that sold for £4,000.

The grand auction was followed by an online auction for the miniature sculptures which raised a staggering £16,010. The highest bid in the miniature charity auction was ‘Savannah’, designed and created by our artist-in-residence and internationally-renowned wildlife artist Pip McGarry, which sold for £1850.

The net proceeds from the charity fundraising auctions will help support our work with Grevy’s zebra and other wildlife in northern Kenya. This will enable us to train local conservation managers and expand critical support for community-based conservation initiatives. Our projects use creative approaches to tackle the multiple threats facing Grevy’s zebra, including issues of regional poverty and insecurity that underpin many of the problems. We are helping to develop peaceful cooperation between tribes, provide education and employment opportunities to women and enhance the roles of poor communities in planning and decision making.

Other high bids included the delicious strawberry design ‘Zeeberry’, which sold for £3500 and ‘Gilbert’ who was the poster boy for the campaign and sold for £3250.

Grevy’s zebra has become the focus for much of this work because the fate of the species and human wellbeing are inextricably linked to the sustainable management of natural resources in this fragile, dry ecosystem.

Find out more about our conservation work here

Taking home the SILVERware

In November the team behind Marwell’s Zany Zebras headed to the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl for the Beautiful South Awards 2016.


he ceremony celebrates the best visitor experiences across the South of England with awards presented for excellence, quality, innovation and customer service. Marwell picked up a silver award in The Tourism Event of the Year category for the spectacular 10-week public art sculpture trail, ‘Marwell’s Zany Zebras’. Celebrating the wealth of artistic talent in the area and beyond, the fantastic initiative brought together the region’s business, creative and educational communities to create a very special summer. Kirstie Mathieson, Project Manager of Marwell’s Zany Zebras said: “We are absolutely delighted to win Silver in the Tourism Event of the Year. The area that the Beautiful South Awards cover is vast and to win this award against well established events in the calendar is a real honour.” Nigel Smith, Chief Executive of Tourism South East, said: “Achieving excellence isn’t easy – it takes vision, years of commitment, hard work and talented people. All of the finalists can be proud about their achievements and the example they are setting for others to follow.” Marwell has previously won the silver award in the same category for 2014’s Rise of the Dinosaurs event and in the same year the zoo took home Silver for Large Visitor Attraction of the Year. James Cretney, Chief Executive of Marwell Wildlife said: “I am delighted that we have been awarded another Silver in these prestigious awards. This reflects the enormous amount of hard work Marwell staff put into developing exciting and innovative events to enthral and captivate our visitors.”

Suits YOU Ralph!

Our superstar penguin has been kitted out in a new designer wetsuit


arwell resident and international star Ralph the Humboldt penguin has been given a trendy new wetsuit, thanks to Californian wetsuit brand O’Neill. The surf wear brand has been supplying our celebrity bird with a specially made suit since 2013 and they’ve recently updated his look after his previous one became tatty. The 18-year-old penguin needs a customised wetsuit because of the unusual way in which he moults. For most of the year his feathers are very patchy, so the wetsuit keeps him warm, while protecting him from the elements. Meg Fieldhouse is the Birds Team Leader: “Every year the penguins lose their feathers and grow new ones. It normally takes 2-3 weeks for the whole process to happen. Ralph’s condition means that when he loses his feathers the new ones don’t grow through, leaving him with bald patches. “His wetsuit keeps him nice and warm during colder weather and in the summer it protects him from the sun too.”

Watch RALPH here!

Jan Michaelis is the European Marketing Manager at O’Neill Wetsuits. He said they are very honoured to have Ralph on “Team O’Neill”: “Team O’Neill is our global team of world-class athletes in surfing, wakeboarding, diving and other water sports. There is no question though, who is the best swimmer and diver on the team! “We are very happy that we can help this very special, little team member to spend time outdoors and in the water with his friends.” Aside from wearing a custommade wetsuit, Ralph swims, eats and plays just like the other penguins. The rubber in the wetsuit, which is the same as a human’s wetsuit, is extremely flexible and doesn’t restrict his movement. His partner Coral can often be seen grooming and preening Ralph’s wetsuit just as she would if he had feathers! They are actually the zoo’s most successful penguin breeding pair, so the wetsuit is not affecting the couple’s ability to produce chicks either!

Gift shop goodies

Get set with a vet set! NEW to our gift shop, the perfect present for the aspiring young vets! These cute little sets include everything children need to take care of their sick teddies and soft toy pets with this play set. Presented in a colourful carry case, the vet role play toy sets contains a pretend thermometer, syringe, and other essential accessories to ensure the cuddly toy patient is back on its feet in no time! The sets are available for ÂŁ15.99 and are a great souvenir for young animal lovers after a day at the zoo!

Animal ears & clip-on tails Need to update your little one’s fancy-dress box? Looking for a no-fuss cuddly costume for non-uniform day? We have the answer! Our brand new animal ears and clip-on tails come in a range of different species designs including lemurs, tigers and snow leopards. Be prepared for your next fancy-dress party or treat your young explorer to the perfect accessory to wear around the zoo!

Fancy your own mini Ralph? Just when you thought there could be nothing cuter than a Humboldt penguin in a wetsuit, we bring you a miniature, cuddly version of our zoo superstar ‘Ralph’!

The toy penguins come complete with their very own removable wetsuit, modelled on Ralph’s trendy, personalised O’Neill suit. Ralph soft toys are now available to buy in our gift shop for just £8.50 each.

© Mark Fryer

Join our VIBRANT organisation! Would you like the opportunity to join our talented and diverse team of volunteers?


f you’re passionate about conservation and the environment, love working with people and would like to help us fulfil our charitable objectives, please register your interest for new and exciting opportunities to volunteer at Marwell Wildlife, for 2017 and beyond. You’ll gain valuable experience, be invited to exclusive talks, training and events whilst meeting likeminded people in beautiful and unique surroundings.

Hear what our volunteers have to say about their experience of working at Marwell:

Register your interest here

e s u o h


e have now reached the halfway point in the build of our brand new Tropical House for the zoo and can reveal which species will be making the exhibit their new home! We are delighted to confirm that the £7.8 million building will be home to reptiles including the endangered Asian Brown Tortoise (Manouria emys phayrei) and the critically endangered Roti Island snake-necked turtle (Chelodina mccordi), amphibians such as the Aquatic caecilian (Typhlonectes natans) and birds listed as ‘near threatened’ including the Crested Wood Partridge (Rollulus rouloul) and the Sclater’s Crowned Pigeon (Goura sclaterii). In addition, we’ll be welcoming a group of pygmy marmosets - the smallest monkey in the world! A fantastic array of tropical fish to include Long-finned Apollo Shark (Luciosoma spiloplerua) and Tiger Barbs (Puntius tetrazona) will occupy a six-foot deep aquarium containing 50,000 litres of water.

The interactive Discovery Zone will reveal how the energy we need to power our modern lifestyles is generated and how alternative renewable forms of energy can help animals and humans alike. The exhibit is being constructed using the latest recyclable technology of ETFE (Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) which allows natural daylight to shine through a partially shaded roof. ETFE is a popular product for green, sustainable construction having previously been used in the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Limestone cliffs, waterfalls, mud banks and large specimen tropical plants will help create a fully tropical environment, heated to a humid 25 degrees Celsius. Head of Project Management Kevin Morse said: “This is the next biggest project Marwell has taken on after the construction of Wild Explorers in 2015.

The Tropical House is on a much bigger scale and is more than twice the cost. We are working with some fantastic local contractors and are delighted with how the build is taking shape. We’re on track for the grand opening in 2018 and can already see what an amazing and unique attraction it will be for Marwell.” The new Tropical House heating system will be powered by Marwell’s animal waste (dung, soiled bedding and leftover hay), and wood chip from our woodland management operations.

This will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and take us a big step closer to our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2020.

The build is due to be complete by the end of August 2017. There will then be a period of installing plants and settling animals into their new environment before the new exhibit opens to the public in Easter 2018.

Kevin Morse Head of Project Management

Kevin Morse is Head of Project Management at Marwell. His role is critical in ensuring we deliver our ambitious plans for new innovative exhibits and buildings. It’s a particularly busy and exciting time for Kevin, as we work towards the opening of a new lemur walkthrough later this year and our brand new Tropical House in 2018. How long have you been at Marwell? What were you doing before? I have been at Marwell since May 2015. In the dim and distant past I started out as a metal fabricator. During my apprenticeship I chose to specialise in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining and product design, which eventually led me into project engineering and management of offsite construction projects. I spent the next 13 years project managing the build of a wide variety of buildings including student

accommodation, military housing and large hotels. Prior to coming to Marwell, I was employed as an asset manager for a Ministry of Defence contractor and managed a cross-functional team of building engineers, surveyors and estimators, to identify and plan long term maintenance of approximately 1000 buildings around Salisbury Plain. What is the biggest project you’ve worked on at Marwell to date? It was a real baptism of fire when I joined the organisation as our Wild Explorers exhibit was nearing completion. I was in at the deep end from day one working with the former Building Projects Manager John Adams and the rest of the projects team to ensure the new exhibit was finished in time for the school summer holidays. We achieved it, just! What are the best parts about your job? I love everything about coming to work at the zoo every day! The animals and guests certainly add an interesting dynamic to our projects. A lot of my friends and family are envious that I get to work in such a unique environment.

Can you tell us about Marwell’s current project, the Tropical House? Tropical House will be the single biggest project that Marwell has undertaken and is more than double the cost of Wild Explorers. The project will create a fully immersive experience where guests will be able to view a wide range of animals and plants in a hot and humid tropical environment. The construction works are going well with support steelwork installed and walls starting to go up. The next phase will see roof beams being installed along with high level walkways and the creation of the large water bodies for the aquarium and reptile pools. How is your role challenging?

I would have to say that assisting with the loading of a giraffe on to a transport truck was both challenging and memorable! And I’ll always remember meeting the penguins for the first time – they are definitely a firm favourite. What’s your favourite zoo memory? I had only been at Marwell for a few months when our white rhino calf Jabari arrived from Dublin Zoo and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to feed him. Our rhinos are such curious, gentle giants and love being made a fuss of! Jabari is about to turn four years old and has really settled in to life in the Wild Explorers exhibit. He’s still one of my favourite animals.

That is a tough one! Honestly, every day is different here and there have certainly been a lot of noteworthy experiences in my time at Marwell.

Stuctural work on the reptile area & artist’s impression

Cheeky Little Saki Monkey! O

n 15 November our white-faced saki monkey (Pithecia pithecia) ‘Manja’ gave birth to a gorgeous infant. Manja is a very experienced mother who has produced many young here at Marwell, however, this is the first birth since she was paired with our male saki ‘Twenke’. The new arrival was named ‘Denny’ by keepers from the primates and small mammals section.

He spent the first month clinging on to his mother’s thigh and nestled in her hair. Now he is a little older he is spending less time holding on to Manja, as he becomes increasingly independent. Denny’s namesake, primates and small mammals keeper Amy Denny said: “Denny is getting more confident by the day and seems to have inherited his father’s attitude by giving keepers a little frown when we disturb him, which we find hilarious, given how cute he is!”

© Natasha Jefferies

Our wrinkled hornbills, male ‘Bulu’ and female ‘Cinta’ have recently been paired in one of our walkthrough aviaries and are already forming a strong bond.

Wrinkled hornbills meet their B match!

ulu (meaning ‘feather’ in Indonesian) arrived from Parc des Oiseaux in France in July 2016. Cinta (meaning ‘love’ in Indonesian) came to Marwell from Paignton Zoo in November.

They have been paired together following a recommendation by the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP) Coordinator. They pair up individuals based on best genetic matches, taking into consideration factors such as compatibility of the animals and how easy it is to transport them. “They are spending a lot of time together out and about in the enclosure. Bulu has been attempting to give Cinta food items and this is positive pair-bonding behaviour. “At the moment she seems a little confused by what he is trying to do, but this is probably because she is still young. She will understand eventually.”

© Mark Fryer

The pair can also be heard vocalising to each other, another display of courtship. In the wild, wrinkled hornbills have faced problems within certain areas of their range, including illegal logging in protected areas, land conversion and forest fires. These birds rely on undisturbed primary rainforest to thrive, so they are greatly affected by damage to their habitat. In the long term it is hoped Bulu and Cinta will produce offspring to contribute to the EEP. Cinta may be a little too young to breed this year but the Birds team is prepared for all eventualities and are keeping their fingers crossed for the future.

Š Natasha Jefferies

It’s time for an important PUPdate! W e are delighted to announce the arrival of four yellow mongoose (cynictis penicillata) pups, born at Marwell in February. The fluffy foursome are beginning to venture around their enclosure, which is opposite the Amur tigers. The cute quartet will be fully grown at 10 months old and will be able to breed from 12 months of age. Yellow mongoose are known to make different noises for different things, from a screaming sound when fighting, to growling when threatened and even barks and purrs when communicating in a group.

A whole year old! O

ur youngest Sulawesi black macaque (Macaca nigra) ‘Masamba’ recently celebrated his first birthday. Marwell’s newest critically endangered macaque was born to mother ‘Satana’ and father ‘Douglas’ on 8 February 2016. He arrived on Satana’s birthday and was named Masamba following a public vote. The young primate’s light pink face, hands and feet have become darker over the past few weeks as he becomes more mature. Sulawesi black macaques will reach sexual maturity at 4 - 6 years. On your next visit to the zoo, see Masamba playing with his family members on their island or in their house opposite Fur, Feather & Scales.

© Natasha Jefferies

Š Natasha Jefferies

Our 1st Zooborn of 2017


n Sunday 8 January we celebrated our first birth of 2017 with the arrival of an adorable Roan antelope calf (Hippotragus equinus). The newborn male was born to parents ‘Pandora’ and ‘Fransiscus’ and has been named ‘Marty’ by our Hoofstock keepers. Both Marty and his mother are said to be fit and healthy and doing really well. Marty has been given access to the antelope’s paddock and has been exploring his new surroundings. He will be reared by his mother for the first six months of his life. These herbivores’ natural habitat is sub-Saharan Africa alongside other grazers such as zebra and wildebeest. Due to their size they face little threat from predators however their habitat in the wild has shrunk due to the growing demand of land for humans. Marwell had a bumper year of new arrivals in 2016 including the birth of Amur tiger triplets and Amur leopard twins as well as a Grevy’s zebra.

If you would like to know more about our new addition you can read all about the species here.

Š Natasha Jefferies

Happy families


n November our rare Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) cubs met their father for the first time and they’re all getting along just fine! Born on 21 May 2016 to first time parents Milla and Bagai, the triplets spent the first few months of their lives living ‘side by side’ with dad, allowing the family members to get used to one another from a safe distance.

Once they became familiar with their surroundings and keepers recognised positive interactions between them, they decided it was time to house the family all together. The tigers now have access to the whole enclosure. Marc Fox, team leader of carnivores at Marwell Zoo said that he was delighted the introduction had gone so smoothly “Bagai is a very tolerant father and often has his cubs following him when he’s trying to get to his feed or patrol his territory. He interacts very positively with them through play but equally he can be seen resting with his son Makari sitting just a few feet away.”

© Natasha Jefferies

“It is great for the whole family to be able to interact with each other but the biggest benefit is that they are able to have access to the entire territory which offers them a lot more space and environmental stimulation.” The triplets are the first Amur tiger cubs born at Marwell for 12 years. Male cub Makari and his sisters Bailla and Zima are valuable assets to the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP) which conserves the species to avoid extinction.

© Mark Fryer

Children’s adoption package What’s included: 1 free child ticket Cuddly toy Personalised adoption certificate Photo of your adopted animal Animal fun sheet, stickers & bookmark Exclusive access to our online adopter zone Marwell News online – packed with animal features & updates Click here or call our Adoption Team on 01962 777988 Standard and Premium Adoptions are also available.

Our social media fans and followers have been enjoying a brand new Facebook feature, ‘Humans of Marwell’.


he series, which launched in February, is inspired by the hugely successful Facebook page ‘Humans of New York’. Every week a different Marwell staff member is featured telling a story about their life either inside or outside the zoo. From vets to volunteers, each post includes a photo of the member of staff ‘in action’ along with a long quote, revealing something interesting about them. The popular feature is giving our audience a real insight into the unique and diverse workforce at Marwell Zoo. See for yourself #HumansOfMarwell

“I had seen it done at ZSL London Zoo before. It’s really useful to pop horn covers over them [the scimitar-horned oryx] as soon as they are asleep so we can protect our eyes if they leap up unexpectedly. “With tigers, you always have that adrenaline. You have to plan everything to the detail, there’s so much preparation that goes into a procedure. We have to plan for every eventuality. “It all goes by so quickly, but when you are doing it you get that feeling of ‘wow I am doing this, it is a tiger – this is amazing, I am right in front of this animal’. “The hairiest moments are when it has just gone to sleep after being anaesthetised. You are the first one in the room and the last one out, but, of course, we make it as safe as possible. “It’s a privilege to work with these animals and feel that you are part of a bigger project with the conservation team.” Dr Justine Shotton Zoo Veterinarian

#HumansOfMarwell “I’d say my style is Hello Kitty meets Snoopy! I’ve come from a corporate advertising background but I’ve developed a style that is brightly coloured, fun and childlike. I think it dovetails really nicely with the Marwell brand. “I was a freelancer and wasn’t particularly looking for a full-time job but when it was advertised some of my friends shared it with me on Facebook and said ‘Oh Ali that is just so you’! “My mum was a graphic designer and my dad is a zoologist. My dad’s specialism is population genetics in snails and he’s written books on industrial melanism in moths. They were tickled pink when I got the job here. I’m hoping that one day dad will come in and wax lyrical about one of his favourite subjects, the amazing partula snails!” Ali Bates Graphic Designer Check out Ali’s #ZOOdles

“When I first got told I was moving to primates at my former zoo, I cried. I wanted to work with sheep because they’re my favourite animal. But, since I’ve started working with lemurs, I’ve never looked back. There’s just something about them – they have massive personalities, they’re so friendly and playful. It’s really rewarding spending your time with them, they’re magical. “I’ve wanted to go to Madagascar for at least 12 years. It always seemed really magical. To be able to go and see, with my own eyes, these amazing lemurs is a dream come true. It’s getting increasingly harder to see them in the wild – even the most popular lemur – the ring-tailed – is critically endangered. “We’ve got everything sorted now and I’m just counting down the days. All I’m worried about now are the spiders.” Claire Mound Head of Primates and Small Mammals

Gulliver’s Travels!


ur stunning 5 metre high Grevy's zebra sculpture has migrated to a new home in the zoo.

In January the enormous structure, named ‘Gulliver’, left his home outside the gift shop for pastures new... our Wild Explorers playground! The unmissable zebra was created by artist, sculptor and passionate supporter of endangered wildlife, Dave Danson Hill from ‘DDH Creations’. Gulliver arrived at Marwell last summer as part of our huge 2016 event ‘Marwell’s Zany Zebras’. He formed part of a zoo trail alongside 47 miniature replica Marwell’s Zany Zebras sculptures, which ran in conjunction with the Southampton event. Gulliver’s spent the past few months greeting guests and being the subject of countless #GiantZelfies. It’s hoped this unique piece of art will continue to serve as an eye-catching feature at the zoo, as well as highlighting the plight of the species in the wild.

Check out the video of this colossal sculpture on the move

What’s on?

7 - 23 April

14 - 17 April

Follow our WILD Egg Trail Pick up your FREE trail from the Information Cabin Meet the Easter Bunny in his Magnificent Mansion! Complete the WILD Egg Trail & collect a FREE chocolate egg 11am - 4pm


activity download HERE!

WILD Explorers


Great fun was had by all at our Family Day! Members that had booked on to education sessions learnt what it’s like to live in a rainforest, getting hands on with our artefacts and even meeting some of our little creatures! In our art studio everyone (big and small!) got stuck in and produced some cracking works of art. These will soon be displayed in the zoo. Thousands of wildflower seeds were also sown by members young and old. We hope to see some bloom this summer, with the majority due to flower in 2018 and beyond. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of our new wild flower meadow!

Thank you to everyone who came and made our March family day such a success. See you at the next Wild Explorer club meet!

WILD Explorers Club Dates Eggs-traordinary Builders 23 April Zebra Scouts (4-8 yrs) Many birds build nests, but why? Explore the wonderful ways of birds. Discover whether you are a master builder with our egg and nest building challenge!

Weird & Wonderful Nature 21 May Rhino Rangers (9-12 yrs) Have you ever wondered why a giraffe’s tongue is black? Discover some weird and wonderful adaptations and see if you have what it takes to create your own awesomely adapted animal!

Lively Lemurs 18 June Zebra Scouts (4-8 yrs) We’re celebrating our new Lemur Walkthrough coming this summer. Join us to find out all about these amazing primates. Can you leap like a lemur?

Lively Lemurs 16 July Rhino Rangers (9-12 yrs) Celebrate our new Lemur Walkthrough! Join us to find out all about this large group of amazing primates and how they came to be so different.

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New signage at Cafe Graze packs a PUNch!


he eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a revamp of our main self-service restaurant, Café Graze. Our in-house creative design team have brought their vibrant graphics into the restaurant with some striking new signboards under the hot plate stand. Guests can now enjoy zoothemed one-liners and animal puns as they are their served lunch.

© Jason Brown Photography

No card, no entry!


lease remember to bring your membership card on every visit. Membership cards are the only accepted proof of membership and must be shown to the member of staff at admissions to guarantee free entry. If you lose your card please call us on 01962 777960 in advance of your visit to organise a replacement at a cost of £2.50 per card. Please be aware that if you arrive at the zoo without your membership card you may have to wait until someone in the membership team is available to help you.

Access to other zoos


ne of the many benefits of being at annual member at Marwell is our reciprocal arrangement with other zoos. Members are entitled to one entry per year at the following attractions: Bristol, Chester, Colchester, Edinburgh, Highland Wildlife Park, Paignton (including Living Coasts), Newquay, Twycross and Rotterdam.

Living La Vida Local


e try to ‘go local’ for as much of our food and drink as possible and so we are delighted to have teamed up with a new, local mineral water supplier ‘Hildon Ltd’. Hildon water is bottled at source on the Hildon Estate in the chalk hills of the Test Valley, deep in the Hampshire countryside.

Whiter than White Stuff


ove your lattes? Crazy about cappuccinos? You’ll be pleased to know that we now only serve British organic milk in Café Graze. We think it’s better tasting, better for the cows and better for the environment.

Hop on board!


he M1 Bus service between Southampton and Eastleigh to Marwell Zoo is set to relaunch this Easter. Route M1 will operate daily during the Easter school holidays from Saturday 8 until Sunday 23 April. It will then resume its daily operation for the May half term, Thursday 27 May to Sunday 4 June, and the entire summer holidays, which kick off on Wednesday 26 July. During term time the service will run the same timetable at weekends, up until Monday 4 September.

© Jason Brown Photography

Your memory... ...their future The natural world is changing rapidly around us and our conservation efforts have never been more urgent. By leaving us a gift in your will, you can help us ensure a better future for endangered wildlife for years to come. Every single gift, no matter how large or small, makes a genuine difference to the work we can do. Please contact us now on 01962 777977 or via email for more information on what your gift might support.

Registered charity number 275433

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Profile for Marwell Wildlife

Marwell Zoo News Spring 2017  

Marwell Wildlife is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources. Find out about their new...

Marwell Zoo News Spring 2017  

Marwell Wildlife is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources. Find out about their new...