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Marwan Khiat

April 1984 Na Maninach 20, Holesovice 17000 Praha, Czech Republic +420 731 29 68 65

French Arabic English German

Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Fluent Intermediate Level B1.1


Education 2004-2005 2006-2010 Fall 2009 2001-2006 2001

Strate College Designers - Master in Transportation Design Paris. FRANCE Degree Project 2010 - MC2 : Sharing energy between architcture and the car eet. Hochschule Pfrorzheim - Erasmus, international Exchange student for one semester, Pforzheim, GERMANY Université des Siences et Technologie d’Oran, Architecture Diploma, Oran. ALGERIA Baccalauréat (equivalent A level) with a major in sciences (Major Mathemetics) Oran, ALGERIA




Skoda auto a.s. - Interior creative designer, Prague. Czech Republic Worked on Mission L (Beijing 2012) and Vision C (Geneva 2014) Concept cars Full interior and detail proposals for future production cars (following data and clay model) Following the design during the feasibility process. Two weeks intensive research in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. China


Stanford University and Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech - Design thinking Program ME310, Paris, FRANCE & Stanford, USA Development of an HMI for a military vehicle for Thales FAURECIA Innenraumsysteme GmbH - Internship as an Industrial designer designer, Hagenbach, Germany Development of a Volkswagen Passat and an Audi A4 technological interior demonstrators.


RENAULT - Partnership with Strate Coillege, Paris, France Development of an Electrical Car in colaboration with the Renault advanced design Studio team.

Co Archi - Architect draughtsman planner, part-time to put in plan, Oran, Algeria

Other Activities/Awards

Experiences 2011-Now

VISTEON Systems Interiors - Internship as an Industrial designer designer, Harnes, France Development of a door panel technological demonstrator.


Dassault Systemes 3D creativity contest - Winner of the contest


Interior Motives Awards 2010 - Finalist in the "Best driver experience" category


Interior Motives Awards 2009 - Shortlisted in the "Best inocation" category


Life Guard - the Argenteuil Youri Gagarine’s aquatic Center. (Paris, France). Work part-time during two months in summer and weekend in school period.

Aptitudes Softwares

Art Sport

Free hand sketching, Pencil, bic, clay modeling Adobe Creative CS6 :Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash (Knowledge) Autocad, Solidworks, CATIA, Imagine and Shape, ALIAS (Knowledge), Corel Draw X6

Architecture, painting, sculpture, photography. Finswimming : Participation to the World Championship 2001 the Arabic Championship 2003 Formula one, tennis, diving, surf, driving, music,

As part of the small and only Interior Design team at Skoda, my responsibilities ranged from detail work and UX designall the way to concept proposals and full scale models, using the industry standards 2D and 3D tools, and interacting with other departments on a daily basis, bringing projects to production with the highest quality standards.

Ĺ KODA work

2011 / 2014

Vision C

Geneva 2014

Ĺ KODA China Research “We hope that our designers can fully understand current and future consumers in China and that the European friends realize the real differences between China and Europe.â€? Jozef Kaban Selected to be a part of the Skoda design team to participate on a workshop between Skoda Design and VW Shanghai Volkswagen, was a true opportunity to put our preconceived notions to test. We discovered, understood and learned from a culture that plays such an important role in the modern culture.




Mission L

Frankfurt 2012 Beijing 2012

Patern Proposal

Free Sketches

Press Presentations

Architcture degree Project





Central Aquatic Center Considering the lack of infrastructure responding to current standards of modern swimming pools, my project is directed towards an aquatic centre. Being inspired by a skeleton of a ďŹ sh, I propose a building that can host an international meeting in the west of Algeria, a country where sports and swimming in particular is mushrooming.

Aquatic Centre-Oran Fi n a l

L a y o u t

a n d

re n d e r i n g s

Structure proposal



Hirondelle Partnership at Hochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim as an exchange student

Being inspired by the idea of flying over the water surface, the Swallow Concept consists on giving new sensations to users to fly over water for leisure or sports purpose.

Sketches I d e a t i o n s ke t c h e s


3D Model modeled in Catia Imagine and Shape

With the playing with the wind the Hirondelle takes speed and hight in the same time. The pilot having his head in the front will have the sensation to ying over the water.



Renault ZeďŹ r Two friends buy Zephir to share more in a place of evasion, and to consume less and share experiences.Zephir is a two-seat car to travel accomplice and spend time together. To conform at the various moments of use, the inside is removable. There are two positions. The ďŹ rst one, both seats in front of the road, is used during the movement. The other one, where both seats are face each other as a lounge, is used during a break or while batteries are charging for example. For a greater feeling of evasion, freedom and space, Zephir is ventilated permanently by big circuits of air. They cross the vehicle along sides, pass has fault the dashboard and come to aerate the users by circulating around the seats. The air which circulates gives the feeling of freedom, open air, while being safe in the reassuring cocoon of a powerful and uid outside.

Sketches Fi r s t s ke t c h e s

Sketches In t e r i o r s ke t c h e s

This interior allows the driver to move back and the passenger to advance and revolve towards the back. This layout makes the inside a small lounge to share moments between the passengers of the vehicle.

The rear contains batteries which are rechargeable thanks to the trap in the back. Batteries give the energy to the engine which is in the front.

length : 4m10 Width : 1m80 Height : 1m40

Sketches Fi n a l s ke t c h e s

Interior Systems

Internships My internships were a real important step to build my knowledge and my career vision. During my time in Visteon and Faurecia I have the chance to be involved on a real projects with the Design team. I have been working close the designers and the engineers to develop technological demonstrators that we had to present to the car companies. It was a great input for my following job positions.

All the technologies from Visteon on a Demontrator

Technological demonstrator Citroen C5 Door panel

Day view

Night view

Volkswagen Interior Technological demonstrator Development of a complet interior of a passat to Volkswagen to show what Faurecia can offer as technical solutions to Volkswagen.

Interior Systems

Interior Systems

Interior Systems How can we immagine the future Central Console of the C class "W205" and conďŹ gure it for each of the west and east version?

East proposal West proposal Storage module Comfortable HMI Leather strap

4 zones HVAC system with ionisation function Rear console - Lighting HMI - cupholders - Bottle storage

Comfortable HMI HMI and ambient lighting

Luxury nodule - docking station for Ipad - Integrated sound system - clever storage

Storage module Center console with armrest module

MC² Degree Project After completely melted into the urban landscape, the car begins to be increasingly rejected and banished from urban centers. However, although used only 20% of his time, the car still and continue to be an almost unavoidable subject for today’s man as well as habitat. To rebuild and strengthen the interplay between these two entities, automobile and architecture, «MC²» is a concept that optimizes the use of cars parked by using it as an extra power. This will allow energy exchange between the car park and the power grid. The user of this vehicle has the option to manage its power consumption and energy capital at will, according to his needs and his desires for his personal comfort, whatever his home will be: Habitat and / or Automobile.

Sketches Fi r s t In t e r i o r s ke t c h e s

Sketches Fi n a l In t e r i o r s ke t c h e s



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Marwan Khiat +420 731 29 68 65

Na Maninach 20, Holesovice 17000 Praha, Czech Republic

Marwan Khiat, Automotive portfolio 2014