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The 65th AIESEC International Congress will be the largest international youth leadership summit ever held in Egypt, coming together of young leaders, diverse nationalities, businesses, ideas and causes. main events will take place within the congress to enhance the communication between students, alumni and business partners and unite their grounds giving each a unique opportunity to collaborate, learn, share ideas and create a sustainable vision for the future.

International Congress It’s the biggest international event AIESEC has in its annual agenda, where up to 1,000 young leaders from 113 countries starting from 16th until 25th of August will gather together to plan joint projects in economic and social sphere, based on global internships program and global community requests.

Global Alumni Conference A platform for AIESEC Alumni, bridging between generations of leaders, now leading their own communities, companies and organizations, providing a chance to network, reconnect and develop, with more than 250 alumni.

Global Youth Voice GYV is going to be having the theme of SELF LEADERSHIP, how can you utilize yourself and be part of a big change and lead it. With up to 200 Egyptian and 300 interna-tional Participants for 5 days, 16th-20th of August, 2013.

Opening Ceremony Marking the beginning of the 10day event. With more than 1000 Young people from 113+ countries, 400 Young people from Egypt, 12,000 virtual Participants will attend this ceremonial event and it will be highlighted with the celebration of AIESEC Egypt’s 40th Anniversary.

Representatives from the participating 113 countries will attend this event to celebrate the diversity of the AIESEC network and showcase their different cultures. This event will be open to the public and promoted for in Sharm El Sheikh specifically & Egypt early on.

Youth 2 Business Forum Connecting young leaders and businesses around relevant topics in the world to generate new ideas and thoughts in determination of paving the road towards a sustainable future.

Egyptian Night Will represent Egypt’s diverse backgrounds and the different cultures embraced by the generosity of the spacious lands of Egypt. Entertainment will range from belly dancers, homegrown talents and the Farafra tribe performing their ritual dances.

Gala Dinner Will be the official closing ceremony of the 10 day congress. Awarding the best AIESEC countries in terms of results achieved in 2013 with the biggest global award in the network, the UBS Awards

The cradle of all civilizations; Egypt has been a cultural exchange hub in the Middle East for thousands of years. With the beautiful generous Nile running through the heart of it; journeys and millions of stories have been written on each side of the country. Starting from the far west at lying on the Mediterranean, passing by Alexandria, and ending the beautiful sandy coast at Arish, Egypt grows down to meet the Red Sea with the magnificent coral reefs and mountains hugging the beautiful cities of Sinai. Right in the middle you would find crazy Cairo; the city that literally never sleeps, with beautifully colorful, loud and lively streets and a friendly smile on the face of everyone, that is so diverse and unique to every Egyptian, yet cannot be compared to any other.

And embracing the shores of the Nile; from Giza to Luxor, Aswan and Nubia, Ancient Egypt is still standing strong and spelling out magic that you would only find when you’re standing in front of the Pyramids, walking through the temples or enjoying a sunny Nile cruise. Egypt is a lot more than a few landmarks; it’s the people, the generosity, the kindness, the mystery and the charm in the air. There’s a saying that if you ever drink from the Nile, you won’t help, but visit Egypt again. Today Egypt proudly embarks the fragrance of the enchanting past and ancient memories, with the fascination and glamour of the modern world.

Quick Facts Capital: Cairo Official languages: Arabic Location: North East Africa, at the center of the MENA region Geography: 1 million sq. km, the 29th biggest country in the world Climate: hot, dry summers with moderate winters Population: 85.5 millions (15th most populated country in the world) Religion: Islam is the official religion of Egypt. Most non-Muslims in Egypt are Christians, majority belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church. Standard time zone: UTC/GMT+2 (Daylight saving time is no longer observed

Did you know that   

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Egypt is home to seven World Heritage sites One Third of the World’s existing monuments are found in Luxor Over 500 free press newspapers, journals and magazines are available in Egypt Cairo is home to Africa's only subway Egypt is also known for the vary forms of folk art and dances, proper to each region of the country.

Countries visa status classification No Visa Pre-Arrival Visa Required Required Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Bahrain Djibouti Guinea Jordan Kuwait Libya Malaysia Oman Saudi Arabia UAE Yemen

Azerbaijan Bangladesh Herzegovina Belarus China Croatia India Indonesia Iran Israel Kirghizia Kyrgyzstan Macau Macedonia Mongolia Morocco Palestine Philippines Sri-Lanka Tadzhikistan Tunisia Turkey Ukraine Uzbekistan All African countries.

BosniaChechnya Georgia Iraq Kazakhstan Lebanon Moldavia Pakistan Slovenia Thailand Turkmenistan Vietnam

Visa acquired upon Arrival at the airport Countries not mentioned in the above lists are allowed to receive Touristic Entry Visa -for 30 days- upon arrival at the airport.

Steps to acquire the Egyptian Visa Complete Registration form for IC’13 Be very careful when filling in the Visa part of the application. Attaching a good quality Scan of your Passport.

Check your Country’s Visa status classification determine your Country’s status

Contact the Egyptian Embassy/Consulate In your country regarding the list of requirements for Touristic Visa. For the list for the Egyptian Embassies around the world click here, and follow these steps: • Click on your Country • Click on Contact us

Receive your Invitation Letter from Congress Committee. Note: If original copy of invitation letter is required, shipping can take up to 14 Working days. In addition to shipping costs being applied.

Apply for the visa & Submit your documents at the Egyptian Embassy and Receive it after the designated processing days*.

*depends on the country

12th of August – IC pre-study tour start dates 14th-15th of August – IC pre-meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh 16th of August – 25th of August – IC meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh

26th of August - 31st of August – IC post study tours

Regular delegate’s fee for IC is 350 euros.. This includes accommodation, food, sessions, and transport from/to airport in Sharm el Sheikh and between venues are included. In addition to 35 Euros damage fees. Study tours fees differ according to your choice of tours. For more information check our IC registration Page here The CC requests that making the payments for IC earlier via wire transfer in order to smooth out the check in process, support us with our cash flow and contribute to making this the best and biggest IC ever hosted! Questions: Payment confirmations and receipts:

Transportation from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh shall be by internal flights. Which the CC have been working on to ensure discounts on your flights.

Stay tuned for the registration, exact programs and prices of the study tours to be included in our 2nd delegates mailer.

Pre-Study Tours Sharm El-Sheikh Dates: 13th & 15th of August No. of Days : a 1-day agenda to be repeated among those 3 days. Sharm El Sheikh has the widest array of fun, exciting and even crazy water and extreme sports whether diving, snorkeling or sailing where you can soak up in the sun, dive and see amazing corals reefs, and enjoy the beautiful red sea. Moreover, from Sharm El Sheikh, you can easily go on trips and safaris into the nearby Sinai desert and discover the majestic Sinai Mountains.

Post-Study Tours

South Sinai

Dates: 25th of August - 27th of August 3 days, 3 nights Camping and Roaming around its cities, you’ll get to visit Dahab that is famous for its blue hole; one of the best diving & snorkeling spots in the red sea. Go on a hike & climb Mousa mountain and see the amazing St Catherine Monastery, and beautiful desert and majestic Sinai Mountains, do some sand surfing on its famous dunes. And participate in cultural Bedouin night events .

Luxor & Aswan Dates: 26th of August - 30th of August 5 days, 4 nights Luxor is known today as the world's "greatest open-air museum." You’ll get to visit the vast historical sites from the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings and the magnificent sunset views at the majestic temple complexes of Karnak to the exciting and fun Nile cruises. Aswan is the perfect destination to stroll and relax in a magical cultural setting: watch feluccas slowly sailing the Nile then stop at one of the floating restaurants and enjoy delicious cuisines

Post-Study Tours Black & White Desert Dates: 26th of August - 28th of August 3 days. 2 nights The Black & White Deserts are justifiably the most well-known deserts destination in Egypt and for a good reason. The quantity of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles are unequalled in any desert in the world.

Alexandria & Cairo Dates: 26th of August - 28th of August; 3 days. 2 nights “Pearl of the Mediterranean� ; Alexandria with its own ambience and cultural heritage distance it from the rest of the country will fascinate you with its mix of history and modernity. Along with Cairo; the beautiful, hectic, crowded, surprising, enchanting (and every other cool sounding adjective), capital of Egypt and subsides one of the worlds of seven wonders, the pyramids of Giza.


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Delegates inquiries:

Visa inquiries:

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IC2013 Delegates Booklet  

AIESEC International Congress 2013 Egypt - Delegates Booklet Vol.1

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