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Sagai and Pre Wedding Rituals in Marwadi community Marwadi weddings are a spectacular experience of pomp, festivities and the celebration of two lives in unison. The pre wedding rituals or the "sagai" in the Marwadi community are also a splendid commemoration of culture and traditions. The rituals that take place in the course of the "sagai" are scripture like the follows: Engagement Ceremony or the "Sagai": Ideally the venue for the "sagai" is to be hosted at the prospective residence of the groom. The "sagai" post the "rokka" ceremony is a very resplendent ceremony which is attended by immediate members from the bride and the grooms families respectively. The proceeds of the "sagai" is prominently recognized by the bride's father or brother applying a "tilak" on the grooms forehead in the presence of just the male members of the family. To mark the ceremony, an assorted mix dry fruits, sweets, clothes and a traditional sword in some scenarios are exchanged amongst the family members. Ganpati Sthapna: Also referred to as the "Graha Shanti" Ceremony, this holistic ritual features a placement of the Ganesha idol, after which a "puja" is performed by both the families seeking the elephant God's blessings to commence the wedding ahead. It is only after completing the Ganpati ceremony that the following rituals are commenced. The "Pitthi Dastoor " : The Pithi Dastoor is a frolicsome and spirited ritual which involves the bride, groom and their families to assemble separately at their respective homes following which a paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied onto the hands, feet and the faces of the couples. Amidst a close gathering of family members, children and friends, the musical notes of the dholak and the joyous recital of traditional songs brings about an ecstatic feel with the family members matching steps to the folk dance by performing the "ghoomar". Mahira Dastoor Custom: Progressing towards the "Mahira Dastoor" Custom, celebrations and good humored socializing actively begin amidst the family members and how ! The "Mahira Dastoor" Custom features the coming together of both the bride and the grooms maternal uncles who distribute gifts and cash amongst the family members. "Janev & Palla Dastoor ": The Janev ritual witnesses the groom being dressed in plain saffron clothes for performing a puja following which he wears the sacred thread. The saffron clothes and the sacred thread symbolize the roles of an aesthetic and a householder respectively. This ritual involves a humorous role-play of sorts in which the groom tries to escape from embracing the sacred thread whilst his maternal uncle attempts to catch him in order for him to assume his responsibility as a husband by donning the thread. Following these rituals the process of engagement then transitions into the pre wedding rituals and finally to the glorious wedding ahead. Marwadisambandh is a free online Marwadi matrimonials which helps in making the world a smaller place and a dedicated platform featuring prospective Marwadi Maheshwari bride & grooms that facilitates the best matrimonial amidst the Marwari community. Copyright Š Marwadi Sambandh Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Pre wedding rituals of marwadi marriages  

Marwadi weddings are a spectacular experience of pomp, festivities and the celebration of two lives in unison. The pre wedding rituals or th...

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