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E d i t o ri a l Dear SCOPHians, It’s always a pleasure sharing your projects and achievements thanks to publications. So, welcome to E-SCOPHians for this month, the 5th issue. May has witnessed one of the most important causes not all for our committee, but worldwide: World No tobacco Day under the theme of raise taxes on Tobacco. To continue our movement to fight this killing tool, SCOPHians have launched several campaigns, organized competitions and lectures. Some events were coverd up in this newsletter. For more information, you can check out our facebook group.DominicianRepublic has celebrated world

21.06.2014 Issue 5 health day on April the 7th and worked on raising awareness to Endemic diseases. More details are provided below. MSAI SCOPH organized an amazing campaign called: Eradicating the bug menacean Integrated Approach. It took place at Girls Senior school and made a huge success. Last but not least, IFMSA Egypt has dealt with Nosocomial diseases and published concrete results during the annual Conference of Faculty of MedicineMenofiaUniversit I have never been more proud of you SCOPHeroes. You have shown diversity and hard work.Please keep up the motivational spirit. Orange Hugs M a r w a Da l y D e v e l op m e n t A s s i s t a n t on P u b l i c a t i on s of S C O P H

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Raising Awareness to Endemic Diseases in the Dominican Republic On February 20 and 21, 2014, ten SCOPH members of ODEM-Dominican Republic, representing the institutions Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Universidad Central del Este (UCE), and Universidad Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU), implemented the “Beware of endemic

diseases” campaign in the Dominican Republic (DR). Entering two rural southeastern DR communities, ODEM members collaborated with doctors, nurses and health promoters, visiting every house, school and business in the area. They educated approximately 800 community members about five major endemic diseases

that affect our environment, including cholera, dengue fever, leptospirosis, malaria and tuberculosis. They used descriptive boards and disseminated informative brochures to describe each disease, including clinical presentation, mode of transmission and prevention methods. With close, personal interactions between health professionals ( 2)

and target audience, members educated, clarified doubts and dispelled myths about these infectious diseases. By utilizing social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), this ODEM campaign disseminated the health message to the international audience. Dr. Katerine Matos De La C r u z (S C O P H M e m b e r ) a n d K i n g W u C h e n ( L P O - UN P H U) O D E M - D om i n i c a n R e p u b l i c

Infection control Infection control in Egypt is one of the missed or inappropriately applied measures that has lead to the spread of various infections that have exceeded the universal-standard levels. So in IFMSAEgypt we believe that it is our role to participate in solving that problem. That’s why there is a national project that cares about infection control called (Hy five). Infection control covers more than one aspect. So locally as (Menofia Students’ Scientific Association) MSSA-Menofia , we decided to work on (Nosocomial infections) as a part of infection control. In Egypt ,they are considered a very common cause of many infections (urinary tract infection, upper respiratory tract infections or blood stream infections) due to lack of infection control measures, dereliction of infection control protocols or ignorance of infection control protocols. So we worked on 2 axes: The first was awareness campaigns for the nursing staff and hospital working staff about infection control measures and the second was assessing NosoComial infections in the hospital. The awareness step was done through a workshop for more than 30 nurses and hospital workers conducted by D/Eman elmasry a professor of microbiology and we intend on holding this workshop more than once. We also made our educational videos about infection control including (instruments sterilization, surgical hand hygiene and

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nursing procedures) in hospitals performed by medical staff of the hospital with the help of the infection control unit of the hospital to encourage other medical staff to participate too .check it out ( Flist%3DPL7yIGRUZy57uGpwQLr6PwrywCa w4frMjx&h=VAQEg3KcS) . To assess Nosocomial infections in the hospital, we set (point prevalence): the number of cases of a specific disease present in a given population at a certain time. And we ended up with some non conclusive results about nosocomial infections in some hospital wards. These were published in the 21st Annual Conference of Faculty of Medicine, Menofia University - Nosocomial Infections.This was the first step in fighting infections and we will keep on going. A h m ed K h ed r IF M S A E g y p t

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Eradicating the bug menace-an integrated approach!! MSAI SCOPH organised a malaria and dengue awareness program in Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Sarojini Nagar on 9th may 2014. Sarang Agarwal was the local event incharge. The event kicked started with a small skit prepared by the volunteers which showed the ignorance of public regarding vector borne diseases. This was followed by a lecture on causes and prevention of malaria and dengue. The importance of prevention was provided to the children regarding the breeding places of mosquitoes and also some medical advice. The program with a short quiz for the students and

gifts for participants. The program was a great success which ended with a speech by the vice principal of the school thanking the volunteers Dr.Sunil Kumar N a t i on a l of f i c e r P u b l i c H e a l t h M S A -I n d i a Dr.Supriya Kumar P u b l i c a t i on D i r e c t or S C O P H M S A -I n d i a S C O P H

World Health Day 2014 in the Dominican Republic SCOPH members of ODEMDominican Republic collaborated with SCORP, SCOME, SCORA and SCOPE members to commemorate World Health Day on April 7th across the Dominican Republic (DR). Using the World Health Organization (WHO) slogan, “Small bites, bit threats”, 15 ODEM members, representing five DR medical schools, promoted the health message of six preventable infectious diseases, including chikungunya, cholera, dengue, leptospirosis, lymphatic filariasis and malaria, to over 2,000 community members. Team members distributed educational materials at the local universities, community (Los

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Jardines del Norte), and subway station (Santo Domingo Metro). Using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), members shared “selfie” photographs with the WHO boarding pass. This ODEM health collaboration successfully utilized various health promotion strategies to disseminate the health message to the local, national and international audiences. After all, health education and promotion are key elements to healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Dr. María Caraballo (NPO, 2014; LPO -UASD, 2012-2014) O D E M - D om i n i c a n R e p u b l i c

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World no Tobacco Day_SCOPHians in action May the 31th is the World No Tobacco Day! WHO has chosen its theme this year to be "Raise Tobacco Tax, Lower Death and Disease", as this method has proved its efficency to reduce the tobacco consumption! WHO calls on countries to raise taxes on tobacco to encourage users to stop and prevent other people from becoming addicted to tobacco. Based on 2012 data, WHO estimates that by increasing tobacco taxes by 50%, all countries would reduce the number of smokers by 49 million within the next 3 years and ultimately save 11 million lives. Below SCOPHians' campaigns aroud the world: M S A In d i a

Vietnam Public Health A s s oc i a t i on a n d K h a n h H oa P u b l i c H e a l t h A s s oc i a t i on

S C O P H i a n s f r om I F M S A PerĂş doing the No Tobacco Campaing

A M S A -P h i l i p p i n e s


For more information, contact the development Assistant on Publications and Marketing of SCOPH for the term of 2013-2014: Name: Marwa Daly Email Addess:

Celebrating World No Tobacco Day:- An advocacy p r og r a m m e of N e p a l M e d i c a l S t u d e n t s ' S oc i e t y (NMSS)- Centre for Heart A tta c k A w a r e n e s s I n N e p a l ( C H A I N ) C ol l a b or a t i on

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