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I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint. Frida Kahlo



Bahrain. A small desert island in the Middle East that I call home. I spent my whole life in this country that cannot be seen on a map unless you zoom in about five times. Since Bahrain is so small, I spent a lot of my childhood and growing up traveling. At my age, I am grateful that I got to explore many parts of the world, and so I had the chance to see what other cultures are like, and my favorite part was seeing how art emerged within those cultures. I have always been interested in art being a silent language, and all at once, a language that everyone can be fluent in. With my own art, I believe I can carry this language with me wherever I go. I have explored digital art in a non-traditional sense, but I have definitely had more experience with art in the areas of traditional mediums; sketching and painting, mostly. I would like to see how the university’s Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree program can help me develop my skills even further. I am inspired by many comtemporary artists today, some of which are this generation’s graphic designers, like Shaikha Bugrais. She is still a student in MICA in the U.S., but her designs portray the new concepts coming up in modern days. I have taken art classes throughout high school, as well as I recently completed the two-year IB Art program, and I have exhibited the pieces in this portfolio to the public in the IB Art exhibition, in Bahrain.





Mixed Emotions Acrylic on canvas

The use of a variety of different vibrant colors shows that the subject has many different thoughts and moods. These colors are divided into warm and cool which portray her “Mixed Emotions.” The eyes give the subject a fierce look, which catches the attention of the viewers. It’s almost as though she is looking at something with a fierce look, and she has mixed feelings about it.




ROSÉ Oil on canvas

The use of different shades of nude colors has helped me show the beauty of the subjects face, and that having many different colors on a painting can justify the meaning behind it. The meaning can relate to my theme of movement, because the viewer can see how these specific nude colors have not just brought beauty to the painting, but also a strong meaning when they look at it up close.


Mermind Acrylic on canvas

The expression on the subjects face shows that she could be in a trance with her thoughts, she could be daydreaming about wondrous things and these thoughts stretch to full oceans. It’s almost like we can see how beautiful these thoughts are, and they’re as beautiful as waves of an ocean would be as they crash against each other.




Tears Watercolor on canvas

The use of watercolor has helped me create calligraphic immediacy, luminous color and making the tears look more realistic. I have added arabic calligraphy to the background which relate to the painting itself. The words I have chosen, love, dream, feelings and hope. All these words depict the painting and how the subject is feeling.


Tears Part II Acrylic on canvas

The vibrancy of the blue tears relates to my theme of movement; they are rolling and dripping down the subject’s face and it is the first thing that the viewer notices. Not only that, but the blue tears and red lips contrast with the grayscale background, also drawing attention to this, making the colors the focal point of the painting.



I applied streaks and blobs of colors to the canvas with a palette knife, and I made them sing with all the intensity I could. Wassily Kandinsky




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