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A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Series #14) Kindle Edition You can download from the link below.

Since 1990, when Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time® burst on the world with its first book, The Eye of the World, readers have been anticipating the final scenes of this extraordinary saga, which has sold over forty million copies in over thirty languages. When Robert Jordan died in 2007, all feared that these concluding scenes would never be written. But working from notes and partials left by Jordan, established fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson stepped in to complete the masterwork. With The Gathering Storm (Book 12) and Towers of Midnight (Book 13) behind him, both of which were # 1 New York Times hardcover bestsellers, Sanderson now re-creates the vision that Robert Jordan left behind.

Edited by Jordan’s widow, who edited all of Jordan’s books, A Memory of Light will delight, enthrall, and deeply satisfy all of Jordan’s legions of readers. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

About The Author Robert Jordan (October 17, 1948–September 16, 2007), a native of Charleston, South Carolina, was the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time®, with millions of books in print.

Brandon Sanderson grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. He teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University and lives in Utah with his wife and children.

Biography Robert Jordan was born in 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina, where he lived with his wife, Harriet, in a house built in 1797. He taught himself to read when he was four (with the incidental aid of a twelve-years-older brother) and was tackling Mark Twain and Jules Verne by five. After graduating from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in physics, he served two tours in Vietnam with the U.S. Army, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star with "V", and two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry. A history buff, he also wrote dance and theater criticism. In September, 2007, Jordan died from complications of a rare blood disease. He was 58 years old.

Reviews Publishers Weekly

Fans of the Jordan's Wheel of Time epic have been waiting 13 books for the Last Battle, and they are about to be rewarded as Jordan/Sanderson (Towers of Midnight) bring the series to one final crescendo. It is time for Rand al'Thor to face the Dark One in the Last Battle for humanity, but he can't do it alone; he must also gather all of the forces of the world together and turn them, united, against the Trolloc armies that threaten to overwhelm. Those unfamiliar with the series may be left cold by chapter after chapter of battle scenes, death, glory, and heroism, which are interspersed with tactics, politics, and plotting. Those more invested in the series, however, will be on the edge of their seats to witness first-hand the fates of their favorite characters as well as the world itself. Sanderson successfully channels Jordan's voice to produce this stunningly thorough wrap-up to a long and impressive series.

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“The battle scenes have the breathless urgency of firsthand experience, and the . . . evil laced into the forces of good, the dangers latent in any promised salvation, the sense of the unavoidable onslaught of unpredictable events bear the marks of American national experience during the last three decades, just as the experience of the First World War and its aftermath gave its imprint to J. R. R. Tolkien’s work.â€​ —The New York Times Library Journal

Since the publication of The Eye of the World in 1990, fans have eagerly anticipated how the final battle of Jordan’s groundbreaking “Wheel of Timeâ€​ epic fantasy series ends. Over the years, readers have come to know Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, and many other characters, vicariously joining in their journey to save the world from the Dark One. At last comes the long-anticipated 14th and concluding volume, and it is definitely worth the wait. Sanderson (“Mistbornâ€​ trilogy; The Alloy of Law), who was given the task of completing the series when Jordan died in 2007, has done a wonderful job of tying together all the loose ends, sometimes in very surprising ways. Of course, the epilog is the almost unaltered scene (or series of scenes) written and kept secret by Jordan decades ago. Verdict Anyone who has read the first “Wheelâ€​ books will want to read this one as well. In fact, anyone who likes epic fantasy will enjoy it. However, “The Wheel of Timeâ€​ is such a complex series that one must read the titles in order to avoid confusion at all of the twists and turns. [See Prepub Alert, 7/30/12.]—William Baer, Georgia Inst. of Technology Lib., Atlanta (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted. Kirkus Reviews

"There are no endings, and never will be endings, to the turning of the Wheel of Time." Even so, with this volume, the late Jordan's hyperinflated Wheel of Time series grinds to a halt. Jordan (Eye of the World, 1990, etc.), here revived by way of the extensive notebooks, drafts and outlines he left behind by amanuensis Sanderson (creative writing/Brigham Young Univ.), was an ascended master of second-tier Tolkien-ism; the world he creates is as densely detailed as Middle-earth, and if the geography sounds similar, pocked with place names such as Far Madding and the Blasted Lands, that's no accident. Tolkien-esque, too, is the scenario for this saga-closer, namely a "last battle" in which the forces of good are arrayed against those of darkness. The careless reader might take this to be a battle of hairdressers in a West Indian neighborhood: "The Dreadlords came for him eventually, sending an explosion to finish the job. Deepe spent the last moments throwing weaves at them. He died well." That's not the case, of course: instead, saga heroes Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara range the lands beyond the Dark One's prison to do all manner of good and adventuresome things. It's a strange world, that: Perrin finds the pit to end all pits, "[a]n eternal expanse, like the blackness of the Ways, only this one seemed to be pulling him into it." But then, what kind of epic would it be if it weren't a strange place? Will wolves and orcsâ €”or whatever they are—take over the world, or will the good guys prevail? Jordan's fans, who are legion, will

most decidedly want to learn the answer to that question. From the Publisher

“The battle scenes have the breathless urgency of firsthand experience, and the . . . evil laced into the forces of good, the dangers latent in any promised salvation, the sense of the unavoidable onslaught of unpredictable events bear the marks of American national experience during the last three decades, just as the experience of the First World War and its aftermath gave its imprint to J. R. R. Tolkien’s work.â€​—The New York Times on The Wheel of Time® “Michael Kramer and Kate Reading have been the masters of the Wheel of Time series from the very first book to this fourteenth, and final, book…They present the unfolding of the many themes with infinite patience and consistent tones of engagement with the characters and events.â€​ – AudioFile Magazine, Earphones Award winner

“The clear, well-paced, and intense performances by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, who narrated the entire series, provide an excellent delivery of a complex and gargantuan tale.â€​ – Library Journal

Not yet finished but, going to go ahead and rate it 5 stars. If you have loved the series, this one wont let you down. And to all the people who think this fourm is the appropreate place to voice your discontent with the publisher, I think a better place would be over at their website, instead of down rating this publication. Not to mention 10 of the 15 are anonymous. If you truely wanted your voice to count you wouldnt hide behind anonymity.

This book lives up to the standard set forth by Mr. Jordan and gives the reader the ending that the series deserved. While I know that there were some out there that complained about having the final book separated into three installments, I believe that we can truly appreciate that decision now. This culmination of this epic saga has forever ensconced The Wheel of Time with other fantasy series of the highest caliber. Now here I feel obliged to make a comment on the majority of the one star reviews that are plaguing this book. Shame on you all for adding a negative review because the publishing company made a decision not to bring out the Ebook until April. I would think that, as a fan of the series, you would not want to heap negative reviews on our beloved series. I would also like to point out that each person that is complaining about not having the Ebook to read has made the decision to choose that particular media format on their own. Nobody is forcing you to not read the book, as the paper format is obviously available for you to access. If you decide not to purchase the book, simply because it is not an Ebook, then you have no one to blame but yourself for that poor decision.

I first found the Wheel of Time in 1996. I was at a bookstore, looking for something new to read, when I saw these huge novels. I thought to myself, as big as they are this is going to be a really epic story, I should check it out. I did. I burned through the 7 books out at the time in about 7 weeks. I anxiously awaited every book in the series since. I got to meet Robert Jordan twice, at a signing for The Crossroads of Twilight, and for Knife of Dreams. Then he got sick. While I felt bad about thinking it, I was thinking but what if he dies! What about the ending? When he did pass away, I not only felt like I lost a favorite author, I felt like I lost all of the characters he created as well. Then Brandon Sanderson came in. I was nervous about it, but he stepped up to the plate in a big way, and gave up time on his own stories to finish this for us. This book summed up in a word: Amazing. A non stop battle from beginning to end, and everything tied together. While it is different than if Jordan had written it, it was still good. And it felt right. Thank you Robert Jordan for creating this world. Thank you Brandon Sanderson for finishing it. Let the Dragon ride again, on the winds of time

You can download from the link below

A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Series 14) Kindle Edition