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Marvin Nonis Fashion Magazine Issue 2


Luxury Fashion Magazine

Special Limited Edition

UK’s Top Designer Marvin Nonis Discovers New Flower From Scotland Chloe Bella. Destined to be the New Face of Marvin Nonis UK

United Kingdom’s Amazing Designer Chooses Chloe Bella as the Model For His Label

Discover the Marvin Nonis Evening Dress Collection

Want to Become Our Cover Model? See Inside For Details

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Chloe looks right at home on the catwalk.

Marvin Nonis’ evening gown with exquisite detailing is her perfect partner.

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Designer, model, and creation — all in one place.

This shot showcases exactly what happens when the finest elements come together.

Page 5

Another of Marvin Nonis’ fine gowns.

The sheer material adds an element of daring playfulness.

Page 9


A gorgeous baby blue entry from Marvin Nonis’ evening collection.

Flowing lines and high detailing have become something of a trademark.

Page 10

Marvin Nonis collections are known for their striking looks.

But there are also elements of tradition in the patterning, which we see here.

Page 13

Sleek lines with a contrasting pattern.

Another stunning piece from the evening gown collection.

Page 14

No evening collection is complete without a black number.

This piece, however, offsets tradition with a shimmering array of detail.

Page 18

Deep wine hues and contrast detailing make this a fascinating piece.

Fascination and elegance are two elements Marvin Nonis is exploring in his collections.

Page 21

Another beguiling off the shoulder piece.

The audience was enraptured by the pieces on show tonight.

Page 23

A celebratory drink after a job well done.

The models, the show, and Marvin Nonis’ designs all left an impression on the audience.

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