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The Source for Casters and Replacement Wheels Alliance Express is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of protection and finishing components for a number of industries. Their large range of products contributes to the company’s success, creating considerable growth in sales over the last five years while offering over 10,000 available products, including different types of casters. With the company firmly rooted in qualit quality y and environmental aspects, Alliance Express takes pride in sturdy plastic items like threaded casters,, fasteners, and masking products.

Casters and Replacements Wheels Alliance Express offers plate casters and bolt whole casters, with a variety of sub-options, including replacing wheels and other specific parts. While the plate casters are great for anything from light to heavy duty applications, the bolt hole casters works best only with light to medium usage. Buyers may choose from hard or soft wheels on either a swivel or locking caster, depending on the purpose and load capacity required. Each of the following wheel materials has their own advantages, working best on specific surfaces and each has a different maximum load capacity:  Nylon – light to heavy loads  Polyurethane – light to heavy loads  Black rubber – light to medium loads  Elastic rubber – light to medium loads  Plastic – light to medium loads

No Minimum Required Unlike other suppliers, Alliance Express has no minimum quantity for casters. This means that those who need just one piece of industrial caster can get one without the hassle or extra cost other stores may charge for. If there’s an item at home or at work that needs repairs, getting a replacement caster is easy as 1-2-3. Simply find a matching caster, add it to your online shopping cart, and checkout the order

Buying In Bulk? No Problem! Manufacturers and companies that need a large number of casters may order from Alliance Express and receive bulk discounts. By contacting a customer representative, telling them the required number and type of casters needed, and how often, Alliance Express will be more than happy to compute the best possible pricing for any situation.

More information about casters and other plastic supplies from Alliance Express is available at their website, Interested parties may also call 888-784-7394 or send an e-mail to

The source for casters and replacement wheels