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How to Build a Hydrogen Generator This is the phrase that has oil companies and automobile makers quaking in their boots, "how to build a hydrogen generator." With gas prices approaching an average of $5.00 per gallon, and predicted to exceed $7.00 in the near future, consumers are long past the point of outrage and anger. Many have awakened to the fact that we have been pawns in a mean game, and are openly seeking viable alternative fuel source. One such alternative - a hydrogen generator, would allow you to run your car on water. My brother and I have built a hydrogen generator with parts that we purchase at the local Home Depot; we installed a hydrogen generator on a 2002 Toyota Corolla, and watch our gas bill drop an amazing 25%. This was before we implemented any additional fuel economy measures as outlined in the guide that we purchased. I now have a firsthand understanding of why big business wants the general public to remain ignorant of other sources of fuel. If, or better yet when, the masses realize that this powerful device could eliminate their concern for rising gases prices forever, the profit margins of oil companies and cartels would virtually disappear overnight. For more info about hydrogen water generator click here. What you must understand is that we are not talking about 100% water powered vehicle, but a car that runs on a combination of water and gasoline. This new fuel source actually supplements regular gasoline, and improves the vehicle's fuel efficiency, which means a significant increase in the miles per gallon. The science behind this technological advance have been around for many years, as a matter of fact, patents were issued in the early 1900's, but of course some powerful entities were determined that this invention would not see the light of day. Over the few months, several guides have been brought to market, they are very comprehensive, and can show just about ANYONE everything they need to know to build a hydrogen generator safely, and accurately. The process is not complicated and is very affordable. In the past, it was pretty expensive to get a vehicle converted to run on water, a professional conversion could run as high as $2000.00 depending on the car. The conversion kit alone was priced at $500.00 or more. The concept works like this, you install a jar-like container in the engine compartment, fill it with simple tap water and a small amount of baking soda. A tiny amount of electrical current from the car battery is directed into the water, this cause the hydrogen and oxygen gas to split, and a gas called HHO is created. This gas (or vapor) is sucked up by the engine's vacuum into the intake manifold, travels to the combustion chamber and mixes with regular fuel and makes it burn more completely. There are no engine or vehicle computer modifications needed; some people have added a fuel liner and a part that can make the oxygen sensor on your car read that you are still receiving very low gas mileage, this can increase your gas mileage to 50-100%. There are thousands and thousand of people in the US, and around the world who have converted their cars, trucks, and SUVs to run on water fuel - they are experiencing remarkable results. In addition to better fuel efficiency their vehicles are quieter and run smoother; these vehicles will also last longer - up to 50% for gasoline engines and 70% for diesel.

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