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Every organization is built on a

dream --- a vision of a future with prosperity, success and stability.

Every future begins with a potential recognized, nurtured, guided and supported to its fruition.

And every potential is worth attention. We see that potential. We believed in its future. We believe in its dreams. And we believe in the legacy it can leave.

TFG believes in the potential of every organization to become great. We have made it our mission to nurture that potential at every step in your organization’s growth. Never letting go. Continuously securing more than your future.

We respect the heart invested into building your business. We see each element of your organization as the result of that heart, that effort. We value not just the success attained, but the necessary growth pains to get there. It is not easy. It is not easy to build a company from scratch and to take it to new heights alone, even harder to take it to the next level. We look at your company and see the story behind it. We see where you’ve been, whose hands brought it to the present and its potential to be greater. We respect your history. We value your present. We believe in your potential, its legacy.

leadership strategy

structure is how the company will compete and win in its chosen markets.

looks at how the company is managed, how leadership interacts with the organization. It looks at the management style of the organization’s leaders.

is the relationships of the various functions in the organization. It looks at reporting relationships and the flow of authority

people systems/ processes culture refers to the skills and talents that make the company. Does the organization have the necessary skills to looks into the refer to the processes deliver the informal rules of the of the company. strategy company—at the way things Looking or growth? are in the organization; at how works is it is the effect of implementdone ing the strategy and consist of in the overall behaviors, mindset organization. and practices of the organization.



We nurture your potential, its legacy, by providing you the

support you need to make growth happen. We call this support Organizational Scaffolds. In taking the business to the realization of its potential, to the next level, the entrepreneur or family leader needs to strengthen the foundations---break the walls of today and build new ones while TFG provides the scaffolds in the building process. TFGs organizational scaffold ensures that development and adaptation in the six organizational elements are all directed towards your dream, your vision.

Start fulfilling your dreams and building your legacy. Visit us at: Unit 805 Atlante Centre, 31 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila (02) 234 5129 |

securing more than your future.

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