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PTSD and Soldiers


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For our English class we were assigned to create some sort of project which shows the reasons or cuases behind violence. Our group decided to create this short magazine in hopes to educate people on the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ~ Sincerely Our Group


PTSD & Soldiers C


onflicts in the Middle East are no new dilemma. Wars in Iraq with U.S. involvementt started in 1991 through the Persian Gulf War. The Invasion in Iraq consisted of the United Kingdom, United States, Poland and also Australia. The initial report of the invasion was to destroy Saddam Husseins regime of terrorism. After completing these intense combat operations through the first 21 days of the Iraqi war, Hussein was eliminated. After the completion of these operations,

the United States took on a continuation of the Gulf War. British Prime Minister Tony Blair and George W. Bush started the continuation of the Gulf war when Hussein had broken the Liberation act of supposedly not destroying his WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction). They declared war and soon after invaded Iraq in hopes to find and destroy the WMD’s. After securing the Northern Part of Iraq this sent President Saddam Hussein and his central leadership into hiding. It was only until then that a new phase in the war begin. The United States and its allies began military occupation in Iraq. Bush’s fight for a diplomatic war instead of a combative war. The brink of terrorism was on its way on American soldiers in Iraq. This was the beginning of occupation and military strongholds in Iraq all the liberate the refugees and innocent civilians in Iraq from terrorist. While the war effort is a struggle on its own, we face a huge problem many of us overlook back home. A study conducted by the U.S. Army shows that 1 in 8 returning soldiers have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. (PTSD)


PTSD is a serious threat to many soldiers who have been to war and have seen the unimaginable. Soldiers suffer PTSD because of the stress and dangers of war. From the constant battle and never ending anxiety of at any given moment that something would happen and it would be their last. Usually many soldier experience PTSD through the loss of a close friend while being witnesses of the incident. PTSD is not something to be taken lightly. PTSD does carry into the soldier’s life in the military with his fellow soldier but also domestically at home. Many cases have been witnessed that close partners to soldiers with PTSD have been victims of abuse and brutality. About 8-21% of families with a known member with PTSD have experienced abuse. PTSD can lead to serious alcohol abuse, child abuse, molestation and even murder. There are many classes and seminars for soldier with PTSD but it is something that would be very hard to overcome. Soldier live day to day with the mindset that they are constantly at danger even though it may be weeks, months even years since they have seen combat. They go into mental breakdowns and are constantly living in combat even in the safest places they could be.


At times these abuses occur because the soldiers sometimes think their partners are assailants and are trying to kill them. They constantly have nightmares and could have cases of insomnia. PTSD is a serious threat harming our soldiers and not enough is being done to help our soldiers. We have seen the negative effects on one generations of soldiers back in the Vietnam war, let us not repeat the mistakes of the past.


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