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Education, Reimagined

Imagine a

“Everything we do at Marvelwood is motivated by two goals: to ensure that 

place of possibility... A learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your personal style. Imagine a supportive community of students and teachers where individual strengths and needs are respected and where you’ll tackle exciting challenges and discover passions that will change your life. Imagine a place where your confidence and abilities will soar.

Imagine yourself at Marvelwood.

  each student grows in self-confidence and achieves academic success.” William Bingham, Dean of Faculty, Director of College Counseling, English Teacher

Marvelwood students thrive in an affirmative educational environment with a flexible and appropriately challenging curriculum.

Challenge Academics at Marvelwood: Traditional and Experiential Marvelwood students are challenged to grow academically and personally. Each student’s program is designed according to their individual interests and needs, allowing them to strengthen the areas in which they excel and to improve those where they need extra support. They participate in hands-on learning experiences in both traditional college prep courses and unique electives. An exceptionally low student/faculty ratio guarantees individual attention and the opportunity for students and teachers to share ideas and celebrate their successes together. With 80 academic course offerings, including 20 Advanced Placement and Honors courses, students are challenged at every level and find the support they need to excel. They may choose from over 25 electives each term, and course offerings are continually updated. In every class, Marvelwood teachers link ideas and concepts to the real world, encouraging creative and critical thinking. Students graduate with a strong educational foundation, an appreciation for diversity, and the confidence to explore their world.

Sample Electives · 3D Art · LEGO Robotics · Politics in Film · The Walking Dead and Philosophy Learning extends beyond the classroom to field study, trips, and workshops including: · Cape Cod habitat studies and whale watch · The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Mass. · Cocobolo Nature Reserve, Panama · Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City · The Institute for American Indian Studies, Washington, Conn. · Natural Resources Conservation Academy at University of Connecticut Identifying birds with children from the Village of La Zahina, Panama

· Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy, Litchfield, Conn.

Environmental Studies Marvelwood has always sought to blend scientific studies with project-based, service learning projects that extend beyond the classroom. Since 2001, the School has been the only one of three high schools in the nation to operate a MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) banding station. Students have documented 136 bird species, including two species of global conservation concern, the Cerulean Warbler and

the Wood Thrush. Student avian research was instrumental in the designation of our campus and neighboring Kent Land Trust property as part of an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society. Marvelwood’s field researchers study other living things, as well. Students use a variety of mediums, including photography, to highlight sensitive amphibian and reptile species. Many have participated in UConn’s Natural

Resources Conservation Academy and have received awards for their projects. Scientific outreach crosses international borders with our annual trip to Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama to study avian, amphibian, and insect biodiversity. Students also work to raise environmental awareness and build friendships with students living in remote areas of Panama.


leadership is encouraged at marvelwood through: Round Square Conference and Exchange The Marvelwood School is a member of Round Square International, a network of 168 innovative schools in 40 countries across five continents. Round Square schools share an approach to learning based on the Pillars of Round Square, six principles of holistic education. A Marvelwood delegation attends the annual Round Square International Conference, and students may participate in exchanges with member schools around the world.

Leadership Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Student leadership programs are a crucial part of the boarding school experience and afford all students the opportunity to affect change and develop lifelong advocacy skills. They range from traditional roles such as student government representative and dormitory prefect to the less traditional such as peer mediation and community service.


Princess Tea Party

Civic Life Project

Peer Mediation

Each year, Marvelwood hosts a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Local children are invited to meet their favorite princesses and special characters, have their picture taken with them, and enjoy tea and cupcakes.

The Civic Life Project is a unique educational collaboration that challenges students to learn about civics and democracy in an innovative and exciting way. The program begins in the classroom, where they explore the structure of our democracy, and ends in the theater, where they showcase a short documentary of their own creation about a civic issue in their community.

Students learn to mediate conflict between their peers, without faculty presence, in the Peer Mediation program that borrows heavily from Quaker beliefs. In weekly, yearlong training sessions, they discuss what peace is and why it’s difficult to achieve, the importance of mediation, and the range of violent acts from the seemingly mild such as not recycling to the overt such as physical aggression.

Senior Service Project Every spring, Marvelwood’s Senior Service Trip provides a culminating experience for the School’s soon-to-be graduates. The trip to Washington, D.C., offers seniors tangible proof of their potential to make a difference in the lives of others. Placements differ each year and have included D.C. Central Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, and Charlie’s Place.

Model United Nations at UConn and Yale In preparation for Model United Nations conferences, history students research assigned countries and write position papers on international topics. Student delegates to the conference participate on committees and speak on topics ranging from global warming, terrorism, and women’s rights to drones and governmental corruption.

Student Prefects The Prefect Program is a major component of student leadership at Marvelwood. Dorm Prefects are expected to be role models to their peers, in good standing with the Deans’ and Academic offices, and involved members of the School community. Training and support continue throughout the year.

“The Round Square conference was an amazing opportunity that opened my eyes to the fact that we are all people no matter what your religion, culture, or race. In meeting students from all over the world, not only did I get to make new friends, but I got a chance to experience a wide range of cultures.” Sky, junior, Round Square Delegate

At Round Square International Conferences, students from around the world meet, exchange ideas, and establish lasting connections.

Students work with Learning Support teachers to develop as independent and responsible learners.

Marvelwood School provides structured academic support for students possessing a wide variety of learning styles and strengths.


A Commitment to Learning

The Marvelwood School is dedicated to the belief that every student learns differently and that these differences are to be appreciated and accommodated. Our Learning Support program provides the tools to help students with learning challenges to succeed academically, increase their self-confidence, and acquire strong learning and selfadvocacy skills needed in college and beyond.

EmPOWER EmPOWER, a highly visual, research-based system for fostering the development of student

writing skills, is an intrinsic part of our academic program. Marvelwood teachers use EmPOWER to support students on many levels, including organizing and visualizing new information, taking notes, and planning writing assignments. Developing and utilizing EmPOWER strategies helps to increase student independence and ownership of their writing and learning.

Next Steps: Off to College Marvelwood college counselors guide students and parents through every step of the college search process. They help students identify schools that best match their interests and goals and where they will

likely have a successful and positive experience. Utilizing Naviance, a comprehensive organizational tool, all students participate in the college search process and 100% are accepted by two- to four-year colleges or universities. The School monitors students’ college experiences and continually works to improve their preparedness. Acceptances are announced on Facebook, and a complete list of acceptances and matriculations can be found on the Marvelwood website.

“I love that the teachers are very flexible and will help when you need it or challenge you if you’re ready for more. They are very accessible and encouraging.” Lillian, freshman


A Home Away From Home Whether boarding or day, residential life is an important part of every student’s experience. Friendships are forged and differences are celebrated in a supportive, nurturing environment, and students study, socialize, and enjoy activities under the close supervision of caring, involved, and accessible dormitory faculty. Ethical decision-making, independent living and thinking, teamwork, dealing with peer pressure, and self-awareness are key components of the program. The expansive mountaintop campus is surrounded by forests, wetlands, farmland, and hiking trails, yet is small enough to foster closeness and security. Every student has a faculty advisor with whom they meet and share meals each week. Advisors oversee and monitor their advisees’ progress and are in regular communication with parents. The advisor program is carefully structured, and feedback from faculty, parents, and the students themselves ensures the right fit between students and advisors.

Students are encouraged to develop new interests and find their passions.


Marvelwood students participate in a wide range of activities, including: · A cappella

· Pop Culture Club

· Admission Tour Guides

· Mouth of the Mountain (school newspaper)

· Jazz and Rock Band · Marvelwood Idol · Math Club · Music on the Mountain Open Mic Night · Percussion Ensemble

· Student Government · Table-Top Gaming Club · Peer Mediation · Winter Warm-Up Week

“One of my strongest childhood memories is that of growing up in a New England neighborhood. Fields, yards, and porches offered a perfect venue for kids to play spontaneously, while a mature parental presence was always nearby. Social skills were acquired, and imagination was given free rein. At Marvelwood, you will experience not only a wonderfully affirmative school, but one built in the context of a similar neighborhood, dedicated to adult collaboration, to safety, to respect, and to good fun.”  Arthur F. Goodearl Jr., Head of School

In the Classroom

Participation Experiential education, self-advocacy, and community service are cornerstones of The Marvelwood School. Outside the classroom, competitive athletics, unique activities, and extraordinary arts and leadership opportunities encourage students to discover their full potential.

Sample courses in the arts:

Novice and experienced actors, dancers, singers, and stage technicians are invited to participate in the Marvelwood Players productions.

· Studio Art

· Film Studies

· Ceramics

· American Music History

· Honors Theatre

· Songwriting

· Photography

Innovative, experiential education is a way of life at Marvelwood. Our teachers bring a sense of creativity and fun to their lesson planning, connecting concepts and ideas to the real world and constantly seeking the ideal combination of seeing, hearing, and doing that will unlock the door to success for every student.

Expanding Horizons Art is a part of everyday life at Marvelwood. All students — no matter their level of training or exposure to the arts — have a gift for creating and discovering their talents and voice. Marvelwood’s program helps them to hone that gift. The arts program is built on a proud tradition of artistic expression that began with the School’s founding.

Through the arts, students learn analytical and creative thinking, problem solving, project-based education, collaboration, communication, global perspective, non-traditional assessment, and arts literacy. Marvelwood offers a wide range of beginning, intermediate, and advanced performing and visual arts classes. Students have 13 options in traditional, cross-curricular, and interdisciplinary settings.

Get Out and Play! Whether students prefer biking, competing on a school team, or rock climbing, Marvelwood provides opportunities for a great workout — plus the chance to discover a love of nature, build friendships, and learn teamwork through competitive athletics or noncompetitive outdoor adventures.

At Marvelwood, athletes enjoy winning, yet are also encouraged to enjoy playing, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and participation. Success is measured by a winning attitude, not a winning record. Adjacent to the Appalachian and Mohawk trails and close to the Housatonic River, Mohawk Mountain ski area, and St. John’s Ledges, the School provides inexhaustible resources for mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

“At Marvelwood, the emphasis is  on sportsmanship, commitment, and pride in our school.” Zach Maizel ’04, Director of Athletics

Team Spirit

Outdoor Adventure The OA program takes advantage of our beautiful and naturally abundant location with activities throughout the year, including:

Marvelwood teams compete in 10 sports. The School is a member of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC), and teams compete in the Hudson Valley Athletic League (HVAL). Talented athletes represent the School at all-state and New England championships. · Baseball

· Soccer

· Canoeing

· Skiing and Snowboarding

· Ice Fishing

· Basketball

· Tennis

· Mountain Biking

· Winter Biking and Camping

· Maple Sugaring

· Cross Country

· Ultimate Frisbee

· Mountaineering

· Ropes Course

· Downhill Ski Racing

· Volleyball

· Rock climbing

· Outdoor Survival Training

· Lacrosse

· Wrestling


Getting to

Know Us

Blue Kirkpatrick, a junior from Ann Arbor, Mich., practiced her journalism skills and interviewed classmates about their Marvelwood experience.

Vera Hudson: Discovering Community

The Marvelwood Garden Marvelwood’s gardening program focuses on the connection between the earth, society, and the food that sustains us. Students learn how our food is produced and participate in the process of growing it, becoming vested in the outcome and gaining an appreciation for nature and the origin of their food. The teaching garden focuses on biodiversity as opposed to volume production, and as many as 50 varieties of fruits, flowers, and vegetables grow there. Student gardeners practice succession planting, crop rotation, no-till methods, and heavy mulching to keep the soil moist, prevent weeds, and provide shade to the plants’


roots. They practice water conservation, watering only during a drought, and use natural and organic treatments for insect and pest control. Our Geodesic Growing Dome enables a year-round curriculum and allows students to learn to solve complex indoor gardening problems. Garden produce is used in the dining hall, and surplus crops are donated to the Kent Food Bank. Students work in the garden throughout the year as part of the weekly community service program and daily in the spring as an afternoon activity, experiencing the wonder of growing and acquiring essential skills that will enrich their lives.

Vera Hudson is a sophomore from Sherman, Conn. She has a three-year-old sister and two dogs. Her mom is a dental hygienist, and her step-father is a super at a construction company in New York. When she grows up, Vera wants to be a teacher. She writes for the school newspaper on Community Service Wednesdays. BK: What is your favorite thing about the teachers here? VH: They’re always available to talk whenever you need them. They were very welcoming when I arrived, and they have been ever since. BK: What made your transition to this school go smoothly? VH: The whole community is easygoing and welcoming, and if you ever have problems, they are here for you. BK: How have you changed since you got here? VH: The kids here have continually inspired me to try new things. Before Marvelwood, I wasn’t confident in my athletic abilities, but once I got here, I was encouraged to join soccer, and I have really enjoyed it.

Top to bottom: Blue Kirkpatrick, Vera Hudson, Nathan Winter

BK: What do you love about the School? VH: The people. I have been exposed to so many different cultures, different backgrounds, different religions. I love getting to know the international students. Being here has really changed the way I view people and has opened me up. BK: What is your favorite part of campus? VH: The pond behind the dorms is beautiful, and the trails in the woods behind the School are beautiful and calm. Living here, you feel like you’re a part of nature.

“T  he whole community  is easygoing and  welcoming, and if you ever have problems, they are here for you.”  Vera Hudson, sophomore

Nathan Winter: Back to Nature Nathan Winter is a sophomore day student from Kent, Conn. His brother Simon graduated in 2017. Both Nathan and Sam are avid wrestlers and active in Boy Scouts. Nathan is on course to join his brother as an Eagle Scout and finished his sophomore year among the top 25 prep wrestlers in the country at 106 pounds. Their mother, Alicia, oversees Marvelwood’s yearround garden program. Nathan is interested in architecture and design and is passionate about the outdoors. BK: What do you like about the teachers at Marvelwood? NW: It’s a lot of one-on-one teaching and a lot of hands-on work. They make class fun. You don’t even notice you’re learning. BK: What made your transition here easier? NW: I was a little nervous coming to Marvelwood, but it was easier knowing my brother would be here. However, once I got here, the students were very welcoming and inclusive. Everyone is accepting. BK: Who is someone that has inspired you here? NW: Ms. Maizel, my math teacher. In middle school, I hated school and was a belowaverage student. I had a lot of stress

over test-taking. Ms. Maizel has helped me so much in overcoming my test anxiety. BK: What do you love about the School? NW: The teachers, the students, and especially the athletic program. We’re pushed hard, we have a lot of games, and everybody gets a chance to play something new. BK: What is your favorite thing about the campus? NW: I like the trees in the summer and in the fall when they turn beautifully colored. My brother and I fish in the pond behind the dorms; we catch largemouth bass. In the fall, we do labs outdoors in science class and get to explore in the woods. It’s a lot of fun.

Come Visit The Marvelwood School is located near the historical sites, renowned galleries, and arts venues of scenic Litchfield County, between New York City and Boston. Come tour our campus and meet our community—and experience Marvelwood.

For more information, contact the Admission Office or visit · 860-927-0047 · 800-440-9107 (toll free) ·

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Visit The Marvelwood School is approximately two hours from New York City, three and a half hours from Boston, and one and a half hours west of Hartford, Connecticut. In addition to those in New York City and Boston, airports convenient to the School are Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Westchester Airport in White Plains, Albany Airport, and Newburgh Airport in Orange County, New York. Amtrak and Metro North service are accessible within 20 minutes of campus.

Honesty · Respect · Responsibility · Service to Others

476 Skiff Mountain Road | PO Box 3001 | Kent, CT 06757-3001 T 860-927-0047 or toll free 800-440-9107 | F 860-927-0021 | 14

a day and boarding school for grades 9–12, plus post-graduate year option

The Marvelwood School: Education Reimagined  

Get to know us: 'Imagine a place of possibility... a learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your individual s...

The Marvelwood School: Education Reimagined  

Get to know us: 'Imagine a place of possibility... a learning environment that reflects your interests, your talents, and your individual s...