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Commerce Management Services

Building your brand from the ground up

Customizable digital quality commercial grade vinyl floor tile gives designers, brand managers, and marketers an exceptional selling tool.

B E N E F I T S :.

Brands any space or location

Special software configures digital files to just about any dimension: no size too large or small :.

Expands applied graphics in displays

Goes beyond merely decorating vertical surfaces. Use Promofloor to build eye-popping custom floors with logos, photos, vector art, etc :.

Delivers a *complete* environment

A well designed floor will integrate the entire selling or display environment, knitting design and message together seamlessly :.

Showcases premium products Promofloor can provide the ultimate backdrop for luxury or premium products, particularly those with strong brand associations


The only product of its type

No other comparable product available on the market today.

Place stunning digital quality images onto commercial grade vinyl tile. Suitable for either temporary event use or permanent installation in commercial environments. Promofloor gives designers, marketers and brand managers the ability to create amazing designs and images for trade shows, corporate events, retail point-ofsale locations … literally any place that a company, brand or product must stand out. Promofloor prints digital quality images onto commercial grade vinyl flooring. With Promofloor, high resolution photographs, vector art, and digital images can be applied to a durable vinyl floor for high visibility in well trafficked locations. The results can be spectacular. Promofloor is unique. There is no other product or method on the market today that can imprint high resolution images on commercial grade vinyl floor tile. Promofloor lets designers and marketers place quality images onto a durable surface with complete confidence that it can withstand the demands of commercial use and special events.

F E A T U R E S ::

Large tile dimensions

Oversized 500mm x 500mm tile minimizes seams, reducing visual impact and making installation simple and fast ::

Bright white substrate

High contrast white substrate gives high quality color impact to finished product ::

Unique, proprietary three layer system

3.6mm thick for a comfortable feel underfoot ::

Scratch, impact, and stain-resistant

Engineered to resist effects of foods and chemicals and other stain producing substances ::

Durable for high traffic locations

Rugged enough for commercial use, durability comes from proprietary “wear layer” that lets images to be delivered sub-surface.


Promofloor Building your brand from the ground up


Engineered for durable floor, high impact design

Promofloor is manufactured to exacting standards for digital decoration with a unique composite:

Foundation - a thick bottom layer comprised of a luxurious 3mm backing provides both comfort and stability for the decorating process. This is the foundation for a comfortable floor and dimensionally stable design.

“Bright White” Layer – laminated to the foundation, this layer provides the critical white backdrop essential to high quality digital images and graphics. Decoration Layer – our patent pending breakthrough innovation, this top layer allows images to be delivered sub-surface, insuring that the final decoration is protected from scuffs, spills and stains.

Resistant to a range of challenges

 Resists scratching and abrasion  Resists impact damage  Resists slips and falls  Resists harm from standard cleaning products  Resists static build-up  Resists damage from water above and below

Fully certified for commercial environments

The European Standard displays the levels of use for different flooring areas. The European system has 3 categories, with sub-types based on Living, Office & Industrial. Rigorous testing has yielded highest possible durability ratings for Promofloor for all three types and intensity of traffic.

Also available with Snap-Lock sub-floor

Promofloor offers a sub-floor solution from Snap-Lock which functions as a single unit when installed. Snap-Lock floors are engineered for a wide variety of applications and situations, and designed to withstand the demands of special event and hospitality industries. > Installs over nearly any surface > Engineered to handle extreme roll loads. > Commercial-grade quality and craftsmanship. > Can be used on any hard indoor flat surface > Easy to install: snaps together to make any size floor > Easy to clean, low maintenance Four (4) 25cmX25cm Snap-Lock tiles lock together to fit one Promofloor tile. Together, these create a super strong floor that is both easy to install and take up again.


Product: luxury, commercial grade vinyl floor tile


Tile size: each tile measures 500mm X 500mm (approximately 19 5/8" X 19 5/8 inches) and is 3.66 mm thick (.144 inches)


Floor size: limited only by image quality and file size ... no size too small or too large


Production time: 72 hours (from delivery of approved art files to ready-for-shipment)


Design elements: photographs, vector art, logos, virtually any digital art; Files should be Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator


Pricing: price based on square footage. Call your authorized distributor for pricing information.


A commercial grade luxury vinyl floor tile that you can design yourself.

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