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The Cloche - Faux Fur - Apron Delight - Thanksgiving November 2012 Issue #6

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Ah it’s November. A time of rich colorful fashion and thanksgiving. This is the month when Fall is in full Foliage. And we here in America celebrate sharing on Thanksgiving Day. I love this Holiday because it is not about any one culture or religion. It is about being thankful for what we have and the people in our lives. We celebrate with a big feast! Yum! And during that time you can shine in your best look. And don’t forget about the accessories. This month we are telling a story of Chic Style with Cloches, Faux Fur and the Retro Apron Craze. Each of these pieces can give you a look to remember. The point of accessories is to bring out the total look and add that special touch. Women in Europe generally rely on accessories more than we here in the US but that is changing. So get accessorizing in your Fall Best and give thanks for who you are and celebrate in style. XXOO Heather Sonrisa

My Great Grandmother Vitulla Jennings in the 1920s

Table of Contents

Retro Apron

Pages 5 - 12

The Cloche

Pages 13 - 36

Caroline Reboux

Pages 16 - 18

Faux Fur

Pages 38 - 44

Mens Accessories Pages 45 - 46 Thanksgiving

Pages 47 - 48

Cover Heather Sonrisa Faux Mink Fur Hat Makeup Revlon Copywright 2012 Marvelous Mode Published on Issuu for Ads & Questions:

Aprons Aprons have been a staple items for cooks for many years and decades. The cute and dressy little cook/hostess aprons of the 1920s-1950s were smart and fashionable for the Domestic Goddess. Today those vintage designs have made a huge comeback. We love it! So when you are entertaining these holidays and beyond why not put on a sexy little apron.


Retro Aprons

Brown/Cream Woven Houndstooth Doris Apron

Cooking Owl Day Apron Marilyn Sugar n' Spice 6

Retro Aprons

The Sophia - Black & Cream Dot with Teal Ties The Elle - Green & White Floral with Brown Ties

Wild Cherry Sexy Babe Apron 7

Retro Aprons

Faith - Caramel

Très Petit


Retro Aprons

Blueberry Pie

Vanity Flair Waist Apron


Retro Aprons

Cupcakes Vintage Style Apron

Eiffel Tower Sweetheart - Designer Apron - Full 10

Retro Aprons

Fashion Apron - Mint Creme Scalloped


Retro Sweetie Apron with Rose Clip

Retro Aprons

Sugarbomb Strapless Apron

Chelsea - Breast Cancer 3 tiered ruffle


French Mag 1914 Gazette du Bon Ton with Hats by Gose‘


Over the meadow and through the woods wearing

The Cloche 14

The Mystery of The Cloche Hat There are many theories on how the Cloche Hat came about during the 1920s. I believe there are a myriad of factors that brought this ephemeral hat to life. A similar type hat was introduced into Parisian Society during the early part of the 20th Century by a designer called Paul Poiret. His fascination with Asian and Eastern Cultures lead him to create turban type hats for women to wear with evening dresses. This led to a craze for close fitting hats. Most women during this time 1900 -1920 wore the boater or big brimmed picture hats. However, more and more women were starting to wear his turbans during the day in their regular attire too. Then there is the Coco Chanel connection to this hat. She is rumored to be the creator but it’s more likely she made it chic. Coco started out her career by trimming already made hats and then she hired technical milliners to create for her. Coco was heavly influenced by the horsey set world and men’s riding attire. The Riding Hat worn by men at the time was taken up by her and this was similar to the helmet cloche but with a brim. However, it was a famous Parisian Milliner, Caroline Reboux who created hats in the 19th century for Royalty and the Lux Class that is most credited with being the creator of the cloche. She was around before Paul Poiret or Coco Chanel and was strictly a milliner/hatmaker. She set hat trends the world over for most of the 19th and 20th Centuries. The hat was a symbol of women’s emancipation from the past; therefore, the big hats went away. It was masculine in style but created for the new modern flapper. So it was melange of events and life that led to the creation of this ever chic, classic and popular women’s hat. 15

Caroline Reboux Ad from 1922


Caroline Reboux

The Legendary French Milliner During the 19th Century Paris was giving birth to it’s new look and modern Haute Couture. Charles Frederick Worth is credited with being the father of modern Haute Couture. Up to this point guild members created womens dresses and milliners (originally someone who sold trims, hats, and accessories) added the original wit and flair. Charles Frederick Worth came up with the idea of creating a new style each season and women would pick from these styles. During this same time a little girl in the Parisian poorer neighborhoods was creating beautiful unique head creations. Her name was Caroline Reboux. Just as Charles Frederick Worth was discovered by the Empress Eugenie of France, Caroline Reboux’s stars aligned to get her seen by the Queen too. Her beginnings were meager as that of Coco Chanel and so many famous designers throughout history. She first began her career by selling her hats to wholesalers during the 19th century. During this time she was discovered by the Comtesse Pourtales and Princess Metternich who had the eye of the Empress of France. Empress Eugenie was devoted to Worth and now to Reboux. Then in 1870 with her business established she opened her first shop on the famous Rue de la Paix. She has been credited with coming up with the Cloche Hat (Bell Shaped) during the early part of the 20th Century. It has been said that she hand blocked them right onto the wearers head. This hat style did not become popular until the 1920s Reboux’s influence carried on even after her death in 1927. Suzanne Talbot and Lilly Dache famous 20th Century Milliners were trained in her studio. Reboux helped to establish Millinery as it’s own industry where as before it was part of trims and mantles. She paved the way for modern millinery. She truly did crown the heads of European Royalty and her style is still being carried on in millinery today. 17

1920 Caroline Reboux at Met

1915 Hat Caroline Reboux at Met

Caroline Reboux velvet hat, trimmed with silk moirĂŠ ribbons and feathers, c.1870-80. Label: "Caroline Reboux/23 Rue de la paix."


Caroline Reboux Hat Ad from Belle Epoque Period

Marcel Jacques Hemjic 1918 The choice of the Hat,


Chrissie King Millinery Chrissie King is a British Rose Milliner who lives in Heben Bridge, West Yorkshire. England that is. Her little hat shop is bright chic and tops. She creates hats by day and blogs about it by night. Her style has a classicism but it also brims through with a creative charm. She creates whimiscal hats for the Big Derbies, Weddings, and ready to wear. Follow her Hat Therapy Blog and learn all about her mad hattering adventures and her design inspirations. We hope to see an online hat shop soon with her great hats. Until then visit her little hat shop to the left if you live near or far and are visiting for a sumptous little confection for your noggin.

Visit her and find all her links on


Chrissie King Millinery - Hat Therapy


Chrissie King Millinery

Chrissie has a flair to her millinery that is classic yet creative. These hats were inspired by the hit series Downton Abbey.


Cloche Hats

Angora Cloche Hat By Valerie


Round Bow


Trashy Diva Sweetie Dress


Cloche Hats


Rima by Misa Harada


dolce vita chainlink dress by Effie's Heart 27

Cloche Hats

Halogen Assymetrical Wool Cloche

Jack McConnell Asymmetrical Cloche w/Flowers


Edie Dress


Cloche Hats

John Callanan Bow Cloche

The Liza Cloche


Cloches Ellen Christine Couture Millinery She does Made to Order Millinery In New York. These are part of her Met Opera Collection.

Photos by Sandy Ramirez




Cloche Hats Betmar Hat Co. They have been around since the time the cloche came into chic in the US and they are still a great Hat Company.


Betmar Ella Cloche


Pauline Dress



Chapeau Colorblock Navy Blue Grey

wine and red cloche 34

Vintage Maybelline Cosmetics Ad from the 1920s


Master British Milliner Sir Stephen Jones

True Couture Millinery


Burberry Peplum Dress 36

Faux Fur During the Cold Weather Days of Fall and Winter the lux look of the right Faux Fur Accessory can add warmth and style. Some designers are going back to using real fur but we prefer to stick with Faux. There are many pieces of fashion that have faux fur trim: shoes, coats, dresses and much more. But we are focusing on the accessories: scarves, wraps, collars, stoles, hats and etc. The faux fur of today has such a realness to it we believe it gives the right lux to a look. FauxFur - sure!

Faux Fur

Adding Awe Stole

ASOS Faux Fur Pointed Collar

Reed Krakoff Collar


Faux Fur

Sue Wong Faux Fur Wrap

Faux Fur Wrap Scarf 39

Faux Fur

carriage house infinity scarf faux fur scarf

Rachel Zoe Faux-Fur Oversized Pull-Through Scarf


Faux Fur

MaisonMichel Heidi Cat Veil

Spirit Hoods Leopard Half

Here Kitty Kitty


Collection XIIX Scarf, Faux Fur Collar with Jewels

Faux Mink Fur Mittens in Buff

Ermine Faux Fur Muff

Mountain Wolf Faux Fur Collar 42

Faux Fur

Womens Faux Fur Ushanka Hat

Molly Hat Style – Herringbone

Betmar Cervinia Cloche Hat (Mink) Betmar Larimar Headband 43

1924 Ad for Mens Hats


Mens Retro Caps & Hats

Brixton 'Hooligan' Driver's Cap Faux Fur Plaid Aviator Hat


Herringbone Modesto in Olive Overcheck Herringbone Steinway Ivy in Black


Collier’s Magazine November


Thanksgiving It’s the time of year when Americans gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It marks the time when the new settlers to the old new world colony came together with the native tribes and shared a huge feast. The day when there was harmony in the Newly established country. The native tribes shared their traditions of how to raise food in this new territory with the settlers from England. It’s a time of year that means alot to those of us who are Native American. It signifies how Native Tribes were not waring people but families that grew crops and celebrated with feasts. Now in the modern times Americans utilize this day to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade which officially ushers in Christmas and the Holidays. It is a time of great food and laughter around a kind and bountiful table. As we all set down to partake in the big meal let’s all share what we are thankful for in this year.


November Issue  

This month fashion for Fall. Cloche Hats, Faux Fur and Aprons.

November Issue  

This month fashion for Fall. Cloche Hats, Faux Fur and Aprons.