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INTRO The Premier Goal Academy – Kuwait’s Centre of Excellence provides the Premier League experience for all players to enjoy and develop their football skills and experience here in Kuwait. The Premier Goal Academy is affiliated with top English Premier League side Everton F.C. Youngsters in the Academy will have the opportunity to follow a proven coaching programme that has developed some of the finest young players in England, including Wayne Rooney. Players will follow the Everton Way online coaching programme and receive coaching sessions from fully qualified and experienced English F.A. and UEFA coaches, all certified by Everton F.C. The Premier Goal Academy aims to provide the best opportunities for young players to maximize their potential in a safe, controlled and fun environment. We invite you to join us for what is sure to be an exciting and rewarding programme.


Foreword from HE Frank Baker, British Ambassador

I am delighted that the Premier Goal Academy continues to bring to Kuwait the opportunity for hundreds of young people to participate in organised football events. The Academy’s programme provides players with access and inclusion to top class coaching in a safe, controlled and fun environment which will improve skills and maximise potential. For those players who show exceptional ability, the Centre of Excellence offers advanced coaching to Premier League Standards. The facilities that the Premier Goal Academy have developed over the last year are impressive and there are exciting plans to expand still further.


The Premier Goal Academy utilises the expertise and experience of one of England’s most successful clubs, Everton FC, who have spent many years developing young players and promoting football in the community. Football is an excellent way to encourage young people to improve their fitness and develop their communication and good teamwork – essential skills as they grow up. This is especially important in modern society, where physical exercise often gets overlooked in the rush of daily life. Exercise is one of the most important things that we all do in life and the earlier we start the better.

The Premier Goal Academy encourages young people both to begin exercising early and to partake in a healthy diet. That is good for the children, their families and Kuwait more widely. I am confident that the Premier Goal Academy in Association with Everton FC will continue to have a positive impact upon the development of football within Kuwait.

Frank Baker British Ambassador to Kuwait


in association with

everton f.C.

The Premier Goal Academy, in association with Everton F.C. is located in Bayan Park, Kuwait, bringing English Premier League experience, opportunities and standards to the State of Kuwait. Everton Football Club has been at the forefront of English Football ever since the club was formed in 1878 having won countless honours in both domestic and European competitions. This famous Premiership Club can boast many famous managers and players over the years, a world class stadium and huge fan base. Everton Football Club has a world renowned youth development policy and looks forward to a productive association with The Premier Goal Academy, Kuwait, in supporting the development of players with the potential to play at the highest level.

Manchester United and England player Wayne Rooney is one of the many promising young professional players to come through the Everton Youth Development programme. This programme provides a structured and comprehensive curriculum developed by some of the English Premier League clubs top coaches. It is proven in developing young players to play professionally in the number one league in the World. 11

Mr. Ahmad I. Al- Shatti Chairman


Baker Al- Nazer Executive Director

Mike Finn Academy Director

The Premier Goal Academy – Kuwait’s Centre of Excellence provides the Premier League experience for all players to enjoy and develop their football skills and experience here in Kuwait. The Premier Goal Academy aims to provide the best opportunities for young players to maximize their potential in a safe, controlled and fun environment. The P.G.A. offers: • Top class playing facilities and equipment • Experienced and qualified English and Scottish F.A./UEFA Coaches • Proven coaching programme from Everton F.C. – the EvertonWay and from Celtic F.C. Academy Programme • Coaching courses for all ability levels from 3 to 16 years of age • Centre of Excellence programme for advanced players aged from 7 to 18 years of age • Tournaments for all players • Regular fixtures and competitions for Centre of Excellence teams -With opportunities to compete at the highest level in Europe and the Middle East. Tours and tournaments in Bahrain, U.A.E. and England/Scotland, including attending live Premiership matches, stadium tours and training at the Everton Academy in Liverpool and Celtic Academy in Glasgow -Visits from top English (Everton F.C.) and Scottish (Glasgow Celtic F.C.) Premier League Coaches twice a year to Kuwait -Trials and training at professional clubs in the U.K. for selected players We invite you to join us for what is sure to be an exciting and rewarding season ahead! Mr. Ahmad I. Al-Shatti - Chairman Baker Al-Nazer- Executive Director Mike Finn - Academy Director 13























CODE OF CONDUCT We fully support the English

Football Association’s Respect campaign and attach the Code of Conduct endorsed by Everton F.C. We believe we all have a responsibility to ensure that football is played in a safe, secure environment that promotes positive attitudes and enjoyment. At the Premier Goal Academy, Players, Parents and Coaches are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct – please read it carefully.


Young Players When playing football, I will: Always do my best, even if we’re losing or the other team is stronger Play fairly - I won’t cheat, complain or waste time Never be rude to my team-mates, the other team, the referee, spectators or my coach/team manager Do what the referee tells me Shake hands with the other team and referee at the end of the game Listen to my coach/team manager and respect what he/ she says Talk to someone I trust, for example my parents or the club welfare officer if I’m unhappy about anything at my club.

Spectators I will: Remain outside the field of play and behind the Designated Spectator Area (where provided) Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour Always respect the match officials’ decisions Applaud effort and good play as well as success

In addition, when attending youth games I will: Remember that children play for FUN Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do Encourage the players to respect the opposition and match officials Never criticise a player for making a mistake -mistakes are part of learning

Coaches I will: Show respect to others involved in the game including match officials, opposition players, coaches, managers, officials and spectators

When working with players, I will: Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning

Encourage each player to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance

Explain exactly what I expect of players and what they can expect from me

Ensure all activities I organise are appropriate for the players’ ability level, experience, age and maturity

Never enter the field of play without the referee’s permission

Ensure the parents/carers of all players under the age of 18 understand these expectations

Never engage in public criticism of the match officials

Refrain from, and refuse to tolerate any form of bullying

Co-operate fully with others in football (e.g. officials, doctors, physiotherapists) for each player’s best interests

Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour

Develop mutual trust and respect with every player to build their selfesteem

Adhere to the Laws of the Game Display and promote high standards of behaviour Always respect the match officials’ decisions







Wayne Rooney attended

the Everton F.C. Academy, following the Everton Way Coaching Programme, before making his first team debut at 16 years of age and rising to international stardom. 23

Our aim at the Premier Goal Academy is to enable all our young players to access the Everton Way...

At the Premier Goal Academy in association with Everton F.C. we follow the Everton Way, a complete Academy Player Development Programme, developed by coaches at Everton Football Club.

To introduce the moves we ask the player to shout the moves out loud and talk to the feet.

This proven programme has enabled dozens of young players to progress into the Everton First Team and play in the English Premier League, thousands more young players have developed their playing potential through this programme.

Here are some of the topics covered within our coaching sessions: Dribbling, Turning, Running with the Ball, Passing and Receiving, Defending, Goalkeeping, Movement, Overlaps, Diagonal runs, Creating Space, Awareness, Improvisation, Disguise, Attacking, Shooting, Throw-ins, Corners, Defending, Roles, Formations.

Our aim at the Premier Goal Academy is to enable all our young players to access the Everton Way and develop physically, mentally, tactically and technically, enabling them to fulfill their playing potential. Players will learn individual moves, firstly mastering the technique then applying the move in unopposed then increasingly competitive match play. Here are some of the individual moves our players will master using BOTH feet; Fake Take, Fake Fake Take, Circle Take, Circle Circle Take, Stop Turn, Drag Back, Inside Hook, Outside Hook, Bish Bash, Scissors, Inside Inside Flick, Studs Turn, Toe Roll, Late Touch, Okocha, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cruyff, Maradona. 24

We gradually introduce more complex coaching as players develop.

Players will also develop speed and endurance. Good acceleration is essential in football. A player who can accelerate quickly has more chance of getting to the ball or into space before an opponent. We use SAQ’s (Speed, Agility and Quickness) excercises; plyometrics, hurdles and ladder drills combined with ball skills to improve start speed and acceleration. Team Games will enable players to apply what they have been practicing.


The Premier Goal Academy organsied a visit to Kuwait by Senior International Academy Coaches from Glasgow Celtic F.C., under the patronage of H.E. the Minister of Education, Dr. Nayef Falah Al-Hajraf and H.E. the British Ambassador, Mr. Frank Baker.

The Celtic Coaches, Mark Tobin, Graeme Colmer and Michael McIlroy led coaching sessions for all P.G.A. players and held a coaching course in Jahra in addition to delivering a two day Coach Education Workshop in Bayan focussing on the development and coaching of young players. Over sixty enthusiastic coaches attended the program, representing the Kuwait Football Federation, Kuwait Clubs, Ministry of Education Supervisors and Sports Teachers, Kuwait Referees Association, Embassy staff and Coaches from 26

Academies, Private Schools and Universities. The workshop covered current coaching methodologies and provided opportunities for the coaches to participate in practical drills, giving an insight into the expectations and technical skills required in the modern game. Glasgow Celtic F.C. are the current Scottish Premier League Champions and League leaders, in addition to having qualified for the European Champions League knock out stages, and have established the Celtic Way methods which have proved to be most successful in

developing young players up to Champions League standards. The visit was sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Wrigleys Extra and Aquafina.

21 27



Specialist Goalkeeper training is available at the Premier GOAL Academy in association with Everton F.C. and sponsored by Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company. Suitable for all ages and ability levels, for further details contact Mike on 99981327.



Our fantastic new location in Bayan Block 7, adjacent Street 302 Masjed AlAqsa Street and Abdulla Al Rujaib High School. From the Fahaheel Expressway (Road 30) exit onto 302 signposted Bayan/Salwa/Rumaithiya. Take 302 into Bayan and U-turn at first roundabout, then first right before reaching the 30 and right again to the High School car park. A full sized artificial football pitch, basketball court, volleyball, handball, 5 a side facilities etc. provides the perfect Academy location.


A good diet won’t turn you into Superman but it will make sure that you play to the best of your ability throughout the whole match because: • Energy stores will be high enough to last the full 90 minutes. • Concentration will be better. • There will be less of a chance of getting injured.

Players who eat a good diet for energy run longer, sprint more, keep their concentration longer, and are less likely to get injured. Players at Academy level are increasingly playing with the benefit of a good diet.

High Carbohydrates foods:


You body has two main sources of energy – carbohydrate (used during hard and easy exercise) and fat (used only during easy exercise). Your body contains only small amounts of carbohydrate stores and these are likely to run out near the end of a match. People who eat more carbohydrate in their diet store more in their body. So, the simple message is to eat plenty of carbohydrates and don’t run out of energy!

Having a good diet for playing football is about three things: • Eating high carbohydrate foods. • Drinking plenty of fluids. • Eating a balanced diet.

Fluids: Just as important as eating plenty of carbohydrates is keeping yourself well topped up with fluids. In a match you can lose 1-2.5kg of body weight from sweat loss! This will effect your ability to complete exercise because you will overheat, and lose your concentration throughout the match. Our advice is to drink plenty of fluids! As you can see it’s easy to get the basics right – eating plenty of carbohydrates, drinking plenty of fluids and eating different foods. We’ll now look at which foods will provide you with the best sources of energy for meal times.


A balanced diet: It is important to eat different foods because no single food type gives you everything you need. Your body needs a variety of foods to get all the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates) you need to stay healthy, train hard and play better.





Breakfast is said to be “the most important meal of the day”. If you don’t eat well in the morning, or if you skip breakfast altogether, then your body will have to look for other energy stores. This is taken from your muscle! So, if you haven’t had your breakfast then you might find that what’s on the menu is actually yourself! The table shows breakfast foods that are excellent, good and bad for your performance.

For lunch you should be eating sandwiches or salad, baguettes with lean meat such as turkey, chicken or tuna. Baked potatoes with tuna and baked beans, or spaghetti with chicken are also good. These foods are low in fat and contain a good source of carbohydrates. For dessert you could eat yoghurt or fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, or strawberries. The table below shows examples of excellent, good and bad foods to eat.

Dinner for many people is the main meal of the day and so you must try and get the right types of foods for this meal.

EXCELLENT Wholemeal toast and jam Baked beans Cereal and skimmed milk Fruit or fruit juice

EXCELLENT Baked potatoes with tuna or baked beans. Turkey, chicken or tuna sandwich Pasta Salad Fruit or fruit juice Yoghurt

EXCELLENT Chicken (fillet, no skin, boiled or oven cooked) Fish (not in batter) Baked, boiled, or mash potatoes Boiled rice Pasta Salad and vegetables

GOOD Lean turkey bacon Muffins Eggs Yoghurt

GOOD Turkey bacon sandwich or baguette Egg sandwich or baguette Jaffa cakes Low fat crisps Pancakes

GOOD Grilled lean steak Pasta bake Lasagne (made with low fat cheese and lean mince beef) Spaghetti Bolognese (made with lean mince beef)

BAD Sausages Fatty Beef bacon Hash browns Cheese

BAD Cheese sandwich Beef bacon Chips or fries Burgers Fried chicken Pizza Fried eggs

BAD Cheese burgers Pizza Sausages Fried meat Fried chips/fries Fried rice Fast food

HOW to get the right types of foods for Dinner? Try to keep you fat intake low. Oven chips/fries (particularly thick cut chips) are better than fried chips/fries, as they contain less fat and are also a good source of carbohydrates. When frying chips/fries try and use thick cut, as this will reduce the amount of fat consumed. Burgers, pies and sausages should only be eaten rarely during the week. Try to increase the amount of carbohydrate you eat. Eat more pasta, rice, potatoes and vegetables. When eating meat, e.g. chicken, beef or lamb, cut off the excess fat. This will reduce the amount of fat consumed and reduce body fat.

Players who eat a good diet for energy run longer, sprint more, keep their concentration longer, and are less likely to get injured.


SNACKS Snacks are an important top-up of a player’s diet and all players can benefit from these types of food. There are plenty of snacks that are easily available (e.g. crisps, chocolate bars). However, it is important to choose the snacks that are best for your performance. Eat snacks that are low in fat and high in carbohydrates. Eat lots of fruit To avoid having to buy crisps or chocolate bars, bring snacks with you. Try not to consume large amounts directly before going to bed. EXCELLENT Fruit Cereal Pasta Beans on Wholemeal Toast Sandwiches GOOD Chocolate Yoghurt Nuts Cheese Noodles BAD Crisps Cakes Sweets Fast foods

FLUIDS Other than low energy stores, dehydration is the other main cause of fatigue. Even small levels of dehydration will make performance worse. Fluid intake is so important even special rules are made to allow athletes to rehydrate during competition in hot climates such as the 1994 World Cup in America, where players were allowed to drink at the touchline. As much as 3 litres of water can be lost during a match. Water is the purest form of fluid in the body. Drinking water can help flush out toxins in the body and speed recovery after activity. Fruit and cordial drinks after exercise increases fluid uptake, speeding up the rate of re-hydration. Scientific studies have proven that Sports drinks such as Lucozade Sport have more energy in them than water allowing you to run for longer and recover more quickly. Don’t drink fizzy drinks before, during or directly after exercise, this can make performance worse. EXCELLENT Water Fruit Juice Sports drinks Skimmed milk GOOD Whole milk Cordial Milk shakes BAD Fizzy drinks


Training sessions and games are different to other activities carried out during the week because: They last longer (up to 90 minutes at least) Players very rarely stop running The amount of work carried out during a game or training session eats away at your energy stores. Players get tired towards the end of a game or practice session and this is a signal that energy stores are low. So, to have as much energy available as possible, players need to prepare well beforehand. Professional footballers often get into routines over the foods they eat before training or playing a match. These meals are high in energy and are eaten in good time beforehand in the form of a main meal or snacks. Tony Hibbert - “It is essential that football players pay attention to what they eat and drink. If you eat and drink the wrong things at the wrong times you are not giving yourself the best chance�.



Main meals need to be eaten 3-4 hours before training or a match. However, breakfast may be eaten with 2 hours of training.

Snacks should be eaten 1-2 hours beforehand. Players must also fill up on the right fluids before, during and after a game or training session. It is important to fill up on lost energy stores as soon as possible after a match or training. Players may time their main meal for 1-2 hours after but must try to eat something small immediately after. Players may not feel like something to eat straight after a game. Energy drinks are ideal as you not only restore your energy levels but also your lost fluids.

SUMMARY Eat carbohydrate containing food before and after games. Pre-match meals should be eaten 3-4 hours before. Snacks can be eaten up to 1-2 hours before a game or training session. Eat something small immediately after training or a game. Eat a high-energy meal within 2 hours after a game or practice session. Drink a large amount of fluid before, during and after training sessions and matches.






2006 ‫أﻧﺸﺄﺗﻪ ﻣﺆﺳﺴﺔ اﻟﻜﻮﻳﺖ ﻟﻠﺘﻘﺪم اﻟﻌﻠﻤﻲ ﺳﻨﺔ‬

Founded by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences in 2006

You not only need to think about what you eat, but what you drink as well! You can lose up to 2-3 liters of fluids during a game, especially in hot climates! Fluid is not only lost through the body as sweat, but fluids can also be lost through the lungs as you are breathing. Losing fluids leads to dehydration, which means your body is lacking fluids and electrolytes. Electrolytes are substances (like sodium and potassium) that your body needs to work well. You need to make sure you are drinking enough fluids in order to keep up your energy levels for your overall health and performance on the field. A football player should typically start hydrating at least 2 to 3 days before a game or tournament. It is also vital to drink fluids throughout the game. It is important for you to take small gulps of water so that it does not overwhelm your body.






Many athletes often feel the need to drink sports drinks or other special drinks while they are training or playing their sports. There can be many misconceptions about what you should be drinking and when you should be drinking it. Young athletes need to regularly hydrate with water, in between games, and during training. 48

+965 2224 2999



Your body is made up of about

60% water,

hydrating with water is an optimal choice.


Excessive sweating can cause you to lose electrolytes. Your body needs electrolytes to make sure that your muscles do not cramp and you are not easily fatigued. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, will have a good mixture of electrolytes as well as carbohydrates, both of which are needed for ideal performance on the field. Be careful not to drink too many sports drinks as you can receive the same hydration and electrolytes from eating good foods, such as bananas. Not a fan of sports drinks? Try drinking coconut water! Not only does coconut water naturally have all of the electrolytes your body needs, it also has as much potassium as a banana!


Players should hydrate with fluids that contain a good mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. This will allow the muscles to recover faster. The ideal drink of choice for a post-workout training would be chocolate milk! —it has the right mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, as well as calcium and sodium. Whether it is during your rest period, game, or after a long day of training, remember that your body needs to rehydrate with fluids. This will help make sure that you are able to perform to the best of your ability at your next football game or tournament!


Cold water…? Warm water…? Cold water…? Warm water…? Which one is be t ter for you? Both cold and warm water are absorbed at the same rate; however, most people find it more appe aling to drink cold water than warm or room temperature water… So drink up!

+965 2224 2999

49 45

P.G.A. Everton coaches are contributing to the “Let’s Get Healthy Kuwait” programme organised by the Dasman Diabetes Institute. School groups visit the program each day for practical activities and education for developing a healthy lifestyle. P.G.A. coaches Peter and Sam introduce the children to Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) exercises along with some individual techniques and skills on the football pitch. The visits are held at the Dasman Diabetes Institute, Bneid Al-Gar.





The Premier Goal Academy in association with Everton F.C. and sponsored by Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company enjoyed two trips to Dubai recently where they participated in International Football Tournaments at Sharjah American University. Three PGA teams competed at Under 10, 12 and 14 age groups with over 40 young players taking part. Each team played 6 matches in the leagues with the Under 12s winning the Plate competition and the Under 10s and 14s teams all finishing in a very creditable place against strong opposition from throughout the UAE. Following a full day of football, the players then enjoyed some well earned leisure time with visits to the Shopping Malls and the Atlantis Water Park. The Under 17s team played in Dubai against the German Academy and Dubai F.C. earning hard fought draws before enjoying the thrills of a desert safari. 53




Over 500 players participated in Kuwaits’ Premier youth football event The 2013 Winter Festival of Football event organized by the Premier Goal Academy in association with Everton F.C. and sponsored by PORSCHE Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company was held at Bayan Park on Saturday 14th December under the patronage of H.E. the British Ambassador, Frank Baker. The Festival kicked off early morning with the Junior Tournament and 20

teams played matches in three age groups; 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-11 years. Each team played 5 or 6 games resulting in over 100 matches played on the 4 pitches during the course of this all day event – the biggest and best attended football tournament in Kuwaits’ sporting calendar, packed with goals, near misses, fantastic team and individual performances and most importantly, immensely enjoyable for players and spectators alike. The Senior Tournament took place throughout

the afternoon with matches for under 13s, 14s, 15s and 16s with a further 24 teams involved. In total over 550 players from 3 to 16 years of age participated in the event, including teams from the P.G.A./ Everton Coaching Courses and Everton Centre of Excellence, British and American Schools, Hawally Pakistan English School, Saracens Academy, AC MIlan Academy, Skelps Academy, Arsenal Academy, Don Bosco F.C. and International Academy of Kuwait.

“It’s fantastic to see so many young people participating in this programme and obviously having a great time. Apart from the joy of the game itself, football is a wonderful way to encourage young people to become physically active, improve fitness and develop their communication and good teamwork – essential skills as they grow up...” H.E. the British Ambassador Frank Baker

57 55

A huge turn-out of enthusiastic parents and spectators cheered and encouraged the players who were superbly organized and guided by their coaches throughout a series of exciting, closely fought and sporting matches. Sports Direct sponsored the matchballs and equipment and provided gifts for all the players. H.E. the British Ambassador, Frank Baker, and several other VIP guests from the Ministry of Education and sponsors presented medals to all participants. Certificates of appreciation were presented to the event sponsors and supporters. Supporters of the event contributed free gifts and special offers to ensure everyone had a great time and included; Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Co., Sports Direct, ABC Juices, Light Foods (Mickey Snacks), Aquafina Water and KD Cow. H.E. the British Ambassador Frank Baker expressed his appreciation and recognition of their support for such an important community event and congratulated all the players and coaches who took part. “It’s fantastic to see so many young people participating in this programme and obviously having a great time. Apart from the joy of the game itself, football is a wonderful way to encourage young people to become physically active, improve fitness and develop their communication and good teamwork – essential skills as they grow up. Congratulations to all who took part and made this fabulous event possible – to the P.G.A. organizers Mike and Baker, Porsche Centre Kuwait, Sports Direct and the other generous sponsors and all the teachers and coaches who have taught and encouraged the players and teams to such an exceptionally high standard”



+965 9998 1327 Mike (English) +965 6703 0026 Office

+965 6691 8666 Baker (Arabic)


+965 2264 1255

49 59

Girls Group



The Premier Goal Academy, Kuwaits’ Centre of Excellence, sponsored by Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, enjoyed the real English Premier League experience when 24 selected players and their coaches Mike, Baker and Roman, along with several parents, visited the UK to compete in four prestigious international matches against UK teams. They visited several Premier League Clubs to enjoy live matches and stadium tours, met several Premier League footballers and trained with Everton Football Club coaches at their training complex. The first match was Leeds United vs Reading in the English Championship, followed by the 1-1 draw between Wolves and Fulham. Next was a visit to the impressive Reebok Stadium, home of Bolton Wanderers to enjoy the Bolton vs. Arsenal match which ended in a dramatic win for Bolton. A fun filled day of thrilling rides was enjoyed by all at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – the UK’s number one tourist attraction, in a break from the football action. This was followed by the evening game between Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City. The following day the Academy players were guests of Stoke City F.C. at the Britannia Stadium where they witnessed an exciting 3-0 home win over Wolverhampton Wanderers in front of a 30,000 crowd. The next stadium visit was to the magnificent Old Trafford home of Manchester United F.C. for a tour of the stadiums changing rooms, players lounge, pitchside and museum. There was also a stadium tour of Everton’s Goodison Park and a visit to Anfield, the home of Liverpool F.C. The highlight of the trip for the players and coaches however was experiencing the training programme at Everton F.C’s state of the art Academy where they trained for two days alongside the Premier League Clubs professional and academy players under the expert guidance of Everton coaches Kieron and Colin. All the players showed tremendous improvement in performance and ability over the course of the tour and gained great experience which will be invaluable in their continued footballing development. The matches against UK opposition, the live Premier League matches and stadium tours of Everton and Manchester United and the Everton Academy Training complex were all impressive locations on this dream trip which has provided many lasting memories for all the participating players, parents and staff of the Premier Goal Academy.

67 63

Pictured are players from the Premier GOAL Academy at Old Trafford, Manchester United F.C. - home of the new English Premier League Champions. These players from Kuwait are following in the footsteps of star striker Wayne Rooney, whose penalty goal clinched the title. Rooney began his footballing development as a young player at Everton F.C., following the unique Everton way coaching curriculum. The P.G.A. in association with Everton F.C. offers the same Premier League programme that helped develop Rooney, here in Kuwait. Sponsored by Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, the P.G.A. coaching courses are held at Bayan Park and open to all between the ages of 3 and 18 years. There are regular trips to the UK for selected players to visit and train with top English Premier League clubs.



Al Hilal Jerusalem F.C. Under 14 team from Palestine enjoyed a six day visit to Kuwait as guests of the Premier Goal Academy in association with Everton F.C. – under the Patronage of His Excellency the Palestinian Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Rami Tabob. The aim of the visit was to give their players an opportunity to travel outside Palestine and experience English Premier League standards with professional coaching from the Everton Academy coaching team, in addition to playing matches against Kuwaiti opposition. An international friendship tournament was then played between Al Hilal Jerusalem, Everton Academy, AC Milan Academy, Kuwait, Qadsiya, Arabi and Salmiya, giving these young players the opportunity to compete and establish friendships at international academy level. The team from Al Hilal finished in first place after a series of closely fought matches The boys made the most of their leisure time with a trip to Al Hamra Tower and scuba diving. The visit was a memorable experience for all the young players and official presentations were made to the P.G.A. officials for making the visit possible – Chairman Ahmad Al-Shatti, Academy Director Mike Finn, Executive Director Baker Al Nazer and Event Co-ordinator Nasser Dakak. Officials and players from the P.G.A. Everton Academy, Kuwait, have been invited to travel to Jerusalem as guests of Al Hilal Club on a reciprocal visit next season.





The Premier Goal Academy in association with Everton F.C. and under the patronage of H.E. the British Ambassador is continuing with its Global Football Development initiative, supporting Football Development projects in underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia.

P.G.A. Coaches and Players have contributed footballs and equipment for distribution overseas. Coach Peter Mapendere from the P.G.A. Everton Academy delivered over 50 footballs, training tops and equipment to 3 different youth centres in Zimbabwe recently. In addition to delivering the football equipment, Coach Peter provided coaching sessions and coach education to support football development in the country.

The centres help empower Zimbabwean youths by encouraging them to participate in soccer. This was the second batch of P.G.A. Everton’s contribution to the community since 2012, additional equipment and more footballs will be sent over in the coming months. Every year the P.G.A. supports charitable football projects, having previously sent coaches and equipment to Bangladesh and Africa. Players from the P.G.A. have also been donating footwear and football strips which will be distributed to children overseas as part of the P.G.A.’s Global Football Development initiative. Coach Peter Mapendere from the Everton Premier Goal Academy delivered over 50 footballs, training tops and equipment to a youth centre for under privileged children in Africa this week in addition to providing coaching sessions and coach education to support football development in the country.

71 73



2221 0117 Al-Liwan 6511 0932 Discovery Center 2259 7457-60 Avenues baroue_kuwait


Sponsored by

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Ex England, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle & Stoke Star Striker, Michael Owen visited Kuwait recently to open the new Sports Direct store across from The Avenues. P.G.A. Everton players and coaches were invited along to meet Michael and have their photograph taken with him. Michael commented he would like to see some of the P.G.A. Everton youngters follow his footsteps and continue to practice and develop their skills.




The Everton Way is a complete Academy programme, developed by coaches at Everton Football Club. As the Everton Way philosophy develops, so does the language. The language we use is simply a method of communication that works well with the players. Here is a glossary of some of the terms we use:

Back Foot; The receiving player’s foot furthest away from a team mate who passes to him. Bibs; Bibs are coloured tops that go over the top of your playing strip for coaching exercises. Check Your Shoulders; Have a look around. Look for space, opposing players, team mates depending on the situation. Cushion; An instruction to take the pace off the ball. Decision; A coaching question to ask if the player has chosen the right technique or pass for any given situation. Excite Me; A prompt for coaches to encourage players to be more inventive. Eyes on the ball on contact; Eyes should be looking at the ball when the foot makes contact. Fix your shape; Get your body ready to receive the ball. This is likely to be on the back foot. Functions; Functions are practices designed to isolate the individual and work specifically on the area covered by the individual. Get into line; The player must make sure they are directly in front of the thrower to receive the ball to make sure they are in the best position to control the ball easily. Get in the gaps; A term used to encourage players to move into gaps between opposing players. Groups; Groups are a combination of units working together e.g. the two strikers working with the midfield or the midfield working with the back four. Instep/laces; The area on the top of the foot. Key points; Key points highlight what a player should concentrate on and what a coach should be looking for in developing a technique or move. The key points are set out in a logical order of things to do or action.


Patience; A prompt for coaches to encourage the players to maintain possession and wait for the right opportunity to play forward. Phase of play; Phase of play is practice that works with units and groups in certain areas of the pitch. Playing in the hole; Playing in the space behind the oppositions midfield and ahead of the defensive line. Shaping up; Using body shape to disguise the intention of play. Take over; This is when one player takes over possession of the ball from a team mate. Tempo; Increasing the speed of play. Touch out of feet; A correctly weighted touch of the ball to aid acceleration. Tread the grapes; A term used to tell younger players to prepare and be ready to move with the ball. When instructed the players should bend their knees slightly, raise their heels off the floor and be ready to move pushing off on the balls of their feet. Units; Units are a core set of players in a match situation e.g. the defence is a unit, as is the attack. What can you do?; A coaching question to encourage the players to think about the best options available when in control of the ball. What can you see?; A coaching question to encourage players to look around for options. Where can you go?; A coaching question to encourage the players to trhink about their movement off the ball and where best to run. Touch tight; The distance a defender should stay in relation to an opposition striker – close enough to reach out and touch.




‫هذه التشكيلة متوفرة لدى محالت اتش آند ام‬ ‫للمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء زيارة موقعنا االلكتروني ‪‬‬ ‫الرجاء اإلتصال بنا على الرقم‪182-12-12 :‬‬

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