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CONTENTS SECTION 1 Perth College Music Video Contest 1. Branding 2. Evidence of Stakeholder Dialogue 3. Outcome of Event

SECTION 2 Movember Two’s Up 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Event Concept Branding Marketing Strategy Evidence of Implementation Evidence of Feedback Outcome of Event Budget




The Website


Email from Torrance Productions arranging sponsorship of event.


Email from Creative Scotland regarding judging panel.

3. OUTCOME OF EVENT Initial interest in this event was rather high, and from the research I carried out in the planning stages people were showing a positive response to the idea of the competition. However, once implementation began, interest disappeared and people who initially displayed interest in this event decided that they no longer wanted to take part. A lack of interest VIA face to face conversations and nil response to promotion through the website and Facebook, added to the trouble which was faced in securing a venue due to either no responses or unavailable dates from prospective venues, meant that the decision was made to cancel the event and progress with the contingency plan. The contingency plan was to hold a series of charity events for the Movember charity campaign, which became known as Movember Two’s Up.


1. EVENT CONCEPT The Movember charity is a movement which originated in Canada, where during the month of November men would gain sponsorship to grow moustaches to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues such as testicular and prostate cancer. I had decided to take part in Movember this year myself and decided that as a contingency to the Music Video Contest a series of events could take place to raise additional money for the charity. The event would consist of either two or three separate events all featuring live music at the forefront of the activities. I decided that due to time constraints that hosting two events would be the most logical decision, and thus Movember Two’s Up was created. The event consisted of two events, both held in different venues and featuring different genres of music at each. The first event would feature a full band set up consisting of a line-up of 4 bands. The second event would feature an acoustic set up featuring a line-up of 6 artists. Money would be raised through ticketing. Tickets could be purchased individually for each event or paid on the door, or alternatively a ticket which would give entry to both events could be purchased for a reduced cost. Beat Generator was chosen as the venue for the full band event and The Doghouse was chosen as the venue for the acoustic event, both in Dundee.


3. MARKETING STRATEGY The marketing strategy consisted of two formats, social media and posters. The social media campaign took place on Facebook and Twitter, Twitter mainly being used to notify of specific events in the dates between launch and execution and Facebook as the main hub of communication between the public and myself. Events for both nights were set up and people were invited and encouraged to interact with the page to gain more awareness for the campaign. As seen within the branding section, I tried to keep my event branding somewhat consistent with the actual Movember campaign materials. Posters were designed, printed off and handed to both venues who agreed to post them around their own venues and various point throughout Dundee. I also posted them within other locations around Dundee such as local take away restaurants where gig posters are regularly posted to try and raise awareness on a more passive basis with people who might not have awareness of the social media campaign.


Messages between Beat Generator and myself.

27 October, Beat Generator Hi Marty, The venue costs ÂŁ150 to hire - this would include the full p.a system, sound engineer and stage lights. I would also include the gig in all web site and mailing list advertising. Ta John 2 November, Marty Page Hi John. Can I just confirm that Sunday 27th November is still available for booking? Marty 2 November, Beat Generator Yes - Sun 27th Nov is still available. Ta John 2 November, Marty Page Awesome, would I be able to put in a booking request for that date? Marty 2 November, Beat Generator Hi Marty, Just to confirm I am holding this date for you - thats it booked. ta John (These messages confirm the date and cost of hiring the venue.)

9 November, Beat Generator 20 A3 landscape posters 10 A3 portrait posters 10 A4 portrait posters Could you post them to the following address: Beat Generator Live ! 70 North Lindsay Street Dundee DD1 1PS Thanks John (This message confirms the numbers of promotional materials needed.)

22 November, Beat Generator Hi Marty, Are you sure you still want to run with this event ? I can't see any of the bands being able to attract anyone to the gig - it's not easy getting people to gigs and unless the bands are putting the effort and work into pulling a crowd I think you will really struggle to get anyone to the gig. Do you have funding for this event ? If the band's don't pull anyone I will still require the ÂŁ150 hire charge for the venue - just letting you know as I think this will probably struggle to generate sales. What you really need is a promise from all the bands that they will pull a crowd and bring their mates - otherwise they will be playing to an empty room. Not what you wanted to hear, but just being honest and realistic. Ta John

22 November, Marty Page Hi John. What would you prefer I do? Obviously, it is your venue and you have final say, so what is your preference? Marty 22 November, Beat Generator Hi Marty, Unless you are confident of getting a crowd I would lean towards cancelling the event. As things stand, unless the bands are willing to put an effort into this get their mates to the gig they will almost certainly be playing to an empty room. I can't afford to open the venue for a hire charge of ÂŁ150 if there are no customers. I am not keen on running with this unless the bands have given you some strong indication they will pull a crowd - I know how these things work, and I have a feeling the bands would arrive and be happy to play the gig, but for this to work they'd need to also bring an audience. I think you should contact the bands to find out if they are bringing their mates to the gig - local bands are normally provided with tickets to sell to their mates to help pull a crowd - if they don't have tickets then the chances of their mates going are very slim. Ta John 22 November, Marty Page Hey John. I have discussed this with one of my lecturers about the likelihood of this being a success if it goes ahead and we've both came to a similar conclusion to you. I can appreciate that you have to think about your business first and I don't want to sit here and say I can guarantee a crowd which might not actually happen. With this in mind, I think it would be best to pull the gig. I want to apologise for all this and I hope that it wouldn't put you off working with me in the future. Marty

22 November, Beat Generator Hi Marty, I understand what you are saying and I am keen to make any event you organise a success - no one wants a charity gig running at a loss or attracting anyone. I think perhaps if you had more time to organise the event it would have been a success - it's never easy getting a good line up of bands who can pull a decent crowd at such short notice. If you decide to organise a similar event in the future I would be happy to run with a show - allowing yourself more time to plan ahead, promote and market the event would help towards making it a success. I think we have all reached the right decision - I certainly don't like turning business away, but I also don't want to see the event losing money . I would be happy to discuss any future proposals you may have and offer any help possible to make it a success. Ta John (These messages show the end dialogue showing why we decided to cancel event one.)


Emails between The Doghouse and myself.

Marty Page

Oct 26

Hi Sarah. My name is Marty Page and I am currently in the process of organisi... Sarah Hill

Oct 31

to me Hi Marty, Unfortunately all we have left in November are Mondays and Tuesdays. We do however have some available dates in December, if this is of any use, just give me a shout back. Cheers Sarah

Marty Page

Oct 31

to Sarah

Hey Sarah. Thanks for replying. Mondays and Tuesdays could work. What are the dates you have available and what would the costs be?

Sarah Hill

Oct 31

to me All Mondays are avail and all Tuesdays except for 8th are avail. Costs would depend on variants of booking. Are you local could you pop into pub at any point for chat? Cheers Sarah

Sarah Hill E: T: +44 (0)1382 206812 DD: +44 (0)1382 206812 M: +44 (0)7722508845

From: Marty Page [] Sent: 31 October 2011 15:42 To: Sarah Hill Subject: RE: Booking Enquiry

Marty Page

Oct 31

to Sarah

I am indeed local, and I'll be able to get in tomorrow afternoon around 5/5:30 pm if that would be any good?

Sarah Hill

Oct 31

to me 5pm would be good, I have to be somewhere else by 5.30, so if all good will see you tomorrow at 5pm. Cheers Sarah From: Marty Page [] Sent: 31 October 2011 17:05

Marty Page

Nov 2

to Sarah Hi Sarah, hope you're well. Following on from yesterday's conversation, I would like to confirm my booking for Monday 28th November. I should have posters done in the next couple of days so I can drop some in once these are done. If there is anything you need me to do or any information I will need then just drop me an email and let me know. Thanks! (These emails show the booking process of securing the date for the second part of the event.)


Selection of emails sent to prospective bands.

More dialogue took place to book more of the acts who participated in the events, including Amy Rayner, Eilidh Hadden, Conor Fleming and Steve Miller which was all organised VIA Facebook. Around 20/25 artists and bands were contacted in total over a couple of weeks.


Photographs from Part 2.


Evidence of money raised and donation.

Bank account screen shot.

Movember donation page screen shot.

Tax receipt from donation.


Timeline (Overall and on the day)

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Hey... Molly McCabe... That's you on stage! Sounds awesome! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Little bit of Jackson 5 from Amy Rayner. Awesome! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Watching a rather mesmerising set by Esperi. Just beautiful! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Steve Miller has just taken to the stage. Sounds great! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Second performance down... A great set from Conor Fleming! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Eilidh Hadden finished an amazing set. One down... 5 to go! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Wow... It's been a while. But tonight is through night. Updates as the night goes on! 28 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Oooo... posters! 10 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up I hereby pledge, that for every 20 likes we get on Facebook I will donate ÂŁ5 of my own hard earned cash. Get liking, get empty my bank. 8 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Events to be launched very soon! All the details will be on our Facebook page. Search for 'Movember 2011 Two's Up' and get liking! 8 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up We're now on Facebook! Search for 'Movember 2011 Two's Up'! Get liking! 8 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Movember Two's Up booking taking place! Some rather swanky announcements to come! 7 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up 03/11/2011 - second venue confirmed! Monday November 28th at The Doghouse, Ward Road, Dundee! 7 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up 02/11/2011 - first venue confirmed! Sunday November 27th at Beat Generator Live, North Lindsay Street, Dundee! 7 Nov

MovemberTwosUp Movember Two's Up Hello world! Movember Two's Up up and running! 7 Nov

Twitter feed timeline.

On the day timeline.



19.00 19.15 – 20.00 20.30 21.00 21.30 22.00 22.30 23.00 23.30

Load in Sound check. Eilidh Hadden Conor Fleming Steve Miller Esperi Amy Rayner Molly McCabe Load out

5. EVIDENCE OF FEEDBACK Stakeholder feedback was requested from The Doghouse, however at the time of compiling the evidence for this portfolio the feedback has yet to have been received. Verbal feedback on the night itself stated that:   

The venue was happy with the turnout even though it was low as all they usually get on a Monday night is a couple of regulars. Quality of all the artists who participated in the event was high and well received. Overall, they were happy with the night.

Feedback from performers was requested and the following was received: Conor Fleming: the felt the charity acoustic night went very well due to the high quality of the other acts selected to play and the chilled out atmosphere and good service in the venue. The sound engineer was easy to communicate with and i could hear myself clearly in the monitors when i was playing. Eilidh Hadden: it was a fantastic night at a great venue and a much appreciated opportunity and experience. Amy Rayner: I thought the event was really well organised and ran very smoothly. It was really relaxed which put me at ease as a performer and Marty gave me loads of information before the gig which was really helpful. I really enjoyed playing and watching the other acts. P.S. Marty has a sweet ass beard. Chris Marr: The show was well organised and there was good communication prior to the gig and on the night there was a good sound person and host. The host was very accommodating in regards to stage set up and space, and had booked a varied line up of artists to perform. It was a pleasure to play and I hope to work with them again.

6. OUTCOME OF EVENT As seen within the evidence of implementation section, the first part of the event did not run. Due to the short notice of implementing the contingency plan, trying to secure bands who would be able to bring a crowd proved difficult and Beat Generator were not comfortable with hiring the venue without guarantee that I could bring a crowd to the venue. This was obviously a consideration I had to take on board as the venue would potentially lose money and from an economic perspective this is just not acceptable. I feel for this reason, cancelling the first part of the event was the right thing to do as it has maintained the positive relationship I have built up with the venue. The second part of the event which did run went well. All those who attended enjoyed the show and the calibre of performers was extremely high. It wasn’t as busy as I would have ideally liked it to have been, with an estimated 15 people in attendance. However I did managed to raise £115 for the Movember charity, partly thanks to the decision of The Doghouse to waive the arranged £50 booking fee. Overall I am pleased with how the event ran, although obviously there are things that happened which didn’t exactly go to plan, which will be explained within the evaluation report.




Income Donations and on-the-door


Expenditure Venue booking charge


Promotional materials (posters)







Venue decided to waive the booking fee on the night. Poster cost was nil due to using college reprographics. Performers played for free for charity.

Marty Page - Event Management Portfolio  

Portfolio of Event Management work.