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How has the de-materialization of music effected graphic design.

Dissertation Richard Miles Tutor Rationale (200 words) Type and layout applied across print and digital media. Statement of Intent (200 words) I intend to write and complete briefs that will give me a specific skill base within typography, layout and motion graphics. I will use a range of print techniques and digital based programmes such as after effects to realise my intentions. My practice will be informed by attending a number of workshops including screen-printing facilities, digital print facilities and motion graphic workshops as well as ongoing research into stated areas.


Brief 1 Electronic Music Posters.

Design and Produce a series of 3 posters with packaging using type and image as the visual, that are to be hung in contemporary home environment. The artwork must have a bespoke look but it must remain financially accessible. The theme for the posters is electronic music. This briefs will allow me to develop my skills within typography and layout and use of the digital print facilities trying print on to different stocks. I shall research into areas that are of a similar product, looking at designers like Anthony Burill, Phil Sheffield, Amy Wicks and Saul Bass as well as looking into what my target audience will engage with. I will also look into how much it will cost to produce the posters looking at screen-printers such as I dress my self who will print to a professional standard. I will digitally print the posters and use photography to record them.


Brief 2 Create a publication that promotes the top 10 European electronic music festivals.

This brief will allow me to develop my skills within publication design, type and layout and also let me conclude research to be displayed in a visually engaging way. I shall research into publication design in the vain of Leeds guide or Rwd magazine etc but base the visual aspect more around my target audience. I shall also be looking at information about the festivals and seeing how I can display this information together in a visually engaging way.

It will also allow me to create a publication that can be printed or used digitally. I shall research into creative typographic layout such as Raygun magazine, Baseline, The Type Directors Club and other typographic publications and websites.


Brief 3 Re-Branding for 5 Record labels

Design and re-band the logos for 5 Underground Music Labels and think about how they can be applied. • • • • •

R&S Records NSA Dubs Klap Klap Hoya Hoya Sex On Wax

This will allow me to focus on identity design and itʼs possible outcomes. It will also allow me to create simple, legible design that can be used across a range of media. I shall research into logo design and areas of typefaces using books such as vintage logos, logography and websites like logo design love as well as looking at work by Paul Rand and contemporary logo design by Give Up Art.


Brief 4

“Unbelievable Jeff!” the roses student creativity awards Money has completely changed football to an unrecognizable level. The game, the clubs, the players have all been distorted and removed from the fans and the communities in which theyʼre based. Your challenge—using any appropriate media—is to bridge the gap between a football club and its fans in an engaging, rewarding, and inspirational way that makes them proud to be a supporter. This brief will allow me to develop my skills within typography, type as image, motion graphics and publication design. It will also allow me to work at a fast pace, as this is a live brief. I shall research into areas of football promotion and branding from the past to answer this brief. Using ʻold skoolʼ techniques or promotion rather than the approach that is taken today.

Brief 5. Design art work for RSS e.p ʻwifeyʼ This brief will allow me to develop my skills within publication design, type and layout. It is a live brief so I can work at a realistic professional pace. I shall research into other similar material such as album art work and publication with this topic in such a grafik and Idn. I shall also look at design from the past looking at Peter Saville seeing how I can create a collectable item that can be made in to a set by using edition number etc.

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