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Anja Schneider’s baby met its fans in 2007, embarking on fully-fledged European label tours (dubbed ‘Back to Back’ and ‘Back Up’), throwing successful parties at Sonar and the WMC, and inaugurating a new monthly residency at Weekend back in Berlin. Release-wise, Mobilee consolidated its two-prong approach to dance music, riding (and defining) the deep house wave with Sebo K’s excellent mix Back Up Vol. 1 and delivering a solid minimal techno longplayer in the form of Pan-Pot’s Pan-ORama.

DJ’s. Mixes. Labels. Videos. Albums. Festivals. Releases. Night Clubs. Stage Shows. Ones To Look Out For.____


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GET PHYSICAL GP’s flagship act Booka Shade might have had a quiet 2007 (Anyone remember ‘Tickle’?), but the label itself managed to successfully negotiate the post-electro house milieu by embracing a myriad of different genres: The Body Language series found space for fidget house (Jesse Rose’s Vol. 3), deep house (Dixon’s Vol. 4 and even technoid disco (Château Flight’s Vol. 5), while singles on the label flirted with Mobilee-style tech house (Sebo K & Transit’s Transit EP), deep house (Tiger Stripes ‘Mad at Me’) and electropop (Elektrochemie’s ‘Mucky Star’, Lopazz’s ‘2 Fast 4 U’).



The M-word! It’s finally over! Well, not quite. 2007 might’ve been the year that deep house took over, techno proper came back, bassline house broke in the UK, etc. etc, but minimal hasn’t shown much sign of slowing its reign over DJ charts worldwide. Just check the lines outside every Richie Hawtin party this year. Or take a listen to Troy Pierce’s experimental and wide-ranging Gone Astray EP. Or freak out to False’s 2007. Sure, M_nus put out a couple of turkeys this year (‘Techno Vocals’ comes to mind), but something tells me that Hawtin—and minimal—will persevere. If there is any label firmly looking towards the future, it’s this one.

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Ostgut Tonträger

With ‘Bell Clap Dance’ currently annihilating dancefloors, it needs to be asked: can we do a recount on this here label poll? Yet Rekids’ 2007 was an up-and-down one, if you can believe it. Up in that every single one of their releases was pretty much solid gold on the dancefloor, notably Mr. G’s breakbeat hardcoreloving ‘U Askin?,’ Discemi’s relentless ‘Data Sapiens,’ and the aforementioned ‘Bell Clap Dance.’ Down in that all of the proceeds from their two biggestselling releases of 2007 never actually got to them, due to the liquidation of Amato Distribution.

These are Resident Advisor’s one’s to watch, some you may of heard of some you may not, but either way there’s gonna be doing big things sometime soon.

You’d be tempted to blame Modern Love’s placement on RA’s label list this year down to Echospace’s fantastic run of releases. Well, you’d be half right. While Echospace is brilliant, there was plenty of brilliance coming out of the Manchester-based label under other names as well. You had Andy Stott soldiering on with, as Chris Mann put in his description of ‘See in Me,’ “stark dance[s] at death’s door.” You had Claro Intelecto again deep inside the warehouse

Modern Love

With two of the year’s best dance music full-lengths and a handful of stellar singles, how could we not? Dial has always been one of the most consistentand collectible-of German labels, but 2007 will undoubtedly go down as the year Dial broke: suddenly in 2007 the emotive, Detroit-inspired house music that Lawrence, Carsten Jost, Efdemin, and co. have been producing seems not only to be more appealing than ever, it also seems particularly au courant, perfectly bridging deep house and techno in a forward-thinking, historically minded fashion.

Dial Admit it—at various times during Kompakt’s reign you’ve said to yourself that they’ve had it. That you’ll never buy another 12-inch. That they’re too popular for their own good. We all have. And then we all keep coming back for more. This year it was the Field and Gui Boratto that held up the Cologne giant, and quite ably, too. The Field’s massive From Here We Go Sublime reminded listeners that Lionel Ritchie is, in fact, somehow responsible for every great song of the past 20 years in one way or another, while Gui Boratto’s Chromophobia proved that working on a Garth Brooks record isn’t necessarily a bad thing.




In 2007, Ostgut Tonträger began to get serious about releasing music on a more regular basis. Lucky for us. As the label spinoff of Berlin’s “premier techno club” Berghain/Panoramabar, Ostgut’s output this year felt like it had been road-tested in the most demanding environment. Not a dud in the bunch, actually, from Dettmann & Klock’s dub meisterwerk Scenario to Len Faki’s unforgettable ‘Rainbow Delta’ (and the attendant remixes). What separated Ostgut from the pack, though, was the CD issue of Shut Up and Dance!



Uncle Sven’s strategy of cherry-picking hit singles from hot producers paid off big in 2007: ‘Unreliable Virgin’ was Argy’s most well-received 12” since ‘Love Dose’, David K teased listeners with his tooshort ‘Mayann’, and Sven even managed to snare one of the most anticipated tracks of 2007 (Lucio Aquilina’s ‘Magic M’) to cap off the year.

liebe*detail The Hamburg label’s motto is “From Hamburg With Love,” which is exactly right as there was a lot to love in liebe*detail’s output this year. To steal a line from RA scribe Jacob Wright, listening to this label in 2007 was like “being beaten to death with a fun stick.” The liebe*detail concept of one-producer-a-side 12”s yielded one of 2007’s most indelible tracks in Tiger Stripes ‘Hooked’, as well as fine cuts from Ed Davenport and Sebbo, but there was also a further development: Eurokai and Meta.

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