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INSIDE: Old Poole + Local Business + Puzzles + What’s On + What’s QR + Viva! Radio COMPETITION: Win £25.00 of M&S Vouchers | | Feb/March 2012 1


Viva! Poole


Viva! Radio Diary: Page 6 Chequers Inn Goes Country: Page 7 NEW! Garden View: Page 8 Tom Scott; Memories of old Poole: Page 10 Moaning About Moben?: Page 11 Children’s Page : Page 12 Puzzle Page; Crossword & Sudoku: Page 13 NEW! Viva! Amazing Offers!: Page 14 COMPETITION!; Win £25.00 of M&S Vouchers: Page 14 NEW! Instant Ads: Page 16 Rose & Crown are having a laugh: Page 17 NEW! Spotlight On! Get The Fog Out: Page 20 On The Beat; Current priorities: Page 19 Alec Wills; Cartoon fun: Page 19 Puzzle solutions: Page 20 What Are QR Codes?: Page 21 Community & What’s on in Poole: Pages 22 The Courtyard Centre, Lytchett: Page 23


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Viva! Poole .Thank you for picking up this February edition of Viva! Magazine. It’s been another hectic month because I’ve been launching Viva! QR which enables local businesses to increase their profits instantly … see more details on page 21. We bring back our garden feature this month by popular request and even have a new writer for it. The Spotlight On series continues with ‘Get The Fog Out’ where you don’t need to replace your double glazed windows should they mist up. Radio Rotherhithe continue to let us use their bandwidth to bring you Viva! Radio on Monday evenings at 7pm. Do tune in, we’d love your support. To get onto the Viva! email newsletter list in order to keep up with all things business and Poole, visit and fill in the boxes or scan the QR Code on page 14. Anyone joining during February or March will be entered into a draw to win £25.00 worth of M&S vouchers! There are some wonderful events coming up in the Lytchett pubs, Rose & Crown and Chequers Inn over the next couple of months. Do try and attend if you can as the quality of entertainments is second to none. See you next time, Martyn Brown, Editor

March Deadline: For All Contributions & Advertising: 12th Feb 2012 Viva! Poole is delivered to thousands of addresses throughout Poole, businesses and residential. It is also available from ‘Pick-Up Points’. Some are listed below.


Viva! Address: Viva! Poole PO Box 5771 Poole BH16 5ZU

Publisher: Marketing Bugle Editor: Martyn Brown Editorial & Advertising: 01202 620998 | 07710 904558 email: Web: Business Directory: Advertiser’s Site: QR Code Mobile Marketing: Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor it’s editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. Marketing Bugle does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication.

It is the clients and/or contributor’s responsibility Hotel du Vin, The Quay, Poole MY Salon Hairdressing: Parkstone Rd to ensure that they have permission to use any Poole General Hospital: Longfleet Rd, Poole artwork which they supply to us or require us to Upton House reproduce. All artwork is accepted on the Fishy Fishy Restaurant: Poole Quay understanding that the descriptions of goods and Tesco: Poole Quay services are fair and accurate. Rose & Crown: Wareham Road Tesco: Lytchett All rights reserved. No part of this publication may Co-Op: Poole Road Post Office: Upton be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or Courtyard Centre: Huntick Road transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical, One Stop, for all those shopping essentials: Triangle photocopying, recording or otherwise - without Greys Estate & Letting Agents: Triangle prior permission of the publisher. Fish & Chips: Moorland Way Stainers Shoes: Parkstone Viva! Poole is printed on FSC accredited paper. For every tree felled Junction Sports Centre: Broadstone significantly more are planted. Vegetable based inks are used Amazing Trick Box: High Street, Poole throughout, which are far more environmentally friendly than oil King’s Head: Poole based inks. Waste paper from the printing and binding process is recycled and goes back into providing pulp for recycled paper All-Ways Fryday, Award winning fish & chips: Hamworthy products. Shah of Persia: Fernside Rd. Poole Antelope Hotel: Poole Banana Wharf Restaurant: Poole Quay The Bakers Arms: Lytchett 4 SilkiSoles: Parkstone

Fr i Mon ourse 2 C eal M 5 .9 £10

Fri Mon rse ou 2 C al Me .95 £10

Qu Las iz! t Fr i of Eve ry Mon th

Op 1 1 -3 w e e n e 6-11 eve kdays 12-9 w nings eeken Food ds 12-2 we 6-9 ev ekdays enings


The Seven Stars (Freehouse) East Burton Road Nr Wool Wareham Dorset BH20 6HD Tel: (01929) 462292

Interaction on the radio attracts more loyal listeners to Viva!

It’s been pretty hectic over Christmas and New Year where I’ve been pre-recording shows (for Christmas day, New Year’s day and holiday Monday) and also performing live broadcasts during our test transmissions. It seems that my idea of having regular music competitions has attracted a fantastic loyal following. I will keep these going as they are great fun to make up and play. We’ve also built a new chat room for the listeners at The Viva! programme goes out on Monday evenings at 7pm with ‘Old, Gold ‘n’ Rare’ music so, something different than you’d hear on other stations. Advertisers can have their own radio commercial at no charge while we’re in testing mode so, book your advert today and we’ll see you online to join in the fun.

w! Ne

Get On Board With Viva! QR: Build Your Customer List On Autopilot 6

Chequers Inn Tue 14th Feb 7.30pm Valentines The Chequers! Country andAtWestern 3 Course Candle lit Meal £14.95 Evening With Live Music!

Chequers Inn Sat 25 Country and Western Feb th 7.30pm Evening With Live Music!

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Reunion - Father & Son Duo

Book Now! 01202 622215

Cow boy Su £9.9 pper Yee- 5 haa!

y th Ka r y a & unt m o Em ng C i S

Chequers Inn High Street Lytchett Matravers Poole BH16 6BJ 01202 622215 Mike & His Team Offer a Warm Welcome, Superb Food & Service at


Excellent Home Cooked Food Mon - Sat: 12pm - 3pm. & 6pm - 9pm. Sun: British Roast - All Day Locally Sourced Seasonal Produce Traditional Sunday Roast Lunch

Open All Day 11am - 11pm High St. Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset BH16 6BJ * 01202 622215 *

Ideal Party/Function Venue: Christenings/Birthdays/Wedding Receptions tailored to your requirements Live Music - Call For Details 7


Takeaway & Restaurant

Lifeboat Quay, Poole BH15 1LS (Asda car park) Tel: 01202 914336 Mon-Sat: 12pm - 10.00pm Sunday: 12pm - 9pm

*Experience The Incredible Harbour Views While Tasting The Incredible Lakeside Food*





Puzzle Page

It’s a fact There are only 6 words in the English language that contain two adjacent u's: Muumuu (the only one that has it twice) vacuum continuum duumvirate duumvir residuum

Across 7 Greeting used after midday (4,9) 8 Rogue, usually homeless (8) 9 Pitch (4) 10 Scholarly (7) 12 Ladle (5) 14 Committee (5) 16 Italian dumplings (7) 19 Inscribe (4) 20 Adolescent (8) 22 Hotel (8,5) Down 1 Small bit (4)

* Solutions on Page 20 *

2 Establishes a person's authenticity (abbr.) (2,4) 3 Male undergarment (1-6) 4 Prepared (5) 5 Arch of the foot (6) 6 Medieval exclamation! (8) 11 Consequence (8) 13 Subject to (7) 15 Plead (6) 17 Pencil (6) 18 Uppermost story (5) 21 Child's play (4)

QR Code Marketing Works Like Magic 13


Simply Scan T he Code To Retrie ve Your Voucher!


Using your mobile ‘phone’s QR Code Reader, scan each offer that interests you and you will be sent an email with the link to your voucher. No mobile or QR Code reader? No problem. Simply send a blank email, with ‘Voucher’ in the subject heading, to the address given by each offer.

Foot Spa & Nail Salon: 389 Ringwood Road, Poole BH12 4LT 07806 610319 | 50% Off your next Shellac booking when you scan this code. Or send blank email with ‘Voucher’ in the subject to: Anyone joining the Viva! Poole newsletter during February or March will be entered into a draw to win £25.00 worth of M&S vouchers! Scan this QR Code or see page 4 for details.

MAGAZINE ADVERTISING Colour glossy magazine publication: PO Box 5771, Poole BH16 5ZU 01202 620998 | 07710 904 558 | | 50% Off your first month’s advertising booking when you scan this code. Or send blank email with ‘Voucher’ in the subject to: Check The Offers Every Month - More Coming Soon! Every month we will add amazing special offers to this Viva! listing. Scanning the QR (Quick Response) Code enables you to instantly take part in the offer. Sending a blank email with ‘Voucher’ in the subject heading to the email address shown in each case also allows you to partake … it’s simple. The Viva! Offer gives you 50% off your first month’s advertising booking which is great if you’re in business. If you’re not running a business, you can still benefit by being entered into a draw to win £25.00 worth of M&S vouchers. Closing Date: April 30th 2012 | Prize For One Winner | Chosen At Random From Subscribers | No Alternative or Cash Value | Not Transferable

All participants automatically subscribe to our newsletter by simply clicking the link in an email. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking a link in any email from us.



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Yes Please! I would like to place my Instant Ad in Viva! Magazine My details are written in block letters on the form below Place my ad in (month) __________ issue Must be booked by 10th of month BEFORE your chosen month of publication

NAME; ……………………………………………………………. ADDRESS: ………………………………………………………… ………………………………………… POST CODE: …………… EMAIL: ……………………………………………………………. Send To: Viva! Magazine, PO Box 5771, Poole BH16 5ZU Please Make Cheques Payable To: Marketing Bugle + For Credit Card Payments, please also complete form below +



Spotlight On! Get The Fog Out landfill councils, housing associations, window companies and ourselves cause by getting the foggy windows replaced.

Dave New has been running his own window company for the last 20 years, but has recently found himself replacing broken down double glazing units more often than ever.

So this is our opportunity to act against climate change and global warming. It is also a great option at this time where we a looking at some tough economical times. This is a great opportunity for people to save money on home improvements on getting the fog out rather than having replacement glass, where it also has the benefit of doing their bit for the environment at the same time.

Father And Son Go Green With Amazing New Process For Poole Residents After one evening of browsing the Internet, he found a new method which enables the repair of these 'foggy' windows instead of doing the initial replacing. The bonus of this new method is that it is easier, cheaper and a lot more environmentally friendly.

For info go to Telephone: 01202 675321 or 07974 106 145

Get The Fog Out is a process established by Crystal Clear Window Works in Canada over 5years ago. It allows us to re-engineer the unit to clear the fog and mist which builds up in-between the two panes of glass. Dave’s son Jamie opted to quit his job to join his dad and took on this venture and brought it to the Poole area to contribute into help making things greener and more economical for people. Of course, when you have moisture in between the glass, it contributes to loss of energy as moisture is a good conductor of heat transfer, therefore, reducing the effectiveness of double-glazed windows. Over 300,000 units have been successfully repaired in North America and now this process is now available in the UK and, of course, Poole so, if you look at it in the larger perspective, this amazing new process can substantially downsize the amount of

YOUR Business Can Be Featured Here Call 01202 620998 To Find Out How! 18

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2012 Poole Town and Oakdale has had a successful year in the reduction of crime. Crime figures show that overall crime is down when compared to the same period in 2010, with a distinct reduction in dwelling burglaries, vehicle crime and cycle theft. There has been an increase in commercial burglaries and we are working to address this. We would remind all business owners to be vigilant and ensure windows and doors are properly secured. Operation Protect is still in place targeting violent crime in the night time economy. This is proving to be successful in reducing and deterring the amount of incidents and is a long term operation. Crime trends show, at this time of year around the busy shopping areas, purse theft increases. Make sure you know where your purse or bag is at all times and be aware of people around you. Keep it close to you and zipped up. Never rest your bag on your shopping trolley or leave it unattended as this just makes it easy for thieves. Poole Safer Neighbourhood Officers are giving out lanyards with bells that you can attach to your bag and purse. When someone disturbs your property the bell rings and alerts you. This acts as a deterrent. For your free lanyard contact your local safer neighbourhood team on 101 or the team mobile 07919 290098. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity in your area. We need your help to tackle crime. Current Priorities From public meeting 24/11/2011 1.Anti social street drinkers in Poole Town 2.ASB in Poole bus station 3.Cycle theft You can contact the Poole Town & Oakdale team on: 101 or 07919 290098, alternatively email us at: pt&

“Another fascinating historical novel” “What a page turner” “Brilliant! Absolutely loved this book”

Molly’s Daughters A Shadow of Lavender November Remember Download Them All Today! *Also available in hard copy

Steer towards the Twin Sails? That’s easy for you to say!


Viva! Poole: Solutions

Businesses can advertise in Viva! Poole magazine from just a few pounds a month. Your advertisement is also placed on our high-traffic, highly converting website. To book now, call 01202 620998 or TEXT20‘I want to place an ad’ to: 07710 904 558

Scan Me! 50% Off


Community & What’s On? Monday Nights - 7pm Old, Gold ‘n’ Rare - with Martyn Brown Internet Radio Has Arrived In Poole! 24th & 25th February Chequers Inn, Lytchett 01202 622215 Rallye Sunseeker Fri 27th January 7.30pm Start Poole Quay Fri eve, finish Alternative Burns Night £9.95 meal Bournemouth Pier on Saturday 25th Tue 14th February 7.30pm 01202 620998 Valentine’s with live music from Reunion To Advertise 3 course candlelit meal £14.95 In Viva! Poole Sat 25th February 7.30pm Country & Western Night live music If you have a function in the Poole Kathy & Emma sing country. area, contact us today and Cowboy supper £9.95 promote your event on this page. Lighthouse, Poole 0844 406 8666

Free! For non-profit events

4th Feb Worbey and Farrell 4th Feb The Comedy Works 24th Feb German humour in England 1st March Jon Richardson 3rd April The Chuckle Brothers 11th Feb That’ll Be The Day pare yourself for a party as the legendary That’ll Be The Day, the nation's favourite rock ‘n’ roll variety show returns by popular demand with a ‘Brand New 2012 Production’.

Reach 1000s of addresses 16,000 views per month online Call Martyn 01202 620998 Direct: 07710 904 558 Rose & Crown Lytchett 01202 625325 Sat 11th Feb 7pm Neal & Heather’s Rose & Crown 1st Anniversary Ticket only £15.00 Comedy Entertainment Delicious 2 Course Dinner

Fri 9th and Sat 10th March Lytchett Matravers Village Hall Comedy Weekend! Laugh & Dine With Us £25.00 per night (pre booking only) Book Now: Tel 01202 625325

When You Advertise In Viva! Poole Magazine, You Get More Than Meets The Eye 1. Hard Copy Magazine Feature 2. Online Web Page in Fully Optimised Directory 3. Downloadable Magazine Entry 4. Virtual Magazine Entry 5. Web Site/Page 6. Free Commercial on Viva! Radio 24/7 7. Call 01202 620998 to Book Your Ad (Min ad size: Quarter page, Min booking 4 months)




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Viva Magazine - Feb 2012  

For local residents to read about community comment and businesses to reach targeted audiences using printed media and QR Code Vouchers fro...

Viva Magazine - Feb 2012  

For local residents to read about community comment and businesses to reach targeted audiences using printed media and QR Code Vouchers fro...