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Viva! Poole Welcome to the May 2012 edition where we have not one, not two but THREE competitions that you can enter to win a press release with a subject of your choice, £25.00 worth of M&S vouchers and a year’s worth of your energy bills PAID FOR YOU … how’s that for a generous, free to enter competition line up? Good luck everyone, we’ll announce the winners in a future issue. Our Viva Radio show is now being repeated throughout the week in it’s entirety with older shows also getting extra broadcast dates, get advertising, I’d say, the responses are fantastic! See page 6. Viva! QR are looking for an estate agent to test out new software that generates more leads. See page 5 if you’d like your agency to be involved in the launch. How much confusion is there over installing solar panels in your home? Let’s clear it up, see page 9. We’ve a double dose of ‘Spotlight On!’ this month with Stainers Shoes and Platform Models, both very successful businesses that you can visit. We now have EIGHT Amazing Offers on pages 14 & 15 for you to partake in … win a meal for four, vouchers, free desserts, credit card rolls and consultations … nobody else brings you such incredible offers each month. Keep It Viva! Magazine

June Deadline: For All Contributions & Advertising: 12th May 2012 Viva! Poole is delivered to thousands of addresses throughout Poole, businesses and residential. It is also available from ‘Pick-Up Points’. Some are listed below.


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It is the clients and/or contributor’s responsibility Hotel du Vin, The Quay, Poole Poole General Hospital: Longfleet Rd, Poole to ensure that they have permission to use any Upton House artwork which they supply to us or require us to Fishy Fishy Restaurant: Poole Quay reproduce. All artwork is accepted on the Tesco: Poole Quay understanding that the descriptions of goods and Rose & Crown: Wareham Road services are fair and accurate. Tesco: Lytchett Co-Op: Poole Road All rights reserved. No part of this publication may Post Office: Upton Courtyard Centre: Huntick Road be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or One Stop, for all those shopping essentials: Triangle transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical, Greys Estate & Letting Agents: Triangle photocopying, recording or otherwise - without Fish & Chips: Moorland Way prior permission of the publisher. MYSalon Hairdressing, Parkstone Road, Poole Stainers Shoes: Ringwood Road, Parkstone Viva! Poole is printed on FSC accredited paper. For every tree felled Junction Sports Centre: Broadstone significantly more are planted. Vegetable based inks are used Amazing Trick Box: High Street, Poole throughout, which are far more environmentally friendly than oil King’s Head: Poole based inks. Waste paper from the printing and binding process is recycled and goes back into providing pulp for recycled paper All-Ways Fryday, Award winning fish & chips: Hamworthy products. Shah of Persia: Fernside Rd. Poole Antelope Hotel: Poole Banana Wharf Restaurant: Poole Quay The Bakers Arms: Lytchett 4 SilkiSoles: Parkstone

Freehouse Friend ly Last F QUIZ! r iday Every Month of 8pm The Seven Stars is a perfect place to eat, close to some of Dorset’s beautiful local attractions including Monkey World, Bovington Tank Museum & Lulworth Cove, plus we have our own Pub Walk. Our two large restaurants seat over 140, so large parties are easily catered for and provide a wonderful range of meals to suit all tastes and pockets. Ranging from Snacks, Starters, Steaks, Fresh Fish, Vegetarian meals, Celiac options and Specials of the day. All complimented by a fine selection of Wines from around the world. There is an extensive garden with terrace and a children's play area. Mon-Fri 10.30am-3pm & 6pm-11pm (food served 12-2pm & 6-9.30pm) Sat & Sun open all day (food served 12-9.30pm)

Scan Me! Free Draw To Win Meal For 4 or email:

The Seven Stars East Burton Road Nr Wool Wareham DT2 8RL Tel: (01929) 462292

Monday to Friday - 2 Courses for £10.95 from our selected menu!


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What was Easter like for you? I really hope you had a good time and were able to spend time with the family. I recorded an Easter Special for the Easter weekend where Don the controller aired it on Easter Sunday and Monday. The live show on the output was on the Monday evening at 7pm as usual. We are getting plenty of regular followers and new listeners each show which could have something to do with the ‘Listen Again’ type features that Don puts together. This means that our Viva! show goes out several times a week and where even older shows get to be heard over again. The very first show from last year went out recently on a Friday and got tons of great feedback. If you’d like to join in the fun and take part in the competitions, tune in to Radio Rotherhithe’s Internet radio station; is where you’ll find us throughout the week. w! Ne

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Mike & His Team Offer a Warm Welcome, Superb Food & Service at


Excellent Home Cooked Food Mon - Sat: 12pm - 3pm. & 6pm - 9pm. Sun: British Roast - All Day Locally Sourced Seasonal Produce Traditional Sunday Roast Lunch

Open All Day 11am - 11pm High St. Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset BH16 6BJ * 01202 622215 *

Ideal Party/Function Venue: Christenings/Birthdays/Wedding Receptions tailored to your requirements Live Music - Call For Details 7

Garden View To sow or to buy… that is the question! In addition to the traditional method of sowing seeds, garden centres, DIY stores and even supermarkets are now providing more options for people looking to grow their own vegetables from young plants, but I’m not sure how I feel about this. In one respect I’m excited about the movement, and think that it’s a great step forward; mainly because it introduces vegetable growing to a wider audience and it takes away the scary ‘unknown science’ of germination. Now you and I know that with most veg, seed sowing does not have to be any more scientific than making a line in the soil with a stick and throwing in a few seeds. Cover them over, slosh on some water and hey presto, as if by magic they germinate (it’s no surprise really as that’s what they were designed to do!).

don’t get the thrill and satisfaction of that special day when you go outside and observe the seedlings poking through the soil. Having checked daily since the week after you sowed them (as I do!), you get a real sense of achievement when the fresh new leaves emerge from the crusty seed coat. The other major downside is cost, and some young plants do actually work out more expensive than buying the end product from the supermarket, but I guess there’s not much fun in that. Either way, I don’t think it really matters. Whether you’re a time starved parent or have several hours to spare sowing neat rows, there’s nothing quite like eating home grown peas, popping them fresh from the pod.

Other jobs to be getting on with this month: · Keep on top of weeding – hoeing on a Planting young vegetable plants is also very warm dry day is the best method easy. There’s no thinning out of the · Make regular sowing of vegetables seedlings if you over sow, it’s much less time such as beetroot, lettuce, carrots and peas consuming (the whole veg plot could, in · Build a cane wigwam and sow runner theory, be planted up in one go) and it’s beans at the base, 2 beans per 8 foot cane great for children (and impatient adults) · Harden off tender perennials such as who like an ‘instant impact’. It also removes Fuchsias, Pelargoniums (Geraniums) and the need to spend ages choosing from the Busy Lizzies bewildering array of varieties on offer, as · Divide Primulas after flowering normally there’s just one type available (although seasoned gardeners will see this Until next time, happy gardening! as a major disadvantage!). Advertise In This Lee The Gardener Publication & Reach There are other downsides too, and I think 1000s Of Local Residents! the main one has to be the fact that you 8

01202 620998

Solar Energy … What’s It All About? Save Energy…Save Money We all turn on the tap and out comes the hot water, as if by magic. It’s only when we open our energy bill we realise the magic only happens if we pay dearly for the privilege. Is there another option? Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems have become increasingly more efficient, allowing you to significantly reduce the amount of gas, oil or electricity required to provide hot water to your home. In the UK, a well-designed solar water heating system can provide almost all the hot water during the summer months, and on average 70% of requirements year round. What makes up a solar thermal system? Here comes the science… with a typical system consisting of three main components: solar panels, or solar collectors, water pumping system and a twin coil water cylinder. Not science really, in fact it’s a very simple process that’s probably the most efficient of all renewable energy products. Another smart way we can all limit your reliance on energy suppliers. The good news is they provide a long system life and require minimum maintenance. How does this interact with the boiler? Solar Thermal is in fact great news for your boiler. Imagine how good you would feel if you were on holiday 6-7 months a year, well that is the life of your boiler once solar thermal is installed. This prolongs its life by up to 20%, cuts gas bills by 70% and reduces your CO2 emissions – as well as offering a long and reliable working life. With Solar Panels you earn an income, what about Solar Thermal? The government has introduced what they call the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which will pay you a guaranteed income on the thermal energy generated for the next 20 years. We are still waiting to find out what the payments will be, and when they will start. The great news is for every system fitted the payments will be back-dated and continue for those 20 years. As part of the Chamber’s Green Knowledge Network, what does it mean for environmental issues? Taking a normal household, as an example, it will cut CO2 emissions by up to 645kg per annum – depending on the size of the building. You will definitely be doing your bit to reduce the carbon footprint. What about the cost? The cost of a home installation is approximately £5,500, with price on application for a larger commercial installation. Do come along and see a Solar Thermal system for yourself at our showroom in Poole. Next issue –Mike Davies, Commercial Director at Save Energy Group in Poole will launch the next generation Solar PV. Providing green energy for less, it’s described as an enhanced energy generating panel - in an elegant package. A first for the UK they already have three large scale commercial businesses in Dorset benefiting from its output and income. Mike is running on sunshine – could you? Save Energy Group 01202 721188 9

Unit 35, Wessex Trade Centre Ringwood Road, Poole BH12 3PG

The Big Swim

Looking Back At Old Poole The Memories Of Tom Scott

Can you remember the ferryman who gave a rowing boat service between the Quay and the Shipwrights Arms on the Lower Hamworthy side and Burdens and Piplers on the Poole side? The fee was 1 penny per trip per person. My mother would use the ferry boat some days when she’d been shopping in the High Street. Now, if you wanted to get the ferryman’s attention from the Piplers side of the quay you had to shout at the top of your voice “OVER” because if he was in his wooden hut he couldn’t hear you. My mother could never shout so she had to wait for someone to call out. He didn’t like rowing for a single fare, so he would wait for 3 or 4 people, and on occasions mum couldn’t wait any longer and would walk all the way round over Hamworthy bridge to our home in Harbour Road, which reminds me of we 3 Boys Big Swim. We used to swim from the ferry steps quite often, when the ferryman wasn’t about because he didn’t like his steps getting wet. One day he caught me off guard and threw me in the drink. I went down very deep and I found myself just like a “limpet” fixed to the bottom of the mine sweeper moored at the quay. I was scared. Slowly I eased myself to the surface seeing the shade of the water getting lighter. What a relief to breathe again. One day three of us boys decided to swim the quay width when the tides were still. We set off and slowly swam to the other side of the ferry steps. One boy even did “Dog Paddle” all the way. Standing at the top of the steps we looked across the quay at the distance we had swum. Then the three of us had to make up our minds, do we swim back or walk all the way along the quay over Hamworthy bridge then down Harbour Road, back to the ferry steps at the Shipwrights Arms? Walking bare foot, and just swimming trunks it was quite an achievement for eleven and twelve year olds. At some time later, I decided to do the swim again, hoping to swim to the “Piplers” side and back. I asked an older lad (a teenager named George) to accompany me this time. When we set off the tide had started running (ebbing) and at two thirds of the crossing I was beginning to feel the strain and this time I was drifting off course towards the Fish Shamble Steps. I shouted to George for assistance and he nursed me to the steps. I was so glad he was at hand otherwise it could have been a sad ending, and this time the ferryman rowed us back to the Hamworthy Steps. The event taught me one thing, especially when you’re young. You can be over confident and sometimes you don’t give enough thought to the task you are undertaking. Most old Poole lads swam in the quay, and it was allowed. People came out of the pubs and threw coins in the water and we would try to gather them, it was almost impossible, you had to be extremely lucky to bag one. When I was called up for “National Service” in 1950 into The Royal Navy I thought “I’m glad I can swim”. 10



Puzzle Page

IT’S A FACT The heart of a giraffe is two feet long. If you think that is big, think again! The dinosaur called a Brachiosaurus is estimated to have had a heart the size of a pick-up truck! Of animals that are still around today, the Blue Whale is the largest, and has the largest heart - about the size of a VW Bug car.

Across 1 Sheared (6) 4 Ship of the desert (5) 8 Openly (5) 9 US State (7) 10 Swing-like circus prop (7) 11 Two-wheeled vehicle (4) 12 Fish eggs (3) 14 Liquefy (4) 15 Chum (4) 18 Affirmative (3) 21 Assistant (4) 23 Downwind (7) 25 _______ Falcon (film) (7) 26 Tarka was one (5) 27 Bare (5) 28 Egyptian god (6)

* Solutions on Page 20 *

Down 1 Pimply (6) 2 Normal / ordinary (7) 3 Plea (8) 4 Cipher (4) 5 City in Florida (5) 6 Prove / raise esp. bread (6) 7 Passenger ship (5) 13 Rulers of Ancient Rome (8) 16 Kitchen appliance (7) 17 Tasty fish (6) 19 Slumber (5) 20 Loves (6) 22 Dr. Who's most enduring enemy (5) 24 Repair (4)

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Foot Spa & Nail Salon: 389 Ringwood Road, Poole BH12 4LT 07806 610319 | Book in threading, get tinting of the eyebrows FREE - scan this code: Or send email to: Anyone joining the Viva! Poole newsletter during May or June will be entered into a draw to win £25.00 worth of M&S vouchers!* Scan this QR Code or send email to address below.

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Spotlight On! Platform Models Railway Modelling Still As Popular As Ever!!!

a new shop opening and they seem to be getting some very good feedback.

In the age of computers and technology that we live in you would think some of the older past times and hobbies would have died a slow and somewhat painful death but this is certainly not the case when it comes to model railways.

They stock a varied amount of stock from locomotives to rolling stock, scenery to modelling tools and Airfix kits, diecast models, paints and glues.

Due to the massive amount of railway items there are, they offer an ordering service if they don’t have the Roy and Keren, a father and daughter item in stock. Keren and Roy have team, opened Platform Models model been surprised at the wide variety of shop at The Courtyard Craft Centre in ages of the people that Lytchett Minster last come in to their shop from July and, after spending the new comers and time doing the toy and children just starting out train fairs, they thought to the old pros who have they would open a shop been modelling for many as there seemed to be a years. high demand at every fair they went to. Let’s hope this wonderful hobby with all its detail Local model shops were and the imagination that pretty thin on the goes in to it will live on for ground with many that many more years to come. have closed over the Tel: 01202 950733 years so they saw a void that needed to be filled. The response has been amazing with takings quadrupling since October! The people that come to the shop have commented that it is nice to see

Platform Models The Courtyard Craft Centre Huntick Road Lytchett Minster Dorset BH16 6BA

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Spotlight On! Stainers Shoes …

2012 A Year To Celebrate

Stainers Shoes of Poole will be celebrating 100 years in business this year, currently in the 5th generation of the Stainer family. The business has always had to adapt and be moderated according to the times and this year is no exception.

treatments as a refurbishment is currently taking place adapting part of the building into 2 brand new treatment rooms, for more info!

Originating as a shoe repairer in 1912 the business has gone through many changes and with the introduction of becoming a retailer during 1965 in footware for all the family and then in 1980 safety footwear, Stainers has moved forward faster than ever in the recent years. Now branded as "technical footwear specialists" stocking brands such as FitFlop, Merrel, Skechers and soon to be holding Geox. Stainers has an excellent reputation in the surrounding areas and is best known for personable customer service, excellent product knowledge and large range of comfortable fitting footwear. Contemporary society sadly is a throw away culture however Stainers stand strong on investing in quality footwear that are healthy for your body, the staff of this long standing local business are very knowledgeable about their stock and will happily advise and fit the shoes for you! … a service that is very hard to find in today's market. Sometimes referred to as a "destination shop" Stainers is positioned between Poole and Bournemouth on the Ringwood Road offering free customer onsite parking so it's easy to get to and no extra expenses.

Paula Stainer (4th generation) expresses how honoured she is to be running her family's business " I am so proud of my family and how the business has grown and developed! It's amazing to think my great Grandfather was repairing shoes all those many years ago and the business is still here today.

A family history.

Sadly independent, local businesses are becoming rare and I will do everything I can to keep my families name going strong. I'm very much looking forward to celebrating 100 years of Stainers with my family and the hardworking team. Stainers is and always has been based around our customers striving to offer them the best possible and highest quality service." If you would like to receive personal service, expert knowledge and support a local business visit Stainers Shoes! 389 Ringwood Road, Parkstone, Poole, BH12 4LT 01202 744061. Remember. open 7 days a week, late nights and free onsite customer service.

What's new? So 2012 is a milestone year for the family business and is set to be bigger than ever, the shop is now open 7 days a week and late nights Wednesdays and Thursdays, also boasting an extensive range online with FREE BH postcode delivery! 2011 saw the opening of SilkiSoles Foot Spa and Nail Salon within Stainers providing many services such as podiatry, chiropody, manicures, pedicures, shellac, minx, acrylic and soon many more

Sophie Dack-Stainer Manager SilkiSoles Foot Spa and Nail Salon

Times change, Stainers Quality Doesn’t Frank, David & Harry working at Stainers Shoe Repairers

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Community & What’s On? Monday Nights - 7pm Old, Gold ‘n’ Rare - with Martyn Brown Internet Radio Has Arrived In Poole! Tuesday 1 May 2012 - Poole Windsurfing School – 2012 Opening Day Phone: 01202 237247 Friday 4 May 2012 - Wine and Cheese Dinner Hotel du Vin & Bistro, Thames Street, Poole, BH15 1JN 7pm - 11pm Saturday 5 - Monday 7 May 2012 - Brownsea Unlocked Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour, Poole, BH13 7EE Live theatre event on Brownsea Island Two shows per day morning (11am) and afternoon (4pm) Tickets include ferry from Poole Quay and show ticket Bookings open from Monday March 5th 2012 Ticket hotline 01202 492164

Sunday 27 May 2012 - BSO Benevolent Fund Concert. Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts, Kingland Road, Poole, BH15 1UG 3pm Tickets: £18 adults, £9 children BOX OFFICE 0844 406 8666 - More infor from: Sunday 27 May 2012 - Poole Festival of Running 2012 Poole Park, Poole, BH15 2SF 10am - 7pm Sunday 27 May 2012 - Poole Cycle Speedway Poole Cycle Speedway, Harbourside Park, Catalina Drive, Poole, BH15 1TQ British U 19 Team Championship.

Check Out The QR Codes On Pages 14 and 15 For Some AMAZING Offers!

Sunday 6 May 2012 - Poole Cycle Speedway Poole Cycle Speedway, Harbourside Park, Catalina Drive, Poole, BH15 1TQ Poole v Southampton 2pm. Friday 11 May - Sunday 13 May 2012 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala Swanage Railway, Station House, Swanage, BH19 1HB More info from: Saturday 19 May 2012 - Mini Steam on the Quay. Poole Quay, Poole, BH15 1HJ Saturday 19 May 2012 - The Merry Widow Lighthouse, Poole Saturday 19 May at 7:30pm - Tickets £15 £13 £10 Under 16s £5 P&P box office 07947 061839 or email Lighthouse box office 0844 406 8666

Catamaran, Poole. The Outright Winner!

Saturday 26 May 2012 - Poole Town Race, Poole Town Centre 3:30pm - 5pm More information from: 22



Viva Poole - May 2012