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Martyna Ostrowska


photo Martyna Ostrowska

“I don’t like putting titles to my photos...

...I want to make them open for any kind of interpretation.� What excites you the most about a new shoot? The unknown. I never plan my sessions in advance as working on the spot is way more exciting. The connection between me, the model and the surrounding is all I really need.

How do you prepare for a shoot? What is the whole 'before' process? The whole process is very simple. I get in touch with a model, we pick a place for the shooting, pick out clothes, go to the location and start shooting. I don’t like making precise plans in advance.

by the amount of photos that float around the internet.

What do you want the viewer of one of your photos to feel like? I want to have an emotional impact, a story to which anyone can rely to in a way. I don’t like putting titles to my photos, I want to keep ready for any kind of interpretation.

What's the best thing about life? The ability to love people.

Given the chance to change lives with someone else, who would it be? I could definitely change places with David Attenborough, I would like to see of the amazing places he visited.

“I want to have an emotional impact, a story which anyone can relay to in a way.”

What's a good life ideology to live by? Karma always comes back to you.

What is your biggest dream for the future right now? I have no idea what the future will bring but I’m excited to find out.

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? If so, can you describe it? I dream everyday. Each time the dream story is different but there are some motives that come back in a slightly different form like jumping into the air as a spaceman, walking on the moon or driving by blossoming orchards.






imagine this.

love delirium

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by Martyna Ostrowska

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